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2 Women  

BiSussi 62F
729 posts
8/6/2020 1:39 pm

Last Read:
4/5/2022 5:23 pm

2 Women

Again and again, I receive unpleasant messages from mature men making references bi-women being not desired by men. Young guys the other hand, very often even ask if I could show their GF how wonderful a girl69 could be.

Are these exceptions or does reflect the feelings of men?

.. .. ..
x .. ..
Men – I am a one woman man, no 2 women or bi-girls in my bed
Woman – I love my GF, have never been with a man and never will
Men – 2 women is hot, would love you to teach my GF how to make love to a girl
Woman – I love my man, but would love to try out also a girl69
Men – I would share my wife with other men, but never with a woman
Woman – I can see other men with us in bed, but never another woman
Others – Please comment below

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Taurushead7737 56M  
1 post
8/6/2020 6:44 pm

I LOVE WOMEN & that's my fantasy 2 or more women to kiss, lick, and pound them all night long!!!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:09 pm:
Your comment makes me understand some of the men who send me messages which are not well received by me. If a guy is more into licking than anything else, yes, another women will be a challenge, as she will do the licking or do a girl do the clean up for me
I want the boys to do what God made them for, while I shall always do the licking and the clean-up
God made us women to do the collecting and clean-up, didn’t he?
Send you from Krk, my paradise, too bad I can’t stay here all year long

classicalrebel4 67M  
1755 posts
8/6/2020 7:31 pm

I've seen two women go at it in porn movies for so long that it just seems so common place that it's no big deal.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:24 pm:
Thank you for being so open, thank you for understanding the need of us women, while a penis is very much appreciated, would not want to live without men, some things are just more wonderful with a female

Yes, I strongly believe God made men to do the ...\8 while women do the clean-up, and I am not talking about cleaning the house

14861 posts
8/6/2020 9:00 pm

Oooooh Yeeeeaaaaaaaah!!

*A Beautiful Thing*

Fuckin Hot!!


BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:31 pm:
Jack, I just wish every man would think and feel like you Some of my boyfriends feel like you, they like to please me first and then we girls can do what we also like, while they watch us. My experience is that men can go more rounds, if there is another bi-girl in the room. 1on1, FmF and even MFM reduces the performance of men

Thank you for your vote, tank you even more for your comment! Send you a big kiss from Krk and hope some men learn from your comment

14861 posts
8/6/2020 9:00 pm



tsmith5116 35M
4 posts
8/6/2020 9:05 pm

I like it when I see two women go at it. It turns me on.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:38 pm:
It looks like you are not alone, when I look at the votes; the majority voted your way. It is also my experience, that straight men find a bi-girl a wonderful addition to any love making and they perform much better than in a 1on1 What woman does not want to be with a man who performs well and it is my experience, men feel better about themselves when they do well

Your comment, this poll makes me feel great again about my sexuality, suspect my Krk vacation helps a lot too It is all about love here and no limits when it comes to love making

Luvtodrive 74M
5 posts
8/6/2020 9:20 pm

Two women I believe is every mans fantasy. I love to have my head in the middle of four breasts. One woman riding my cock while I’m eating the other, then switch! I’d also love to bang and eat one while the other watches, then switch and see which was hotter for each woman! Also one on the left and one on the right, both sucking my cock at the same time sliding between their lips!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:48 pm:
OMG you are demanding! Most women will not lick to give you a BJ at the same time, unless they love you and want to do you a favor. Don’t know any woman who likes to share one penis with another woman at the same time, I for sure don’t If I please a man orally, I want to focus totally on him. Don’t want to even do a 69, I just want to focus totally on his \8, his pleasure, get rewarded with a ...\8, if he enjoys it, it is also a great pleasure to me. Now, if I ride you and you lick my GF at the same time, this works for me, this is without question a great position

Oh well, there are so many different positions which can be heavenly, when you involve a bi-girl, one of the reasons I enjoy Krk so much, no need to read profiles, talk, Kick, Skype, you just go to the beach and you find wonderful people who think and feel the same Where it is all about LOVE and not sexYou don't end up alone in your room and have to do it yourself

ProfessorNaught 109M
1406 posts
8/6/2020 11:17 pm

These are not the questions that should be asked.
{Try to put these request you get in the context of this site. They're pretty much meaningless}

The question that should be asked is "why"?
9.5 out of 10 men will not be able to provide a substantive answer.

