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So I’ve been gone
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 10:16 am

I’ve been off for a bit, having a bit of stuff in my family life deal with ontop of a sickness. I’m finally better now, but with Christmas break coming up I won’t be able to do any meets during then, and then my husband finally has decided to get spinal surgery right at the end of the year, so At least two weeks of healing into mid January. I exactly two days fill my needs next week, Monday and Wednesday and I haven’t gotten any in quite awhile now cause things have been hectic. I’m hoping I can fill both my days with one two people even. I won’t another chance for a whole month after next week so I really hope make the most of . I asked my husband if would be alright and he agreed cause he hasn’t felt up in awhile and I haven’t had any chances either. My voice has finally returned as well. Hopefully with this surgery he can return something normal after healing. I’ve been masturbating a lot lately and watching porn, but ’s just not the ….I’m able between eight five pm those days, I can also host, if your local and want during those times and days let me know and I’ll take under consideration. I can’t meet everyone (nor do I want ) so please understand. Location and mutual attraction will be determining factors.
So I’ve been gone
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 6:25 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 10:16 am

I’ve been off for a bit, having a bit of stuff in my family life deal with ontop of a sickness. I’m finally better now, but with Christmas break coming up I won’t be able to do any meets during then, and then my husband finally has decided to get spinal surgery right at the end of the year, so At least two weeks of healing into mid January. I exactly two days fill my needs next week, Monday and Wednesday and I haven’t gotten any in quite awhile now cause things have been hectic. I’m hoping I can fill both my days with one two people even. I won’t another chance for a whole month after next week so I really hope make the most of . I asked my husband if would be alright and he agreed cause he hasn’t felt up in awhile and I haven’t had any chances either. My voice has finally returned as well. Hopefully with this surgery he can return something normal after healing. I’ve been masturbating a lot lately and watching porn, but ’s just not the ….I’m able between eight five pm those days, I can also host, if your local and want during those times and days let me know and I’ll take under consideration. I can’t meet everyone (nor do I want ) so please understand. Location and mutual attraction will be determining factors.
That missing excitement
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 8:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 10:16 am

…you know…meeting people, can leave you feeling excited, excited over the possibilities.

It’s almost addicting, getting know someone new the first time, especially when your married, and been off the market awhile. And although I’m technically not on the market, being in an open marriage….it allows me experience those exciting moments all over again, that first kiss, first touch, first and on and on.

I know, it’s totally not fair to men in a lot of ways, y’all get judged much harsher then women, but in a lot of ways, women get judged just as hard. Lives of women and men vary so much, guys don’t see half of what we do every day, you know what they say, behind every great mind is an even better woman. Women are the support beams of our world, they go through menstrual cycles (not me cause well, I’m Abby normal), give birth to kiddos, work school and somehow balance a family life, and still manage to put dinner on the table every night.

We want it all, and when we are able to, we go alittle wild and crazy.

My friend said it’s so much easier women, get laid, he’s probably right, but we take on a tremendous amount of risk, men aren’t hardwired the same way we are. You don’t think about going out at night, run Walmart, and having watch your back cause theirs alot of sketchy people out late at night. Even just meeting a guy offline, I have weigh the risks verse the rewards. no .

a year just about, every free day I was getting laid by different friends. It was great, fun, but.. exhausting. Not the , it was, more like, the work I did before the , you see, I can’t just invite someone over without having my house in order, I don’t want someone think I can’t run a tight ship, my room being messy, no, can’t have that, and of course I gotta keep the bathroom tidy, cause they always need , but I also put a great deal of effort into grooming before hand to. Shave the legs, fix the hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, jewelry. You know all that stuff men seem to remove in mere minutes, well I put a lot of effort into that buddy.

