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Something New... Ropes
Posted:May 16, 2018 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

When I met my husband, I had just gotten out of a controlling relationship and I didn't want to be tied down right off the bat with the first guy I met. So to scare him off, I told him that the next person I was going to be with, was going to have to be okay with me experimenting.

Next thing I know, I was getting married to one of the best men ever... but more on that later.

This last Saturday, I went to go check out a 'Rope' class. Yep, just like all the other curious women out there, I had to read the Christian Grey series but... before you start thinking that I'm out to submit and all that... think again folks, I want to be the person that ties you up. grins evilly

The thought to see rope taut over the skin, wrapped about their flesh... mmmm I can't explain it but... that is a HUGE turn on for me. Now before you, all get your panties in a wad and say... well just get some rope, find a volunteer and just tie them up. NO! There is SO much more than just that. We perceive things in books, movies and even the internet as a one, two, three thing.

Your not, you are actually dealing with another person life and a whole lot of trust.

So, I went online, found a local group that does rope classes and showed up at their next class. It was very informative. I learned on this lovely female how to tie up a single wrist, both of her wrists and her ankles with a certain type of knot that actually looked better than one of the wrist cuffs you can buy in a store... yes it would leave rope marks but can be done so it does not cut off circulation. I was able to watch the mentor take another girl and hang her by her feet. The way her body was stretched long and lean. How sensitive her feet were and even when she was given swats. The way her body twisted as she enjoyed what was done to her... Was a sight to see... When the hanging girl, had enough and the mentor saw she had reached a limit, he released her and then took care of her. Was beautiful. smiles

I learned also that some crave the rope. Almost like a hug. It can ground a person, makes them feel secure and once they are settled within themselves... they can work through things like anxiety, stress or just a moment to regroup. Now, this is not for folks to just go out and just do. There is a LOT of trust between the person that is tied up and the person that ties you up. Such as getting to know the person you are with and yes... watching for signs of distress.

Also, I was told when first being tied up, if you were to give spankings/flogging/caning... you have to be gentler, than someone that has been in the lifestyle longer as a body needs to build up a tolerance.

Now does this mean I'm ready to be let loose on the world to tie up anyone, no but... I do feel more comfortable... yes as I think I have a better understanding of things, which I will say, in movies and books... they don't go into those type of details.

So challenge yourself, go find something new to do. Even if it is just observed, to participate or just asking questions. Most are out there for informational purposes. NO ONE is going to force you into anything you don't' want to. At least the right group won't.
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Relearning to be Sexy
Posted:May 10, 2018 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm
So a new topic today...

If someone ever WANTS to take pictures of you. DON'T SAY NO!

I will honestly say that I am the first to kick, scream, yell and probably cause a scene as soon as someone pulls out a camera. I can honestly say I prefer pictures of my toes then of my face.

*shrugs 'eh'*

but when you have grown up with dolls that look like Barbie and followed Vogue, Cosmo and every other magazine we had growing up... Eh, I blame society and multi-media.

It seems no matter how hard you work out, run, diet... even plastic surgery, things can happen that will make your body lose that perfect shape at 32 and... your self-esteem will begin to drop. No one tells you how to handle the later years and trust me... it is hard.

So what I suggest... Start strutting about in your home naked... yep I said naked. Close the curtains/blinds or whatever but take time to enjoy you... in the body, you have now. I remember the first few times it was a run from the bathroom to the bedroom. Then it was walking about upstairs... now I'm so comfortable that I wander about my whole home... *reminder though, NOT near the stove, grease hurts.... lol*

Then the next step... is take pictures of the new you. Find a photographer that specializes in boudoir or intimate shots. Get... what I call the "NEW YOU" shots. As much as we want to hold onto our past and the glory days... we can't. If we do that, we will miss out on what the future has in store for us.

But try it... give me feedback on what you think. To re-invent you... you need to be comfortable with the new you.

By the way... here is a picture of me... yes, after 50, and when I got them back, I sat there in shock with tears running down my face... Thinking, that is NOT a woman that looks 50. So lets take baby steps together and work on creating the new you.