I couldn't begin to estimate how women would respond but I bet its over 50/50 just on the basis of the beast. However, you may be better suited to provide an estimate.

Equally, I would not be surprised if it was below 50/50 [ based on how women here tend to communicate ] A substantive answer would be very detailed and extremely articulate. But sometimes they do come out of the woodwork and surprise you.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:52 pm:
I am with you, no poll can answer it all, but I am sure you will create one which will also answer why and so much more

Your input is very much appreciated.

Bettibenobo 66F  
423 posts
8/7/2020 2:55 am

    Quoting  :

Actually women who want a MFM DO NOT WANT bisexual men because then they wouldn't be the center of attention - just a third wheel.

MMF 2 bisexual men having sex with each other and one woman.

MFM is one woman getting all the attention from two men who don't interact with each other - a man at each end and minimal interaction. Minimal Sword crossing considered occupational hazard.

FMF 2 women and 1 very happy man. The women may play together but aren't necessarily bi. Most men's fantasy made even better if the women are bi as well or are willing to act bi for his pleasure.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 9:57 pm:
I could not agree more with you, a woman’s point of view, many man overlook the fact, that a woman who loves him is willing to do things for him just to fulfill his fantasies, but as a woman there is nothing better than a MFM if you love both men

Your comment is invaluable from the perspective of us women. THANK YOU1

Bettibenobo 66F  
423 posts
8/7/2020 3:03 am

I missed FFM - THAT is the one that is most men's fantasy.

Of course most men would be happy if they had 2 women and not really care if they were bi or straight!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:05 pm:
Oh well, this happens when you think about love, when you think about desires, have never met a man who is able to please 2 women, so we don’t truly wish for a FFM However, what do you do if your BF never experienced one, you got to think about it on his birthday He will remember the day the rest of his life

THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts, it will help men to understand how special it is when they are allowed to experience a FFM

Enj7 64M

8/7/2020 11:47 am

I would prefer two women, but I could understand a women preferring two men.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:13 pm:
Thank you for understanding our needs, but if you would be on Krk with me, you could have it all After a spicy night, you wake up with two women in bed, if you do it right, your fantasy becomes reality

Yes, indeed, I do prefer two men, but after a few hours, there are situations, actually many, which represent themselves naturally I kiss you passionately, have my right hands on your penis, my GF moves my hand and starts to please you orally I still kiss you, I still please you, would you find this special?
The drawback is, it usually does not take long, guys most of the time lose the focus

HereForSex19632 59M/59F

8/7/2020 4:04 pm

I love sharing my wife with another woman. I did not click about wanting you to teach he, though, because we have already done it a number of times. And I am a "mature" (not "young") man at 57.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:27 pm:
You are not being a young man makes your comment so much more valuable!!!!!
When I get nasty messages, it is always from mature men, so far I never had one from a guy below age 40 When you look at the votes, some men do not feel like you and me, but they are gentlemen, they managed not to post any nasty comments, they just voted.
Everyone has the right to their preferences, but to put down someone it is not nice.

When it comes to teaching, I don’t think it is never needed, it is there naturally.
All the girls my college boys bring along, they have already the desire, they dreamed about it already many times, they just were not able to turn their fantasies into reality and I enable them to do so Got to admit, it is always an awesome feeling to make these girls squirt the first time with my magical tongue and fingers and when they return the favor, it is very special
Send you and your wife many from Krk

. . . . . . . .

roadrunnerIII 79M  
13 posts
8/7/2020 5:23 pm

If it feels good do it. Who cares what other people think! You only live once!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:33 pm:
Thank you for your encouragement.
Don’t we all prefer approval over a put down?
Not sure why some men and very rarely women, have to send a message and share their disapproval of my bi-sexuality.

You make me feel better, Krk makes me forget the unpleasant message anyway and yes, I will take your advice and live my life Special for you from Krk

KhmerAmerCpl00 72M/44F  
7 posts
8/7/2020 6:39 pm

The more the merrier. My wife is bi and loves women almost as much as men. We have enjoyed several threesomes, both FMF and MFM, foursomes and moresomes. I am straight, possibly bi curious, but am not homophobic. I want my wife to be satisfied in every way possible and we enjoy sex in all its flavors, from vanilla to a little kinky. There are few things we wouldn't try at least once or twice.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:49 pm:
Your wife is a lucky woman; it is not easy to find men who understand that a woman truly needs at least 2 men to be totally satisfied.

