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Posted:Feb 28, 2021 1:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 11:37 am

Now that COVID is beginning to subside, it is time to begin looking forward. Pleasure 365 in NW Ohio seems like a place where meetups could take place. Wondering about the interest. Please let us know
Playtime at the toy store
Posted:May 4, 2017 10:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2018 6:49 am

We were sitting in my van, parked outside of the sex toy store. We were already inside, did some "window shopping" and buying an average size cock shaped toy. She was wearing her short swoosh skirt, and as usual no panties, there were a few other people in the store, an older biker lookin guy, and a nice fit mid 20s guy looking at the porn vids.
Of course I had to lead her over towards his area, we all smiled as acknowledging each other existed. I then told her to bend over with her ass facing him. She had already adjusted her skirt enough that he got a very nice view without my helping. We both saw the smile on his face and how much he was blushing. Our job was done for the evening.
Then we noticed the biker guy was looking at some nicknacks by the counter. We walked back over to where the younger guy was, well right beside of him is where we stopped, she bent over and I gave him a nod, allowing him to touch her hot wet dripping pussy. He began rubbing his hand up and down, all the while being paranoid that someone might see him, I picked up a video, glanced at the cover, front and back, then put it back on the shelf. The poor young guy had a huge boner, his cock looked huge. I brought it to her attention, she made a pouty face and say oops, she then whispered come find us outside and I can help you with that problem you have there, he turned even more red.
Her pussy was soaked and dripping and the older man had moved away from the counter buy still facing it. He had a perfect view as she payed for the toy. I pulled her skirt up, just above her ass and smiled at him. He smiled back. She grabbed our bag and on the way out said bye boys, then she giggled a bit as the door closed behind us.
As soon as we got to the van, she had the toy out of the package and began thrusting it in and out of her pussy. Seeing her like this nearly made me cum instantly. She had her head back and her eyes closed and was fucking herself wildly so she didn't notice that the younger guy was standing looking in through my window. I give him a glance and a nod to go to the other side of the van. As he is walking around the van, I roll the window down on her side. I tell her to keep her eyes closed. I held up a finger saying wait to the young guy. I then begin talking to her fantasizing about the young guy from inside the store, teasing her asking her if she wished he could touch her play with her tits and things like that. She just blurted out, I wanna suck his huge cock and show off for you, I could tell that he was watching her and listening to her while stroking himself, I told her to sit right there, as I got out and walked around to her side and opened the door, laying her back across the seat hanging her head slightly off the seat. I pulled out my nearly hard cock and placed it on her lips, still plunging the toy in and out of her she took my cock as deep as it would go. I motioned for the young guy to take my place, his cock was only a little longer than me, but it was almost twice as thick as mine. As soon as it touched her lips, she took it deep into her throat. Then she began furiously devouring his hard cock, it didn't take him long to blow his load, she took him deep when he began to cum, it seemed like he pumped at least ten times, gush after gush filled her mouth as she swallowed all of him. She held his cock in her mouth until it softened before releasing it. By then the older guy had come over and was watching, he asked will she suck mine too, I looked at her as she looked at me and she said of course, his cock was a little shorter than mine and about as thick, but it had a larger head, she noticed that he wasn't circumcised, gave me a big grin and began licking the bikers shaft. It seemed like she was licking for hours before she took him into her mouth, he only lasted about a minute once in her mouth, he only gave her two pumps, but he came a lot for those two pumps, she dribbled some out of the corner of her mouth and caught it with her fingers, she swallowed his cum licking the cum off of her hand. I was so busy watching her performance, I forgot that my cock was hard as a rock. We told the guys to have a good night and we started to drive away. She leaned over kissed me hard and then gave me the best road head of my life, she teased me like never before, and brought me to the brink quite a few times before she let me cum.
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