A BIG adventure. Part 1  

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10/25/2018 6:30 am
A BIG adventure. Part 1

So this is the start of my BIG cock adventure, have broken the story/event into more bitesize chapters for better reading, also my time is not allowing me to complete as quickly as id like.
Hope you enjoy. Part 2 to follow as soon as I can. C.

So my losing bet had come to this, waiting in a hotel bar with Nick, my gloating companion who was to film, waiting for my play thing to arrive. Or was I the play thing?
A sense of nervousness and excitement at the same time, waiting to see who would walk through the door. The chosen one, all I knew was a name.
A helplessness in the situatilon but utter confidence that this would be a safe environment.
I had dressed in a mid thigh all in one, thin strap summer dress, with a red lingerie set of bra and knickers underneath. My hair was fully down and laying over my shoulders, covering the straps of my dress.
He arrived and walked into the bar with an air of confidence and caught my eye, flashing a genuine but sincere smile. Masculine to a tee.
"Simply divine, gorgeous!"
I smiled, jumped up and we embraced, saying our hello's. I inadvertently put my hand on his crotch and felt the outline of his cock through his jeans, I could feel it was BIG, firm and everything Nick said it was.
Todd laughed and said " Your not wasting any time are you sweetie, and I thought your were going to be nervous from what I was told"
"Sorry, Oh, I am." I replied bashfully.

Having acquainted ourselves and chatted away we made our way upstairs.
Once inside the room, Todd wasted no time, catching my arm and spinning me round and into his arms. He was straight in for a cuddle and kisses.

I'm blushing and smiling and so nervous and so excited all at once...

His hands are on my waist and his lips are on my neck, lightly kissing a line up to my ear. He nips my earlobe, and I feel his warm breath on my neck.

I wrap my hands around the back of his neck and can't help but moaning a little. Finally he grabs my face and kisses me. His tongue is playing with mine, his lips are the perfect mix of soft but forceful. His scent is masculine but fresh. He lightly bites my bottom lip, sucking just enough to make me need more.

He stops. His hypnotic eyes are looking deep into my soul. Then he restarts the exploration of my mouth.

I broke off our kiss after a few minutes and asked, "can I?"
He nodded and I squatted down onto my knees, unzipped him, and reached inside and after briefly fumbling around, I pulled out his huge cock. Or more like, it came out to meet me.

"OH...MY...GOD!" was my shocked gasping reaction when I saw it flop out. It was HUGE! It was so big. It was uncircumcised with a perfect thick mushroom helmet. He was only slightly hard, and hung down past his mid-thigh.
"Haha, enjoy!!" Nick sarcastically joked
"How big is it?" I asked like a little girl excited at Christmas.

Todd laughed, "You thought I was lyin didn't ya? It's as big as you make it, and its all yours for tonight sweetie"

I am telling you. It was seriously as long and as big as my forearm. He literally had a third leg. I was down on my knees and took hold of the shaft with both hands, and there was still leftovers to spare. I started stroking it and kissing the head as he sighed in anticipation. I started tasting his precum as I licked the underside of his bulbous head. I was looking him in the eyes as I sucked away and his dick was growing by the second and sticking straight out from his body. I actually had to scoot back a little to adjust to the added length as he grew.

I took him out of my mouth and continued to lick his cock while we continued to make eye contact but when he was fully hard, I had to raise up higher on my knees to reach it. I opened my mouth wide and slid it down as far as I could. There was NO way I was getting all of this monster in my mouth.

Todd was loving my moist lips around his huge erection. He was sighing and whispering, "Yea baby, just like that. That feels great. Don't stop. Keep suckin."
I took Todd's monster cock in both hands and started jerking it while I sucked. I motioned him to lie on the bed, which he did willingly.

A big drop of clear juice emerged at the tip of his cock, glistening in the light like a diamond. I reached a finger towards the head of his cock, touching the drop with a fingertip. I then slowly smeared it over the swollen head, leaving it shiny. A long trail of sticky juice followed my finger as I removed my hand from his swollen purple head. I licked his juice suggestively from my finger.

“ Oooh! That’s so tasty, is there plenty more where that came from?! “

Holding his cock around the base, I gently felt around behind his balls until I located a slightly protruding lump just at the very root of his mighty shaft. Then, I began to massage this lump, rubbing it in small, slow, circles with a moderate amount of pressure. Immediately Todd started to feel a rich warmth spreading through his entire groin, his giant dick swelled even more, and I could feel my juices building. With my other hand, I stroked and gently scraped its immense surface with my fingernails. Up one side in a soft sensous way and down the other side dragging my nails, this technique seemed to bring new heights of ecstasy for Todd. A slow stream of fluid began to emerge from the tip of his super-hard cock, which I would lick off at intervals. I continued this for many minutes, drawing unprecedent quantities of spermy liquid from his cocks overexcited glans. He remained in a perpetual state of pre-orgasmic bliss, lieing back numbly, watching this fondling of his giant prong like he never wanted it to end. To be fair, what man does??

