New tights. Help me choose.  

Chloe4Fun 28F
266 posts
7/23/2018 8:20 am
New tights. Help me choose.

New tights.
Yes. Love em
No. Not sexy

BigbenDm 38M
192 posts
7/23/2018 8:26 am

I think these tights will look very sexy on you

Orgasmic_Fingers 48M
25 posts
7/23/2018 8:38 am

Look great. Would be fantastic to run your hands over them.

Bighammmerdave 37M

7/23/2018 8:47 am

Those are very sexy, by them!

Aimlesslwander 41M
24 posts
7/23/2018 8:59 am

Very sexy

sexyppl1000 63M
15 posts
7/23/2018 9:06 am

Lovely, but I want to slowly slide them off of you....please???

forgotforgetting 55M
8044 posts
7/23/2018 9:22 am

Quite certain you would be very sexy in them.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

kbntmn2 69M

7/23/2018 9:36 am

The only thing sexier than you in those tights would be you out of those tights

SomewhereSE 64M
335 posts
7/23/2018 9:56 am

Instead of telling you what I think you want to hear, I’m one of the few willing to say no... and that’s a photographers eye talking.

To my eye they look like blotches, since I had to zoom in to see what they were, I know that they will distract the viewers eye from the rest of you, what would suggest is something that accents and draws attention to something about you, not to itself even if it’s a pretty pretty pattern on it’s own.

CherryHeadTC 57M
20 posts
7/23/2018 10:08 am

You have amazing legs just as they are.
No need to distract from them

Clanadonia23 40M  
79 posts
7/23/2018 1:34 pm

Look fantastic xx

mc_justmc 61M  
6928 posts
7/23/2018 3:57 pm

If they're crotchless, YES! Even if they aren't, they could be made crotchless with little effort.

Kitsapbi4u 34M

7/23/2018 5:07 pm

either way i would love to fuck u

hotime585 70M  
152 posts
7/23/2018 6:12 pm

They look Great!!!

519bicurious 66M
29 posts
7/23/2018 6:24 pm

Beautiful legs, oh yeah, like the tights too

Lkn4funwith2 56M
1212 posts
7/23/2018 6:44 pm

If you were standing up and showing a rear-view, we could give a better opinion of the fit and style.

DeeepBlu 48M
2 posts
7/23/2018 7:49 pm

Chloe, the tights are a perfect choice. Subtle and sexy in a timeless design that means YOU wear them and not the other way around. Good on you for tipping those gorgeous eyes their way! With your natural beauty, adorable hair you will totally leave men...and some your wake quite agog! Have fun and Be Well Lovely One.

cameramode 79M

7/24/2018 4:59 am

They will definitely get you noticed by others for sure.

matureuncut1952 69M

7/24/2018 5:07 am

I would love to see your ass in them.

DarbRegnis10 38M

7/24/2018 8:18 am

love em

allnitelong2063 58M
232 posts
7/24/2018 8:48 am

mmmmmm sexy!

lookingtoplay145 64M
128 posts
7/24/2018 4:32 pm

Would like to see you in heels, standing to get a better view

bitchkitty2017 69F

7/24/2018 4:50 pm

how about the real shiny ones that are high waisted and you put them on and then when you pull them waaaaay up over your head then you ask what they look like ..oh oh can I be first in

bitchkitty2017 69F

7/24/2018 4:56 pm

oh and better still get yr mommy to pick your tights out for you obviously you have some kind of a complex asking others what they think you should wear ..are you not old enough to pick them out yourself? geez I bet you fall out of bed in the morning and fall into your clothes lol...grow up!

ROYALone4you1985 36M
16 posts
7/24/2018 7:36 pm

Get something a little more sexier

ROYALone4you1985 36M
16 posts
7/24/2018 7:37 pm

Should throw in like a body pic with some heels in that ass

aniceride 51M
117 posts
7/24/2018 9:55 pm

not to thrilled with them.the spots are confusing and i'd rather see the legs anyway.

SuckMy8Plus 56M  
259 posts
7/24/2018 10:01 pm

How do they feel in the crotch?

camperdude_69 61M
4633 posts
7/25/2018 1:29 am

look very sexy

nylons625 59M
38 posts
7/25/2018 6:28 am

Very sexy!!!

funasianma1e 47M
11551 posts
7/25/2018 6:52 am

love black tights with patterns on them.

