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Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/19/2016 12:44 pm

Hi, are you a squirter?

rusty20055 66M
624 posts
10/19/2016 12:55 pm

As long as you squirt in my mouth!

benard69 63M/63F  
6212 posts
10/19/2016 12:56 pm

Let's find out....

licngrin 64M  
19 posts
10/19/2016 1:06 pm

Yes a Lady that can let go enough to squirt is a turn on. I would rather be ready so neither of us has to sleep in the wet spot. I had a friend that the whole bed ended up being a wet spot.

knkycpl_2play2 37M/29F
27 posts
10/19/2016 1:08 pm

There is nothing sexier than knowing a woman is cumming so hard she squirts. Absolutely love it!

Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/19/2016 1:22 pm

mmmmmm, que rica!!! so wonderful!!

Vcac6 59M
3 posts
10/19/2016 1:22 pm

thats the best part of eating pussy love it

Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/19/2016 1:24 pm

    Quoting Joepasto:
    Hi, are you a squirter?
write me in instant messages please!!

funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F  
3813 posts
10/19/2016 1:29 pm

Mine is a major squirter and I love the hell out of it hehe

92camaro66 55M  
1753 posts
10/19/2016 1:30 pm

i have only had one squirter....she was riding my cock and she squirted and it hit my chest......major fucking turn on!

zeke53028 62M  
1136 posts
10/19/2016 1:49 pm

Love it!!!!

Jwiggle9696 39M
2 posts
10/19/2016 1:52 pm

It is very sexy

rm_Segnalt 60M
6 posts
10/19/2016 1:53 pm

Everytime please...........

Snohomo_cpl 73M/69F
34 posts
10/19/2016 2:11 pm

Can't drink enough squirt!

HarleymanFLH 56M
15 posts
10/19/2016 2:14 pm

The harder and more volume the squirt the better.

Just4u3371 56M  
247 posts
10/19/2016 2:19 pm

That is the ultimate orgasm a woman can have .. it's a real turn on

Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/19/2016 2:55 pm

    Quoting  :

I would try guapa!

ClassicFriction 60M
945 posts
10/19/2016 3:15 pm

If it weren't urine, it would turn me on.

automan_man2 61M
26 posts
10/19/2016 3:30 pm

It is awesome to make a woman squirt. It is an intense orgasm. I enjoy making her squirt with my fingers and tongue, and then fucking immediately afterward. So wet, hot and intense.

1025mws 58M  
677 posts
10/19/2016 3:51 pm

I love a woman that can or does squirt cum!! I was with two women that squirted cum!!
The first woman that squirted cum when I was having sex with. She squirted her cum all over me.

1025mws 58M  
677 posts
10/19/2016 3:54 pm

Hi deeinpdx... I am wondering if you squirt or not.. I like a woman that squirts. Plus I like a woman that oozes cum too.

pokekitty01 50M  
558 posts
10/19/2016 5:10 pm

squirting is the hottest! just the thought gets me hard!\8

wantaplay8 68M
5606 posts
10/19/2016 5:12 pm

I met and had sex with one woman that squirted; sure would like to enjoy another cum like that. Nice to know you squirt!

sexydad1167 54M
1352 posts
10/19/2016 5:56 pm

I love it. And to contradict what someone mentioned, its not a fail if she doesn't squirt. Ive been with women who have been prolific squirter's, some that only did it with me and some who didn't. I didn't fail to please the ones who didn't. I didn't think i failed either. Its just how it is. Just because she squirted doesnt mean its the best orgasm. So woman have their best orgasms and dont squirt during it. Every woman is different.

secondtime101 59F  
19 posts
10/19/2016 6:54 pm

Coming from me, the woman who never knew I could squirt until one special guy managed to get me to that point with him. It is quite amazing and luv how he likes to work me to that experience every time.....Yep, pretty wet but we just smile and giggle at the fun we had!!

funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F  
3813 posts
10/19/2016 7:37 pm

read up on it , geez its NOT urine

113 posts
10/19/2016 8:19 pm

i like women that are squirters

TB5758 63M/64F  
557 posts
10/20/2016 2:26 am

Love it when she squirts especially if it is unexpected. Makes me feel like I got her off perfectly and love her taste!

cuddlyboytoy 58M  
51 posts
10/20/2016 3:10 am

Love to drink a woman hot juices. Flooding my mouth with her nectar

amkamk48001 54M/51F  
276 posts
10/20/2016 3:31 am

Love it when a woman soaks the bed sheets while I'm eating their pussy...

ohbimale4 70M
236 posts
10/20/2016 5:12 am

It is not for me. I have never experienced the "great event" but certainly looks messy from the videos. I like cuddling and allowing my penis to go soft between her legs as we drift off to sleep. Can not imagine this happening on wet bedding.