Most guys, couldn’t host, most of the men were married, or had a girlfriend, I dunno why I even agreed to it, it seemed to shatter my moral compass to some degree, I thought it was wrong, you see I use to be that other woman, the girlfriend, who got cheated on. My fiancée cheated on me, accused me of cheating, and then we seemed to get together and break up over and over again. I couldn’t take it anymore, told him it’s all or nothing, and long story short, I moved to Arkansas to start my life over. Got married, had a , got a house. And that was that. End of story right?

What happens when your happily ever after has some issues? You see, I love my husband, dearly, he is my friend, I intend stay with him life, till death do us part, I take my vows seriously. But my friend, my husband, realized he couldn’t fulfill his husband duties anymore, because of a spinal issue, and a knee surgery, depression, anxiety and medicines that just kill his drive. Many are like oh it’s temporary…..well…this has been going on now a year plus. We still do occasionally have , but it’s nothing like what we use have. After a decade of marriage, some times things get alittle. Routine.

He let me outsource with friends. It has had a lot of ups and downs. Thing is, I’m hardwired one person. I was perfectly content with my life a decade, I only thought of cheating once but I couldn’t do it him, and it really was just a case of cold feet.
But then I’m torn, cause I got my drive back, after endometriosis surgery I couldn’t really have anymore. It hurt way much, I even had vaginal physical therapy. I did everything I could, conceive a , we planned Even, cause it hurt so much, I would only endure it when I had . I managed have a , and eventually I healed, it took a lot of years, at some I felt myself becoming less me. I let myself go, my weight ballooned, I got depressed.

I fought off the depression and pulled myself out of it, I pulled myself back together after all those years of feeling yucky with myself. I learned to love myself all over again. me, is also a form of acceptance. You see, I was a nerd, still am some degree. But I was picked on, made fun of, laughed behind my back, and in front of it. Because of that, I have an amazing aptitude compassion, understanding and sympathy. I was the shy , the reject, cause well, I didn’t have friends, cause my sister would spread rumors about me, and do underhanded things ruin my life. It took me awhile to grow into my own skin, I would like to say I’m still learning about who I am, and still redefining my own look.

me, and is me, a release. It feels good be wanted, be desired, be felt. I know we all want acceptance, and it’s hard cause not everyone can accept everyone, but just cause I won’t you, doesn’t mean I won’t be your friend. And you know what they say, it’s always the shy ones you gotta look out , cause their usually the ones who enjoy some kinky shit in the bedroom.

So I’m thankful, my husband, his understanding, acceptance, and patience. When I meet men off here, I become ever so more thankful him, I never doubt if he’s going stay with me, it’s like breathing, it’s just always going be. But my issue with being hardwired one, it’s hard accept another, and when I do I get attached. My long term that happened, and sure, I kept it cool, and things have naturally fallen apart, but maybe one day I’ll find another long term, that will stick around longer then one date and have some fun awhile.

You know, even if I don’t find you attractive, your still a beautiful person, theirs someone out their everyone, so keep your chin up, and keep trying. It happens everyone, even me, rejection is part of life. But it’s worth it, when you find your acceptance. Sorry if the editor ruins my words or whatnot. Sincerely arcouple2k1.
My first threesome wasn’t ideal
Posted:Oct 31, 2021 1:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2021 5:25 pm

So, I finy ok the plunge, and tried a threeso. Guy was cute and , but I probably should of ed with him solo a few tis instead of jumping straight in a threeso, but that’s in hindsight, his cock was also much smer then I thought from how the picture was angled.

I think things would of gone better with two buddies instead of a single male and my husband.

Both n were nervous and ackward, and although I tried relax the situation and make both comfortable I think I failed at it. I had searched out a bi guy, but it just didn’t mash.

It also didn’t help my husband laid their like a rock, making things super ackward, for those that don’t know he’s bi curious (botm curious) but also had a knee surgery and has a spine injury.

Despite that he said he wanted and I made it happen, however, like my husband doesn’t regret it, yet in so sm way I do. It was no strings attached but if it beca a repeat great if not that’s okay . He deactivated his account and has gone silent, so I take it was a one ti thing him. Probably for the best. Plus he had drive like an hour and a half, people say distance doesn’t bother them but ti and ti again it’s just a one ti fling. Repeat is very location based in order be successful.

