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Tmptrzz 59F  
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9/17/2020 11:15 am

Thank you so much for posting this as it's so very true.. One thing I would

like to add to this is. Sometimes in the chat room the ones which you describe

here get pissed off when you won't give them the time of day. And some even

put other members down, which irritates me as who the heck are they to put

other members down when they don't even have a picture on their


I hope the site reads this so they can see what we are all dealing with

here on the site.

I hope your Thursday treats you well..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

EnigmaInitiative 53F
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9/17/2020 12:57 pm

I tend to believe the pic collectors get some voyeuristic thrill from amassing pics, that's the only thing I can come up with..honestly.

I hope your experiences get better

In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade.

~Terence McKenna

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