4u2lickon 45M
41 posts
10/20/2016 5:26 am

love a golden shower, when sucking them out right on my face, feel good

biglad85live 36M
529 posts
10/20/2016 7:03 am

Grls who can squirt makes me more horny!!!

RobertandDawn15 53M/44F
8 posts
10/20/2016 7:32 am

When she soaks the bed, Job well done in our house!!!>>!

JohnInNebraska 60M
186 posts
10/20/2016 9:50 am

Love it

Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/20/2016 9:59 am

Hola, dear deeinpdx I'd like to chat with you, can you please write to me in IM.
Muchas gracias querida

twosharp2 77M
554 posts
10/20/2016 11:57 am

    Quoting  :

Some women squirt, some don't. It doesn't mean a thing regarding her sexuality or my skills.

It doesn't have to be messy. If she's a squirter or wants to try, I have an incontinence pad that I put on the bed. If she's a fire hose "shooter", then stop it with my face, torso, hand, plug with a toy so it gushes instead, etc.

sphxdiver 71M
21064 posts
10/20/2016 3:59 pm

Love it when they squirt, means your doing something right.

Especially when your tongue deep in it, just adds to the sweet nectar !!!

imnotyurneighbor 60M
34 posts
10/20/2016 4:03 pm

it feels so great running over my cock

Boilyman 58M  
25 posts
10/20/2016 4:27 pm

Duh , how else are you gonna know how good a job you're doing and who doesn't dig a hot wet girl enjoying every hard inch of your cock or face and tongue , seriously why is this even up for a vote , girls who squirt , OKOK so do the non-squirtters but , OMFG the wetter the better !!!!!!

climbaboard1970 51M

10/20/2016 7:28 pm

Definitely a turn on especially when she can't control it and she let's out all over me while riding

lickable_me1 55M
215 posts
10/20/2016 8:48 pm

It just is, I would have to say I'm neutral, as long as the woman is enjoying herself it really does not matter to me if she does or not. It's all about attitude before during and after.

iraduu 41M
3515 posts
10/20/2016 10:04 pm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy

brestmn05 44M
53 posts
10/20/2016 10:09 pm

I love a true squirting woman ! I mean a woman who can drench the sheets, my cock, and anything else within a couple of feet from her cumming pussy. I recently met and am having great sex with a woman from that is a major squirter ! Loooving it ! She is only the 2nd squirter I have been with and she can soak me ! I will share a recent fantasy she helped me make a reality if anyone would like to hear it. Super hot.

fkmeallnitelong9 50F  
2420 posts
10/20/2016 10:37 pm

{=}that's so funny...I am actually more of a 'waterfall' gal...get the bed, feet, and floor wet on a good night...just say'n...I have to use tons of towels to dry things up

RUManEnough4Me 60F
14 posts
10/20/2016 10:41 pm

Yes, its the ultimate to squirt my juices all over a guys cock, mouth, and fingers when I come.
My juices just gushes out of my cunt and the tingling feeling of an orgasm going from my cunt and up my body intensifies making me get wetter and wetter.
I love it when a guy devours my clit, licking and sucking it hard so that my cunt gushes my juices into his mouth, and then he starts lapping and tonguing my cunt juices all up - its so primal!
Once I've orgasm, and I am all wet, all I want to feel is a lovely hard cock fucking my cunt hard, deep and fast. The sensation of a cock going in and out of my cunt after an orgasm, just electrifies the rest of my body and intensifies the ongoing sensation of pleasure radiating from my cunt.
Yummo xxx. >>!

>>! yes please ..

