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Baby please be kind to me
Posted:Dec 4, 2021 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

Daddy you were right it’s all about attitude, Chastity messes with your brain, At first Chastity excites you because you can’t have what your desire you desire it all the more
Over time your lust is diminished before long even when your unlocked its hard get hard trying masturbate with a limp cock is all but impossible
Once you discover the joy of anal there isn’t any going back! me I always felt submissive, Chastity made me think about things like never before
You see a is born a she will develop into a woman most like normal but most are fragile flowers and do the least they can, whereas I’m much into becoming a
Gurl, so a gurl knows what a guy desires and as such should expect this and even prepare this, I suspect I guy would want his gurl swallow so if and when I’m able
Climax I swallow my own, he’s going want penetrate you so you practice with toys.
This said I feel like a guy want’s a virgin so sure I practice a lot but I’ve not been used by a guy I guess, I guess unlike most girls I want my mate to be the one, as a gurl I can’t
Expect anything but if your into making your mark on me I’m fine with that, render me sissy good again fine with that
I’m so ready my next step whatever that maybe, maybe its remain as a chastity gurl maybe your want castrate me a place a ring on my finger and have your cock
Inside my ring? I feel like I’ve missed out on so much cock during my life with my love of anal I’m excited play, I can play with you with you and others, group anything
You desire, maybe you would like watch as others enjoy me? The only thing I know sure is that I’m into kinky so tie me up and do whatever you please I just want to feel
Submissive and used as a gurl
i'm willing to be castrated
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 3:40 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 3:46 pm

I beg you remove my balls, Castrate me, in my new impotent state I become even more submissive and obedient
There are also benefits in transforming me into a more feminine form
After chastity I know frustration but I can cheat once I’m castrated I can’t cheat no more it permanent and irreversible
And over time my clit will shrink and I will develop lager boobs
But best of all my frustration is permanent and the only way I can encounter the pleasure of the flesh is via penetration
I know and understand the consequences of becoming you cum dump! I’m willing to sign anything your desire me to that
Says I accept this, frustration is a state of mind once castrated I'm going to need penetration and I get this by turning you on
Your enjoyment becomes my job my desire my obsession I will dress sexy for you and worship your rod of delight
the thought of only being able to climax during penetration is a huge plus and very desirable if you kinky also thats a real plus too
What I desire
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 4:31 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2021 4:37 pm

So right now I'm a practicing gurl I'm going throw the motions at best I climax as male limp if I'm able to climax I do so limp and swallow what I deliver
I do play with toys and really enjoy these moments an anal climax is unlike anything else!
Dressing is a huge part of my life as is play, but now I want to swap play for the real life so I'm willing for you to remove my desire once and for all yes talking
Castration, then swallowing my guys cum would be a huge plus
Once castrated the only way I can encounter pleasure is via anal, everything 'i've done so far is to get to this point in my life
truly consider myself feminine till I swallow your load and you have your wicked way with me till climax only then can I call myself sissy will you pop my cherry ?
Will you Castrate me Daddy?
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

I feel strongly that there are girls and gurls, if your born feminine that’s one thing but if you choose to become a gurl
Then you know what to expect you either embrace it or you don’t bother
As a gurl I would expect to be dominated, humiliated and expected to expand my limits
Castration I feel is my commitment to this way of life, the fact there is no going back from there is huge! And a huge turn on
I also feel like all I’ve read makes me just one of just a few gurls that have undergone this and as such very desirable to real men
I know you’re a alpha I think your love a submissive, obedient gurl and will delight in pushing further, I also get the feeling
Your going to enjoy sharing or watching be subjected to all manner of kinky acts
Left to my own devices I’m not sure I will ever archive my full potential, I do accept who I am and what I am but I need a shove so I need
You to take charge remove my desire and have get on with it, the plus for is feminisation is fast tracked and I get to meet the feminine
Me, at what that’s up to you, I choose anal over a normal climax any !! Please make this as easy for as just turning up, then
Take charge get the deed done and please just enjoy as the female I become sure there will be lots of the white stuff flowing I will swallow
I’m excited I love the feel of nylon up my legs dressing sexy is my thing, the thing with a gurl is that your a g-string away from a good time
Into a Gurl?
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 4:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 5:01 pm

There is a clip I've seen of a gurl in chastity she is dressed and tied to a coffee table her legs to the legs of the table
And her arms too, I love this how venerable would I feel being her? A gentleman comes in and gets out his tackle
She uses her mouth to excite him,
Once his excitement is aroused she is no longer a gurl but an object, there is only one way this will end but the getting
There is the exciting bit, being a submissive this appeals to me, maybe he will just do his thing and leave
Maybe he will drip hot wax on my butt before he uses me, maybe spank me, maybe your thing is a red butt
All I know is that I’m there and will remain there till your done, even after penetration happens that’s not the end of it
Maybe your finish in my butt maybe my mouth but there isn’t anything I can do about it
Maybe while you’re enjoying me I will also get some enjoyment maybe I won’t
I’m a victim of myself it I unlock myself I can get hard for a moment but not long enough for penetrative sex and if I even
Get to cum I do so limp and it’s a long drawn out process, my only real chance to climax moving forward is via anal
So yes please use me as your submissive sissy I want to learn what you like I will dress how you enjoy and obey you
Thanks Guys
Posted:Nov 17, 2021 4:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

