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Sex Partners we remember by number and not by name!  

BiSussi 62F
729 posts
6/21/2020 6:52 am

Last Read:
1/31/2022 9:07 pm

Sex Partners we remember by number and not by name!

While most of us don’t remember all our sex partners by name, we do remember the number or can give a good estimate
How many lovers/sex partners have you had in your life?

I the comment box, please specify how many of these you have had sex/made love are from this site and approximately how many you have been with in college, workplace or met in other situations. Do you remember all their names?
Do you want specify how many of them are from Does age matter you? Are Condoms, STD or Corona tests are required? What positions you prefer, size, color or straight or bi-girls, etc. etc. feel free enter any info you find is of interest. All these should be mentioned in the comment box. When you vote and I do hope you do, please count everyone you have been with in your life

I have been with well over 20, some think this makes me a bad girl; others find it a plus and can’t wait meet me for tea or coffee. No question, I like regular relationships, not a onetime encounter, this is why I share my house with college friends
up to 5
6 to 20
21 to 60
61 to 120
121 to 240
over 240

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Yours_4A_knight 57M
1502 posts
6/21/2020 9:58 pm

I remember all the women that I have been with, but I have such a small number that makes it easier. I have met two women from here both a very long time ago that I actually was intimate with, I picked the 6 to 20 but a little closer to 6 than 20

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:04 am:
Thank you for sharing your info. Numbers is not that important than quality I strongly believe and if you remember all their names you are a quality man

14861 posts
6/21/2020 10:26 pm



BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:08 am:
Thank you for voting Jack Are you one of the over 240? One new lady each month since you started making love, would certainly put you over 240

SouthGeorgiaCoug 65F
165 posts
6/22/2020 9:46 am

WOW, I voted and was surprised I'm the only one at 61-120! Hubby and I sat down one day and made a list of the ones we could remember, of course the number is still going up.

A Cougar searching for cubs!

BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:12 am:
Thank you for voting It looks like you motivated some to tell it all Since you like cubs, suspect you will not reach 240 soon, if ever, cubs like to hang around, do not let you roam the land, they need love too muchIt is not the numbers after all, it is the quality of the cubs which matters

New2Midlo 53M
1075 posts
6/22/2020 5:12 pm

I've sort of moved beyond numbers into trend analysis.

For example, when I find a new partner, I tend to have multiples in a short period of time.

Most common partner names have been Cara, followed by Cristina, Amy, and Kathleen, believe it or not.

Most noteworthy trend was three different Cara's over three consecutive weekends.

BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:26 am:
Thank you for votingOh well, if you have every week a different Cara, Amy, Christina, etc. and you started at age 18, than you must be one of the 240 plus guys )you remember their names, which shows to me that you certainly a guy who values women

Superman4695 37M
168 posts
6/22/2020 7:23 pm

I voted but not saying the actual number here but 20+ and zero from this site. I remember them all but I am sure some of them did not give me their real name. I always ask about STDs and so far have not gotten any since I use a condom nearly every time.

Preference is average (not current average of overweight to obese but body type) to skinny (but not too skinny showing bones needs to have some booty and not be flat as a board) under age 36 though if they look young (face and body) and are in good health I might make an exception. I like doggy but other positions are fine we can try new ones if she prefers.

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 5:25 am:
I am already over 36, does this disqualify me? I am able to understand your age limit, I myself prefer very young guys, but have also been with a few mature ones.
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

YYCyoungstud 24M  
1 post
6/22/2020 10:58 pm

Voted as for what type of women i am looking for i would have to say someone who is adventurous yet confident. Someone who can take direction but will tell me what really gets them off beforehand. Older women are always welcome. None from this sight yet as i am rather new, many from social gatherings and some from other dating apps. I remember all names but the ones that happened when we were both heavily intoxicated. Condoms not required and neither are corona tests. Favorite positions are doggy, 69, and some others i don't know the names of. Bi girls are always a plus

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 5:22 am:
Your age is perfect Men who remember their names, is what I seek, is a necessity for me to fall in love. We should meet when I get back from Krk
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

SuckMy8Plus 57M  
259 posts
6/22/2020 11:13 pm

I've Cum In a lot of people.

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 5:18 am:
I adore men, especially the one who make love without condoms
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

Rad0808 63M
1 post
6/23/2020 10:43 am

I have no idea of the exact number but I know it's way over 20 and I'm guessing less than 60. I'd say maybe 5 or 6 from this site is accurate. Most were from the workplace or just bars when I was working in NYC. Age has never mattered to me, nor has color or nationality. I'm a kisser and love foreplay with my partners. Fucking is great but it's the lead-in that makes the sex great.

