Sex & Orgasms All Weekend
I have this fantasy to spend a long weekend with 2 or 3 couples (F - Bisexual) and about a dozen of str8 men in Palm Springs or Palm Desert at a private place with pool, all nude, all day and weekend.
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Access to Son and or Grandson
Veröffentlicht:4. November 2021, 12:19 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:5. November 2021, 6:31 Uhr
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In some areas of our wonderful world, some women give access to their adult sons or grandsons to their bi-girlfriends. While on vacation, I have experienced that some men also offer their daughters or granddaughters to their female and male friends, even though it appears not to be that common, in most areas I have visited over the years.
Women – no way I would let my female friend have access to my adult son/grandson
Women – if she likes him, it is not for me to stop her or him
Women – I have facilitated activities between a female friend and my adult son/grandson
Men – you touch my adult daughter/granddaughter, I shall cut off your penis and tongue
Men - it is hot to know my daughter is with an experienced man or woman
Men – Oh yes, my adult son, daughter, grandson, all shared already
Men – happy to help, but the offspring’s need to decide with whom and when
Other - Any other thoughts and experience?
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What Shape Is YOUR Preference
Veröffentlicht:27. September 2021, 11:10 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:4. November 2021, 10:24 Uhr
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Over the years I have learned if men prefer my shape of vulva they are much better at oral.
When it comes to women, this is not the case that much. Cuddling, touching, French-kissing adds a lot to the quality of the oral performance and of course, if I made them squirt already before or not.

What vulva shape is your preference?
Other – Is there any other shape?
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In all shapes and colors
Veröffentlicht:26. September 2021, 14:10 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. September 2021, 16:12 Uhr
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A Saturday can be a wonderful thing, starting out with endorphin production in bed at sunrise, taking time at breakfast and go for a relax walk at the beach. Watching USC and the surf contest, is on the menu, young well trained athletes are eye candy for any female who feels deep down the natural need of procreation. A day off work, a day with boyfriends and friends, just having a harmonies day, love to be shared between all and no pain at all, just joy.

It should all come different, a crazy man with a gun, gets close to the spectators of the surf contest, living the HB no choice than to shoot at him. Thank God, no one beside the aggressor was hurt, thanks to the police. Guns are so valuable to our freedom, but in the wrong hands of the wrong guys, regardless of their color or shape, it can not only ruin your day, but also end it. Just thinking what he could have done, what he may had planned, shoots down a chill my spine.

USC loses against the Beavers was not only painful, watching the Beavers bite the balls of the USC team created a depressing effect in the house, except for our visitors from up north. To my surprise, the guys from up north could care less about what happened on the beach, could care less about how we females felt about the incident at the pier. They were delighted about the win of the Beavers and were ready to party, empty beer after beer and hoped to get one or the other female of us into having sex with them.

How can men, who appear sweet, and considerate only get so self-centered, cold, inconsiderate, when their team wins and their hormones run away with them.
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Do you [B](make her) [/B]squirt?
Veröffentlicht:24. September 2021, 13:29 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:26. September 2021, 16:18 Uhr
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is not a talk between girlfriends, people you meet while vacationing, but also shows up on profiles and messages on

Do you squirt or do you make your girlfriend/wife squirt?

As a bi-girl I do both, and enjoy when my boyfriends invite bi-curious girls over have their first female and squirt experience. works the fastest and easiest, when they give their boyfriends a BJ while I take care of their pussy and make them squirt. always works, is guaranteed, and everyone loves Especially me, when he enters her right after she is done squirting, deposits his seed in her, and I am allowed lick all out and up, make her squirt a few more times while doing

Is deep emotional involvement needed for you squirt or is all about physical skills?