Oh, and trust me, if you find the right photographer... he will make you look amazing without all that photoshop resizing. Softening/lighting... yes, reshaping... no,

Let us see the real you and share with me... some of your work.
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911 Call
Posted:Mar 29, 2015 8:28 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2016 10:04 am

Ever have had a moment you needed sex so bad that you could seriously call 911, Just so someone would show up at your door and put our that fire… Ugh!!!

However I have had the gods laugh at me as they send me my rescuer to find out it is another challenge I must overcome.
Like the guy out in OHIO that was so freaking awesome… I mean he lifted me up, slammed me against the wall with a light switch digging into my back…. Rocking my world as the lights kept going on and off till that need was met. BUT!!! Yes there is that famous BUT… He was crazy as a loon… He was so possessive that when we were fighting once, I happen to glance at the street as a car passed by and he was going to chase them down cause he thought I was sleeping with whomever was in it.

So… if you find that one… that one guy or gal that can fill that need whenever you call, take care of them, cherish them… though, make sure the ground rules are laid out first so you both can have that moment of passion, sex, need, whatever you want to call it… met… and it becomes a fun adventure.. And maybe for laughs, we can find a special little patch just for them… Our Own Special 911 Patch *Grins*

P.S. Any Recommendations????
Posted:May 17, 2010 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2011 8:20 am

Please feel free to make comments! My wife would love to hear how you feel about her stories!
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My new Pet
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2011 8:20 am

***I know this is late in coming, just life has just gotten in the way, but hopefully there will be more to come.***

Ahhh. Have you ever had a day when you knew you were going to get sex? Your all wound up cause you don�t want to jinx it but you�re so excited that you could almost make yourself cum with all the possibilities.

So I try to keep myself busy with other things, reading� working� but sex still creeps in and clutters my thoughts. When I get off work and head home to the evening activities� I am so bouncy; I look as if I am a that is going to be let loose in a candy store.

Finally my husband and I leave to go meet our new friend. We meet at a bar, and try to go over the things we all want and expect. Through the conversation, I realize that I like his personality and I feel as if we click well. He has the similar nature of my husband, likes to watch, wants to hold back, and basically likes to be told what to do. Thoughts flutter through my head on how we can play in the future and I am excited over the possibilities.

After we are done with the drinks, we head back to the hotel room and start to get comfy� Once we remove our clothes, I stretch out on the bed� enjoying the length of the king size. Ah, to have one of these at home so I can have as many as I want snuggled up next to me. Our new friend� my new pet reaches out to caress my leg and his hands wander down to my small toes. He rubs my feet in small circles, rubbing each toe before he starts to move up my leg and I make a small sigh of enjoyment. I close my eyes and I relish in the attention. My thoughts of what is to come make me wet and I reach out for his cock, wrapping my fingers about him.

Enjoying the length and width of his size, I sit up and move to take him into my mouth. Letting my tongue lick all about him� having him move in and out of my mouth in long strokes� I begin to taste the beginning of his excitement. Before he can get carried away, filling my mouth with his sweet juices, I give him a couple more strokes from my hand... Now telling him to go between my legs and lick me� I wanted him to eat me till I came and oh� how his tongue teased me�.

My hands reaching out for anything and seeing that I needed some help, my husband moved down to kiss me and grasping his cock, I lead it to my mouth as I am being licked, lapped and made to cum. Taking a moment to recover, I decide to test my new little pet and I whisper for him to help me. I want him to help me suck my husband�s cock and up he moves up near me� We both take turns taking him in our mouths, both of our tongues wrapping about him. Mine from underneath and my pets from above.

Knowing due to the excitement of us all getting together, I knew they would not last for very long this evening, both their cocks now swollen and ready to cum� I knew where I wanted them both to let loose their sweet juices, and so I tell my pet to fill me� to take his hard cock and fill my sopping wet pussy with his cum. He moves back down to the other end of the bed and I feel his hands spread my thighs and I feel him enter me easily since I am ready for him. Then all too quickly we both start to meet each other bodies� our hips meeting each other in rapid thrusts and then I am being filled with my pet�s cum.