3clecticTaster 36M
1 post
10/21/2016 1:17 am

Whether or not "squirting" is what some people say it is, it's a huge turn on when I get super horny. Alas, I've never experienced a squirter before...

feathersnoil4U 70M
43 posts
10/21/2016 2:10 am

I lov the sight of it and enjoy a mouth full


feathersnoil4U 70M
43 posts
10/21/2016 2:11 am

I lov the sight of it and enjoy a mouth full


justfuckme642 34M

10/21/2016 3:11 am

love it when a woman squirts. such a hot turn on

aim2pleaseu952 69T

10/21/2016 4:23 am

There's nothing sexier than a woman's juices flowing all over me!

ranger2025 71M  
54 posts
10/21/2016 5:41 am

Love a squirter!

glu04 52M
187 posts
10/21/2016 6:19 am

love fucking such babe .. especially when they squirt while eating them ..

Upintheair4u 49M  
2 posts
10/21/2016 6:58 am

Nothing sexier than making a gorgeous woman gush over and over again. The more the better!

Joepasto 47M
749 posts
10/21/2016 7:06 am

    Quoting fkmeallnitelong9:
    {=}that's so funny...I am actually more of a 'waterfall' gal...get the bed, feet, and floor wet on a good night...just say'n...I have to use tons of towels to dry things up
hola fkmeallnitelong9 good morning, I'd like to be down on you and get all this river lol.

mayzz 66M
525 posts
10/21/2016 9:28 am

A woman that squirts is the most amazing experience ever. Personally, I cannot get enough of it... Truly Awesome ! Squirt On My Dear !!!

iLuvLotsOfSex 46M
1 post
10/21/2016 10:05 am

I love it when a woman squirts on me. Its amazing! It makes me feel good knowing I did that to her.

_JKH_ 67M
5448 posts
10/21/2016 12:27 pm

It's a definite turn on to me.

~ ~

Cutebbygirl4fun 48F
2 posts
10/21/2016 1:17 pm

    Quoting  :

Your statement is quite stupid. Many women are natural squirters and cannot control it while having an orgasm because it is a release. It is not something entirely "put out by the porn industry" as you believe. Guys also don't need to measure a girl's performance based on it either. Many females do orgasm without squirting. If you cannot do it, then too bad for you.

columbiatn2 54M/62F
7 posts
10/21/2016 7:05 pm

It lets the man know he is doing a good job

I do my best to behave but that is not always possible.
Our Blog

Guyfrom98388 62M
441 posts
10/21/2016 9:01 pm

I love it when she Squirts, it is a real turn on especially when she squirts when I'm in her and is washes my cock and balls

dexter4tsgirl 51M

10/22/2016 5:01 am

Invite me to Portland

LickYourYoni 72M
569 posts
10/22/2016 5:41 am

Love to have her squirt on me.

redhead121802 60M
23 posts
10/22/2016 8:31 am

its fun fucking / eating a ladies pussy that squirts. its fun watching how many times the ladies pussy cam squirt out her pussy cum..wetter is always better..

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6219 posts
10/22/2016 11:50 am

I find myself with a woman and I can't make her squirt I failed. I want her to crawl out of her skin be shaking on the bed yelling don't touch me know then I did my job of please her. waiting for me to start over again.

StickyLips007 52F
231 posts
10/22/2016 11:51 am

I think squirting is very overrated. No I don't what? I'm still very passionate, multi-orgasmic and enjoying myself completely. Many guys have tried to make me squirt and I'm just not built that way, I guess.

leblond16 65M
389 posts
10/22/2016 1:21 pm

I've never been with a woman who squirts, so I don't know if I would or would not like it.

kellylizjones 63M/61F  
40 posts
10/22/2016 2:15 pm

Hmm NOT SURE YET!!! FIRST time we were playing with a GREAT couple we are still active with,, ,,i was down licking the YOUNG woman,, for awhile, and REALLY getting into her,,,she grabbed my head , clamped her legs and started moaning and grinding into my face,,she GUSHED!!!! when she came,, and I damn near drowned,,,i heard her husband chuckling "OH YEA!!",, i was still spitting ,, clearing my mouth and nose,, she pulled me up to her face and kissed me and said "I LOVED THAT!!!,,,i was like "OK,,,," my wife Kelly was snickering a bit,,and says"oh yea honey she's a squirter,,,"
I wish i had known that before hand!!!
I was like in shock at HOW much there was!!!
a month later we got together ,, I couldn't WAIT to do it again!!!!
so I'm guessing I'm in the turn ON line???!!!