What is your experience, please vote and comment below!
Woman – What is squirting?
Woman – I have never squirted
Woman – My man doesn’t care if I squirt, he just wants to get off
Woman – Squirting with intercourse works, at least sometimes
Woman – Fingers and tongue can get me to squirt
Man – Not every woman squirts, never experienced a squirter
Man – It does not matter to me if a woman squirts or not
Man – I know how to make my woman squirt with my penis
Man – I make my woman squirt with my tongue and/or fingers
Other – Is there another option?
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Heavenly thoughts on a Monday
Veröffentlicht:20. September 2021, 6:10 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:24. September 2021, 17:55 Uhr
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Does it start with the voice, the scent, the looks, the walk, the thoughts, the surrounding, is it love, sex or is it all or some of it, I wonder often as of late. Is the goal of finding heaven on earth a mute exercise or can it be found in our sometimes cruel world?

When I was a , high school, college years, full of energy a day went by so quickly, always filled with bliss and the next day promised to be even better. No troubles at home, in school or with friends except some jealousies here and there. The quest of finding heaven on earth didn’t really enter my mind at all. Friends, candy cotton or doctor play just came natural, my first boyfriend, was not infatuation, it was true love. Kissing, touching, making him make cotton candy, was incredibly fulfilling. I suppose I felt like I was in heaven.

Losing my virginity was a bless never experienced before, certainly heaven looked differently to me! Intimacy had become a must, feeling the hands of my boyfriend, experiencing skin to skin contact while making love in the missionary style with a lot of eye contact, receiving his seed in my womb, not only made me explode, but also complete. Made me feel I am in heaven.

I was adored, I was admired, I was on cloud 9 without noticing that some men have different needs to get to heaven. Is it natural instinct, is it self-centered thinking, upbringing or nature? Whatever it is, my experience with a neglected husband crashed heaven for me. I loved him, he claimed he loved me, but after I gave myself to him, he went home to his wife without even giving me a goodbye kiss. Only to call me a few days later to tell me how much he loved me and he got to see me and show me his love again. I was crashed, I was hurt, I was in pain and he talks about love when all he wanted was sex.

It took some time to get over it, yes, physical needs, sexual desires appeared deep inside me from time to time, but not even enough to have the desire to masturbate. Love doesn’t require intercourse, love is not monogamous, and love is not limited to one gender, but it is the door to heaven at least to me. With love and giving it time, I found my way back to intimacy and to heaven.

Men are not all the same, we just need to figure out which ones are not for us and with the right man or men, any touch, kiss, sexual position is a step to nirvana. While I could not imagine I would ever agree to anal, I learned that it can lead to elation, if you love the man and he loves you. Anal in connection with a DP results in ecstasy, with the right men it just happens; when love is involved it takes me to heaven.

Most men just want sex, while I very much appreciate missionary, mermaid, nirvana & DP positions, may it be in the bed, at the beach or any other place. Touching, cuddling, kissing prior, during and after love making are the ingredients for me to go to heaven and stay there for a long time. Reaching the nirvana level for any woman or teenage girl is my great wish today, because it is so different than were you can end up at the best with sex. It is just heavenly!

Have men manipulated us females, is it society or was it the pill who allowed us woman to accept men to give us one or more orgasm and live us feel empty just a few minutes or hours later? Is it not love what makes any position or almost any position special, allows cervical stimulation and actually provides incredible orgasms, heavenly bliss? Making love to me is to bless your partner, at least for ourselves for the rest of our life.

Is intimacy controlled by nature or is it a combination between our brain, emotions and nature, I wonder today. Sex is for now, love and making is forever. Love only knows a beginning, but never an end, only sex does!
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Just some thoughts after a long night
Veröffentlicht:14. September 2021, 11:29 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. September 2021, 16:15 Uhr
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Don’t we all like be desired, appreciated, and pleased by someone we love? Does age make a difference, I suppose not, as I feel the today than how I felt about when I was still an adolescent. While many males are different, based on the few I met during the decades, you also have some have the needs I do. Unfortunately takes some time in some cases until your truly get know them. surprises me all the time that deep down many men would like a monogamous female, while they want have the freedom sleep and fall a few times a month or year. “ just happened” is a phrase I recall so well.