Now though, I am not finished and I pull my husband close to me, wanting his hardness to fill me as well. I can only think of how I want his cock thrusting into me as well and his hands move to my legs as they slip them above his shoulders� driving his cock into me as he knows how I like it. My moans, groans and cries start to fill the room as we both cum, and I have been filled the way I wanted to be.

Both collapse on either side of me, and knowing that one of my fantasies has been fulfilled; �My pussy being full of cum from two men.� I am still excited over it all, I let my fingers wander down to my swollen pussy and lightly trail my lips feeling how wet I am. Their juices are dribbling out of my cunt and I let my fingers trail in it and move back up to rub my clit. I tease the little nub, and all thoughts of what was done to me and what I did to them flash before me and I am overcome in another orgasm.

Now panting and satisfied, I tell them both that I am sorry but I just couldn�t� help to play just one more time, knowing I had just been filled with their cum.
Mardi Gras
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

Well I have not experience Mardi Gras in awhile. So off we go to our local gay bar to attend Mardi Gras... Thinking it would be like tradition, where boobies would be flashed on a dime for a few shiny beads. I plan on having a few drinks to get over my nervousness so I may attempt to get a couple of beads. However there is a change in plans and I learn very quickly at the first break of the festivities, that the bar was to take a unique take on it. We were going to have to wait till the intermissions for us to show boobies on a stage for all to see AND that the guys would be allowed to show their stuff as well.

By the first showing of skin and only having a few beers, Yea! I was not showing anything off unless I could get a few more drinks into me. hmmm I was plotting shots now! There was this girl in a green top that jumped at the chance to show her boobies and then a guy took the stage next. By the next session I was teased and pushed to go up and yes I took the stage after two other girls, and closing my eyes I lifted my shirt and flashed my tits for the first time for an audience. I left the stage with a few strands of beads and a very red face.

By the next session since it was 45 minutes later, I now prodded and teased my husband to push him up to the stage and show his stuff. Woot... More beads...

Finally with a few shots in me, the next intermission has come around and they were looking for someone to show off their little pussy. So I watched one girl go up to show hers. It was our green shirt girl and taking the stage, I watch as she lowered her her pants to show off her cute little pussy. All around us, you could hear the hoots and hollers as she showed off her little snatch. Then a few guys got up to show us their cocks and as they make the last requests, I with a bit of coddling and teasing... was pushed forward again. However this time, I attempted to do a little strip tease. I lifted my shirt to show my little belly... undid the button to my jeans and with a thumb on each side of them... pushed them down to show my pink underwear with a little black bow. With my jeans down to my knees now and enjoying the calls from the crowd... I lowered my underwear to allow all to view my little shaved pussy. Then the hosts turned around thinking I was done and while beads were being tossed to the stage for me, I figured I would take it one step more. I reached to lift my top to show off my boobies as well and then the beads landed about my feet. I scrambled to adjust my clothing and grab the beads about me. Even when I walked back to my husband blushing very red, folks were still trying to hand me beads and I think up to that night I got the most so far to that point. WOOT!

Now I had a great buzz going on but my husband was ready to leave. I felt a bit bummed and thinking we were to head home, I was surprised when he drove us to an adult book store instead. Normally I get a panic feeling when he takes me to these places, call me a snob but some of them are just a... well I am sure you get the meaning. However tonight I really didn't care and wanted to play so in we go. Walking past the cashier, I lowered my head blushing and shy. So my husband took me by the hand and he led me to a booth. Once in, you have to feed the machine dollars to pick out a movie and then if you listen carefully, you can hear the door click in the booth next and then you know there is someone that wants to play.

From what I was told, you place your hand in the hole to let them know your interested and then if they are, they place their hardness through and you can either stroke or taste to your delight.

Well we got comfortable in the little room and seeing the cock through the hole, I reached out to touch him... Stroking him with my fingertips and then my fingers, I leaned down to take him in my mouth. My tongue wrapping about their head and I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. I started moving back and forth along him, taking him as deep as I was allowed with a wall in between us. Feeling my husband reach for my pants. Grasping and undoing the buttons almost frantically, he pulled them down my legs forcefully, and then moved behind me with his hands on my hips, I felt him let go of my waist with one hand and lead his hard cock towards my wet sopping box... thrusting his cock into me.... and after a few quick... deep thrusts, he then filled me with his cum.