Once the boys are done or while they take a break, it is just heavenly to receive some female attention, I just love to lick out and up the pussy/semen juices from the other woman.
We got to meet when I am back, I adore Asian men and women and love to be with women and men, if they are special and understand the difference between SEX and Love Making

BionicRed7 61M

8/8/2020 12:32 pm

would love to be with two women while my wife watches and then joins in. be fun to see her with another dick as well.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 10:55 pm:
Oh well, if you are open to share her as well, you will find plenty of couples who will share quality time with you two.

What do I say, you will also find single bi-girls and plenty straight guys who would like to spend a weekend with you two Just keep in mind, guys are cool with just sex, while us women need some love, it is not only about sex

letsplay71563 59M

8/8/2020 5:33 pm

Not sure why older men would not think that 2 women wouldn't be hot. I would love to experience that again.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:02 pm:
Perhaps it is a bad experience, it is perhaps that some men only want a 1on1, whatever it is, they should stay away with their unwanted messages.

I just adore men, love to be with women, nothing better than two men pleasing a woman and then I do the clean up, take her to heaven again with my magical tongue and fingers, make her squirt like some waterfalls on Krk Oh yes, I do want also attention from the men, just doing a Girl69 is not enough

jlscranton 32M

8/9/2020 5:32 am

hey you how can we chat better ??

want2tasteuand69 61M  
2 posts
8/9/2020 5:41 am

I find it hard to believe that any guy would find the site of two women enjoying each other's bodies anything other than sexually exciting. Sussi, the thought of you eating a creampie(s) out of my lady automatically makes my hand gravitate toward my cock!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:11 pm:
It is a fact, that some mature men communicated their displeasure through messages.
Do I understand them?
No, not at all How often do we women get short changed because the men can’t get it up again right away /8 after they ...\8 A Girl69 keeps you going, fills the gap, and if he is ready \8 he is more than appreciated to come inside again Don’t we women have the right to be totally satisfied?

20form 52T  
90 posts
8/9/2020 9:35 am

How about 2 gurls and a woman??

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:16 pm:
This pic must have been taken by a professional photographer, it is an awesome shot
I like the pics Jakob takes, but none of them are as great as yours.
Wanted to participate on the current contest, but I could not come up with a great pic like you have, in addition the rules of don’t allow to ad a person who is not part of the profile.
Thank you for your comment and sharing your photo!

FrustratedLvr 60M

8/10/2020 11:44 am

Two sexual women, with me, in my bed? What’s not to like!

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:27 pm:
You make me laugh, at first you would be in heaven, but when they look at you after a couple of hours with a sad face and say”Well you visited us both a couple of times, we got each other off already 4 times, but now we really wish you would show us more love, but you are still /8. when will you be \8 again?” how would you feel?

On every FmF I was part of it, this was the case except we did not tell the man, because we loved him and this was for him, we knew already getting in that we will not be totally satisfied Have not done an FmF for a long time, but would do it again for a man I love, if this is what he wishes for on a special occasion, like his birthday

tastemeY 56M  
148 posts
8/13/2020 4:20 am

been with two women a couple of times. 2 sisters once, and a mother / daughter..... BOTH were HOT!

The only other times I've been with 2 women, was with a gangbang.

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:47 pm:
Thank you for your comment and vote
You give some interesting insights, most of the I suspect not experienced by most of us

I can’t understand women who are into gangbangs, never got there, never had a desire for it, suspect never will. What kind of woman likes to be part of a gangbang?
Would love to hear from you? Is it alcohol, drugs and the men trick them into it?

