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5/21/2018 12:00 pm
E.mail recap

Recently got sent this by a guy I met through TSdates.com, unfortunately we no longer see each other but this is his account of one of our play dates.
Chloe. x

We had mailed each other and arranged to meet at a small hotel in the country where we could have some quiet time together. We were to meet there after work on Friday and look forward to a full weekend of being together.

I'm happy to see you when you drive up and even more so when I see you getting out of the car. My God, you are beautiful. That smile, gets me every time. You must have changed clothes just for me after leaving work. You couldn't have gone to work looking like that. You have on a very micro mini dress that is low cut and shows the tops of your breasts. I can see that your nipples are hard and seem to want to burst out into the warm sunshine. But the best of all is that the dress shows almost all of your gorgeous legs. The dress is bright red that goes well with your flowing long blonde hair. You walk toward me with your hips swaying in a sensuous rhythm that is accentuated by the medium height heels of your shoes. A perfectly constructed vision.

I can't wait for you to get to me and I start toward you. I can almost feel you in my arms already. When I reach for you, you dodge and elude me. You always tease me! I don't have time for that. Before you can say "hello" I grab you and pull you to me. I take a handful of your soft hair and pull your head back so I can kiss you. I hold you there as my face slowly descends to yours and our lips touch. Now it's my turn to tease. You want to press your mouth to mine, but I'm holding your hair and you can't. You groan and whimper. I press my lips harder against yours and your sweet little tongue reaches out to greet me. I suck it into my mouth where we try to entwine our tongues together. Soon I am thrusting my tongue into your mouth as if I were fucking it. You envelop me and you begin to grind your hips into my groin. It's time to go inside. The rest of the world doesn't deserve to see what we do from here.

I take your hand and lead you into the room. You follow me in anticipation. Your exuberance fuels my desire to have you. As I shut the door, we are back into each other's arms with our mouths glued together. I massage your neck, your back and down to the wonderful upswelling curve at the top of your ass cheeks. I love how those fantastic round and firm globes look and feel. They respond to my touch by wiggling and pushing back into my hand. I rub them in circles and gradually cause your dress to rise up over the top of your hips. You really are a vision of perfection in every sense of the word.

Now I can feel the warmth and softness as in no other way. My flesh against yours is the best way to experience you. I slide my finger into the cleft between those lovely cheeks and feel for your sweet ass hole. It is puckered and tight like a new formed flower bud, but it begins to relax as I press against it with my finger. I want to see you naked. We go into the bedroom where I raise the dress over your head and marvel at your sweet form. I love the slight rise of your belly above your pussy. You have shaved it smooth, and that's the way I like it. You must have just shaved it this afternoon since it is as smooth as silk.

I slide my hands up from your hips to your armpits. Gently touching your sides on the way up and then stroke my fingertips along the outside of your breasts almost to the nipple, not quite. Your breathing is shallow now. You are trying hard not to move in hopes that I will touch those delightful little nubs that make you feel so good when they are stimulated. I circle my fingers all around and over your breasts, but don't touch the nipples. You are almost begging now. They are standing up straight and pointing toward the ceiling, demanding attention. I ease my hands up until your nipples are between my thumbs and index fingers. Then I squeeze them sharply, not enough to cause severe pain, just enough to make sure you are paying attention. You are. You love it. Your face contorts in pleasure.

You reach down and rub my cock through my jeans which are wet with the moisture that has oozed from it. You grasp it in your hand and begin to stroke its length through the jeans. You whisper in my ear and we explode into laughter before you drop to your knees, take out my manhood where you can see it and feel it without any hindrance. You lick your lips in anticipation and move your head forward so your tongue can reach out and lick the moistness from the tip. Gentle little butterfly kisses to get a taste of what's to come. You take the shaft in your little hand and rub the head all over your tongue. The wry smile on your face is returned by me. There is a trail of shining liquid everywhere it touches. Then you begin to take me into your throat.

You take it all the way in because you know I love to feel it touching the back of your throat. For some reason, I like it when it is so far in you have to gag a little before you pull it out. Then I take your head in my hands and begin to thrust into your mouth. Soon, I am thrusting slowly and rhythmically as if it were your pussy. You are such a sweet little girl. Always trying to please me. I don't want to come this way yet, so I pull my cock out of your mouth and it makes a popping sound as you are still sucking on it as it exits your sweet lips.