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harryhood67 54M
38 posts
7/25/2018 9:52 am

looking good

BigAdhasballs 41M

7/25/2018 10:56 am

I've put yes. Love them, but ideally need a close up of them on you as it's only a small picture. But lets be honest Chloe, i'm sure anything you wear always looks great.

luvgluv19 73M

7/25/2018 11:12 am

Is that all you will be wearing? If so I doubly love them

9281 posts
7/25/2018 2:25 pm

You would look good in anything!

Mdg782 56M

7/25/2018 4:15 pm

you look like so much fun tights or no tights

pokekitty01 50M
563 posts
7/25/2018 6:30 pm

Very Elegant!

vfr800rider 60M
30 posts
7/25/2018 10:21 pm

Love to see them from a different angle.

Whatsitgoing2B06 61M

7/26/2018 4:16 am

Great sexy legs as well. Any thieves you want to show us?

smokeyjohnson54 61M
32 posts
7/26/2018 6:58 am

Id love to lick you thry them

man4tgirl2 68M  
23 posts
7/26/2018 7:23 am

I've always loved tights

luvhandle14 55M  
705 posts
7/26/2018 10:33 am

You will look lovely and very sexy when you pull them down

Mikewells2018 31M
1 post
7/26/2018 2:25 pm

Even sexier than normal. It's a yes from me!

Todd0516 50M  
17 posts
7/26/2018 7:28 pm

Love them!

idouudomeinbris 49M
2 posts
7/26/2018 7:57 pm

hot as fuck

XhuntBabla 48M
11 posts
7/26/2018 8:09 pm

Yes you are...... looking sexy . Waiting see your entire body in same .

mro1978a 43M
3 posts
7/26/2018 8:53 pm

they're nice, especially for boring ol' tights. I prefer garter stockings myself but I realize what a pain in the ass time waster they are to put on.

Notepade 50M

7/26/2018 10:13 pm

they look wonderful

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
3847 posts
7/26/2018 11:52 pm

Really need to see more, a standing pic from say nec down !

horny_4_eva 37M
109 posts
7/27/2018 1:12 am

To be honest, you're one of those people that would look good in a bin bag

Italiancalidude 49M
331 posts
7/27/2018 2:33 am

They look sexy on you!!

I am a lover of positive energy. Fun happens when positivity pops!

ddraig73 49M
13 posts
7/27/2018 4:02 am

you look sexy in or out of them

TITTYloverinKs 61M

7/27/2018 10:12 am

Yes they would look stunning on u

1naughtyguy18 52M
40 posts
7/27/2018 2:28 pm

way sexy

XJG1977 44M
18 posts
7/27/2018 4:33 pm

Rather naked legs going up to a naked pussy to be honest. Xx

benard69 64M/64F  
6280 posts
7/27/2018 8:27 pm

Sweetie you could wear Burlap and still look stunning...So yes you will look fantastic in them...

omangslave 26M

7/27/2018 8:54 pm

danthe69er 45M
82 posts
7/28/2018 3:57 am

very sexy

Saamyaah 26F

7/28/2018 5:31 am

Wish to take it off. So keep them up n i will slide it down hottie

Leegs2012 49M  
92839 posts
7/28/2018 2:33 pm

They look great on your sexy Legs!!

bisexualcharle69 57M

7/28/2018 10:38 pm

I think u would look amazing in any thing u put on

jason2371961 60M
432 posts
7/29/2018 2:10 am

they look great

oraldelight83 38M  
29 posts
7/29/2018 6:22 am

they'd look better on the floor next to us, but leading up to that, simply beautiful

0ngoingfunfriend 37M

7/29/2018 6:32 am

Love em!

lv2shgyw 62M
53 posts
7/29/2018 9:55 am

If you like them, then that is all that matters. To a real male, even in a sack you would look sexy enough and attractive. It is body and personality not a piece of clothing that matters.

steve61147 60M

7/29/2018 11:27 am

See what you did too big daddy ...\8

steve61147 60M

7/29/2018 11:27 am

omg your going to kill me girl >>!

Yoursideguy76 45M

7/29/2018 11:43 am

So hot
I’d model those for you but I think they look way better on you

in2u4fun1 49M

7/29/2018 3:19 pm

I think they look great.

maturedadam68 53M
174 posts
7/29/2018 11:40 pm

looks nice baby.....

funasianma1e 47M
11551 posts
7/30/2018 12:03 am

I think I need to see pictures of you in other tights to compare.
And maybe one without tights too as control.

