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oscarcardio 61M

7/27/2021 12:02 pm

totally agree!, dont understand why this has become acceptable!

Rochblue 44F
89 posts
8/7/2021 4:35 am

Hard to say, I wasn't there. Do we have all of the facts straight, first of all? Guess there could be various reasons. Was it just coincidence that two unrelated couples just happen to be in a public bicker as they sat on each side of you? Were the couples somehow related in the sense of sport ( for instance: two men belonging to a baseball team that just finished up a game and lost that night ) ? How old were these couples? I know that there is this weird and twisted sense of vulgar humor that kind of flies these days ( for instance: people flip the middle finger to each other, yet that's considered cute sarcastic comedy to some ). Or, like you said, it could actually truly be verbal abuse. Another thing these days is the fact that vulgar language has become so common among one another, that humans actually become desensitized to "hate speech" anymore. Take it from me, I have countless examples that I can show you screen shot proof of how terribly rude men treat me, talk to me, waste my time, abuse my kindness and dispose of me like trash around here. The social behavior has only continually gotten worse and worse over the years and I don't foresee morals, behavioral issues and bad personalities to be improving anytime soon.

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