Hotel meet #1  

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6/19/2018 2:35 pm
Hotel meet #1

So this is my first attempt at writing a story of my own, all based upon an actual experience. Feedback appreciated. Let me know what you think and if you'd like more.

We had been messaging off and on for a few weeks. Exchanging thoughts and at times discussing things that make my mind intruiged somewhat. We had similar likes and dislikes, therefore It was finally decided that we had to see if there was anything between us in person as there certainly was in our messaging. The innuendos had grown less and less subtle as the ice had been broken.

We agreed to meet centrally from either of our homes in a nice country hotel.

He was over 6', well toned all over - from what I had seen, thus far!!
Short brown hair, charming smile, great sense of humour and an ability to talk the socks off a donkey. Seemed like a perfect gentleman. Truth be told, I couldn't wait to meet

As he entered the bar and looked at me from afar. He was everything he had said he was, and the pictures did him justice too. At just over 6' his presence was noticed immediately, as was the charisma he oozed.
I motioned him over to join me with an engaging smile. His eyes lit up in pleasure, that look I have seen so many times before. The one where the guy half doesn't expect me to show or disbelief that I'm here for him.
He joined me and we exchanged a brief hug and kiss - I'm a huggy person.

My black dress obviously mesmerized him, as he couldn't keep his eyes off my bare shoulders, and maybe my less than ample cleavage.

"Sorry to stare, you just look so beautiful, it took my breath away for a minute, really like your hair up by the way" he said.

I blushed a little, which surely must of been accentuated by my blonde hair.

"You're not so bad looking yourself, in the flesh" I added

We laughed easily. Ice broken!

We finished our drinks and moved to the restaurant for something to eat. The wine flowed and my assumption that his plying me with wine to soften me up was met with a warm if not guilty smile. Not that it was needed as I couldn't wait to get this guy alone.

He kept fidgeting a little bit and looking down my dress, wondering if I was wearing a bra I assumed.

"You like?
"Oh Yes, whats not to like!!?
"And I'm not," I say, reading his mind. "you like to see for yourself?"

He nodded his head in agreement. A glint in his eyes.
"Who wouldn't?" He laughed

"Well I'm not bloody showing everyone, so order a bottle of something nice and meet me up in my room. 529. I'll be waiting, and we can continue the evening in privacy".

Not much later, he is knocking on the door, a bottle of rose wine in hand. He remembered. I open the door and his eyes go wide in genuine warmth as he now sees my cascading hair flowing down my back. "Come in" I say.

The second the door closes and he is upon me, his mouth is on mine, our tongues becoming familiar with each other and our hands moving up and down each others backsides. He squeezes my bottom playfully.
I push him away and start unbuttoning to take off his shirt, revealing his nice, sculpted body. I put playful kisses along his collarbone and he get more handsy. He reaches for my smooth butt again, both hands come around and under, grasping, rubbing and squeezing both cheeks, making love to them with his hands, me rewarding him with an audible moan.

We kissed more and my hands work their way over his bare chest, feeling the contours of his pec muscles and his defined stomach. I find a ticklish place, causing us to break apart albeit briefly. This allows me to tug on his belt. He gets the idea and takes off his trousers. He stands there before me in his underwear with an obvious big tent poking through. I snicker and bend down and give his crotch a little kiss and hold his cock through the fabric. I can feel it pulsating in my hand, ready for playtime, ready to escape. I slide down the last remaining garment and his monster breaks free, standing proudly to attention inches from my face. An impressive specimen, uncut, thick and trimmed pubes. He slowly thrusts it forward and pokes it towards me. Aiming for my expectant mouth, but totally misses and pokes me on my nose. We both explode into laughter, as I stand up he helps me out of my black dress, revealing my completely nude body, my pert breasts, sexy belly, smooth crotch region and long, slender legs.

"Wow", he says and we kiss again and I can feel his flinching penis pushing up against my body. The warmth against my thigh, maybe the feeling of my boobs, one against his chest, the other in his hand a factor.