We cleaned, got dressed and open the door. A bit down the hallway we smiled at a stranger and I wondered for a moment if he might have been our stranger in the room next door and blushed again once more.
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Having A Friend Over
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

Well tonight my husband came to me and said he was taking me out. Nooo... no asking questions, he tells me. So dressing casual, since we are house sitting and I don’t have all my dress up clothes, I knew we were not going out any place fancy. Damn… Need to put stickem on my forehead, don’t forget dress up clothes next time I house sit.

So out into the night we go, he drives all over the place to try to confuse me since I am new to our little home town. But we end up in our local gay bar. I SO love this place. The folks are just friendly and themselves... It makes me relax and I can let the persona of mother, employee, wife just go and drop all the walls and relax.

After dinner, we decide to go to a local adult theater but as we arrive we call one of our friends I have told you about. He is up to playing and we are going to our friend’s home to relax and play. Once settled in, drinks serve and we have all caught up on what has been going on in our lives. We move to the bedroom.

*I have to say* Sliding between cotton sheets with a man on each side of you, can be one of the most ego boosting feelings any woman out there can experience. Feeling their hands on your body…. Caressing your breasts with their mouths and just being near enough that you can feel their hardness grow as they know how pleased you are in what they are doing. Is this where I say “MEOW”…

Then our friend decided to go down on me. With him between my legs, his breath on my skin, just made me jumpy in anticipation. But then a naughty thought came to me, looking at my husband and knowing how he likes to watch. I moved my hand up to get my friend’s attention so to pause. Then I scooted over to my husband and whispered for him to get up and get dressed. He slid across the bed and back away from us. Instead of disappointment, I see that he is pleased and starts to dress himself. Then I feel the tongue of my friend, touch the inside of thigh. Licking in small circles and then closer to my sweet lips.

Having my husband by the dresser watching me, and what my friend was doing to my pussy turned me on so much. My hands’ gripped the bed covers and I tried to not let go yet but it just felt to good… The way his tongue flicked over my little nub… almost eating it with his teeth… I couldn’t do it anymore and screaming, withering all over the bed… I let myself go and gave into the release…

When we were done, my husband left the room to get drinks, once delivered he went back out for a smoke. My friend and I sat and talked for a while and since my husband was not back yet, we thought we would give my husband something to walk in on. *GRINS* however I kept hearing small beeps and at first thinking it was his phone, I ignored it but then it dawned on me that it was mine. He was outside and was texting me to open the window blinds so he could watch. So, I got up from what I was doing and moved to the window to open the blinds so my husband could act like a proper voyeur. With a small wave to my husband, I walked back to the bed with showing him my little seductive walk.

I snuggled back up to my friend and let my fingers trail across his body, and leaving long red lines, all the way down his back from my nails. He then pulls me down back onto the bed and slides up the length of my body. I feel him spread my legs apart with one of his legs and then he slowly enters me. Wrapping my legs about him I move to meet his thrusts and my hands move down his chest and then to the bed so I can balance myself so I can move with him. With small gasps and grunts, I know that he will be filling me soon with his sweet cum. I move quicker, wanting and needing… making sounds that I know my husband can hear beyond the window and that he is watching…My own voyeur. Oh how I love him….

With that knowledge I moved quicker… meeting his hips… and then… I felt him cum with one final groan and deep thrust.

Now satisfied, we both got up and my friend got dressed… I went to grab the blanket off the bed and wrapped it about me so to show my friend the door, so he could go home. Once I went back to the bedroom, there was my sweetie waiting for me with big grin on his face. I could tell he was pleased with what he saw and what I had done. Opening his arms, I dropped the blanket, crawled across the bed to him and let him wrap his arms about me.

I snuggle in closer and he tells me how much he loves me and always will. Next his hands start to move down my body and thinking I have nothing left to continue, since it has been a while. I feel my body start to warm up again. Then playfully his hands wander down between my thighs and he can feel the moistness of what has been left there. I look up a bit worried that he may be upset with me, and there is only a smile and desire on his face. He then lets me lay back against the pillows and starts to move down me slowly.