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 5:17 am:
I love what you say at first, but you lost me when you started talking about f**** and Sex
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

funflyer8251 48M  
1 post
6/23/2020 4:55 pm

I’ve been with many single women and wives since I have been in the lifestyle. Many of whose I’m am still in contact with to this day, and a few that I still play with when time permits. Never opposed to making new friends. But definitely prefer ongoing relationships, local or long distance.
The number of people you’ve been with is just that, a number. There’s no wrong or right amount number of partners you’ve had.

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 5:14 am:
I like your answer, we all are different, while one person my love only 1 or 2 people in a life time, others love multiple people and the number will go up with time.
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

CarpeDiem22202 60M  
350 posts
6/27/2020 9:20 am

I'm one of the ones with over 240. I don't spend as much time tracking as I used to, but figure the count is likely between 350 and 400 (different people). 80% of those are from my teens, 20's, and 30's. Many short-term experiences, a lot of very open relationships, FWB, and fuck buddies. I have also been part of the lifestyle for many years. I didn't really think much of it until my mid/early-20's when I I started a VERY Open relationship with a woman when we were in college (different colleges not too far apart). Anyway, we both were hyper sexual and while we went out often we were openly NOT exclusive. We would discuss our encounters in the past and present, even encouraging the other to enjoy others, sometimes together. It was incredible. We had kind of an informal "competition" of which of us have had sex with more people. When we met we were both right around 100 as I recall, a couple of years later we were both in the 150+ range. She ended up getting married a few years after that so her count stalled out, mine didn't.

BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:37 am:
Not sure what to think about your lifestyle comment. Lifestyle = Sex and not love. Correct? 240 plus does not surprise me, I suspect most men at your age, who are sweet, caring and appreciate women have passed the 240 mark, unless they were married to a very jealous women for a decade or more Thank you for your honesty, you get a BIG PLUS from me for it.

Opentoany2020 25M

6/27/2020 7:42 pm

Voted up to 5 never been with anyone from either they don't wana meet first at all or are just completely different ppl when we do

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 4:25 am:
This is a shame, I only have great experiences, but have noticed that some people at first say they would like to meet and then refuse to do a Skype get to know session. Suspect they are not a couple and/or they are not genuine when it comes to love making.
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

BBC4AllHotWives 27M
1 post
7/3/2020 5:23 am

If any females want BBC add me on kik: BBC4AllHotWives

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 4:19 am:
I am colorblind, but it looks like you are way too big for my very tight pussy. I like your age, you are in shape, but it is just the size of your penis why I would not Kik you today or in the future My preference is average \8b \8

Seekfunnn 22M
11 posts
7/3/2020 9:02 pm

It dosnt natter

BiSussi replies on 7/5/2020 4:53 am:
Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts, some prefer partners with low numbers, while most men who are all about SEX don’t care at all about the numbers or names.
It is all about love when I am with a man, couple or girl. If I don’t like them I will not be intimate with them, as I do not care about SEX, just love making.

63401969 69M

7/5/2020 7:49 am

You visited me so I am here for you.


BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:40 am:
Not sure what to think about your comment You mean we had already a meet or I looked at your profile?

63401969 69M

7/5/2020 7:51 am

BiSussi, I think I want you.


BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 10:43 am:
Thank you for votingAre you one of the 240 plus? If you are not toooo big, I could see myself sharing a drink with you and if you are sweet and nice, perhaps even open up 4you However, only if you are not XL, my tight pussy does appreciate most a man who is average, but I have been with L and XL in the past. Unfortunately, XL have a hard time to make me squirt, and I love to squirt, be totally satisfied.

exoticdate 28M  
1 post
7/5/2020 11:38 am

Just started this lifestyle with some expectations. . To me Sex is an Art which has to be engrave in a way the partners love to do!!! I haven't been with a bi women which I prefer. Hope to have one in near future!!!