No doubt, if I love a man, I would like please him emotional and physically. If I am not incorrectly informed, seven of ten men cheat in relationships or marriage, while one in ten is honest about , if he trips and falls on another women. Is possible monogamies for me, I am not sure.

Is the intention of nature that a satisfies a female totally, emotionally and physically, provides her and her offspring’s with all they need in their lives and society interferes with nature? It is not easy for a male to provide for a woman and her children today, many are not able, and we don’t have many Bill Gates in our wonderful land. The other question is, are many men are able please a female sexually?

While I have met a few men got close on a regular basis, most fail short big time. This is why I consider myself very luck that I have boyfriends have no need for a monogamous female. Is not of paramount importance for men open up during courtship and initial dates, prior becoming intimate, if they seek a monogamous female? would avoid emotional pain for men and females.

When I was a , was not fully aware of my sexual desires and needs, monogamy was something desirable. Not so much today anymore If I would fall in love with a man today, requires an exclusive relationship in order be happy, I would pass on any intimacy, in order not hurting him or myself.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Love doesn’t discriminate, nor do I Married or single, you love me & I fall in love with you, I shall do anything 4 YOU It is not about 88b size it is all about LOVE What is Your position on DP Very and steel hard is what I desire, but twenties and early thirties will not be refused when love is part of
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Is it nature, society, genetics or did God make some of us that way?
Veröffentlicht:5. September 2021, 10:11 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:19. September 2021, 14:12 Uhr
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It never fails, at home or while traveling in countries with western values, that you see women throwing themselves at men, demanding sex. You never find that in Asia or Africa unless money is involved “by women who work in the service trade”, while all other women on those continents respect themselves and are very selective in choosing their mates.

Thus, many men get the wrong picture about us women and start to believe most of us just hide our needs and it is their job to wake us up, when in fact we need men and not dicks to get us going. How wrong and distorted the picture of females become because of a few women!

It is the same here in Paradise, while love making does happen every day, sex is only requested by one German lady who comes down here on the weekend and one of her girl friends if she is with her. It is all about big dicks, but any size will do for these two
Nature created these women so that the human race can’t become extinct
Society with all its porn, sexual abuse, low esteem and other issues created these women
It is mostly influenced by the first experience, how she lost her virginity
It is all genetics; some women just need dicks and not love
God made women for the Garden of Eden; it is the devil that entered those women who just want dicks
Others – please comment below why do you think some women go for just any dick
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It is not about \8\8b size
Veröffentlicht:13. August 2021, 10:04 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:21. September 2021, 16:58 Uhr
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God made me for average and below average \8\8b, this is why size doesn’t matter me at all, love does matter. Except when I fall in love with a man has an XXXL one Was willing give myself Jakob today, missionary style, he was hard like a rock, but was too painful. Despite my love for him, I had to ask him to stop and get off me. Christa loves him 2, is able take huge ones did fill in for me He is the biggest man I have held in my hands, way over inches long and a girth of over 8 inches for sure.
I am a woman - 12 inches or more balls deep work great for me missionary style, but not doggy style
I am a man – I am bigger and I manage to get into any female, regardless of position
I am a woman – I pass on men over 10 inches, love involved or not, it is just not my size
I am a man – I have never experienced, seen a woman taking a huge one over 11 inches
I am a woman – Have had a man with over 12 inches and 8+ girth ball deep, but didn’t measure it, could be that I am off on t
Others – you will not believe it, but . . . . (pls comment below)
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Self-Doubt into Self-Believe
Veröffentlicht:23. Juli 2021, 8:11 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. September 2021, 16:33 Uhr
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Have you ever doubted yourself? When I was a kid, self-doubt was the center of my life. My school grades were not the best, dad gave me the feeling, he would have had rather a boy and when a girl, got be the smartest, the prettiest, the most admired one. When we played “cotton-candy” they boys always preferred the girls with a bush, which I didn’t have yet. Even at the doctor games or any other game, I was not first choice.

