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Unplanned Pleasure  

3somethriller 48M
0 posts
8/5/2021 11:07 pm
Unplanned Pleasure

It is a<b> sunny </font></b>Saturday afternoon and I am at the grocery store picking a few things. It has been a week since Blake, Cezanne, and I met at their house. We've chatted a few times during the week, anticipating our next d and I have admit that I'm having trouble thinking about much else. I'm in the produce section and everything seems remind of last Tuesday afternoon. I pick a particularly long and thick cucumber and it reminds of Blake's cock. Without thinking, my hand caresses the cucumber as I fantasize about Blake's cock in my mouth, in my ass, and in my hand.
"Lucky cucumber," I hear a woman say behind and I drop the cucumber the floor. I turn see Cezanne, laughing in delight, " you are sooo busted Jerry," she says and I laugh with her. "I don't have ask what was your mind," Cezanne teases. Cezanne looks amazing. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and she's wearing a light blouse and a loose skirt that flows around her knees.
"Really? I've been thinking about that day almost non-stop since Tuesday. I don't know if I want to wait until next Friday."
"I've been thinking about it too. Blake is out of town until Thursday night though." Cezanne says wistfully.
"What about you? Do you ever go solo without Blake?" I ask.
"I never have," Cezanne replies and I see her mind working as she bites her lower lip, "but I think with you I will make an exception." She walks next , pressing her hip against mine, then drops a knee pick the cucumber I dropped. As she stands , she lets one hand run the back of my leg and squeezes my ass quickly.
She drops the cucumber I had been molesting in my basket and says, "Follow the house," and starts walking the check-out. I buy the cucumber and follow her out the door and her car. She tosses the keys and says "you drive". We get in the car and I back out of the parking place. I am not out of the parking lot before Cezanne reaches over and unzips the shorts I'm wearing. She knows I don't wear underwear, so my cock falls out into her hand. She playfully caresses my cock which quickly grows and stiffens. Before I'm even completely hard, she bends over and takes my cock into her mouth.
I've only ever gotten two blowjobs while driving and it's not the safest thing I've ever done. I try to focus on my driving while Cezanne focuses on my cock. She gives amazing head. Her lips are soft and her tongue caress the head and shaft of my cock which is now stiff. Her mouth is warm and inviting and she moves her head and down my cock so smoothly. One of her hands slides into my shorts from below and finds my balls which she plays with while she goes down on . I drive down the street from the grocery store and get the interstate. It's about five miles her exit, so we have a little time, especially with traffic as heavy as it is. I feel a little exposed, driving down the road with Cezanne's head in my lap, bobbing and down my cock. Sure enough, a large, lifted pick- truck slowly passes us and I see the eyes of a young woman passenger in the cab of the truck widen as she realizes what happening in our car. I see her gasp and her hand goes the window. I match speed with the truck. Having an audience is kind of exciting, I think, as Cezanne slowly slides my cock in her mouth and pumps and down my cock. Traffic slows down and I do my best keep pace with the truck, so as not disappoint out audience. I can feel my control start slip and a soft groan escapes my lips. One hand tightens on the wheel and the other takes hold of Cezanne's pony tail. The traffic on the road slows a stop and the timing couldn't be better. I make eye contact with the young woman in the cab of the truck. Her eyes are bright and her face is flushed. She involuntarily licks her lips and I hold her eyes and then let myself go. When I start to cum I try to keep from crying out loud, but it's impossible. My cum explodes in Cezanne's mouth and she slides my cock almost out of her mouth, holding just the head in her mouth as I orgasm. She strokes my cock and I pump my hips, filling her mouth with my cum. When I'm finished, Cezanne pulls my cock out of her mouth and she looks at . I can tell she still has my cum in her mouth and she stretches over kiss . Our kiss is lubricated by my cum as we share my gift her. She keeps one hand on my cock and breaks our kiss. She looks at and swallows what cum is left in her mouth. She sees some of my cum running down from the corner of my mouth and quickly kisses that spot save it. She then bends over and slowly sucks my cock of every last drop of cum. The traffic starts move again and I glance at the truck. The young woman puts a hand her throat. Her face is clearly flushed and I see her turn toward the man driving the truck and then I see her head disappear and the man driving the truck start in surprise. One of his hands leaves the steering wheel and drops to what must be the back of the young woman's head. I hope he appreciates the gift I just gave him, I think, as I start to change lanes.
We are approaching her exit and Cezanne finally pulls my cock out of her mouth and gently tucks it back into my shorts and zips them . She looks at , her face flushed, and says, "Just so you know, I'm going wear you out today." What an extraordinary woman, I think and say, "I sincerely hope so."
