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cozzycouple 63M/64F  
583 posts
7/26/2020 3:20 am

I do like a SPIT ROAST to start off with usually.But you can only suck a big dick for so long. Usually end up ias the Meat in the SANDWICH. DP laying on his chest with my tits and one in in a pussy and one in my arse. The men get a better attack on me and I dont have to do too much work for it.

Throb6999 52M

7/26/2020 6:03 am

Love all positions but hot for dp, whether 2 in 1 or in ass or pussy

profcoquin27bis 57M
4190 posts
7/26/2020 6:25 am

prefer FMF

Ubsurprised81 40M
40 posts
7/26/2020 11:09 am

Two filling any of her holes at the same time is hot

KhmerAmerCpl00 71M/43F  
7 posts
7/26/2020 2:15 pm

We enjoy both FMF and MFM. His favorite position is one lady sitting on his dick while the other sits on his face. Her favorite is either split roasted on DP.

brow6902 56M
99 posts
7/26/2020 4:35 pm

dp is awesome....either qorks for me, i love being in first though!

brow6902 56M
99 posts
7/26/2020 4:35 pm

dp is awesome....either works for me, i love being in first though!

Open2Fun2020 55M
33 posts
7/26/2020 9:47 pm

An oral 3 way is a huge turn on for me. Only tried it with myself and two women, and we switched part way through. Amazing!
But I wouldn't mind trying it with a M/F couple.

63401969 68M

7/27/2020 12:46 am


She was the best ever. Best I ever saw, licked, sucked, fingered or gave a rim job. She asked me to teach her to squirt. She asked if I minded her fucking her husband on my blanket.

She called the other night. She asked if I remembered her fantasy. I said every word. Well, she had added some things. She wants 5 big boys, black and white. She needs 4 for playtime
but thinks an extra will be fine. They must be bi. She wants to practice at my apartment and then do it every two months in a very high-end hotel downtown. It would also include fine dining.

Fucking four guys was the same. The beginning is a little different and my part is expanded. As you know, I am the masseuse. Her husband and I are for security (plus a sheriff's deputy.

We can be naked and suck cock so the boys will be ready or suck each other but not her. except me. When she walks in (like she did before) she went to my room to undress. She came back out to inspect every hard johnson as it was being sucked. She was pleased and gave out little kisses.

She got on my massage table and she told the boys not too close. I gave her my special head to toe, both sides, fingering her pussy and butthole and licking her outer banks. Her tits stood at attention and demanded my tongue. Now she was ready. She wanted a BBC to start. I got to stand at the door and watch him plow her pussy. Hot. Then a BWC fucked her asshole.

She changed the play. She wanted the last three together. One in her mouth, one in her butthole and one in her pussy. Never seen anything like it.

She told me to set it up and I was given a budget of $20k . No money changed hands. If they pass their next test, 6 nights of heaven each year for two years.


tsmith5116 34M  
4 posts
7/28/2020 3:27 am

never dp before, but I want to try it.

suesteve14 47M/44F
8 posts
7/28/2020 6:16 pm

mfm double pen any holes

jeffscott949 53M  
2 posts
7/29/2020 8:15 am

I like her to straddle him while I pump her ass from behind

imwtk 70M  
3 posts
7/29/2020 4:43 pm

The idea of being under you, in your pussy and another cock filing your arse sounds delicious

MrNapkinz 21M
2 posts
8/3/2020 6:42 pm

Spit Roast, all day long. Legendary

markthekiwi 65M  
3 posts
8/8/2020 10:46 am

total fantasy is to be in the middle of 2 women. One deep inside of me with her strap on and me licking her freind to death!!

Hahaha0830 40M  
4 posts
8/9/2020 5:33 am

I do like DP and even though I'm not Bi will DVP as well

63401969 68M

8/9/2020 10:09 am

Sorry, I am learning. I do not know when you wrote me but can I marry you?


