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nwilm4u2 66M
454 posts
8/6/2018 7:13 am

I like them pull too real hard.

gregmature 65M

8/6/2018 7:37 am

I love them's why I shave them and keep them so smooth!

Brownie202 64F  
2598 posts
8/6/2018 12:53 pm

    Quoting  :

Why I did it only lightly a few times. Just a small amount. Then licking rubbing etc. Next few times saw my friend I didn't do it at all. Other things yes, but not sucking. He liked it because it was light and I didn't keep doing it.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

bostonsfinest44 60M  
42 posts
8/6/2018 6:25 pm

have to have it!

quadlo 74M
75 posts
8/6/2018 7:11 pm

love it, licking too, I'm shaved and my playmates really appreciate it

olderboy48 72M  
79 posts
8/7/2018 8:45 pm

If my partner is willing then I am all for it.

suzieloves3 35F

8/8/2018 10:16 am

Sucking your man's balls is a powerful way to turn him on and get him off.

kevindarling13 46M

8/9/2018 11:11 am

I love having it done but the wife doesn’t do it.

SuckMy8Plus 56M  
259 posts
8/9/2018 9:12 pm

I Don't like having my Balls sucked. I prefer someone gives them a gentle fondle.

SummerDances 45M
23 posts
8/9/2018 11:18 pm

Lightly fondled and licked feels good. But I do not like them sucked at all.

cumboi65 70M

8/10/2018 2:18 am

I love sucking his balls!

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