It is not uncommon that mothers go after the boy friend of their daughters, happens every day. Way to many stories to tell about it from my college times, quite a few crashed female friends, some bad fights between daughters and mothers Never understood the mothers, but even less the boys. How can you do it with the mother of your GF, even if she invites you to please her?
I know of relationships where the GF was dumped and her mother become the new GF, but that they guy does than please them both at the same time, never heard of it

Two sisters sharing one men or two GF sharing one, oh yes, this happens all the time, but not on a regular basis, as men were not created to please two women totally at the same time. On every FmF the guys end up with a /8 prior to the women have reached their total satisfaction. If your sister or a GF fancy’s your BF, why not share him, but I would not do it often. Nope, I guess I would do it only once, if this would be a wish of his, otherwise I would prefer they borrow him for a night or weekend, but even better, he brings a friend or two
Oh yes, I would vote for a more some, 2 women and 3 guys

cpllookin42 41M/34F
2 posts
8/14/2020 12:56 pm

If you trust each other bringing men and or women into bed is just more fun

BiSussi replies on 8/14/2020 11:56 pm:
Yes, indeed, trust and love make life special, if you love a person, jealousy is whipped out and you are able to enjoy together other people you love

Without question, adding men and women to love making session assures total satisfaction for all, live no one out in the cold, and by the end of the day everyone is totally satisfied.

One of the reason I love in so much here on Krk, it is never about jealousy, it is all about love, harmony and happiness. Send you many from paradise.

. . . . . . .

Lkn4funwith2 57M
1216 posts
8/15/2020 9:38 am

I have never known a man who is not into bi women, but I it does not surprise me that some do not like that. I have desired bi women since I was a teen, and still do!! I know some women who are bi, and love hearing about their experiences.

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 12:05 pm:
Thank you for your comment Most men I know value bi-girls like me, puts less pressure on them when they take a break If you look at the results, it shows that some women or men don’t want another women in their bed. They don’t desire or want a clean-up girl around, I guess this is the same type of guys who sent me nasty messages, about me being open to men and women

... ..

Secrets1287 22M
1 post
8/19/2020 3:12 am

I feel like getting with two women would be really hot. I hope I can experience that one day

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:53 am:
Don’t keep it on your to-do-list, JUST DO IT You should have joined me on my vacation on Krk, you would HAVE DONE IT ALREADY, you just would make LOVE to one or more women Most of the guys & girls here are your age, you would have had a ball. Shall help you out when I am back but keep in mind, in October I travel to Asia again I adore Asian men and women

.. ..

NiceDreamz40 42M/46F

8/19/2020 12:09 pm

We enjoy the addition of other women/extras as long as everyone has a good time...

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:47 am:
Thank you for your comment, We shall talk on the phone and Skype when I get back from Krk FmF or MFFM can change ones day, would be also open to a MFMIs your man ON A PINEAPPLE DIET?
Would love to lick it all up, after your man has delivered his gift in you, making you squirt again and again while doing it would be a very special time for me
All my boys on Krk are on my special diet during our vacation,a glass of pineapple juice and the morning and night is a must or there is NO LOVE

Kokoretsas 42M
7 posts
8/19/2020 1:34 pm

So sexyyyyy... Women

BiSussi replies on 9/8/2020 3:11 am:
Thank YOU You look nice, but suspect too long for most of us women or do you know how to adjust your length when you enter?
Or do you always go all the way in????????????

PhilnNang 69M/47F
2 posts
8/19/2020 1:51 pm

Hello Sussi
My husband love to see me ( Nang ) playing with other woman,I also like playing with other women and men.We only had a cpl where the wife was BI and a loved playing with her
Best regards Nang and Phil

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:41 am:
We got to meet, it sounds like we could be sisters. It is just very special to be with a man or men you love, doing a Girl69 after your man or men have delivered their gift in you, especially if your man or men are on a pineapple diet YUMMY Making you squirt again and again, while I lick it all out and up and us my magical fingers and tongue while doing it YUMMY
All my boys on Krk are on my special diet during our vacation,a glass of pineapple juice and the morning and night is a must or there is NO LOVE

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 12:17 pm:
Can’t wait to make love to you, your husband and hopefully also to some of your nice friends. It is not about SEX for me, I live on LOVE MAKING. If no love is involved, it just does not work for me, I could not even squirt

Yes, indeed, it is all about.. .. .. it is all about LOVE

Kokoretsas 42M
7 posts
8/19/2020 2:12 pm

I am waiting for you with the gf by the sea to have a nice time .. For a nice vacation.