I slide down his body, leaving kisses along the way until I'm level with his member again. I take the shaft into my hand and I give the underside of his head a few licks savouring the taste of his precum. I begin teasing him by licking his shaft up and down, but avoid the head. I lick under the ridge of the head, but do not take the head in my mouth, not yet.
Then I lick all the way down to the base of his shaft and take his balls in my mouth, one at a time and suck on them softly. Then I lick the entire underside of his cock and circle his swelling head with my tongue.

I wrap one hand around his shaft, give him a quick glance of eye contact, smile and then dive in and it's in my mouth. I bob back and forth a few times allowing him to feel the wetness and warmth of my mouth. He moaned, I'm sure, I think it is the sheer ecstasy of being buried to the hilt in my mouth. I slowly start to lick the head while it is still in my mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering my tongue. Then I start to move towards the top and suck gently until I let almost all of him out of my mouth.
I slowly move his thick cock in and out of my mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots guys like it best. I combine this with stroking his shaft with my cupped hand, simultaneously alternating between my mouth and my hand. I build him up towards his climax, making him wanting for release. But I stop.

I start to lick the head again, probing his pee hole with my tongue in a sensual way that really turns him on, licking his shaft, cupping his balls in my free hand. I take all of him in my mouth again and concentrate on the top of his dick. I move slowly at first then quicken the speed, using my hand at the base of his shaft. It is wet with all the saliva that has dripped down his cock from my constant licking and sucking, making him good and wet. I start to move my hand up and down in pace with my mouth, giving a hand job and blow job at the same time, exciting him even more. The sounds he exhales turn me on and I continue my attention to his dick. His breathing gets more ragged and he placed his hands behind my head, threading his fingers between my golden locks, pushing me to go deeper, which I do. My tongue weaves around his head and over his sensitive parts some more. My other hand now massaging his balls, causing a multitude of sensations in his groin area. I stop for a mouthful of chilled wine before reinserting his member into my mouth.
"Holy fuck!!"
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh fuck thats good!!" He cries out, as the warm to cold to warm again sensation sends his pleasure into overdrive.

The feeling of my tongue and the pressure is a lot to handle and I can sense he is close from his noises. I stop and stand back up. He looks a little upset that I stopped but it was fun. We embrace and kiss some more, but only briefly before we climb onto the bed and I climb over his legs.

We kiss more - I love kissing!!! and he begins to fondle my boobs, pinching my nipples and licking them. This is a huge turn on for me, I begin grinding on his penis, my wet pussy gliding over and making his cock wet.

He pulls me close and turns us over so I'm on the bottom and he turns himself around so his dick is back in my face. The moment I felt his tongue on my pussy I moan immediately,
It feels so good, then I resume my blowjob from earlier.

He is very good with his tongue, putting it against my clit and giving it gentle licks while gently probing my pussy with two fingers, slowly at first but as I suck harder he increases his speed. It feels so good and I let him know so with my audible moans.

I can feel a climax building, but my moan is now muffled by his cock cumming into my mouth, quickly followed by mine. I achieve orgasm, and another as he continues his pleasure assault on my clitoris. I swallow his remaining substance and he moves away to rejoin me. We cuddle into each other and we catch our breath for a moment before we begin touching each other. I reach into the bedside cabinet and pull out a condom and slide it onto his re-hardened dick.

I lay him down and straddle over him again, this time lining up his rod and gently I guide myself on him. His dick is suddenly engulfed in my heat as I push all the way down to the hilt. It practically glides in, from me being so wet, even if he is a tight fit. I begin the motions and moaning as he humps me back, my breasts bouncing with each thrust. I begin to go faster and faster and he grabs my boobs again, playing with my nipples. It's too much for me and I continue to grind on him as I cum again. I love this position and continue my rythmic riding of his engorged member. It sending pure waves of exhilaration through me again and again. My face glowing and contorting as my orgasms continue to flow through my body. I decreace to a stop as a final tremor rumbles over me.

