Why AFF still gives free gold to women  

Bettibenobo 65F  
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12/3/2019 10:12 pm
Why AFF still gives free gold to women

I’ve been on the site off & on since 20. I found a link on Tagged. I was newly divorced and hadn’t had sex in about 4 years it looked like it would be a good thing. For the most part it is.

In all this time I never clicked on any of the links on the Log In page that you would click on if you weren't a member yet. Until today. It explained a lot and gave me a new perspective on why so many men come at women like they do. It’s not a surprise considering the site itself portrays women mostly as sluts. Their word – not mine!

Right off the site is setting men up for failure just going by the way they describe what their experiences on the site will be. I didn't see anything about a guarantee that they will get laid tonight but they sure made a lot of other"assumptions" on what a man's experience SHOULD be. And women are not portrayed very favorably at all.

If they click on “About TSdates.com” here’s some excerpts from that link. I bolded what I thought was outrageous. My comments are italicized.

“Welcome to TSdates.com (TSdates.com)! TSdates.com.com is one of the world's largest sex hookup, dating, , sexy matches and adult friends sites in the world. Launched in 1996, TSdates.com. has been live and introducing people through adult dating for over years. TSdates.com has over 40 million single, swinger, straight, gay and transgender members."

"There are many local sex partners to choose from right in your town or city! Not only will you find online adult friends, but also horny matches and fuck buddies. What is a fuck buddy, also known as a sex friend? Join and find the best sex site, TSdates.com. Find free adult sex dates and have flings with singles, couples, swingers, lesbians, MILFs, sluts and other sexy TSdates.com members". This is the part that really got to me. Nowhere does it even actually MENTION women! We are lesbians, MILFs and sluts.

"TSdates.com is free to join, offering membership levels as well. TSdates.com is proud to have a percentage of real members and excellent ratio of men to women. Our site can be much more affordable and effective than trying to meet people in bars, clubs and coffee shops. Find people for sex dates today!"

Dating Sex Site to Be Naughty

"Finding sex dates, adult friends and members who want to be naughty is a breeze at TSdates.com. Our dating site has a percentage of members uploading sexy photos and videos to show off their personal assets. They may want to meet you online for hot , cam to cam sex or meet in person. When you meet locally, you can have a no strings attached fling or find your own way to be naughty together."

Here’s what you see if you click on “Find Singles, Swingers, Flings, Adult Friends” and Find Adult Dates and Friends

"TSdates.com is the place to find adult friends, sex dates and flings. Search and find members by age, location, interests and other criteria."

Here’s the kicker that the men fall for:

"As you start on your quest to find friend sex, you’ll have no problem to find a fuck and have a fling with your new fuck buddies." NO PROBLEM! REALLY???

Find Everything You Want in a Single or Swinger Partner they bring it on home.

" TSdates.com. adult friends and local sex are just the start. Looking for women? You can find horny women, sexy women, sluts, swingers, mature women, lesbian sex, naked women, women fucking, women looking for threesomes and lots of other women. Interested in games? At TSdates.com you’ll find dating games, adult games and naughty members ready for fun in many ways. Love swinging? You can find and female swingers, and also swing with transsexuals, gay members and couples."

It all sounds too good to be true - because it is too good to be true. Sadly too many of them into it because their dick is hard and they want instant gratification. What do you expect – the site is the women basically as free whores. That’s why women still get free gold and suffer the consequences of it by having men come at us like we are a bunch of sluts just here for their pleasures.

Bettibenobo 65F  
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12/3/2019 10:16 pm

Obligatory first comment and see how if any words are missing! I find it helps to write on a Word document, including the formating (I feel like I'm at work) and then paste it in.

Did you know you can preview a blog before posting? I just found that a couple of days ago.

Bettibenobo 65F  
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12/3/2019 10:46 pm

I completely forgot to mention the "games" they advertise, also on the log in page. Invariably depicting women as sexual objects and most not in a good way. Usually a meme or cartoon - right next to the Make your dick Bigger ads.

Like they really think that most women want a huge cock. They're just lumping us in with the the true size queens - gays and trannies!

Any way you look at it women are NOT depicted in a positive way by the site.

The site really was a lot better before CL got shut down. Now we get ALL the deviants.

BareTedBear72 49M
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12/3/2019 10:52 pm

TSdates.com portrays women that way to attract guy to the site and get them to pay for it. However, not ALL guys are like that. Of course women shouldn't complain about the guys they choose, because there are other guys that they chose to overlook.

Bettibenobo replies on 12/4/2019 5:49 am:
Yes that is so true. Not meaning to lump all men in the same category. I've met quite a few decent guys on here. It takes time to find a partner to fit most of your preferences - let alone all of them. Sometimes you have to compromise your search a little.