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:35 am:
At which sea are you waiting for me???i WISH i would have read this post earlier, my boys went fishing all day and it was only us girls here and Jakob, who is way 2 BIG 4 ME I do love girl/girl, but I for sure would like to receive a FEW gift from Doing a Girl69 is special to me, especially if the man or men are on a pineapple diet YUMMY Making you squirt again and again, while I lick it all out and up and us my magical fingers and tongue while doing it YUMMY ARE YOU ON A PINEAPPLE DIET?
Where are you, they want to go fishing again on Thursday

Lookin2explore83 39M/37F
111 posts
8/19/2020 9:00 pm

I want to experince and play with another woman and depending on the right woman might let her enjoy my man with me.

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:29 am:
I do love girl/girl, but I for sure would like to receive a gift from your man as well or I would have to bring one of my young boys with me Doing a Girl69 is special to me, especially if the man or men are on a pineapple diet YUMMY Making you squirt again and again, while I lick it all out and up and us my magical fingers and tongue while doing it YUMMY

SexyBabe14425 55F
3 posts
8/19/2020 11:27 pm

I am a woman who loves men!!!! However, I think a woman's body is like a piece of art. I wouldn't ever rule out being with a woman, I dabbled in college like a lot of girls. But, a stiff hard cock petting my clitty is something only a man can do.

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:25 am:
I am totally with you!!! No woman can replace a hard \8 manHowever a love to be with a women after they have delivered their gift in her, or while they take a break? Especially if they are on a pineapple diet YUMMY No question, most of the time I like to feel them inside me first, receive their gifts and then share my love with the female/s, who hopefully have been already pleased as well Making them squirt again and again, while I lick it all out and up and us my magical fingers and tongue while doing it YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY
Can’t wait for the boys coming back from their fishing trip today, Jakob is way 2 BIG 4 me and only doing girl/girl, the clean up, HJ and BJ for Jakob did not satisfy me all the way Oh yes, I like a nice sized \8 in me by now

letsgogandk 58M/39F
14 posts
8/21/2020 8:52 pm

I love playing with girls before enjoying my husband and another guy.

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:15 am:
How about after, or while they take a break? At first I always like HJ & BJ, than feeling them inside me, receive their gifts and then share my love with the female/s, who hopefully have been already pleased as well Making them squirt again and again, while I lick it all out and up and us my magical fingers and tongue while doing it YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY

RocketRides4 42M  
15 posts
8/23/2020 1:08 am

I thought 2 women was every man's dream

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:10 am:
Is it your dream? When you look at the votes, some women and men rather have multiple men in bed; don’t want to share with another women. My young boys are different, they don’t mind when I do a Girl69 while they take a break and always ready for a MfM or FMF
I miss my young guys already and they only went fishing for one day

jessimarsoto2 33F

8/24/2020 11:45 pm

creo que ahora entiendo por qué me gustan los hombres mayores, me gusta muchl que hombres me compartan. Pero a pesar de no considerarme una chica bi, he hecho 69 con mis amigas cuando ellas asi lo quieren. Pero hey, adoro a los hombres, soy hetero definitivamente, una hetero que no le dice no a sus amigas bi.

FunNewGuy1000 62M
511 posts
8/25/2020 2:59 pm

its on "the list"......

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 11:00 am:
Don’t keep it on the list, JUST DO IT

xxxx5424donne 40M
3 posts
8/28/2020 4:42 am

sorry only young girls i also did together also lesbo no old women, I don't care

BiSussi replies on 8/30/2020 10:55 am:
Thank you for being to the point, being honest, nothing worse than a man in the room who can’t keep a \8 up. While my young boys tell me my pussy feels better, is much tighter than any other pussy they have experienced, I do understand that mature men like you need not only love, but also another stimulator Once again, thank you for your comment and I hope a lot of 18 year old will chase you down Just hope my boys went truly fishing for fish and not for young pussy today

I want to be loved and not used as a and my young boys LOVE me.)and love to make love to me . . > Can't wait for them to get back today, so we can do it again

CalaisCock 27M

9/3/2020 2:07 am


BiSussi replies on 9/8/2020 3:17 am:
Thank YOU You look awesome, your AGE is PERFECT! No, you are PERFECT, not only your age Does this mean we will have coffee when I am in ME next time?
Do you also have friends who do MfM and DP’s?
Not a must, but it would be nice
Please do keep in mind, I don't want to be a all I desire is make love to nice, kind and sweet men

.. .. ... ..