When I was about , my favorite uncle took me camping for a weekend and while staring at the camp fire, I broke down; I finally shared with someone how I felt. He held me in his arms, whipped away my tears, wash gentle, caring and started to take away my self-doubt, layer by layer. He made me understand how my father felt, that school grads can be improved by studying rather than playing with the other kids in the park or woods. is nothing wrong not be the most desired girl in the group.

I felt wonderful on the way home, looking at my dad different and understanding his wishes and taking time study rather than playing all the time made me feel much better. About once a month, my uncle would make time for a weekend or day, practice with me more and it was always wonderful, very special. It didn’t take long and self-doubt was a thing of the past. I believed in myself, a test in school did not turn me into a sweaty pumpkin and I became to be known as the best cotton-candy maker in our neighborhood.

Have you had a mentor in your life?
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Your position on DP
Veröffentlicht:9. Juli 2021, 10:19 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. September 2021, 16:25 Uhr
11278 Aufrufe

What do you think about women and men who engage in DP’s?
Only sluts DP
Men who DP are animals
If a woman loves 2 men, why not?
If hubby or BF truly love her, why not give her the ultimate pleasure
A woman needs to find her sexuality first to enjoy it
Men who don’t share their wives or girlfriends are jealous & self-centered bastards
Other – please also comment below - otherwise we never know what your thoughts are :(
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Where did all the nice one go?
Veröffentlicht:9. Juli 2021, 7:59 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. Juli 2021, 6:32 Uhr
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It is not that many years ago, I had some nice people contact me regularly, beside some of the crazy, nut, ill wired ones, and the couples were the female half had to live town on business, visiting the sick mom or got sick just hours prior to the meet. All of the others were just delightful at first look definitely worth a cup of coffee.

It was more often than not, that dates showed up with flowers, sweets or some other small gifts.

Is it me, my age or did the nice ones move on to other websites, since over the last years most messages are all about quick SEX.

Today I get many messages which are all about SEX, drive by, quickies, morning hookups and a quick F#@*@ even at lunch time What of wives do they have at home, what women do they know to believe a woman just needs a penis?

Even though if a woman enjoys to be with more than one man at a time, it does not mean that she wants to be with just any dick or dicks

Where did the nice ones go or do nice men prefer monogamous relationships these days?
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Anal, Fingering, Licking, Intercourse – Period
Veröffentlicht:23. Mai 2021, 8:55 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:29. Juli 2021, 15:43 Uhr
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Amanda’s visit didn’t turn out great yesterday; she wanted to have it all while being on her period. She felt rejected, because only Joe (with condom) and Max (anal) helped out, nobody wanted to go beyond.

On her first time she was on her period, in high school it was never an issue to find a willing boy she claimed, and at my place she gets rejected

What is your habit and experience when it comes to interaction during period time?
Woman – No sexual activity for me while on my period
Man – No thanks, I pass if she has her period
Woman – If I love my man, he can take me any time
Man – If I love her and she desires intercourse, I wouldn’t hesitate
Woman – I like to have unrestricted sex while having my period
Man – Period? So what, I will pound her well
BiFemale – No way, not even fingering
BiFemale – Have her take a thorough shower and I will go down on her
Other – please comment below
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Virgin, Experienced or Very Tight?
Veröffentlicht:7. April 2021, 9:31 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:29. August 2021, 18:22 Uhr
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Chris invited a very young friend to the Easter Egg Hunt, don’t worry he turned 18 in February. A wonderful, sensitive, athletic guy most girls dream about. It was a great surprise when he told us in the pool that he prefers a virgin over an experienced woman. At breakfast the next morning, he shared with us that he changed his mind somewhat, I guess a night can change some minds

If you have the option, what would you chose?
A virgin is the ultimate pleasure
I rather have an experienced lover, tight or less tight, does not matter
My preference is a woman with a very tight pussy, experience doesn’t matter
My favorite is extremely tight, tightness offsets experience
Tight or not, does not matter, as long she gives fantastic BJ’s
Pussy doesn’t matter to me, my preference is anal anyway
Option 1 to 6 doesn't work for me, please see my thoughts below ;)
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