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The great outdoors, part 2  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:10 pm
The great outdoors, part 2

It's a<b> sunny </font></b>summer morning and Blake, Cezanne, and I met at a secluded spot I know about. I had been their sex toy for almost an hour as they both fucked me, I licked her, and I sucked him. They both had just climaxed. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth and my legs were a little wobbly from the pleasure they had given me, first with Blake’s cock in my ass and then the double-dildo Cezanne had used herself and . My cock is now throbbing and my balls are aching with need. I need release but want this feeling last forever. I tell Blake and Cezanne what I want. I want my cock inside each of them every way it can be before I cum. They both are eager please. They start off their knees before , taking turns sucking my cock. I was already feeling so good that I knew I would have be very careful not cum too soon. I slipped my cock into his mouth and slowly rocked my cock in and out of his mouth for a few strokes, then moved to her mouth. The break helps with my self-control. After about five minutes of this, I asked them both to bend over the tailgate of my truck. I pat their asses to get them a little closer together and then take the double dildo and gently slip one end into her ass and try to get the other end into his. This doesn't work too well, so I pull the dildo out of her ass and slip the other end a deeply into his ass until he says, "that's it". I start pumping the dildo in and out of his ass and he starts to rock back into each thrust. I start to angle the dildo just so, to create the maximum pleasure for him. I'm glad I am a good multi-tasker. I let my left hand work the dildo, which at this point is really just holding it steady while he pushes back and drives the dildo deep into his ass. I kneel down behind her and let my tongue in her pussy. Then I lick that little bit of paradise between her pussy and her ass, then tentatively slip my tongue into her ass which is already loose from the dildo earlier. I let my tongue between her pussy and her ass. I do this for a moment, getting them both wet and ready, and then stand and let my cock slide and down the cleft of her ass. I do this for a few moments and then slip the head of my cock into her ass and pull it out. She moans. I slide my cock down the cleft of her ass and slip the head of my cock into her pussy. She moans louder, in pleasure tinged with frustration, wanting more. I keep this , slipping the head of my cock into her ass and then her pussy. She wants more and I am ready to oblige. The next time I get to her pussy, I push my cock the way in and she gasps. She's still sensitive from her orgasm earlier. I pump my cock in and out of her with long, slow strokes and she puts her hand behind her. I think she's wanting push out, but when I try pull out, she grabs my hip as best she can and pulls in and holds my cock deep inside her. I feel the muscles in her pussy tensing and releasing, massaging my cock in the most wonderful way. I need a break though or this won't last, so I hold her hand and pull out her disappointment. I pull the dildo out of Blake's ass and slip one end into her pussy and the other I ease into her ass again. I move behind Blake. His asshole is loose and slick from the workout with the dildo. While she slowly moves to the rhythm of the dildo I'm sliding into her, I place the head of my cock against his asshole and start to gently push myself into him. My cock is thicker than the dildo, so his ass is tight, but not too tight, around my cock. I am able to push my cock fully into his ass and I just let it rest there for a moment, my hips against his ass. I reach around him with my free hand and grab his cock which is starting to thicken and harden again after his amazing orgasm. He takes the tube of lubricant and liberally squeezes some out on his cock so I gladly start giving him a hand-job while I start pumping my cock in his ass. I can tell I'm getting close to the point of no return and he's hard again, so I slowly pull my cock out of his ass and move back behind her. She is close to climaxing again with the dildo and doesn't want to stop, but I pull the dildo out of her pussy, still leaving the other end in her ass and slip my cock into her pussy. She groans in pleasure as I begin to fuck her in earnest. To my surprise, he moves behind me and thrusts his cock into my ass. I know I'm a goner. The feel of my cock in her pussy and of his cock in my ass is simply too much. I try my best to hold myself back, even crying out "no!" once, but they both encourage me to just let go, so I do. I give myself over completely to the pleasure of my cock in her and his cock in me, the thrusting, the linger taste of his cum and her ass and pussy in my mouth. That thought drives me over the edge and my head snaps back as my whole body shudders and spasms in ecstasy. My cum explodes out of my cock, filling her pussy. Having his cock in my ass when I begin to cum makes the orgasm even more intense. It might be the most intense orgasm I have ever had. It feels like it's going to go on forever. I thrust and thrust and thrust, crying out with each spasm. Finally my body is spent and a warm feeling of complete satisfaction washes over me. I feel his thrusts deep into my ass getting faster and a little more erratic so I put my hand behind me and ask him to stop. He reluctantly pulls out and I turn around, grab his throbbing cock, and guide it into his wife's pussy. I climb into the truck bed with wobbly legs and sit facing her so she can clean my cock. I promise I will return the favor in a moment and she begins to lick and suck every drop of cum remaining in my cock and every drop of her pussy juice that had coated my shaft and balls. He watches his wife sucking my cock and it's too much for him. He cums a second time, pumping wildly in his wife's pussy, crying out with each thrust. As his thrusts slow and his orgasm fades, I tell her that I want her to climb in the truck bed, get top of , straddling my face, and squeeze ever drop of cum she can into my mouth. I lay my back and she gets top of . I position her pussy right over my mouth and she begins work the completely satisfied muscles in her pussy push out the cum. The liquid pours out into my mouth. The taste is indescribable. My cum, his cum, and her juices combine to make a slick sauce and I savor ever drop. It fills my mouth and I swallow once, the liquid coating my face for the moment my mouth closes, and I open again and get another mouthful before the flow slows to drops. I hold this in my mouth and concentrate on the taste, trying to memorize what we taste like together. While I do this, he climbs into the bed of the truck and straddles my hips so our cocks are touching and his wife then licks and sucks his cock clean and then takes turns sucking our satisfied cocks. I begin licking her pussy, trying to get every wayward drop of our juices off her pussy and inner thighs. When I am satisfied that she's as clean as I can get her, I pat her ass to the side and sit . She looks at my glistening face, coated with our juices, and quickly comes over and licks my face clean. When she finishes, we collapse in the bed of the truck with her in the middle, warmed by the sun, bodies still humming with the echoes of our orgasms, completely satisfied.
We begin share what our favorite part of our day together had been, laughing with each other and just enjoying each other’s company. Then we begin to plan our next time together, but it’s going to be a while. Blake and Cezanne are going to be out of town for a couple of week, so it’s going to be almost a month before we can get together again. I can wait, I think. Besides, being abstinent for that month will just make my orgasms that much better when we do get back together.

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