He is not done though. He picks me up and lays me over the edge of the bed and rolls me over onto my front. He lines up his cock with my soaking wet pussy, teases me by circling his head over and around my clitoris, then over my lips. Then inch by inch he feeds himself into me from behind. I close my eyes in bliss, as my pussy clenches at his cock. He pulls himself out, then thrusts in again. In, out, in out - his head popping like a sucked lollipop everytime he pulls it out.
He plunges back in again, pulling my hips toward him. He thrusts into my tightness, skin slapping against skin, my moans of pleasure increase as again I quickly approach orgasm. I lost count of how many times I came in the last few minutes, one thing for certain is my appreciation is heard. Loudly!!

He moves his hands from my hips and grabs a handfull of my hair. Pulling my head up from the bed, whilst continuing to thrust himself into me. Our breathing is both shallow and mixed with various sounds of moans and groans.
"Oh fuck, Chloe, Your so tight this is heaven!" He pants out of the blue.
I am unable to respond as I am cumming hard, my pussy clamping onto his cock like a silk covered vice, fluttering and oozing my delicious juices all over his cock. We continue in this wonderous way for I don't know how long but my legs are turned to a near like jelly state.

He stops, tenses, pulling himself out of my pussy, removing his condom and aiming his cock at my back. He cums, hard, shooting wave after wave of his glorious warm semen up my lower back into little pools and onto my butt cheeks. The warmth of his seed is soon gone as he collapses onto me, smothering me, and we catch our breath after the exertions.

He kisses me, "It was so damn nice inside your pussy, God, it felt so - damn - good."
I smile, as he wraps his arms around me, holding me tightly, our bodies morphed as one. We relax and savour the warmth from each others bodies.

I head to the bathroom to clean up, leaving him behind. I get into the shower and let the warm water cascade down onto and over my chest and breasts.
I notice him in the bathroom doorway standing against the door frame, admiring me. Perfectly content just to be a voyeur.
He watches as I lean my head back, while the water pounds against my chest, then through my hair as i lean forward.

"Are you going to join me?? Or just watch?" I ask
He pauses briefly, not needing a second invite, quietly slipping in behind me. He puts his arms around me and rests his chin on my shoulder. I can feel his warm breath on my ear. He begins to lick and suck my ear lobes. I lean into him, his chest against my back.

I breathe in deeply and sigh. My body is relaxed from the hot water but also becoming aroused again by his presence.

He lifts my wet hair and kisses the back of my neck, taking his time, knowing that I love this, that it turns me on.

"Kissing the back of my neck," I told him in a message not that long ago, "And I will melt, literally".

His hands move to my breasts. He cups one hand under each. He pours some liquid soap into his palm and massages my breast with a smooth lather. I move my body toward his and feel his semi hard cock press right against my bottom. Soon I can feel it is a full blown erection.

His hands move to stimulate my nipples. They are semi-erect. At his touch, they tighten up, becoming harder still. I love the way my body is responding to him.

I turn around and our mouths connect again and his tongue parts my lips.I kiss him deeply, my tongue once again exploring his mouth. My nipples graze his chest, hard, tingling, absolutely electric. Like every chest hair has turned into an electric whip. I put one hand on his back and the other reaches down between his legs to cup his balls. I pull myself up onto my toes, my hands slick and easily sliding up his arms to his neck. Our tongues circle each other, his lips so hot and delicious.

"As good as that feels babe, I want to please you at the moment. There will be time for more later."

He turns me back around gently and I comply. His arms are around me again, pulling me hard onto his body. The water from the shower pales in comparison to how hard and wet his very existence makes me.
He creates a lather with the soap, washing my shoulders. My back. My arms. My botton, removing all remaining signs of our earlier exhertions. Then he returns to pay some soapy attention to my breasts, he slides his hands down. Over my belly and down to my inner thigh where his hands linger. He obviouisly has it in his mind to tease and seduce, he won't be rushed. He knows what I want but is making me wait for it. So close and yet so far.

He puts one hand gently onto my bottom, indicating, wordlessly, it is time. He finally finds my slit, the wait seems like hours, and probes with a finger, then a second. I moan. I am so wet, both literally and metaphorically. Yes, we are in the shower and hot water continues to spill out onto us both. But he knows that my dampness is because of him and has nothing to do with the water. He's inordinately pleased by this knowledge.