Thanks for commenting!

scoupe42 58M  
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12/4/2019 3:45 am

You have some great points! good blog.

Bettibenobo replies on 12/4/2019 5:59 am:
Thank you! I hope it wasn't too long.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

weeeload 58M

12/4/2019 3:54 am

I play pets on Tagged. At least i get something out of that site. To me this place is a downward spiral like Wile E. Coyote... poof, big cloud of dust after hitting the dirt and no gain. Humiliating as it is to make gold for guys, I don't come back here often. Lose gold quicker than I can make it. After my experiance here in that aspect I wouldn't give this place a dime even if I found it on the sidewalk. Met some cool people here and stop by on occasion to checkup on them but see no real gain in coming back often, at all. Btw yes preview on blog posts.. I use it whever posting something but have most of my blog posts hidden from the last time I left here

♫ Weee


Bettibenobo replies on 12/4/2019 6:18 am:
Yes the site is not close to what it was in '13. But they were delisted from NASDAQ in 2013 because its stock had not traded for more than $1. Then bankruptcy right after that. The drop in memberships and the rising increased advertising costs for affiliate programs, which according to Wikipedia, they have more than 500,000 affiliates to date.
It sounds more like the company was just mismanaged. Somebody got greedy or the people running it didn't know what to do with what could have been a really good thing. Instead they let it continue it's descent.

With the sheer amount of members between all of their 29 different affiliates, you'd think they'd be in a better position to negotiate for advertisers.

You'd think the advertisers would be willing to pay more just for the exposure to that many members.

When I was on Tagged - I wasn't into the Pets game. I was for a while but it just seemed creepy that members could be bought and sold. I did find it funny when members would try to sneak in naughty pics though. The site really keeps an eye on things!

Thanks for responding.

Gina_L07 65T
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12/18/2019 7:32 am

Hmm..I look at this site as a place to chat with my peers, educate on the ways of my gender and orientation, and provide a little titillation to lonely and unsatisfied men. Anything else is icing on the cake.


Gina_L07 65T
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1/6/2020 7:58 am

I would add that when I joined this site I could maintain gold status 2 weeks at a time by camming, responding to blogs, and posting pictures. But that no longer works so I just cam and chat for the fun of it now. I have enough points to buy gold but it requires personal info that I am not ready to share at this moment.


s2ndegree 62M  
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1/15/2020 2:25 pm

The "FALLING FOR IT" bit speaks to men and women alike.to suggest otherwise is,well judgemental.
.It is rather clever that they don't mention women.And just who were they guaranteeing to get laid in twenty four hours.Was it those who have sole consent
or those who have to toil feverishly through the hurdles and hoops.
Besides how many ladies here would up and leave disgusted at how this site has portrayed them.Sadly!

To dump all over free members by those who get free gold is a bit hypocritical and at times quite entitled!.

Using more than all the road!

missthee 55F  
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3/23/2020 1:12 pm

We think we are on one site - TSdates.com - but apparently our profiles also appear on other sites owned by the parent company.
I found out that young men were getting in touch with me because they were seeing my profile on another site called 'dating older women' 'dating milfs' or something along those lines. I had to explain that I was not on that site, I was only here on TSdates.com and that 'older woman' or 'milf' does not characterize me.

Bettibenobo replies on 3/24/2020 5:10 pm:
I think that in itself is the basis of most of the site problems. Too many websites that they can't manage to keep seperate.

I'm on another adult dating site and I never get hit or looked at by anybody other than straight men. Of course they aren't as big and don't have all the features like blogs, A/L and polls etc.

Basically the KISS method works the best. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID & KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE

ItsThtPervertGuy 41M
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10/14/2020 7:32 pm

This site is SO FULL OF SHIT it is not even funny. I have been on this site on and off for a bit over ten years and now continuously for a bit of ten and I am sure I have met every measure to get a free gold or some form of popular member privilege and I have got NOTHING!! They continuously change rules and not let anyone know. Continuously try to con you. Remember when you could view and email ten profile if you had ten views in three days? Not it is some secret no one knows but I bet it just does not happen and they stopped that feature!

Chat use too be free not it is 17 points! Wow use to be Ten!! If you get too much traffic to your profile they slow it down so you cannot get any privileges. Customer service is crap and lie to not work. You cannot even view friends or fans albums. How can they restrict that?

This site use too be IT but mismanagement has took it down. Only reason i am here cause I have met some really nice people and it can be fun at times. When Xhamster or Pornhub get a IM system I will be there. You can already view profile for free and email. Not too mention watch some good porn!

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