SquirtingT00l 41M
9 posts
9/5/2020 1:47 pm

Other: Single man meeting 2 bi girls

The amount of attention to each other is mindblowing, love it. Yes, there is a big difference having sex between just 2 girls and 2 bi girls. With 2 bi girls you get a total sensor overload , for all. As with just 2 girls you miss the making out of the 2 bi's.?*

Celebrate your BI life and block unpleasant men{=}

BiSussi replies on 9/8/2020 3:26 am:
Thank YOU for your comment
Why you don’t visit with us on Krk, I will be here for another week, while Helmi and Jakob will go back home in 4 days.
It would be fabulous if you could make it still down here this year As for me, I prefer by far a fMf with a bi-girl, never found a man who could satisfy me, and it was always even worse, when another girl was in the mix
Do you do MfM and DP’s?
The boys are off cart-racing today, so I am already very lonely and I do not want to just have sex, you have plenty of guys at the beach who just want to >>!, but this is not for me. I need LOVE MAKING
You do make love, right?

at the beach with me? fin the right spot for us an play the game

SquirtingT00l 41M
9 posts
9/8/2020 2:45 pm

I would love to visit you on Krk, unfortunally work doesn't agree. I spend my holiday at the Dutch sea and beaches There are some beautiful spots where i would love to get naked with you and play (almost) every game you want with you

Making love is the game, the mind is the most sensual thing we can share. Without it, i might as well buy a sexdollamp;. Trigger my mind and you open a ocean of desires.

Both MFM and FMF are on my open menu and yes i also prefer FMF With DP's not yet that much experience but with the right people i'm always in for some more experiences.

Enjoy your holiday, i'll be thinking of you on that special spot on the beach{=}

jojono1 65M
4 posts
9/12/2020 8:15 pm

i love to watch 2 women make love

xxxx5424donne 40M
3 posts
9/21/2020 9:16 am

my fantasy came true fuck two lesbian babes already done no milf advanced and retouched sucks

BigMarcus805 48M  
1 post
10/4/2020 3:48 am

I love two woman one riding the cock while the other sits on my face an skin to skin is the best

BadBoyTrippleX 35M
1 post
10/16/2020 7:17 am

Bi woman or straight woman... Either way I would love to have 2woman. Keep up the great work sussi

TSladiesMan 31M
4 posts
11/20/2020 9:50 am

Hi sussi

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 62M
3847 posts
12/11/2020 12:16 pm

As an active teen, I had an ongoing FMF3sum with twins for several years, all hetero, but have no idea what THEY did when not with me. As adults one turned out to be bi, the other straight, so ..... At age 17, I dated a gal & we frequently had same room fun with her best friend & BF, & eventually we swapped partners, and had FMF 3sums as well as MFM3sums. Later, once married, my 1st wife turned out to be bi, leaning towards lez, and so I shared her with her many GFs. My in-be-tween FWB was also bi, but we always were 1 on 1 when having fun. My 2nd wife was NOT bi, but she & I swapped partners at times, she had a VERY hi libido, & wasnt shy about seducing a guy she liked, but never unless HIS GF was ok with it & willing to be with me. After that marriage was over, I engaged in alotta swap parties, and my partner of the nite was with any guy she chose, as I was with any gal I chose. My 3rd marriage, we were both straight, but was agreed before the vows that we would NOT be monogamous, and were not, and were happy with that, both playing seperatly, as well as at some parties. Since that marriage ended, I have again been at several parties, but am now prefering 1 on 1 with FWBs mostly.

Dsan69sexy 32M

1/2/2021 4:36 pm

I’m a single bi guy and being in an ffm threesome is a dream for me. I would love to join and I would even enjoy watching two women make love.

jjonsnow 40M

1/4/2021 7:08 am

hi bisussi

this blog is way hot! thakn you for all the energy you put into making it so enteraining. And Pleae pleaes remember me bc I can only cum and receive pleasure with skin to skin. you say you need it. I NEED it. Really what i hope to find is a family where i fit like i was there forever.

