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51_looking 56M
190 posts
8/7/2021 3:54 pm

Magicman19772134 44M
174 posts
8/7/2021 3:56 pm

This is perfect darlin! We can both enjoy!

stringtime666 60M
1098 posts
8/7/2021 4:22 pm

and i am hungry

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nova197238 58M
202 posts
8/7/2021 4:38 pm

Me too...wish it was me!

Mr_Mercedes 59M  
585 posts
8/7/2021 4:47 pm

A meal with a view - perfect.

Looking for Mischief

BIigDJ71863 58M
97 posts
8/7/2021 5:04 pm

One of my favorite past times. 😊

1ForPlay2021 61M

8/7/2021 5:48 pm

Lunch is em up. Licking good.

talon867 41M
1 post
8/7/2021 8:22 pm

Never go hungry

jackt4252 M

8/8/2021 4:03 am

I love having a woman ride my face

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6245 posts
8/8/2021 4:39 am

All I can eat buffet good morning breakfast of champions

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68452 posts
8/8/2021 6:12 am

She's doing more than watching - she's force feeding him - UMMMMM.

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Sexaddkt70 71M
857 posts
8/8/2021 7:21 am

Always the perfect meal any time of day

lickeyzsplit 59M  
1428 posts
8/8/2021 9:13 am

Love Love Love giving a chin ride when she grinds her sweet wet pussy Mmmm xoxo

Leegs2012 48M
87529 posts
8/8/2021 9:49 am

I love that position, when She squats on my face!! Nice!!

LetmeplsyouNC 43M
17 posts
8/9/2021 6:15 am

Mmmmmmmmm. Yes. The best meal. Especially while she watches me eat.

freeme604 59M
20 posts
8/20/2021 1:11 am

My fav position

browser2017 60M
100 posts
8/30/2021 10:11 am


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