Bettibenobo 65F  
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5/5/2020 6:58 am

I commented on an A/L post last night when a white guy wanted to know why so many white women prefer "BBC".

I gave my thoughts and even though no one commented I did get a few who disagreed. More power too them. That is why we love America.

This is my response which should have been a blog rather than on the A/L so now I will post as a blog.

"Wow how cool I have haters!

People must have taken offense because I prefer black men not just their penis. I said that MOST of the white men on here were NOT assholes.

Maybe it was the idiots who carry guns to their capital and demand they get their "freedom" back while unmasked and right up in the faces of the police who did not react back. WHY did thy need guns? What were they gonna do shoot the virus? Funny how you rarely see anyone other than whites who want the right to risk OTHER peoples lives.

Funny how there are those who value money over life and willing to let people die for it.

Sorry I know this really doesn't belong here. It just got me thinking about why people disagreed. Which is the beauty of living in America and the right for anybody to make their feelings known whether I agree or not."

The crisis we are facing really shows people's true colors(sic).

The people who felt guns were necessary at a protest boggles my mind. As did the nooses. confederate flags and the swastikas. The Germans who run the holocaust museum found that offensive.

Why is our leader not taking the right actions? Wht does he turn every press conference into a self congratulatiing diatribe?

Why does he think the reporters asked horrible questions when the asked how many families who lost loved ones has he met with? The answer as 4!

Why does he think we don't watch videos of him clearly lying and then 2 days later try to say he was asking reporters a sarcastic question. WE CAN SEE WHO HE WAS TALKING TO! You know the doctor who looked clearly uncomfortable.

I watch the news everyday in awe that he could outdo himself again. He never fails me. I watch in astonishment and glee knowing there's no way he will get reelected. He can't even pretend that he cares about anything or anybody but himself. He got mad at W because he addressed our country the way what he should have been addressing us.

At this point even if he made a complete turn around and owned that he didn't act fast enough it, will be too little and too late.

Only 128 more days of his uncaring incompetence.

Bettibenobo 65F  
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5/5/2020 7:02 am

Obligatory first comment.

Please feel free to disagree because its your right to do so. I may not like it but I won't try to silence you.

But please be civil and don't resort to name calling. The worst I called anybody was an idiot.

bbuckwwheat 62M
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5/5/2020 8:57 am

"Only 128 more days of his uncaring incompetence."

26+30+31+31+30+31+30+31+26= 246 days until the inauguration. Unless you are moving to another country.

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Bettibenobo replies on 5/5/2020 7:24 pm:
Yes only 246 more days til SOMEBODY will be inaugurated but it won't be the one we have now.

I watch his mental health diminishing on a daily basis. Every day more republicans are distancing themselves from him as they watch as well and watch his "ratings" slide. He's like a bad TV show whose star is more worried about his ratings than the lives of the people he alleged represents. They in a dilemma. They have a candidate who cannot even pretend to have empathy. They don't have a suitable replacement candidate this late in the race. They're scared their celebrity president is going to snap and I will put money on it he will.

It's been suggested he has a neurological disease just from the way he doesn't speak as articulately as he did a couple of years ago. He just rambles and repeats himself.

He says he's being treated worse than his good friend Honest Abe who he probably has been conversing with late at night while binge watching all the "fake news" about him and sending tweets calling his campaign managers husband a deranged moonface. This is the way a president acts? Name calling? He gave The Lincoln Project just what they needed - lots of people checking out their new ad based on Reagan's Good Morning ad from 1984. Very clever of them. I doubt they thought they'd get more viewers from trumps late night tweets.

Treated worse than Lincoln? Lincoln was shot in the head!

Right now he is number 1 in being the one president that has blatantly lied, on video, more than any other president ever.
Then turns around and denies it. Like dude we saw your lips move and heard the words come out of your mouth. We cannot unsee and unhear what you said. I've watched the one where he was "being sarcastic" being replayed by the media many times - all in disbelief. And he's made USA Number One in the world for deaths.

He's trying to rewrite his own history and it won't work. Most Americans can see how mentally ill he is and are finding it harder and harder to support him. His numbers are sliding as fast as his mind is.