Now near my waist and on his side, he places one hand between my legs to spread them wider, then moves his body to lay within them and then lowers his face down to reach out with his tongue to taste the cream pie. I jump a little now that I am nervous but feeling his tongue cleaning me up… starts to heat me up again and I know if he continues I am going to cum once more... Suddenly I realize he is not down there and opening my eyes I see him getting ready to move up me… his cock so hard and the desire on his face for me. I reach out for him so he can slide in me… and pull his face closer for a kiss, now tasting mine and my friend’s juices on his lips.

Seeing that I am turned on by this… He moves back some to lift my legs up and over his shoulders. Feeling his thrusts going in deeper into me the way I like it… Nice…long… hard strokes, just sends me up and over…. Making me cry out in another orgasm that I didn’t know I had in me, and as my pussy squeezes about him and I feel his release, as he is now filling me with his own cum.

He then releases my legs and moves back up my body to snuggle up next to me, and with his arms about me… holding me close to him and in nuzzling my neck I hear him tell me how much he loves again…. I mummer back how much I love him and then drift off happily to sleep…
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The Adult Club - Part 2
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2011 8:21 am

No drinks are allowed upstairs but I lead you by the hand and take you up the steps. At the top to the right you can see a huge black bar, made of wood and there are bar seats all around it so folks can sit. But instead of someone serving drinks, it has been gutted out and there are two huge mattresses there. It is meant for several couples to get together in one place and have their own orgy/gang bang spot. There also is more of the shear curtains tied to posts, around the bar, which can be untied for that privacy feeling. This is one of my favorite parts of my club, since I love the idea to be watched, but not the idea of being pawed at.

Now my dear readers, let it be known I have only come to my new club a few times… My favorite time to come is when it is slow and there’s not a huge crowd. The last time we went was on Halloween and there were over 500 folks that came. Now back to my introduction of my new club and then I will share my encounters with you. As you see the bed in the bar area, I can feel your fingers tighten in mine and turning to look at your face I can see your nervousness but excitement there. I move us between folks and show you some of the rooms leading down a small bathroom. The rooms are a bit roomier, painted in nice colors, the windows and doors are also bigger for a larger audience to peek in and watch. Leading you back out and towards the bar area, there is a corner room we pass with a HUGE glass window. The size is almost the same as for double sliding window for going out to a back yard.

In this room is a swing, hoisted to the ceiling and waiting for someone to sit in it. My hear quickens as I want to try it, but am scared of those that may want to watch or even join. Even thinking about it now makes my heart quicken in anticipation.

Now once past this room, opposite of it is also another one with a huge bed and a window just as large as the last one. But this one I believe is more for viewing. You can turn around at the bar and watch those inside but no one but the participants can play. As a side note, each room is equipped with curtains, so you can close them if you like.

Once I have shown you area, I take you to the upper deck area. It over looks the bar and dance floor below and here you can see those that enter and exit. Many come here to watch and see what happens below. Now as my tour is over, I ask where you would like to begin on your adventures here and release your hand. I smile a very seductive smile as you say you want to observe and so I lean close to kiss your cheek and then go in search of my husband. ***NOTE*** All have to take a tour of the club first before you can play, so to stay true to form, I have walked you through... So NOW; I can tell you my readers of my adventures here…
The Adult Club
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

Due to where I live and such, I am changing the name of our new favorite spot to the “Adult Club” Now I have, since I have gotten involved in this life style to check out a few things. One of these was your local swingers club. OMGosh, the things I have heard. Most clubs are folks homes that meet every few weeks, or once a month at a hotel. If you go to a home, well then you need to abide by their rules. Well in our area, they open the coolest club of all. Let me walk you through as though by hand. It is a membership club in a city area. So not just anyone can walk through the doors and partake of the women, men and couples. There is also security so rules can be enforced and no one would be taken advantage or hurt. “No means No”.

I take your hand, and with a small skip, I lead you past security and the door person. We stepped through and are at the edge of the dance floor. Looking about you notice to the left is the bar. The music is loud and makes you want to shake your hips to the beat. You look about and since we came on a slow night there are a few folks about. We move across the dance floor to the bathrooms and I take you down the hallway to show you the local artist. All the pictures are nudes of women in black-n-whites. I send you off to the men’s room so you can check out pictures, while I go into the women’s and make sure I am still picture perfect.