Sundyvor 61M  
2 posts
10/22/2016 3:47 pm

I crave a women who squirts or gushes, looking for one now in this area.

Dirtydargon6967 54M
10 posts
10/22/2016 5:33 pm

Hell ya love the taste and shows a woman is really turned on lol

able202 71M
3097 posts
10/22/2016 7:25 pm

It is a huge turn on. I get so excited knowing she can cum like that.


ArkSoutherngent5 67M  
910 posts
10/22/2016 9:27 pm

Huge Turn On...

bigpeak52 69M
7 posts
10/23/2016 1:58 am

I like a good squirt, just not in my face. I have a fear of drowning.

Do_u_wanna_kiss 55F
223 posts
10/23/2016 2:48 am

    Quoting Just4u3371:
    That is the ultimate orgasm a woman can have .. it's a real turn on
How would you, or any other man, now what a woman's ultimate orgasm is like?

I'm not a squirter, Thank God because personally I think it's gross and there is yet to be any scientific evidence or proof that it is, or is not, urine or a mix thereof. My ultimate orgasm is different than any other woman's ultimate orgasm, squirter or not, because we are all different. I'm more than satisfied when I actually reach my ultimate orgasm. The sooner you men learn that the better orgasms women will have. No two women are alike, therefore, not much chance that your technique will work the same on both or all women and if you think it has then odds are you've been lied to.

I hate that men think every woman can squirt. That couldn't be farther than the truth and to think that the man, or woman, failed because she didn't squirt is nothing more than stress added to one of the most pleasurable things in life.

ScCpl4BiFem 44M/43F
46 posts
10/23/2016 7:24 am

I love a woman that squirts. My wife and playmate both squirt and it is wonderful to make them both soak the bed.

tbw65 52M/50F
2 posts
10/23/2016 11:27 am

A definite turn on for me!! When those orgasms start, there is are no words to explain the feeling!! TRUST is NOT urine!

LadiesKL2016 28M/25F
4 posts
10/23/2016 1:21 pm

ermmm ... yes

blkbbwhoneyeater 52M
25 posts
10/23/2016 3:17 pm

Love when I eat pussy then cum n squirter in my mouth love the taste of her nectarπŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

BiGuy4U53 59M
161 posts
10/23/2016 3:28 pm

it is a turn on but when i know i have a squirter i prepare with different environment. meaning plastic on the mattress. believe me don't want your bed or your room smelling like urine days after. clean but older sheets towels on the ready and shower close by. don't like it every time but every now and then a turn on...

blackhornet01 59M
1 post
10/23/2016 4:09 pm

omg, it's the best.

marriedelpaso 43M
43 posts
10/23/2016 6:54 pm

i love a woman that squirts!!!

bigbreastlvr13 60M
1 post
10/23/2016 7:53 pm

A huge turn on!

astral_traveler 71M
32 posts
10/23/2016 10:32 pm

I love it!!!! A major turn on for me.

tongueFunNgames 60M  
508 posts
10/23/2016 11:50 pm

Yes I live it, but real good normal extra juicy pussy is great too

virginhotspot68 53F   
2 posts
10/24/2016 3:18 am

When you squirt for the first time its unbelievable, and the look on your partners face that has not ever had a women do that before , is priceless... Although I wish I knew how i did it the first time, so I could experience it again and on drop of a dime...but once is just fine too...

dwz5234 69M  
1517 posts
10/24/2016 7:13 am

indeed major turn on

psucker20114 70M  
190 posts
10/24/2016 7:31 am

ready any time please the fun

blkbbwhoneyeater 52M
25 posts
10/24/2016 2:28 pm

Hi that why I'm here looking for a squirter let me taste ur sweet nectar

blkbbwhoneyeater 52M
25 posts
10/24/2016 2:34 pm

Here seeking a squirter mmm love the taste of that sweet nectar let make iron rain

floydco1211 36M
43 posts
10/24/2016 6:44 pm

love a women who squirts

Melon_guy 64M/63F
45 posts
10/24/2016 7:24 pm

A woman cumming is like applause ! It tells me I'm doing it right !

