Something New... Ropes  

BareBackHotWife 50M/50F  
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5/16/2018 7:33 pm
Something New... Ropes

When I met my husband, I had just gotten out of a controlling relationship and I didn't want to be tied down right off the bat with the first guy I met. So to scare him off, I told him that the next person I was going to be with, was going to have to be okay with me experimenting.

Next thing I know, I was getting married to one of the best men ever... but more on that later.

This last Saturday, I went to go check out a 'Rope' class. Yep, just like all the other curious women out there, I had to read the Christian Grey series but... before you start thinking that I'm out to submit and all that... think again folks, I want to be the person that ties you up. grins evilly

The thought to see rope taut over the skin, wrapped about their flesh... mmmm I can't explain it but... that is a HUGE turn on for me. Now before you, all get your panties in a wad and say... well just get some rope, find a volunteer and just tie them up. NO! There is SO much more than just that. We perceive things in books, movies and even the internet as a one, two, three thing.

Your not, you are actually dealing with another person life and a whole lot of trust.

So, I went online, found a local group that does rope classes and showed up at their next class. It was very informative. I learned on this lovely female how to tie up a single wrist, both of her wrists and her ankles with a certain type of knot that actually looked better than one of the wrist cuffs you can buy in a store... yes it would leave rope marks but can be done so it does not cut off circulation. I was able to watch the mentor take another girl and hang her by her feet. The way her body was stretched long and lean. How sensitive her feet were and even when she was given swats. The way her body twisted as she enjoyed what was done to her... Was a sight to see... When the hanging girl, had enough and the mentor saw she had reached a limit, he released her and then took care of her. Was beautiful. smiles

I learned also that some crave the rope. Almost like a hug. It can ground a person, makes them feel secure and once they are settled within themselves... they can work through things like anxiety, stress or just a moment to regroup. Now, this is not for folks to just go out and just do. There is a LOT of trust between the person that is tied up and the person that ties you up. Such as getting to know the person you are with and yes... watching for signs of distress.

Also, I was told when first being tied up, if you were to give spankings/flogging/caning... you have to be gentler, than someone that has been in the lifestyle longer as a body needs to build up a tolerance.

Now does this mean I'm ready to be let loose on the world to tie up anyone, no but... I do feel more comfortable... yes as I think I have a better understanding of things, which I will say, in movies and books... they don't go into those type of details.

So challenge yourself, go find something new to do. Even if it is just observed, to participate or just asking questions. Most are out there for informational purposes. NO ONE is going to force you into anything you don't' want to. At least the right group won't.

jrinco 64M  
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7/18/2018 1:27 pm

Thanks for posting this......I find it very exciting. It's also great advice to challenge and find something new to do. Made me think some.....I appreciate it.

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