I want to thank everyone of you for your kind words and encouragement but for now at least I’m off the market
I’ve found a guy who respects me and want to use me as female, he is a true gent and gets where I’m coming
From, he also wants to castrate me which is a huge plus for a gurl like me, at some point you have to trust in someone
I now feel like a naughty school gurl waiting for this guy to pop my cherry
It’s a nice feeling to becoming the gurl I seek and the lover he does so happy days
How am I to serve you?
Posted:Oct 17, 2021 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

I watched a clip today of a guy beings restrained in shackles arms head and legs and then his mistress laid out his tackle
And heated up a nail then drove that nail throw the head of his penis, then went on to nail his sack to the board
I’m not suggesting we do this the thought of being restrained in such a way does appeal me, from I know that
The things I desire aren’t easy accept and painful if I’m be banded I’m not sure this could be achieved without restraint
And the could be said for alcohol injections in my balls, I love the thought of being forced become what I want be
So this is a huge step for me chastity has taught me the way of a sissy, chastity and hormones rendered me all but sissy
But I can’t do this alone so won’t you take from me what I desire the most, I will submit your desire force me become
What I desire, remove my chastity and force me into a submissive lifestyle
So do you desire to pierce my tongue for you enjoyment ? want to remove my desire once and for all? Wish for me to dress
Feminine as you like? Want to take ? I know once this is done isn’t any going back and this excites me
Once I’m sissy you might like drive a nail into my new clit or puffy boobs I don’t know what floats your boat but I can’t wait
To do this, are your kinky?
Frustrated state
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

So dressing has become a thing for me and in later years frustration, Frustration is a mindset it allows me to do the things you desire from me.
Once locked in chastity I desire intercourse more than anything, but chastity and hormones have all but removed my ability to get hard anymore
This don’t stop me dreaming of climaxing so I will do whatever you desire from me to get off, we both know this won’t happen because you want
Me to become your submissive sissy, and to be fair there should be one erect cock in any room
Knowing this would come I’ve used my time to get ready the best I can, so when I do climax I will sallow my own knowing one your expect
to swallow yours, I’ve used toys so that I’m ready for your onslaught, I’ve also dabbled with larger objects so I can gap for you should you wish
This, I wear chastity almost 24/7 and have something inserted also, I love the feeling of feeling something inside me
So I do trust myself in regard to becoming sissy I know there will be challenges and some pain, I’ve banded myself in the past and I know this maybe
More pain than I can handle alone, but I do feel like if I were to have painkillers and I was restrained this is something we could do together
There isn’t a sissy in the world who hasn’t gone to bed wanting to wake as female but I understand you have to work hard to get to your goals
Loving kinky bondage would be a real plus as is wax and in time maybe fisting!!! I did say I was kinky
I know what you expect from a submissive sissy and I’m up to encounter this I need a guy to take charge I need him to know what he wants and I need
Him to make me deliver this! Moving forward you have to be kinky and have and share my desire to make me the gurl of your dreams
I want to surrender myself to you just use me as the sissy I am, use me yourself or have others use me for your enjoyment or anything else you desire
I’m as ready as I can ever be to transition just need a guy
So if your into CBT or injecting my balls to remove my desire for good or anything between please lets talk because sissy is within my DNA and I need
A guy to take me his wing so I can encounter life as a sissy
I understand a gurl isn’t for everyone
Posted:Oct 14, 2021 5:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 3:45 pm

I found just by chance how good an anal climax feels and ’s somewhat like an addiction once you discover I’m not sure you would go back all that effort for just a moments pleasure
So any guy would want a mate that will do to him, not sure I’m that guy for years I would go bed wishing I would wake female, I love the feel of sexy underwear, love wearing heals even taught myself how walk female
Again by chance I discovered chastity, not kidding this takes sissy a new level totally, frustration drives a guy to desire what he once did because she gets the desire
isn’t much you won’t do just to climax even if you regret it afterwards your going move heaven and earth climax right?
So in chastity the desire but its flipped now I will do anything normally so swallowing your load isn’t so much a problem, afterwards want
use my arse no problem, just because if you get this right I will encounter even more pleasure, get this wrong and you’re a happy guy and I get more frustrated
Which is good for you if you keep frustrated.
I also understand because of my choices the game changes, and the guys I appeal do also being a submissive I will appeal a dominant or female I understand
This changes the whole deal, so I’ve trained myself accept larger objects, I also accept my life will become an obedient sissy role
Life as I know will change from this point, with luck your want feminise me further, for me I just want see what I may become this includes boobs
I won’t object banding nor injections remove my desire once and for all
I would love for this take place before any relationship but a gurl needs do what a gurl needs so we can agree on a time scale when this will take place?
Would love get with an American guy this would give you just 3 months do the deed or send me home, I know I will delight you within this time so cut me or send
Me home ?
The unknown excites me
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 4:23 pm