We move back out to the edge of the dance floor and around a couple that is dancing, with lights floating about them. Once near the bar, we move down a small hallway and you can see all the food that has been laid out. The smell of chicken and lasagna is making your stomach growl, and I laugh softly. I take you by the hand and we step into a small curtained area across from the food.

The couple’s area is amazing. There are nice soft futon type beds, each split with a semi-sheer curtain splitting each bed. I explain how a couple can go in and play with each other with also the advantage of being watched or watch others while they are busy playing.

A couple has walked into the room and they move to the corner bed. She is a tall brunette and he being almost of the same height, mash their bodies into each other, in a deep kiss. I smile as I watch you watch them and gently pull on your hand to lead you out. You hesitate, since you want to see what they are going to do, but with a small tug and promise. I tell you we will return to see what they are up to later if you want.

We move back out to where the food is, and I lead you past to another small alcove. But this one has showers and lockers. There in the corner are nice fluffy white towels, with shampoo and conditioner. I drag you further back towards the corner where there is a shower big enough for maybe six, but four comfortably. I see the gleam in your eye as you start to think of the possibilities in there, and then I tell you to touch the floor… You kneel down and can tell there is heat rising from the floor, so to keep you warm when your going from and to the shower. Watching you on your knees, even my mind starts to wander but I shake my head to clear it so to finish the tour.

As we go back through the shower area and out, I take you to the right and past the small tables for eating at. We walk through the doorway, and towards the back of the building there are rooms. Each room is filled with a comfortable queen or king size bed. Some rooms have small windows, but all have doors for privacy. I explain you can either leave the doors and windows open for others to watch, or you can if you like invite them to join if you like.

Again I see the smile on your face and am happy that you are pleased with what you have seen so far. Leaning close to you, I explain we still have a long night ahead and a whole floor upstairs I need to show you before we get to play…
The Next Hour
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

An hour later and still wanting more, I called a mutual friend of ours and I invited him over…

Waiting I decided to put something silky and found a little nightie and panties. I offered him a drink when he arrived. Once settled back in the bedroom, i decided to ask a special request of him. Due to my husband being out of town… I wanted to ask while in the throws of what we were going to be doing, could we call my husband so he could hear me cum… And thinking I was going to have to barter, or wager, he said yes. He even agreed to take pic’s of me as well.

Next I lay back on the bed, he reached over to undo the tie of my nightie and I slipped out of my underwear for the second time that day. His hands started to roam over my body, feeling and learning about each curve and then I felt his mouth on my breasts. His kisses started going lower. Still wet from before, i felt his fingers run across my pussy and trace the wetness there. Then slowly his fingers moved within me and i could feel him go in and out of me. Excited, I reached over and grabbed my phone to call my husband… I told him what was being done to me, and in telling him, I could tell how hot it made him. Every step, and lick…. Each finger and when our friends cock filled me… my husband could hear my moans and whimpers. My husband told me he could hear the slapping of our skin of him thrusting in me and due to my phone conversation, I knew we were not to last long and soon I was being filled again.

Once done, I told my husband I needed to get off the phone so I could get some pictures taken. Handing the camera over, I then tighten the muscles of my pussy and could feel the cum start to drip out of me. Next, with my eyes close, all i could hear was the clicks of the pictures being taken.

With my pussy now filled and the pics done, I felt our friend hand start to play now with my cum filled box… Becoming quickly aroused, I wanted to be filled with his cock again. So with phone in hand, I flip to my favorite position and felt our friend grabbed my hips as he pushed his cock back into me. I met each of his thrusts, and my husband started asking me details of how it felt to be filled with his cock… I explained how full I felt and how I wanted him to come home and clean me… to taste every drop that was in me. In hearing our conversation, our friend came again and this time I came harder.

I had to take a break so I asked my husband to let me off the phone so I could breathe. However as I was just getting off, my husband asked if I was going to let him fill my ass. I said I wanted him to and once off the phone, I turned to ask if our friend would oblige.