I raise you up from the floor and back you toward the bed where I lay you down with your hips on the edge of the bed. I remove my clothes now and drop to my knees, spreading your legs wide for easier access. I lower my head to your gorgeous pussy and inhale that sweet fragrance. It is sweet and still sour. It has elements of sugar and salt. I like a woman who tastes like a woman and not like a bar of soap. I blow my hot breath all along your lovely slit and your hips rise up to meet me. I extend my tongue and lightly lick the outer lips of your pussy and taste the wonderful thing I have just smelled. It is as good to the taste as to the smell. I gently flick my tongue tip all around without penetrating it. You are melting now. You want me.

I press my tongue against that tender spot between your pussy and ass hole. It has a musky flavor that is amazing. I then lick from the bottom of your slit all the way to the top where your little clit has come out to play. When my tongue touches your clit, your hips give an involuntary thrust upward which presses my lip against my teeth. It just adds to the flavor of the moment. I reach up and grasp your small yet beautiful breasts in my hands and begin to pinch the nipples in time with the strokes of my tongue on your clit. You are almost delirious now, rolling your head from side to side and speaking in some unknown tongue that only you understand. I know what you are saying. You want more and more. Can there ever be enough?

I am now concentrating on your clit with every fiber of my being. I lick it with a fury and a pace I have never before equaled. I can feel the muscles in your thighs tighten and you try to squeeze my head between them. I push them back. I won't have you controlling this event. You moan and beg me to let you come. I am sure now that you are ready. Your head rocking from side to side and your luscious golden locks straggle over your beautiful face. I lick even harder and ram three fingers into you as hard as I can. One stroke is all it takes and you are transported to that place that only you can go. I've heard of it, but will never know it first hand. I love to take you there. You scream out in ecstasy along with all manner of curses and other unintelligible things. Your body is racked with uncontrollable spasms of joy and lust. Nothing can hold you back and only the passage of time returns you to the world the rest of us inhabit.

Just as you are settling down and starting to breath a little easier, I push you further onto the bed and shove my cock as deep into you as I can. You are so tight around my cock but you are so wet it glides in effortlessly. I fuck you hard and fast and, unbelievably, you are almost there again. I am amazed at your capacity to orgasm. I fuck you as hard as I can and use small circular motions as if to stir the soup that is boiling in your groin. It is only a couple of minutes until I explode within your heavenly pussy and wonder of wonders, as soon as I do, you are there with me.

I lift you up from your dreamland and embrace you tightly before I spin you around and push you forward over the side of the bed. Your pert bottom presents itself to me, and I position my cock which has quickly regained it's hardness, at the gates of heaven, the view is simply spectacular. I slowly enter you not stopping until the full length is buried inside you. I hold it there, feeling your pussy pulse and tighten around it as you groaned in pleasure. With one hand holding your body against my cock, the other was free. I spank your perfect bottom and you let out little yelps as your ass turned a deep red. Your pussy tightened, milking my cock.

With both hands on your hips I began the final push over the top, increacing the ferocity of my thrusts, now as hard and as fast as I can. Your whole body shifted with every thrust, the sounds louder and louder, desperate and animalistic as you scream out your appreciation for the fucking.

Your face is now buried in the pillows, your hands firmly gripping the sheets as you let the intensity wash over you.

The room is filled with your screams and the sound of my cock slapping deeper and deeper.

This was it. I grabbed your hair as I felt the familiar surge within. My cock swelled. I heard my voice roar as my cum began it's final journey.

We come together and I can almost see your special place. Almost, not quite. It is enough. I am honored to be so close. We both spasm uncontrollably and I fall on you with all my weight. I have forgotten how small you are and how much larger I am. You don't complain and when I remember and raise up to ease the burden, you pull me back down. You want to feel me imprisoning you. Finally, I roll off of you and you curl up on my shoulder, you smile contently as I gaze deeply into your eyes, where you fall asleep. I watch you sleeping and marvel at this woman who I would love to call mine. Our time is precious and I appreciate every moment I spend with you.

All this in the first hours of the first day of our special weekend. What can there be to follow this? Can we expect to equal this? We'll see.

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8/25/2018 5:57 am

écriture pas très académique, mais élogieuse.

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