So chastity and hormones all but stripped me of the joy of an erection, and I’ve come the conclusion I was meant be female
I’ve always felt feminine always loved dress and in later years I’ve replaced a normal climax for a sissy climax via anal alone
For the most part my anal climax isn’t that great just a pre-cum dampen my knickers
Frustration, humiliation, and submission become my go words, not sure is anything you desire from me I’ve not tried myself
One thing I can’t do myself is a guys desire no toy in the world can even get close
Now I accept that the main event isn’t , before we get this point needs become some kind of suffering! This will consist of some
Kind of pain, your thing is nipple’s or banding or injections
say if you desire remove the function of my balls forever then this is a real plus, I know and understand how this may affect me and
My mental state but will be worth develop puffy boobs at my age and to submit a guys desire just get off myself
I’ve always wanted submit a guys desire while being an obedient sissy slave
Keep me for yourself humiliate me with others, make me join in groups it don’t matter me, just remove my desire here and now and show me the
Sissy way well up for learning what you desire and just pleasing you every day!!!
you need be keen transform me into the gurl of your desire!
so do i tick your boxes?
So frustration is my thing
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 5:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

So if you want get with progression is a must, want go down you no problem, want my tongue pierced to better serve you no problem
Frustration is the drug that makes desire what I do humiliation and submission is a real plus is anal but do you desire more? I’m talking fisting
I’m able accept larger objects want gape , want use your puppet? Hand inside ?
I also know and accept some of your best moments may be my least enjoyable moments, no one ever said a transition was easy nor enjoyable but I feel
Like I need this, I’m not the jealous type I know you may want take other lovers or enjoy that I watch or maybe I will be the object of both your desires
Have say a spit roast is high my bucket list, but I would love a guy feminise further, my nipples are pierced already so puffy boobs would be
A real plus, I think I know what you desire can’t wait flash more flesh dressed sexy for you I will become the object of your desire, I hope I can wake
And have swallow your load, or spoon and feel your harness seek my girly hole
At the end of the day I’m sissy use and abuse female I will submit your desire if you want render sissy forever lets talk please
You can’t help what you become
Posted:Oct 5, 2021 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

I know I’m a victim of myself at an early age I would dress I never really understood why I was different
Once I stole a leotard from school so I could feel feminine

Whenever I was stressed feminine was my go to place, and I guess as life went on feminine became my
Go to place

So my life so far isn’t very eventful I guess I just did the normal whatever the normal is, but bubbling away
Was my feminine side, wasn’t until I discovered chastity everything changed.

Chastity makes me sit pee also makes me frustrated enough do the things you want me too, when
I cheated I would force myself to swallow my own seed, before long this became the norm not saying this
Was the best choice but I’ve learned to accept this even enjoy

I’m claiming I’m a cock virgin and I am that’s not say I’ve not encounter many miles on a dildo

Chastity has taught me the joy of frustration so keep me locked in chastity, or you desire more?
I know I would love develop pert boobs with puffy nipples so hormones would be a huge plus

This said I know this isn’t as easy as shaving all over I’m willing submit your desire please remove
My desire once and for all and brand me as your own, I love everything feminine and I’m keen learn
Render me sissy and lets enjoy me together
Dabbling no longer works
Posted:Oct 3, 2021 5:10 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 12:16 am

I have grown love chastity but this has limits because I’m my own key holder and I do feel like if I was further frustrated then the feeling I feel now would be so much better
I punish myself if I cheat by swallowing my own but the desire is gone
While I’m locked I do practice anal and I so enjoy the feelings I encounter but I do feel like I stop to early, I tend to ride my dildo for a while and really enjoy it but I do feel like
With you inside me I would have to accept so much more
I won’t lie what I do I enjoy so much but if you keep me locked up longer and use me longer then the sky is the limit, I hate myself for cheating but I’m human at first my
Punishment was swallow my own but this happens weekly so has just become a part of everyday

I know what you desire is so much more keep me locked up longer my frustration is your enjoyment. I can’t wait kneel before you with my hands tied my thighs and go
Down on you, I’m going lick, suck and slobber all over your cock and you will climax and I will swallow as any good gurl would

So next comes the main event I’m not sure I’m ready handle a guys desire so I would love be e restrained, this would be a huge plus for me as I would like feel like I was
Kinky is my thing so if you want me suffer for being a sissy that’s fine with me within reason want spank me? BDSM is a huge turn on so want rings are a plus I can wear
Nipple rings but add a tongue ring or even a prince albert to lock me into chastity I’m in

Want more then sure I won’t stop you from injecting my balls or clamping them and total removal rendering me sissy forever. Can’t help I am or what I desire I know what
I want and ’s a guy inside me enjoying my inner folds

I’m going do whatever you please dress as you like and accept whatever is needed become the gurl of your desire take a chance on me I won’t disappoint you!!!

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