He did actually own up to one thing. In AZ today he admitted the REAL reason he didn't want the amazing Dr Fauci testifying for the Democratic run house is because - in his words - they are trump haters. His first excuse was because the good dr couldn't take time away from his important duties to testify for the house but suddenly it was okay to testify for the republican run senate.

And there he is in Az - a state with a high senior population, without a mask, still downplaying the severity of the coronavirus while patting himself on the back, as the death toll continues to climb daily.

Just like our governor here in TX, who obviously is ignoring the fact that more people are dying every single day, but still puts money over OTHER peoples lives and still is willing and anxious to reopen the state. Interesting how a lot of people and businesses believe the medical experts and still stay home.

And that woman in north Dallas who opened her oh so important hair salon and ripped up the summons -she's going to jail for a week and fined $ 3,500. There were people armed with guns to "protect" her? WTF? Ain't nobody wanted to hurt HER physically but she must have felt scared that she welcomed armed men standing outside making sure people could get their hair cut! LOL SHE was the threat! Most people didn't care enough about her cause to actually risk their lives to come and protest her opening up.

Because MOST Americans are smarter than that. That's why you and all the other trump supports are now the minority. Welcome to the
real world.

And that's why I LOVE AMERICA! Say whatever you want and I'll defend your right to do so but I sure won't need to a gun. WHY DO THEY NEED ONE? WHO is threatening them?

windsjohn 70M  
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5/5/2020 12:49 pm

Yes white people are stupid. Well most of the ones that don't see that the white man in power is really ripping them off.

Bettibenobo replies on 5/5/2020 7:28 pm:
Agreed - thanks for responding.

pocogato12 69F  
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5/5/2020 1:36 pm

The protestors were in my state too and we are pure New England- well most of us are. I am from Denver but been here long enough to see how folks can warp themselves into believing the gun toters,swastika wielders, combat boots, etc. I am pissed that they think they have the right to pollute the air I breathe. Cant wait to see what happens to the numbers here. Our blakc community has grown and become incorporated with the rest of Portland's melting pot. I wonder what they think when they watch TV

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positively4you 72F  
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5/5/2020 4:24 pm

I love America, too. And I feel so blessed to have been born here.
Not perfect but as near perfect for me. Left , right, middle and still able to have a voice.
Per windsjohn, I know I am not stupid.

bbuckwwheat 62M
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5/6/2020 5:57 am

I really did not mean to give you the impression that I am a fan of President Trump. I was just curious as to how you came up with "128 days left of his uncaring incompetence." I was merely pointing out that there were 264 days left in this term.

You seem to care a great deal about it.

I have slowly come to the conclusion that the two major parties have rigged the rules in order to keep one or the other in power. No realistic chance for a third party to win anything other than a local or state election. It is up to the people to pressure state legislatures to change the rules that rig the system to favor the two major parties.

My apologies for not being more clear in the first comment.

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Fayette, Iowa

Bettibenobo replies on 5/7/2020 5:04 pm:
Hi thanks for responding and clarifying!

The number I use is how many days til the election. Brian Williams on NBC opens his report every day with the countdown.

I am pretty passionate about a man who is showing how clearly he is declining every time he opens his mouth.

bbuckwwheat 62M
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5/7/2020 5:52 pm

Well, Brian Williams is wrong, or maybe you transposed 182 to 128. And in review, my math is wrong as well. The numbers I listed were correct for the day I posted, but I erred adding them, so the 246 should have been 266.

Private mailbox at my blog bbuckwwheat
Fayette, Iowa

ItsThtPervertGuy 41M
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10/14/2020 7:23 pm

Interesting post. I look at how protesters marched on the capital building in Michigan and had guns and even hatched a plot too kidnap the Governor (just revealed a few weeks ago) which was a WOW moment. I tw always wondered why Americans(most to the majority) so love Guns. I have traveled to other countries and think go great there with out the citizens having guns.

I also wonder how most to the majority of Americans think or believe they have a right too take a persons life if they do not agree with their opinions or point of views. Take MLK Jr. ,all he wanted was equal right for Black Americans and Peace for all. Now how that is bad I am not sure but someone just sat around and said ' you know I do not like what he is saying,think I am going to kill him" this is one of the first major problems in society period the careless disrespect for life. Peace ,compassion and understanding More of it is what is needed with some common sense and things can start too get better! In my Opinion!

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