I’ll probably try another mfm threeso again soday, but I rey don’t think I’m ready for a fmf threeso, or even another mfm anyti soon.

I’ve always done one on one and it usuy goes well 70% of the ti, and it goes rey great about 20% of the ti, and bad about 10%( lack of attraction or don’t click).

I wish my first threeso had gone better….I changed my profile back searching for a fwb, but I am considering taking another break from it. My biggest issue, is I still crave my long term fwb, who is just unavailable and I would rey like find another one like him that I click super well with. That I had with him, still fuels my hope of finding another, but the chemistry I have with him from day one has been off the charts, it was like what they say a spark of mutual attraction that just can’t be matched. I just haven’t found another that I spark with as much. I need a good rough fuck soon, I’m getting pent up.
4 Comments is full of fake women.
Posted:Oct 28, 2021 6:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 5:36 pm

So, last night I did something strange. I usually don’t even bother searching for people but something someone said to me struck a cord, so I did a search, for women, rather then men in my area. I don’t like to generally look at my competition, I just kinda do my own thing, I’ll accept a friend request if one sends me one, but I don’t usually look at what other women post. I’m also going to clarify I am straight, I am female, and I like men.

The saying…tooo good to be true comes to mind when I at those profiles. In other words, their fake. Most of the girls, were picture perfect, but only had 1-3 pictures. Most inactive, and didn’t have any friends. Their one I laughing at, she so upfront about doing this site for mon…..ey, it clear as day that’s the only thing she after, gotta admire her fortitude, at least she’s honest…even if she really only attractive in one of her pictures that clearly photoshopped to hell.

Most women…real women, that I know, are pretty active on social media, they like attention, and like to post…selfies. Blog posts, we make noise, and make friends,

I’m not saying theirs not real women on here, their totally are, I am one of them.

But here’s a guide to follow:

If she can’t tell you about like what’s the best non chain eatery in the local area and suggest their best dish, she’s probably a fake….either that or she’s some alien monster that doesn’t eat food.
One -three pictures, probably a fake….or has a lot of self hatred. You don’t those types either, trust me.
If she asks for any kind of income etc, fake or a scammer. Greed doesn’t become anyone, a means to live, theirs plenty of work out their. People motivated by greed, aren’t givers- especially in the sac They will only love you till the funds run dry and then leave.
If you don’t see like, movement on her page, updated pictures, videos, blogs etc, probably fake…or inactive.
Reverse google image search, I do it with everyone I see face to face….that picture that looks like a model…probably is a model and the person your talking to is probably a dude.
I also always play it safe and try to me-et in public, I take it that it’s a lot harder for men to me-et women then I originally thought, it’s a different world, we don’t like pushy men either.

If we say no, we mean no. Just cause your interested in the , doesn’t mean she is interested in you either, your inbox may sit empty, but a girls inbox is constantly being emailed, I do read every email I get, but I only reply if I’m interested, or being polite. I usually ignore a good portion of them, some boarder on the line of harassment, and some are just plain creepy to. Their is a good portion of crazies out In the world. So if you send an email to a girl, be polite, be a gentleman, send a face pic, propose your offer, and wait, if you don’t hear back, move on. She will respond if she is active online and is into you, if she doesn’t …theirs other fish in the sea.

I saw so many pretty pictures on those profiles, but being a woman myself, I can probably pinpoint exactly which ones are real on here in seconds of checking out their profile.
The instant messenger function doesn’t work…most of the time.
Posted:Oct 27, 2021 6:25 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 12:08 am

So I’ve seen some people messaged me on I’m, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think people do the I’m cause it’s free. Look….I will make it happen if I’m really into you, but if I’m not, or for any single reason a red flag of worry crosses my brain about you or your profile then I won’t agree to me-et , give out contact info, etc.

