AFF vs Dating Sites  

69PussyLuver 59M  
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9/20/2020 12:52 pm
AFF vs Dating Sites

Over the years, I have attempted dating sites, such as, Plenty of Fish, E Harmony, and others. While I have met some women through online dating, I have not found anyone, with whom I would want to begin any type of relationship.

In my experience, online dating is time consuming, frustrating, and boring. Yes, I understand many women are seeking their "Soul Mate", or their future husband. However, I must admit, this is not what I am looking for at this time, in my life.

Yes, I would like to find women to date, on a regular basis. But I find many women from dating sites, make it quite clear, sex will not be happening anytime soon. For me, this is a big turnoff. That is not to say, sex should be "expected", but eventually should become part of a happy, long term, successful relationship.

During my 15+ years on, I have met numerous interesting, sexy, and fascinating women, and couples. Some became "regular" sex partners, or aka "Friends with benefits". This is the reason I have remained a member of

lunchandconvo 51F
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9/25/2020 8:03 pm

i love being on here because of the blogs
i can't usually get away with a nude on most sites
i had some risque things on my OKstoopid and the admin saw it but was BDSM and let it go. i can't even recall what the photo was.

i find on the vanilla i get asked for a lot of hoodups
my lunch and convo style profile on a vanilla site brought less attention and replies that this one

i wish you luck in finding a match or matches. obviously this has been a good fit. the first site i was on seemed for the really young. so i don't think i would be a good match on there. and it was very sec only focused. i have dated someone from here for 6 mo before. hoping for a repeat.

69PussyLuver 59M  
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9/25/2020 8:29 pm

Thank you LunchandConvo for taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

That's great you have dated someone you met from!

Yes, I tried several dating sites. All the well known sites. As you say, very vanilla. Too boring for me!

Yes, unable to post nude photos on regular, dating sites. But here we can do that.

At this point, I am not seeking a relationship. But I do enjoy meeting interesting women and couples. That's why I keep coming back to

Thank you again for your excellent comments!

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