hyperdog22 63M  
9 posts
10/24/2016 7:26 pm

love it

ragincat 48M
82 posts
10/25/2016 12:06 am

Having sweetness squirting out of a lovely pussy is the best gift a woman can give

squir10fun 56M
7 posts
10/25/2016 7:38 am

It is an incredible turn on! So sexy!

hotdamn100proof 69M
1 post
10/25/2016 8:57 am

the hotter the squirt the hotter it makes me I love to lick very wet pussy

ready2cum19632 58M
2 posts
10/25/2016 9:21 am

would love for a squirter to squirt all over my face

naughtybichoice 76M/66F
19 posts
10/25/2016 1:02 pm


11 posts
10/25/2016 6:43 pm

love feeling the squirt and cleaning it up with my tounge

dokkss33 52M
22 posts
10/25/2016 9:38 pm

of course a huge turn on love it tasting drinking

goldiloxsg1990 50F
11 posts
10/26/2016 7:43 am

First of all it's not urine. And yes is very much a turn on for me. I can't make myself squirt because my fingers are too short to reach the spot but I have made other women squirt all over my face and in my mouth. You got to be willing to let it go to make it happen though girls.

Until next time...

nice7694 64M
341 posts
10/26/2016 10:15 am

Love to have a women squirt!!! So SEXY!!

Mikey67 65M
38 posts
10/26/2016 2:24 pm

Finding a girl that squirts is so awesome.

sailorlvr 56M
8 posts
10/26/2016 5:49 pm

Knowing that you have turned on a woman and had her experience a climax so strong and vibrant that she squirts is the most satisfying moment a man can experience with a woman.

indigo1717 83M  
17 posts
10/27/2016 1:18 am

Its the most awesome thing to see wow not very common though real shame as im sure more women could if they would just let go, Its a massive turn on thats for sure

centlon 51M
1 post
10/27/2016 2:01 am

I always think it's a compliment and a massive bonus if a woman squirts.

montecarlo37 43M
298 posts
10/27/2016 8:33 am

i like squirter...

jamesgscpi 70M  
11 posts
10/27/2016 8:57 am

the more a woman squirts the better when i am licking her and love to drink in every drop

travelingnlonely 64M
90 posts
10/27/2016 12:12 pm

i once had a lady in 69 position with her on top. She started squirting and could not stop,and I just kept her cumming. She actually gushed. I almost drowned .Loved it! What a way to go. Would love to do it again.

rskinney62 59M

10/27/2016 12:13 pm

I have not been with a squirter yet, but would love the opportunity!

Visit my blog @ rskinney62 & have a SEXY day!!

WeFuckEmAll 52M/52F  
10 posts
10/27/2016 4:40 pm

Squirting on my face tells me i'm doing something very special. Especially when it's followed by "whew, that's the first time I squirted with oral".
I've heard that a few times!

proteus_2a 56M
7979 posts
10/29/2016 12:07 am

Certainly a turn on
Especially with the lady's
obvious expressions of pleasure

Cheers - P

Milfhuntkinky69 58M
8 posts
10/29/2016 12:52 pm

yes i love a woman that can and knows how to Squirt, no way to fake that, , the wet spot i is a minor issue , i have ways to get around the wet bed , , a woman that is able to squirt is such a gift

Everlasts69 36M  
11 posts
11/3/2016 11:04 am

Turn on. I love it, feels so right to lick it up

Everlasts69 36M  
11 posts
11/3/2016 11:07 am

I'd love to make you squirt just to shower and change the sheets

submanfordomme 51M
20 posts
11/4/2016 8:43 am

love when she does sitting on my face

jagseNicoq 31M
1 post
11/6/2016 4:44 pm

i love it

Toy_Boy_1968 53M
24 posts
11/7/2016 7:06 am

I luv it when a woman squirts, just as she luvs it when I do

BigBill891968 53M  
8 posts
11/7/2016 6:25 pm

That is one of the sexiest things a woman can do.

StangCobra 61M  
147 posts
11/8/2016 3:30 am

I love to have it squirted all over me. What a turn-on that is

kentbull 52M
9 posts
11/8/2016 9:40 am

Only ever been with one woman who squirted, she didn't warn me and to be honest it was a complete surprise.....

