Ass play ok but not penetration Monday!  

Apollorising58 58M  
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2/11/2019 5:24 pm
Ass play ok but not penetration Monday!

What is your way in?

Is there anything when it comes to sex like no entry?

According to my wife ass play is ok but not penetration!

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partygald 36F
1620 posts
2/12/2019 6:54 pm

Never thought I'd like it as much but, I gotta admit, I like all sorts of back end entry these days

author51 56F  
69681 posts
2/12/2019 1:44 am

For me rear entry is quite fine, along with the two other holes to fill..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

pb2012000 49M
62 posts
2/12/2019 12:47 am

entry please

clittywhisperer1 54M
1066 posts
2/11/2019 9:34 pm

previous wife loved anal play , up to just before i slid my cock in .lol but eventually she did get worked up enough and brave enough to let me penetrate her ,no hard thrusting , just tiny ones and she came ,not much pain for her she said felt good . took 15 years to work her up to that ,we only did that 2 times .Girlfriend for 3 years after divorce loved my hard pole in her bum !! she practically rammed herself down on me all the way the first time .But life got in the way a month later and we had to stop seeing each other . new wife has stated her bum hole is gross and off limits ,..we shall see in due time if can get her to relax and enjoy at least stimulation and get over her mental block so we can enjoy different things . she did say when i rubbed her backdoor once it did feel good but no digging in her hole lol

jajo696 64F  
183 posts
2/11/2019 7:05 pm

im of the opinion that guys should try being bottoms and tops with each other...get real comfy with it, before they discuss and ask their female partners. Yeah.....see how that works out ~~

4420 posts
2/11/2019 6:12 pm

I Am An Ass Man, I'll Give Any Ass Play.

*Preferably If The Woman Has A Phat Ass*


2Saltie2 62F  
855 posts
2/11/2019 6:02 pm

Loved anal before lost my sex drive.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

snowey8 63F  
36 posts
2/11/2019 5:54 pm

tried it didnt lie it

Coolbreezeswm 49M
26 posts
2/11/2019 5:50 pm

When she’s really hot she’ll let me slide it in

nhbiguy2018 43M  
69 posts
2/11/2019 5:45 pm

Exit only for her. Can't find good anal anywhere!

Apollorising58 58M  
416 posts
2/11/2019 5:42 pm

    Quoting Apollorising58:
    My wife is exit only!
    How about you sex partner?
I never have had anal sex with my wife!

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Apollorising58 58M  
416 posts
2/11/2019 5:28 pm

My wife is exit only!
How about you sex partner?

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