Once again, with my little break over, I grab the lubricant and dripped some on my hand… I moved it between my legs and towards my now swollen pussy lips, rubbing gently over my clit so I could have this one last thing before I was to go to work. Our friend then put some lubricant on my bottom and then proceeded to thrust himself into me… I was not ready yet cause of the break but in making him slow down… and small strokes, he got me use to being there and I started to get turned on…

Pushing myself back onto him, I felt him go deeper in my arse. One hand wrapped in blankets and the other furiously rubbing at my clit, I knew I was not going to last long… Next I heard our friend over our excitement, tell me to grab my phone and call my husband back… Quickly I pushed buttons and as I quickly tried to explain where our friend was now filling me. All my husband could hear next was us both groan and moan as we came together. Now spent we both collapsed on the bed and I listened to my husband tell me how horny I made him and how much he loved me.

I told him when he got back into town, that he was going to make sure to take care of my now tender little swollen pussy. Especially if he wanted me to continue to play and happily he agreed….
The Theater Part 3 - Final
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

I felt my husband move towards my head at the top of the bench, he leaned over me so I could take him deep in my mouth. He knew I needed something to distract me, while our stranger was getting ready to enter me.

Our new friend got back down between my legs. One of his hands was placed on my thigh and his other moved to the bench to steady it. He bent back down to lick at my lips… his tongue running from the outside of my lips, than deeper within me. I started to wiggle on the bench enjoying the sensation of his ministrations and make small moaning noises.

Feeling the stranger move his mouth away, his hands move to grabbed at my legs and pull me down… Out came my husband’s cock of my mouth and immediately I attempt to move my hands up to keep him close to me, however at that moment I felt our stranger enter my wet pussy and instead my hands grasp the bench. Feeling the sensation of him filling me makes me gasp out and then I feel the bench move with each thrust…. To help… I decide to move…

Stopping everyone, I sit up and now see more guys about us; their cocks now all out, so close that I could almost reach out to touch them if I wanted to. Parts of me do, but then looking to their faces I freeze. I then turn to move about and take the position of doggie style. Another man has moved next to my husband to help the bench from moving. Now I feel our stranger grab my hips a bit rougher. His cock he slides into me again and with this position being my favorite. I feel him hit certain spots and know I cannot last much longer.

I look up and seeing everyone watch us, was such a turn on. Being filled by a stranger was also a turn on. I wrap a hand about my husband’s leg and pull him closer to me so I can suck on him. Wanting him not to feel left out, I take him deeply down my throat. My body I move back against our stranger, meeting his thrusts… More quickly I move to help him as I feel my release start to fill my body up and wants to let go… Squeezing my eyes shut, I know I cannot take any more. I let my husband’s cock go from my mouth, and with a few final thrusts of the strangers cock inside me, I cry out as my orgasm takes me over. Screaming… My pussy tightens about him and my fingers grip the bench tightly as I then feel him fill me with his cum.

The stranger lies across my body and we both attempt to catch our breaths. My husband helps me up and we move back to the bench at the side and I look up. Still those that have gathered about us are still watching as if for more. I shake my head now worried and move my head back near my husbands so to whisper and ask him if we can go home. He tells the others we are done, and then gets up to hand me my clothes, but they stay to watch us get dress and leave.

Once out to the car, and finally on the freeway… I had a grin on my face and in turning to my husband; he just gave me one look and then asked me when I wanted to go back…
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The Theater Part 2
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

Feeling his tongue on my soft lips down below, I grab at the seat and still seeing the others watching me as if I am food. I clamp my eyes shut. I try not to think and just to feel what my husband is doing. I take a few deep breaths and then settle myself, just feeling the sensation of his mouth teasing me. Kissing the inside of my thigh, he slowly moves back up. His wet tongue starts to trace up each side of my soft lips. Feeling his finger enter me as he sucked on my little nub, started to drive my senses wild. Not wanting to cum yet, I pull away but feeling much better. My husband looks up to me concerned and I wave him up to sit next to me, careful to keep my eyes averted so not to get scared again.