We pull into her driveway and park. After we get out of the car, Cezanne takes by the hand and leads her front door. As soon as we are in the house, we embrace and passionately kiss. I still taste my cum in her mouth. She hurriedly takes my t-shirt off and I slip out of my shorts. My cock is already starting grow again after the orgasm in the car. I stand before Cezanne naked and her eyes hungrily devour my body. I step toward her and start fumbling with the buttons on her blouse. After I get the first and the second button, I'm apparently taking too long because Cezanne grabs the front of her blouse in both hands and rips the front open, buttons flying. I spin her around and pull her ass against and find that my cock is resting nicely in the cleft of her ass. I can tell that she's not wearing any panties. I stroke my cock in the cleft of her ass through her skirt and my cock continues stiffen, finally getting rock hard again. Left over drops of cum bead my cock and wet the back of her skirt. I move her into the living room and pin her against the back of the couch. I pull her blouse down off her shoulders, bend her over the back of the couch, and twist the blouse around her hands, trapping them. I hold her hands behind her back with one hand and release her bra with the other hand. After her bra is loose, I keep her hands tightly bound and reach around to fondle her breasts. I then take hold of the back of her skirt. I pull down her skirt which pools on the floor at our feet. I bend Cezanne a little further over the edge of the back of the couch until her feet leave the floor, then I balance her, with her ass and pussy positioned just right for take her from behind. I keep hold of the blouse and keep her balanced the couch, then bend down lick her pussy. I let my tongue slide deep into her, then lick upward and slip my tongue into her ass. Her legs involuntarily widen for . I stand and press my cock against the cleft of her ass again, this time no skirt between us, and let my cock slide and down using my saliva as the lubricant. After a longer downstroke, I position the head of my cock against her pussy and thrust myself in. She gasps in delight and I begin slowly fuck her, burying my cock as far into her pussy as I can and pulling almost completely out, just keeping the head of cock inside her. I keep this for a few more minutes and then pull out completely, my cock now coated, wet, warm, and slippery. Before the juice can dry, I position the head of my cock on her asshole. I remember what she told Blake before she buried the dildo she had been wearing into his ass and repeat her words to her. "Deep breath darling," and push my cock into her ass. It's not quite as lubricated as I would prefer, so I pull my cock out of her ass and slip it back into her pussy for a few more thrusts, then back to her ass. I keep this until her ass is lubricated with her pussy juices and then start fuck her ass in earnest. It's my experience that the first orgasm but the second fuck is always the best. I feel like I could keep this for hours (yeah, right). I look down and watch my cock slipping easily in and out of her ass. With each inward stroke, Cezanne lets out a little moan. After a few more minutes of this, I pull my cock slowly out of her now wet and warmed ass. I let Cezanne and release her hands. She quickly turns face , grabs by the cock with one hand and picks my bag from the grocery store with the other, and leads down the hall the bedroom.
When we get into the bedroom, she pushes onto the bed, and tells , "stay right where you are, don't move." She opens the nightstand drawer and begins pulling out dildos and a tube of lubricant. She also pulls the cucumber out of the bag. She hands a dildo and the lubricant and says, "get warmed with this until I get back." She takes the cucumber and heads for the bathroom. I take the dildo, lubricate it, stand at the edge of the bed, and slide it into my ass. I sit the dildo get it as deep into as I can. Then I climb onto the bed and lay on my side, with my back to the bathroom door, and start to "get warmed " as instructed. The dildo feels amazing in my ass. I hear the water running in the bathroom for a minute then shut off. Cezanne returns the bedroom, drying off the cucumber. "I wanted make sure this was clean before we have it inside us."
"Good thinking" I manage get out, though my voice is choked with desire, and slowly pull the dildo out of my ass.
