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itsallfantasy 54F  
1063 posts
1/18/2017 6:52 am

I agree with you, not happening with me or anyone I know nor anyone I work with. I think some of this shit they report is just crap made to make people feel as if it is okay to do things when it isn't and trust me being fired for jacking off at work, male or female, is all that would come out of it. Then add in the humiliation of everyone talking about it. Sorry, not for me at all.

candylicker_6t9 60M
317 posts
1/18/2017 8:27 am

Just because you have not actually seen them do it does not mean that they are not doing it. I don't think anyone would not do it discreetly. I know I have rubbed out quite a few over a long and storied career. Lol

pocogato12 69F  
36947 posts
1/18/2017 8:35 am

Too many eyes in the retail arena!! Everywhere!! I think the numbers are too high

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BiggLala 49F  
30144 posts
1/18/2017 11:53 am

Well, 'at work' is ambiguous. Does that mean actively at their desk or cubicle? Note: that would be easier for guys to do, hide and without anyone catching them; I've worked in a call center and it happened, especially 3rd shift. 😁 Also, easier if you have an office where you can lock the door. Plus, workplaces are not just offices or office buildings. Lots of areas, and opportunities, where people can do this without being caught (a city worker sitting in his/her truck on an out of the way road for example). So, yeah, I bet it happens more than we think.

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BrownEyedBBW 53F  
8831 posts
1/19/2017 8:50 am

I would need to see the study (of course, why not, would anyone expect anything else from me) but one of the challenges the authors would have to acknowledge is that the responders are self selecting and the accuracy of the self reporting can be influenced by several things including how people reported the information to the researchers.


Sometimes respondents lie by omission or commission.

Truth in advertising, I had sex with a co-worker in an office when I was 19 but the door was locked and the windows were drawn, But doing the laundry by hand? Nope.

McBusty 35F  
88 posts
1/24/2017 10:14 am

And it's easier for women to be discreet than men... not going to lie... I did kegels that led to orgasm a few times when I was living in cubeland... plus let's just say smartphones with wifi access and sexting happens...

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