I personaly am open to most scenarios long as im attracted and woman is present. my last one was so negative, i really dont say 'no' bc it ruins the encounter for me to hear or to say sometimes. but im working on that.

hope t see youin person soon if possible!!!

Eatherpussy113 47M
8 posts
1/7/2021 7:25 am

Two girls is hot especially having an exotic or European

gardenboy321 59M  
41936 posts
1/10/2021 9:55 am

Being with two women has got to be a man's #1 fantasy. Those men that you speak of who aren't into it are crazy! lol

Thoughts from the Garden...

Lussypicker69er 38M
22 posts
1/16/2021 4:58 pm

@bisussi I can't wait to see you and your girlfirend getting down and squirting on the bed in front of me. Pineapple diet here!

Sixfooteight72 50M
2 posts
2/3/2021 10:17 am

I’m just here for the skin2skin fun.. it’s just me and you.. otherwise it would be skin2skin2skin..

LongingLove 53M  
12 posts
2/13/2021 1:38 pm

I would totally be good with two women and not being the focus. Why wouldn't I be OK with someone being themselves and enjoy love making? Guess that's why I voted for other.
I would also be totally good with my partner having a girlfriend.
I've dated many who have had...


Love you your blog and emphasis on love making vs sex. The best sex for me, comes from being intimately involved with others, emotionally, spiritually.

Best wishes,

Jbassler 38M
1 post
2/22/2021 4:46 am

i have no problems with any of it i would love to be a part of FFM hell you can even add more letters. its all about the enjoyment. if you enjoy more than 1 woman then why does it matter what someone else thinks? enjoy sex how you want to enjoy sex

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
3/3/2021 4:32 pm

Woman on Woman is soooooooooooooo HOT!!

SirNimbleTongue5 36M
4 posts
4/8/2021 9:22 pm

Ever since I denied my sexuality and the first porn movies and the fact that the penis is not only for pissing, the fantasy of two women at the same time always excited me incredibly, it's like getting twice as much happiness, not one pussy to lick, but two.
That's how I wanted to try it from an early age (maybe that's why I like lesbians so much) just the thought could make me get an immediate erection and a huge sperm shot.
Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to fulfill this fantasy with any of my partners so far. I had the opportunity to take part in the erotic session 2F + 2M- and 2M + 1F it was pretty cool I have to admit, but 2F and me, it will probably remain my unfulfilled fantasy for a long time

Dopeameaningful 52M  
5 posts
10/14/2021 11:18 am

It's hard to put into words how much I crave a dynamic that has always been at the top of my list of bliss. It's been a lovely memory for a long time and a distant wish for a while, although I did call the” make a wish foundation”, they said throbbing desire wasn't life-threatening(not true). I will put in a call to the” make another wish foundation” they understand it's Life extending. I'm going to ramble more stuff, so I just thought I would let you know You're quite fantastic !!!!

bobchoi1168 51M

11/1/2021 8:32 am

hey babe. It's always been my fantasy to be with 2 women at the same time. Can you help me make it true?

aaronsforeplay62 60M  
85 posts
11/29/2021 4:37 pm

As told to me by my step-daughter, my wife was a total slut before she met me. I would apologize for whatever I did to change that because I have been looking for that quality in a wife. Being her 3rd husband, I encouraged her to do what made her feel good and what she enjoyed most. She never wanted to have a FF encounter or have sex with any other man but me. Just my luck.

SicilianPassion0 100M

12/13/2021 4:19 pm

I have enjoyed being in a swinger relationship in the past with a bi gal and totally loved it! I enjoyed 2 or more women with her as well as sharing her with men! We went to swingers parties and orgies as well! All of it hot as Hell! Would love to find a bi gal again to enjoy those experiences…until that happens….I’m just a guy open to having that type of fun on a casual basis. Hope to hear from you! MarkSicilianPassion0

ukblue68 54M  
26 posts
1/16/2022 7:09 pm

i am very happy with all combos - love to be involved in a group regularly thats my dream

rustyjonson64 74M  
7 posts
3/26/2022 1:31 pm

I don't fuck with Mother Nature Its bee around long before us and will be if we don't fuck it up. SOOOOO if it ain't broke don't fix it......BUT a little kink never hurt? right BiSussI??

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