I more often then not miss the instant messages more then 2/3rds the time, people are better off sending an email. But if I ignore that I just have to much going on. Or…or…I’m really just not into you. I have a me-et scheduled for this week, and outside of that, theirs one guy on here, that I once planned to meet but for various reasons we both backed out and it didn’t happen…I still think he’s hot though if your reading this.

But if I like someone I will find time to make it work, if your an old disgusting man who can’t take care of themselves, or attract other women….then maybe work on yourself first before contacting me, or take some new pics.

I’m not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be, I need to loose weight, I’ve done it once and I’ll do it again, the pandemic has offset my diet badly cause of food shortages in the grocery stores. I usually make a two week dinner plan and go shop for it, but I might have to start shopping and then make my dinner plans around what I can find or get.

But I do, one thousand percent, take care of myself, I bath religiously, and I smell good to.

So, if you send an instant message, don’t expect me to respond, if you send me your phone num-ber, don’t expect me to you. If I like someone, I’ll them mine.

I wonder when the shortages in the stores will end, it’s stressing out, seeing empty shelves. I’ve been stress eating cause of how things are going.
I’m to nice.
Posted:Oct 26, 2021 2:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 5:57 am

So, I’m usually a pretty nice person, but on here people can take it as in that I’m interested when….I’m not, I’m just replying to be polite. Unless I say I am, or that I’m down for it, or lets get together, then don’t assume every Tom dick and Harry on here that emails me I’m going to hook -++up with, it’s a much smaller percentage of people I gather with that do contact me, I do I must empathise I do get together with people, I generally do have a regular ongoing hookup situation as well, but at the same time, I’m picky.I rarely give out my number, I only give it when I’m very serious about someone.
Apparently people also don’t read my profile very well. I put that I was seeking someone 45 and under, age might not matter to you, but it really does for me, finding someone I can relate to, someone our age, someone with the best chance of mutual attraction.
Sorry I’m to polite sometimes, I really toned down replying cause of others misunderstanding, but no I don’t want to only watch you suck my husband, or him watch me get screwed by another dude only, or hang out in a hot pool…seriously, those things are gross, I can only imagine the amount of germs….
Also a lot of people are into drinking, or dr-ugs, but we are not. We operate under a very clean and wholesome category, after all I did marry my husband, so he matched up to my extremely high standards.

I think we have also found the right guy for our first threesome….i hope it pans out…cause I kinda think ….no I’ll be honest. He is downright cute, and I totally want him. So I’m crossing my fingers on this one, let’s see where this adventure leads. I’m really excited to get two guys at once, that can also play together.
Wanting a new experience.
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 5:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2021 5:15 pm

So…my husband has expressed before he’s bi curious, and I had started the process of finding someone he requested, only got him get scared and back off. It’s been months, and we were discussing my change of fwbs ( I lost a new one I was just trying out so I’m in the middle of switching another cause I am trying find a long term again and he brought it ). ( for the record I have a local young hot half Asian I’m already in the process of talking meet with for myself). Personally I have a thing for Asian men so it doesn’t get much better.

But he brought it back he would like try again, I’ve had my profile hidden for awhile. I haven’t even logged into, I’ve been pretty dang good lately, sex is inconsistent till I find a reliable fwb, but now I’ve been tasked with finding a guy who swings both ways, and the icing on the top is I’ll be apart of it to. ( that is if the guy considers the icing). My husband I would consider a bottom , not a top. I’m going to choose without consulting him this time and just stick him with who I feel is the best, either that or I’ll just do over and over till he can make his mind and decide if he really is bi.I’d say both our personalities are submissive, mine more then his, but i also want him feel safe in a new experience.

He also doesn’t think he could find a guy his own, so he wants involved, considering I’m shy naturally, it’s a tall order, I’ve had plenty of meetups go find for me (cause I’m a girl) but I’ve never been involved with a threesome, so this is outside of my playbook well. I’ve seen one offer in my inbox so far, I’ll check again and respond everyone when I get off work today, I want to give him this experience, and In exchange the other dude also gets to with . It seems like a fair exchange.