If it happens good, if it doesn't happen good!

grayandtall 67M
31 posts
11/8/2016 2:07 pm

I have been with both squirters and non squirters. When either orgasms it is great. The only downside with squirting is cleaning up afterwards.

sxeangel2 39F
8 posts
11/10/2016 8:43 am

Turn on for me...however I did have one fwb who told me to never do that again...

has1214 68M/60F
16 posts
11/12/2016 10:48 pm

It's unforgettable.

lookingmaybecali 64M
164 posts
11/12/2016 11:27 pm

I have never seen a woman squirt so I just have to goo by the fact that I like to have a woman receive all the pleasure I can give her and squirting seems to be the ultimate of a woman's response to pleasure.
I have read about it and it seems that the experts are split about it being pee or something else.
My wife stops me when the sensations get too intense. I had a lover before that had shaking orgasms but she never squirted. She did get extremely wet though.
Some day I hope to bring a woman to a squirting orgasm.

sharmick31 61M/58F  
14 posts
11/14/2016 6:51 pm

While I squirt some times it is TOO messy......I can turn it down some if the guy isn't too big but.....It can be too messy......

Most guys seem to love it I will say that....Mick has thought I was trying to drown him on a few occasions.....

jc_powerman 61M
220 posts
11/15/2016 9:14 pm

When a woman squirts it is a great turn on. I love the taste and smell of the wetness .

InChittenden 53M
5 posts
11/16/2016 7:26 am

It's great when you can get a women to squirt. I think part of it is her being able to and part of it is our ability to push her over the edge enough to squirt. I have only had a few that could squirt. One always does when she cums. Neither are very comfortable when it happens.

Polarbears1969 52F
25 posts
11/21/2016 2:17 am

I've only been squirting for about 2 months now. Didn't even know I could do it LOL....... Now I love it, my hubby loves it and My FWB loves it....Big hugs and thanks to the both of them xx.. (and NO I'm not cheating on my hubby I'm in an open marriage).

Pdxman42 47M

11/21/2016 6:04 am

Absolutely it does. I love to make a women squirt and watch her quiver in pleasure.

canilickit4u2 63M  
21 posts
11/23/2016 5:33 pm

i absolutely love making a woman squirt

nawtygc 42M
41 posts
11/23/2016 5:47 pm

i love it when a woman squirts

pineconer9 71M
244 posts
12/5/2016 4:07 pm

Met a nice hot lady once and had a great time and she was a squirter and we talked about it before we met and when we did I was eating her and it was such a shock and turn on when she just raised up and shot into my face and mouth..the bed was so wet .. we had a nice weekend in all other ways two open people can

harncade 42M
18 posts
12/13/2016 9:11 am

Love the warm wet feeling

aclik2 57M
43 posts
12/14/2016 4:16 pm

all I can swallow

dhhh86 35M
8 posts
12/18/2016 7:07 am

    Quoting knkycpl_2play2:
    There is nothing sexier than knowing a woman is cumming so hard she squirts. Absolutely love it!
I love it too, but creampied and squirting pussy is heaven for me.

rocky2774 47M
565 posts
12/27/2016 7:42 am

Yes a Lady that can let go enough to squirt is a turn on. I would rather be ready so neither of us has to sleep in the wet spot.



XslyfoxX 50M
20 posts
12/28/2016 7:41 pm

yes, with me a woman squirting is her way of showing she enjoying the experience as much as me.

XslyfoxX 50M
20 posts
12/28/2016 7:44 pm

such a big turn on.

MIBKnight1 50M
78 posts
1/15/2017 9:01 pm

Making a woman so hot that she squirts as she explodes in orgasm is off the charts hot. If you haven't experienced it then you do not know what you are missing!!!!

mayzz 66M
525 posts
1/22/2017 1:52 pm

A woman that squirts is Amazing. I will never forget my first time experiencing it. Truly Awesome ! I want it more and more.

mayzz 66M
525 posts
5/29/2017 6:45 pm

I love it when a woman squirts.... The hottest thing I have ever experienced was the first time a woman was riding my dick and squirted many times. WOW, a total surprised and it was so awesome. All I can think of is more, more, more. When a woman squirts, it a beautiful thing. Don't believe any one can fake that. LOVE SQUIRTERS !!!

1sexexplorer 60M
2 posts
10/18/2017 4:07 pm

Yes I like a lady who can have enough fun to squirt all over when she cums....very Hot!

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