I took long strokes with my tongue all the way from his balls to his tip before flickering my tongue over his head. I cradled his balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a gentle kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my flickering tongue.

By the time I had reached the top, it was oozing over with more precum. I darted out my tongue and tasted a little. Closing my eyes as I savored his flavour.

I wanted more.

I focused my attention on the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a combination of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. My tongue darting in and out of his cum slit, dipping my tongue in, and letting my lips embrace all the rest, not ceasing in their quest to stimulate the massive cock-top.

When I broke from the sloppy kiss, a score of tendrils connected my lips to his giant obelisk. Rather then letting them break, I whipped out my tongue and snapped up each little cum-cable, relishing the result.

The time had come to finish the job. I reluctantly released his heavy nutsac, and wrapped both of my hands around the shaft. I placed them at least a wrist-length apart, and still plenty of cock emerged from both ends. I was looking at perhaps 8 inches still exposed at the top of my higher hand. This was going take a little work.

I began to pump. I jerked, jacked, and beat off this monster, and brought my head low to lap heavily at the head. I sat back and stared at the head. Now fully hard it looked big, swollen and flush, it looked impossible that I could fit it in my mouth

Well, I opened my mouth, and pressed it to the cockhead. I swabbed my tongue on it and caught another juicy dollop of precum. The taste inspired me, and I did something I didn't know I could. My mouth stretched to take him in, my lips pushing in on themselves to make way for the huge ram entering.

My cheeks burned slightly as they hollowed around the big club in suction, my lips stretched and my jaw aching. I slid down inch after inch of massive shaft, until I had a good five inches in, the colossal head sitting in my throat.

I held like this only a moment to let myself get used to it, and then I started to bob my head.

I sucked on his cock like I was trying to melt an ice lolly with my mouth. I sucked on his cock like I was trying to swallow the top end of a baseball bat.

It wasn't long before my hands were back in the action, pulling on the dangerous dong for all they were worth.

I pumped, bobbed, jacked, sucked, slurped and moaned on that dick until I saw those massive balls shift as they tightened a little.

I then took his helmet in one hand and the base of his shaft in the other and began to simultaneously massage him. My soft warm hands sliding up and down his length in swift continuous motions. I began building up the pressure with my hands, squeezing a little firmer with every stroke and also the speed of my movement. An occasional lick of his pulsating, throbbing purple helmet caused appreciating moans. I watched again, the pleasure on his face, before suddenly he gripped the bed sheets firmly with both hands and roared like a wild animal, whilst his hips lurched forward and he unleashed a monster creamy gelatinous wad that smacked into the side of my face, completely unaware. As I pulled my head back instinctively another wad coursed its way past my face and flew into my hair.

The excitement of my stimulation, which I was continuing, had forced his cum to fly in all directions, despite being taken by surprise by this sudden burst of his seed I managed to cap the flow with my eagerly awaiting mouth, as further volleys flooded into my awaiting mouth. My lips remained firmly planted on his ultra stiff geysering rod as it delivered his man cream. When he had finished I removed my lips slowly, licking the escaping juice with my tongue as best I could but due to the copious amounts, some naturally escaped, dripping down more cum over his already messy cock.

I sat up and I cleaned my face with my fingers, collecting a pool in my mouth before swallowing it in a loud gulp. This made both guys smile, which I returned whilst licking my lips.
"Well that was fun" I said, still with a grin eminating from my face.

My pussy felt like it was soaking wet. I was surprised there wasn't a huge wet spot. All this action had me horny in anticipation of What was yet still to come...

profcoquin27bis 57M
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10/25/2018 7:03 am

fantastic narrative

Boredgradstud69 27M

10/25/2018 7:24 am

Hey there! Would you want to improve your story by getting to know me ??

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10/25/2018 11:08 am

*Great Blog*

~All In The Details~

>You Should Write Erotic Literature Professionally<

»It Made Me Aroused«

Very Hot!!


Riderr99 44M

10/25/2018 11:23 am

A masterclass in wordcraft........got me feeling all wet & wonderful !!

Eddietheswinger 38M
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10/25/2018 2:49 pm

Fantastic literature Chloe, I agree with PAWAPh you should/could definitely write professionally

Dreamweaver_85 36M  
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11/9/2018 2:23 pm

Well wrirten and it sounds like you had fun. I'm looking forward to part 2.

justcurious19784 43M
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1/6/2019 12:34 pm

Is it true, your mentor blonde4bigcockz has passed away


playtime19784000 43M
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2/7/2019 3:06 am

Did he have a large set of balls to go along with his massive length?

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