As he moves to my side, I get up on my knees next to him. Moving to go back down on him, I hear someone clear their voice and look up to see one of the strangers I saw walk in a bit after we did. Curious now, I watch him lean in and he asks if he can help. Looking to my husband, we both see that we are okay with it, and wave him into the couples area. I move my head back to my husbands’ hardness and then to my surprise, the guy goes down on his knees before us and starts to spread my husband’s legs. My head shoots up very quickly and I look to my husband’s face to see his reaction. We both are very surprised and leaning in to make sure he is okay, or should I stop our visitor, he nods in consent and I watch our stranger go down on my husband. Never seeing this before with one I have been with, I pause to contemplate the situation.

Watching the man take my husband deep into his mouth, I wonder if I should be bothered, but I wasn’t. Then I was concerned why I wasn’t but hen I decided in the end it was only sex, so why not enjoy it as long as all were comfortable. So brushing all my thoughts aside, I bent over to join our new guest. Our tongues touching, I watch him open his eyes and saw a hint of surprise. We both move to each side, licking at its hardness and taking turns of putting it in our mouths. After a while, we both raised our heads and he asked if he could touch me. I nodded and then he moved to my left and took off his clothes.

Because I wanted room, I asked if we could move the bench out to the middle of the floor and looking over to see how it would fit. Again I saw all them that that was about us. Not one bare space around the whole area was vacant. Almost every man there had their cock out, and was stroking, pulling, playing with each of what they had. I quickly moved my head back and behind my husband’s back, bashful as none other and almost again thought of running. My husband, pull me out from behind and wrapped my arms about me, soothing my fears and then pointed out that no one, were coming inside the area unless we asked them. They were only going to watch unless we asked any of them otherwise. Reassured, I move towards the bench and stretched out across it, but once again with my eyes close so not to think about those that were so close. Knowing they were in hands reach of touching me….
My Saturday Night - 1st Gay Bar & A Wake Up
Posted:May 7, 2010 12:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:29 pm

Well another first for me last night, I went to my first gay bar. What an experience and I had never had so much fun in a bar than I did last night. The music, people… all of it was amazing. When I first got there, there was a couple that was paying extra attention to my hubby and me but we still wanted a chance to look about, check out the dancers. There was the one particular one. She was a beautiful blonde, and she could move like I had never seen any other girl move. In some ways I was jealous because I was born with two left feet. After a few drinks and a bit of food, our couple finally introduced themselves and we went to join them. She pulled me out onto the dance floor but by now with enough alcohol, I didn’t care if I was making a fool of myself with my two left feet. When the dance was over, I went over to the blonde which I spoke of before. Told her she was an amazing dancer and next thing I know she was dragging me out onto the floor. I know I could not do her justice but watching her up close and personal was such a HUGE turn on. I have never met a woman that could do that to me, she let me place my hands on her hips… she wiggled up and down me, and for once… I wish I could have found out how she kissed.

I got bummed when the dance was over and I had to move away from her. However I joined my husband with a big ole grin on my face and got to learn more of the couple that bought us drinks earlier. Very nice couple… found out that they were interested in us like I thought and we all decided to head back to our home so to get more comfortable. Once at home, we had a couple more shots and then she and I kissed… I remember the kissing but unfortunately, I had too much to drink and do not remember much. I know… Shame on me! However since I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, might have had a factor… All I know is everyone went home very happy…

Now that is not where all the fun ended… It seems while I slept and my horny little husband was awake. He decided to do some searching online and found something to wake me up. I woke up to a cock in my face and it was not my husbands… Hands on my back, across my breasts… Pinching… licking… Then he was placing his cock in my mouth. I was sucking… him slow, my hands moving up and down and then to caress his balls. Just as he got harder, he moved between my legs and spreading them wider… he started to fill me. Here I wake up; to a strange man in my bed and now he is pounding into me. My husband though… well he is watching, and then he moves to the head of the bed so to fill my mouth. Being between two men was such a turn on, that I started to cum… sucking my husbands cock harder and faster… and my stranger was pounding into me, deeper within me. As his hands move to grab my breasts, I hear him groan and then as he fills me. I scream out again as I cum.

As he got up and got dressed to leave, I hear the door bell ring and I look at my husband. He is smiling from ear to ear and I know I am into another adventure…

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