He makes knowledgeable circles on my clit. My moans are louder now and closer together. I moan again and my body stiffens. He puts two fingers back into my soaking pussy as I climax and muscles clench around them. My face is calm, eyes shut like I'm asleep but with a smirk that says otherwise.

"You are the most amazing person Chloe, I just love every inch of your body"

I feel his hardness pressing up against me, begging to be let in and in a whirl of motion, his hands attach to my hips. Such a shockingly male and firm grip. He lifts me up like I am a feather, turning me around and putting me down, my back against the wall.

My hands wrap around his back and I feel all the tension in his muscles. I press my nails in and scratch down his sides. I place one hand on his left shoulder, while his teeth are nibbling on my right ear. I feel his breath in my ear, his hot tongue slides down my neck, while I use my left hand to slide down his chest to that erection. I wrap my fingers around and hear him inhale; not sharp or fast but taking in air.

With my right hand on his member, I feel can feel him throbbing with pleasure and need.

The hot water lets me glide his penis around my thigh skin, guiding his tip around in small circles. I kiss his shoulder and sweetly scrape my teeth over flesh. Everything is so hard and wet and tasty.
I stop rubbing his penis against skin and guide it into me. It enters me smoothly, like a shark gliding through the ocean in search of blood. Our foreheads press against each other. Heads together, but there is no thinking needed for this part. Zero thoughts are required as our bodies begin this beautiful thrusting dance.

He moves both of his hands down to my hips, pinning us together. My trembling thighs wrap around him, never wanting to let go. His mouth finds mine again and our tongues begin their electric dance.

Our bodies throb and thrust to a steady rhythm. Slowing heading towards climax. No need to rush the inevitable. My head spins with all the steam, electricity and passion.
Our passions rise, I start to feel the quake coming and know that he will be sure to follow. I watch his face to see him smile, body rocking and getting closer to the edge. We are so close, so hot. So ready. I clench my body deep down inside and hear him groan. We lock eyes. He increaces the speed of his actions, increacing the intensity, increacing the inevitable.....
We climax together. It is such a pure simple release of energy. Heaven. We let it levitate us to a higher plain. This is perfection.

We finish with kisses and it all leaves me wondering what comes next.
We return to our bed for the night and in each others arms enter a blissful state. Satisfied.

This experience was a wonderful first, the first of many. I believe the location excited us, meeting and trying new things with a new partner.

So the suggested car ride to a new place tomorrow should be fun. And if we should find a quiet spot somewhere along the way, that would be perfect!

YoungBig123 26M

6/19/2018 3:00 pm

What a lucky guy. Wish I had that experience.

Tmptrzz 59F  
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6/19/2018 3:16 pm

Very hot story hun thank you for heating up my afternoon..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

YoungBig123 26M

6/27/2018 6:24 am

Wish I was that guy. So fucking sexy.

ManyT1mes 29M
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6/28/2018 3:11 pm

This is a great story Chloe, reminds me a lot of our meet which was pretty hot too!!
Stay sexy gorgeous. X

Chloe4Fun 28F
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7/2/2018 12:54 pm

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes. Was pretty similar wasn't it

Paul_E 50M
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7/15/2018 7:48 am

Hey Chloe, great story well told, thanks for taking the time to share it with. You really are a sexy and smart girl, quite a heady combination. Please do share more stories of your encounters.

pocogato12 69F  
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7/23/2018 8:43 am

Wondering how I missed this delightful tale of a really hot experience. Hope you did find the next place- cant wait to hear about it

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forgotforgetting 55M
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7/23/2018 9:36 am

It is a very nice story. Thanks for sharing.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

BigAdhasballs 41M

7/25/2018 10:38 am

WOW!! That was something else... I was on the edge of my seat reading this, I was actually egging the guy on in my own head to tease the fcuk out of you after you teased him, then bury his head deep into your love hole. And boy did he do that, it seemed like he didn't disappoint at ALL!! Great blog.

Leegs2012 49M  
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7/28/2018 2:35 pm

Whoa!! Very Nice!!!

TeacherCardiff78 43M

10/28/2019 11:28 am

mmm so hot x

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