It would also be great find someone who works out so I can get even more sex lol….but that’s a story for another day.
Life changes.
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 7:32 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2021 4:38 pm

So in the very near future, I’m returning to college. Yes …at my age I’ve decided to go back to finish a degree. When I do it I’m the spring, I probably won’t have any more free time at all. It’s tough for meetups right now anyways with my day job, and family responsibilities.

I actually haven’t fucked in weeks, for me that’s a pretty big chunk of time.

I do have a meetup for tomorrow. And I’m also working on a mfm threesome plan up with an existing fwb and his friend who I haven’t met, I want to get it off my bucket list before I go back to college and life becomes hell for me.

I’ve had to make tough life choices lately, but finishing my degree is more important so that I can change into a new career path going forward.

Also you may notice I hide my profile quite a bit, I got nervous a couple weeks ago when my videos and pictures were trending across all of I like attention but not that kind of attention, it was alittle overwhelming for me, cause my worst fear would being spotted out in the wild. It’s happened before when my stuff starts to trend on here, especially when I jump on cam and get noticed. I’m flattered really, but I’m just an average housewife, I don’t see why so many are interested in me, I don’t even have a perfect body, I have a flabby belly. 🤣 I don’t get why people flock to me when theirs so many hotter women out there.
Am I weird?
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2021 4:39 pm

I was viewing cams tonight, my nightly ritual before bed, trying to see what others do right well or wrong on their cams. I noticed a lot of people asking for GRATUITY , or more so asking for GRATUITY for certain actions as well. Is this the norm? I don’t really see the benefit, I know a certain amount can translate into trading in for things or capital I suppose, but when I cam, as many of you know, you’ll notice I never once have ever once asked for one. Not even once. I still get them, I traded some for a bondage kit, and I use some to give to those I view, but I don’t really get it, am I just simple minded or wrong in my thought process. These, guys and girls, seem to just lay there till they get GRATUITY and not really getting any viewers either I noticed, where as I will get points without asking and I think I’m pretty hands on in my videos and I get an absolute shit ton of viewers…. I probably should do some more masturbation on cam I suppose….lately though after I cam I either fuck or I sext with a close friend. I just don’t like doing something I love, or a hobby per say and mixing business with it I suppose.
I wish I could hear when I view cams, but I have to watch them silently for personal reasons. 😅 if it’s dayside and I’m viewing you better beilive I have the audio up and all the way up….as y’all know I can be quite the talker on cam…when I’m up to it.

I must be weird.
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Changing the way I have sex.
Posted:Aug 4, 2021 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2021 4:40 pm

It use to be I’d go either bareback or with a condom, but most guys jump the chance to go bareback every single time. I had a female issue, so just to stay on the side of caution I got tested. Everything came back fine and my issue has resolved, but it’s made me rethink how I want to interact with men going forward.

So I’m no longer going bareback unless it’s with my husband.

It’s also his wish that I use protection going forward, so I’m going to respect his desire and change the way I play.

I have an iud in place, so it’s really just stemming from me wanting to be safe with having so many partners.
I’m also cutting down on how many I see and how often I meet. I want and desire more down time for myself, and I hate short hookups, today’s hookup lasted a few hours, and that’s exactly the type I prefer, so I don’t want those 20-30 minute quickies anymore, it makes me feel used and I don’t like that at all.
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500+ friends!
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 5:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2021 8:46 pm

Hahaha today I surpassed and have reached over five hundred friends….time for a cam session, maybe a new pic or two later today…I should celebrate.
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Crashing camera sucks
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 9:18 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2021 6:26 am

So I do go on cam today, as I did today, but whenever I go on cam I tend to have high traffic and the page keeps crashing. needs to fix this…seriously. I was on for less then thirty minutes and it crashed at least ten times.

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