BiSussi replies on 7/6/2020 11:02 am:
Your age is great,thank you for votingYou are not one of the 240 plus guys, are you? Do you mostly have sex or are you into love makings as well? Some Cougar just want sex, others just love making while some prefer love making, but also accept SEX if the man desires it. SouthGeorgiaCoug I suspect prefers love making, as her numbers are very low for her age, but in the end, numbers do not matter, if you remember the name of your lover says a lot more. I will be on vacation on Krk all August, but September or November could work to meet up for a drink, as I am in Asia most of October. What do you think?

midsummrbday 65M  
18 posts
7/26/2020 12:25 pm

I have had sex with around twenty women, but none from this site. To me, it is one of the greatest pleasures a human being can have. I love giving and receiving orally and would love to have any and every kind of sex with you. There is always an element of love making in sex, for me.

BiSussi replies on 8/6/2020 4:56 am:
I do prefer bi-girls when it comes to oral, but love to have a \8 in my mouth as well, receive the gift ...\8 of a man However, I mostly into men like Yardstick236 Just look at his videos and you know what I mean I find him God’s gift to women, but not every man has to be like Yardstick236 if love is involved, 2 minutes less works also for me

KhmerAmerCpl00 72M/44F  
7 posts
7/26/2020 2:43 pm

Him - I've been chasing pussy for over 50 years and have sampled my fair share of lovely ladies from around the world. I got pretty lucky during my college days and after a married I had a few affairs and paid for a lot of pussy. After a divorce I moved to the Middle East for 16 years of work and found a few Arab and a lot of 3rd world national ladies to be very accommodating. I have also been fortunate to travel in Africa, Europe and have spent months exploring SE Asia. The Indonesian, Thai and Cambodians ladies are the kinkiest and in general the best lays I've had.

Since joining eleven years ago, I'd estimate that I, my wife or both of us have fucked over 50 people from It's our go to place to find playmates of both sexes.

BiSussi replies on 8/6/2020 4:52 am: works well for me as well, always organize my business trips with the help of, as such, I never end up alone in the hotel suite and I am able to relax from my business meeting. has also the advantage of guys like Yardstick236 I find him God’s gift to women, but if it would not have been for, I suspect I would have never met him and there are also many other examples

author51 59F  
130010 posts
8/17/2020 12:06 am

I have only had 7 men in my life so know them all by name..

BiSussi replies on 8/19/2020 3:32 am:
How honest, most women stop counting at 5

I rather have 7 men I love or loved than 70 men who only want SEX. Since you still know all their names, I can only guess LOVE was involved, they were special to you and they were more than nice to you as well, loved you back and made you happy

You are a lucky woman, I am very happy for you

Zinny1953 69M  
246 posts
9/4/2020 11:36 am

Seriously, I used to remember every single one by name until I hit approximately 35. Then I began to lose track. THAT was embarrassing when I ran into someone I'd slept with in college and didn't remember her name...I remember being with her, just not her name. (Oooops!)

cumwithme4469 60M  
125 posts
10/16/2020 3:59 pm

i counted 200 around my 40th birthday including some years being monogamous (college was very very good to me), and that was before i discovered swinging.
i also love multiple women and orgies.
i met a few women and couples from here. would love to meet more. age does not matter.
i've had many relationships and many just sex. i've fallen in love a few times and yes, i do remember their names and once i fall in love i never fall out, even tho we may never be able to live together.

Canice70 50M
2070 posts
1/12/2021 12:03 pm

I've had about 21: 3 in hs, 4 in college, 1 stripper who went above and beyond, only 1 actual person from, and the rest were coworkers or significant others.


LakeRidgeBBWSeek 62M
3847 posts
1/12/2021 12:39 pm

OK, 1st of all, YES, I am a manwhore, as my current FWB calls me. I started at an early age, and remember each one till after the age of 30, my 1st divorce, and sadly at age 55, I started to forget some, mainly due to swing party attendance, where the numbers got higher much faster. I have a 'log' now, of each & every gal, within my swiss-cheese memory's limits. Names, dates, maybe what we did, especially if there was a chance for a repeat in the future, and since the late '90's, photos of every gal that allowed that too. I was already into "double digits" before I got married at 19, tho thru my 1st marriage I was monogamous, at least until our 7th year, when I found she wasnt, so why should I be? During my 2nd marriage, we swapped some, since he was a 'nympho" by her own admission, but it wasnt until after she died that I really cut loose, and tween her death & my 3rd marriage, at age 54, my numbers increased exponentially. During my 3rd marriage, by mutual agreement, those numbers increased further, since by mutual agreement, neither of us pledged to be monogamous, tho we rarely played as a couple. And when we divorced, I continued as before, and only slowed down in the recent 2 years. Am not dead yet, so still in the game however!

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