Am I the only one  

68eobf 55F  
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7/2/2016 10:29 pm
Am I the only one

I've been a mbr of off and on for many years and 97% of the time I've been here I have had a lot of fun and really enjoyed those that I have met. But it seems in the past year or so the men that are emailing me has changed, which leads me to ask:
"Am I the only one that still reads profiles?"

As I read through profiles of men that I find some sort of attraction, if I read anything that is no "me" such as I am older than they prefer or they prefer athletic/slender women or what ever it is, I respect what they write and I move on to the next profile that catches my eye.

What baffles me is the emails I get from men that are not even close to my preferences in "my ideal person", I find it disrespectful when I get an email that is so far outside my spectrum, I mean really? Does anyone read profiles anymore? Does it matter that is say "no 20-somethings" or "no married or attached men" or that I'm tired or "playmates & fuck-buddies" but all they want to do is hook-up that night?

BUT I do know this - there are some very polite men that will email me and say "I know I don't meet your wants but I'd just like to say......" and I do appreciate those emails.....

Oh Shit - I guess I just answered my own questions.....a very few respectful men do but not the majority.

cozzycouple 63M/64F  
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7/2/2016 10:56 pm

Yes you are right, therer are a lot out there that I think can't even read. I have up in RED - NO SINGLE MEN.....but the amount of single men and it doesn't matter their age, they simply just dont read and off they go sending a message. True about the FEW. gentlemen be thoughtful Milly

imstillcharlie 48M
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8/12/2016 9:53 pm

I would be one of those men who say "I dont meet what your looking for,,," and someone like me appreciates that your understanding and like being complimented no matter what Thank you. Corvallis here. Stay cool, its hot out!!!!

rm_philosopete 46M
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11/12/2016 7:05 am

Being a free member, the amount I can read about a person is quite limited, but I try to read as much as possible.

Kalbi54 66M
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8/6/2017 9:30 am

I tend to think it's a cultural shift in how folks (male & female) use the Internet and their expectations. People tend to gloss over "facts" instead of questioning and validating them. In a lot of cases, the rules/facts/law does not apply to them because "I'm special, unique, different, etc".

It's too bad doesn't incorporate a feature that does help filter email by preference but then it would destroy their revenue stream of "Get all the females in the world at your fingertip and eager to fuck you". It's unfortunate that the females have be the candy that draws the males that spend the $$ but that's what it is...

jrinco 64M  
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7/22/2018 5:36 pm

I read the profiles and really appreciate all the thought that goes into them. I read yours, and find that according to your criteria, you would not be interested in me. I know that, and won't have to waste my time or yours. I can appreciate the pics tho, and have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write out a thoughtful profile. There are some that do read it!

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