"Get the bed and get fours," she commands and I comply. She climbs in the bed and grabs the lubricant. The cucumber is a least two inches in diameter, larger than most of the dildos in Cezanne's collection but not quite as large as the dildo she had pegged me with last Tuesday. She liberally lubricates one end and slowly pushes it into my ass. I feel my asshole stretch and relax into it as it suddenly slips past my asshole and into my ass. Cezanne starts to pump the cucumber in and out of my ass and quips, "how does it feel to be fucked by the Green Giant?" I laugh with her and say, "his cock is amazing!" She keeps this , sliding the cucumber in and out, for a while longer and takes one of my hands and puts it on the cucumber. "Hold this in place," she says, and I do but still manage pump it in and out a little bit. She pulls one of the pillows from the head of the bed and asks, "do you remember this pillow?" I do, it's our fucking pillow! of us made use of that pillow the last time we were together. She places it under me and then pushes me onto my stomach. I can't really keep fucking my ass with the giant green cock while I'm laying on my stomach and it starts to slip out, but Cezanne rescues it. She pushes it deep inside me again and with her other hand, lubricates the other end. She straddles me and sits on my lower back facing my feet. She keeps the cucumber moving in my ass, studying the way my ass embraces and accepts the pseudo-cock. Then she scoots and slides the other end of the cucumber into her pussy and sits back as far as she can. She starts to rock back and forth. The cucumber is about inches long, so that gives us both about 8 inches take in, give or take the two or inches between us. What a wonderful 8 inches. Cezanne starts pump faster and I want stop her, but I can't. It just feels too good and I keep telling myself, just a little longer. But then Cezanne stops suddenly, settles back, and just leaves the cucumber buried in both of us. Then she scoots forward, pulling the cucumber out of her pussy and my ass at the time. I roll over and sit while Cezanne turns around the bed face . Her face is flushed, her eyes are bright, and her lips are slightly parted and wet. I reach for her, take her hand, and pull her onto her stomach on our favorite pillow. I get behind her and take the cucumber from her hand. I haven't wanted to fuck someone so badly as I want to fuck Cezanne in this moment, but before I can, Cezanne says, "wait, I have something else for you to use" and takes the cucumber from me and drops it on the floor. She crawls to the edge of the bed and digs into the treasure chest of pleasure she calls a nightstand. She pulls out a new strap-on, one that I haven't seen before. "This is Blake's. He uses it on me if I've been good."
I study the strap-on. There's a connector for a dildo facing inward in the back and a connector in the front right above a large hole where my cock would go.
"Where's the dildo you used on me with your strap-on?" I ask and Cezanne brings it out of the drawer. "Choose the one I will use on you." I tell her and Cezanne smiles and brings out a dildo that she had already set aside for this. I connect the large dildo on the inside of the harness. Cezanne lubricates it for me and then tells me to stand facing away from the bed. I feel the head of the dildo resting my asshole, and Cezanne says, "Okay, now sit back." I sit back and the dildo slides completely into my ass. My cock is throbbing and seminal fluid starts to seep out of the head of my cock, which Cezanne naturally cleans off with a few licks and a quick suck for good measure. She positions my cock through the opening in the front and fastens the straps to the front of the harness. Then she attaches the dildo I will use on her to the connect right above my cock. Cezanne bends over the bed, looks almost desperately over her shoulder, and simply but earnestly says, "fuck me!"
I move behind her and get the dildo and my cock positioned just right. I slide them both into her at the time and she lets out a soft cry which turns into a moan as I slide my cock into her pussy and the dildo into her ass as deep as I can go. I let them rest there and I can feel the muscles in her pussy squeezing my cock. I slowly pull out and push myself and the dildo back in. I get a nice rhythm going and she starts to stretch her hands across the bed and grab to big handfuls of comforter. Our fucking pillow is there and she grabs it and pulls it to her mouth. She starts to shout into the pillow with each inward thrust. Her body starts to buck wildly as she is finally overcome and her shouts become cries of pleasure which become screams of pleasure. Those cries and screams are the sexiest thing a man can hear and they overcome me as well. I don't have a pillow to muffle my cries into so I give full throat to my orgasm, crying out in their bedroom as I cum inside her. Our cries slowly fade into the warm afterglow of our shared orgasm. I arch my back as a few residual spasms rack my body. We rest there, our passion spent and our bodies warm and tingly as the echoes of our orgasms slowly reflected through our bodies. I slowly pull my cock and the dildo out of Cezanne. She stands , grabs my arm, and pulls onto the bed again. "I want you to clean like you did last Tuesday," she says.
I lay my back and she climbs into the bed. She traps my head between her legs and begins to tense the muscle in her pussy, pushing out a small flow of cum into my open and waiting mouth. When the flow stops, I lick and suck, getting cum all over my face in the process, until I feel like I did an acceptable job. "Are you clean enough?" I ask her, voice muffled by her pussy. She lifts her pussy off of my mouth and feels between her legs. She slips her fingers deep into her pussy, pulls them out, and puts her cum covered fingers into my mouth for suck. She does this a few more times and then announces, "Nice job!"
She lies down next , turns toward , notices the cum coating my face, let's out a little laugh and teases, "Well look at you, aren't you a mess." She bends over and begins lick my face clean. The licks become kisses which linger and our hands stroke and caress each other. Cezanne snuggles into my arms, her skin is warm next to mine. In a moment, her breathing slows and I feel her body relax as she drifts off to sleep. I lay there and notice the warm afternoon sun shining through the bedroom window and the sound of birds outside. The last thought I have before drifting off to sleep is, "What a wonderful, unplanned afternoon."

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