Luvtodrive 73M  
5 posts
8/29/2020 5:00 am

My fantasy has always been a FMF, one on my cock the other on my face, then switch it up. Also having both suck me at the same time, like they were kissing each other but my cock in between them. Love to have my head in the middle of 4 boobs licking and sucking and nibbling nipples!
What fun!

lunchandconvo 51F
3831 posts
9/20/2020 11:09 pm

i'm an other :
the best 3some position i've been in was with a couple
so i was on the bed back down
she was at the base of the bed face down in my pussy
he was standing up at the end of the bed pounding hot cum into her pussy
i got to wipe her clean
i forget if we cum swapped in a kiss

i'd really like to try that position again.

lovestoswing 57M  
2 posts
9/29/2020 10:54 am

I was in one DP with a woman and her boy friend. She mounted her boy friend, with him in her pussy. I came from behind to get her ass. It was one of the best fucks of my life. She really enjoyed. I was kissing her as I rode her ass. Eventually, I pulled out and put a load all over her face (that’s where she wanted it). One for the bucket DP’s!

ybman4u 40M  
1 post
9/30/2020 4:31 am

split roasts are awesome. I don't mind being on either end!

GreenEyedGuy1968 53M
144 posts
10/4/2020 2:08 am

I voted: Men- Oh yes, I am always ready for a Spit-roast and like to be in her - see my comment below.

Comment: Having only 2 MFMs to answer this and looking for more... spit roast was just fine for all involved. Being a straight guy and the other 2 Males being straight as well, this suited us just fine. The first time, was the first time for all 3 of us, she came a couple times, he once (orally) and me twice (once in each end). And again later after she and I cleaned up. (The joys of being in your 20s, right?)
The second one, I had one before (above), he said he had one before, and she had done it more than twice (no more information at that time). She came twice (me going down on her while she sucked on him, then him going down on her while I was in her mouth), we switched out again and I came with her while I was inside her and he came once right about the same time (orally, then passed out).

Dadelaus2020 53M  
52 posts
10/6/2020 7:48 pm

I had my best FMF recently. I love it when the 'Person' (in this case my FW of Honor is in the middle. She got her desire by eating our Friend's pussy as I was able to suck my FWB's pussy and tongue her asshole coating my face and her holes with spit and cum as I grunted and moaned into her crotch she did the same to our Friend who came-a-Flood! When she came I mounted my GF and she moaned and sucked our Girl's pussy more while I sucked the woman's toes heightening the pleasure. The moans, the grunts, the smells, the TASTES as i walked around my GF and our New Friend lapped at her pussy and I asked and was given our new GF's clit and asshole to taste and YUM UP!

SEXY as HELL and Delicious!!!

Starcollin 23M
1 post
10/15/2020 10:51 am

Hey boo... I picked the DVP option because I have done it before with my girl and she squirted so hard.. she could barely take it... hopefully u like what you see and we can be a match. Get at me love

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
3847 posts
11/28/2020 1:34 am

Well, I had my 1st FMF 3sum at age 13, twin girls I hung around with, they had heard their older sis with her BF and wanted to know what it was all about, had peeked at their sis too, so had an idea what they wanted to do as well. No condoms, in fact I doubt any of the 3 of us had any idea WHAT they were or how to obtain them anyway. Once our 1st time was past, we managed at least once a week the rest of the summer, and as often as we could get together 1 on 1 or as a 3sum over the next 4 years.
My 2nd, at age 16, started as a same room swap arranged by my FWB & her BFF, both wanted to see what the other did, we 2 guys couldnt say no! But since we were very involved after awhile, and were side-by side on the living room carpet, it soon progressed to both gals & me, both gals & him, and we switched partners several time that nite. All hetro however. Again, once that 1st nite was past, we all 4, or 3, got together as often as we could arrange it over the next 2 years.
By the time I was in college, I had many such experiences, with many partners, and always enjoyed myself. This was before AIDS, and few condoms were used, as it was easier for the gals to get BC than it was for guys to buy condoms.
The group events, with random partners was my style until I was in my early 60's, when I finally slowed down. What was really great tho were the parties where a gaal would take on as many partners as were willing, so DPs & 3Ps were the main menu items, and I truely enjoyed that, I didnt care what hole was available, as long as I was in one of them!

AceK11 27M
1 post
12/11/2020 5:09 pm

Spit roast to start off but as things got hotter we move to DP... and maybe some positions we have never done.

kmke69 45F  
9 posts
3/15/2021 1:16 am

FMM or FMF having sex is delicious and feels haven

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