Your comment has been denied due to the following reason: Banned Topics (hate/weapons/under age)

msmmcz 63M/39F

7/30/2018 1:06 pm

We love them!!!!

subson4dadd 36M

7/30/2018 1:17 pm

hell ya they will definitely look good...

bstar99 33M
7 posts
7/30/2018 7:27 pm

They look amazing.

bstar99 33M
7 posts
7/30/2018 7:27 pm

You and me both....

Bigcockstorpik 55M
1 post
7/30/2018 9:33 pm

Any tights will look good on you

letschataboutit9 59M

7/30/2018 10:05 pm

Tights look hot on those sexy legs!

Thatbluedream 30M

7/31/2018 12:41 am

They look great on you

HuttValleyboy67 54M  
544 posts
7/31/2018 3:46 am

    Quoting BigbenDm:
    I think these tights will look very sexy on you
Agreed, these look great. Awesome modelling

Endowedtofuck 42M  
14 posts
7/31/2018 6:14 am

Oh, wow, hot.

TuAmor06 61M
49 posts
7/31/2018 11:19 pm

They look very hot and sexy on you!

bs2016cj 43M

8/1/2018 6:25 am

i think tights are very sexy in general.

Depeer3 61M
146 posts
8/1/2018 7:59 am

Oh very sexy

onehotintegra 60M
545 posts
8/1/2018 12:44 pm

Can I slide them off with my teeth?

couplibert81 40M/38F
22 posts
8/1/2018 1:38 pm

Yes I love them!

Hardrodgoesdeep1 52M

8/1/2018 6:57 pm

I like themu

ej2times3 59M
78 posts
8/2/2018 4:19 pm

soooo seductive...very hot

waterboy22013 53M
11 posts
8/3/2018 3:55 am

    Quoting lookingtoplay145:
    Would like to see you in heels, standing to get a better view
yesyes !

Sooperguyy 53M

8/3/2018 8:53 am

They would look fantastic....until I tear a hole in them to get at you

DDreams524 69M

8/3/2018 12:09 pm

I am hoping that they are crotchless and this is a no panty day.
i love easy access to gardening and caring for an IRIS in need of a bloom..

EndlessCock4u 43M

8/3/2018 12:44 pm

your to young for those

Naughtybottom18 42M

8/4/2018 5:21 am

Would have to see your toes in them to be totally sure, but they look great on you!

McNaughty101 54M
45 posts
8/4/2018 1:37 pm

Those are some very nice legs

BulldogGuy13 45M
83 posts
8/4/2018 6:24 pm

No, sorry Hun. I'm more of a knee high stripped sock guy, short skirt and a sports bra pulled down for your titts to be played with.

johnnygo576 27M

8/5/2018 7:31 am

They look sexy on you

Nico_metal85 36M
22 posts
8/7/2018 8:27 am

muy sexy!

gsofriendforyo23 53M

8/7/2018 9:06 am

very sexy....leaves much to imagination...which is awesome foreplay

raj_Kochi 34M

8/8/2018 2:51 am

Yeah. Its good

BimaleSeeksfun2 51M
8 posts
8/8/2018 9:55 am

they look great but they would look even better on my bedroom floor

sexyppl1000 63M
15 posts
8/8/2018 11:38 am

love 2 see them on you...and then off...

sexyppl1000 63M
15 posts
8/8/2018 11:40 am

love them on, and then

Tkjl569 48M
68 posts
8/8/2018 4:18 pm

So far they look good show them up to your waist

luvgluv19 73M

8/8/2018 4:33 pm

You are a beautiful woman tights and all. Although I truly believe you would be most beautiful in your birthday suit

2017Up4You 54M  
165 posts
8/9/2018 7:02 am

They are cute! But you would look marvelous in anything...or nothing at all!

mattishard34 37M

8/9/2018 3:50 pm

the tights are nice... love me some sexy legs

Callguy20 36M

8/9/2018 5:26 pm


Jdojo 32M
28 posts
8/9/2018 7:21 pm

Not too shabby

bigdog091 62M

8/11/2018 12:27 pm

I would love to sux and lip bite your clit


SingerFun 46M
21 posts
8/11/2018 1:21 pm

if you feel sexy in them, then that's what matters most. Your partner will feel that you are feeling sexy and that's a good thing. I think they look great on you.

Timeforfun06 59M

8/13/2018 5:12 am

They look great on you. Of course, I prefer no tights at all.

luvgluv19 73M

8/13/2018 1:55 pm

I think they would look best on the floor beside my bed

ridemyface1212 42M

8/16/2018 2:38 pm


indiasexyogi 59M
74 posts
8/20/2018 1:00 pm

hi chloe... This tights enhances your sexy look. Greetings from - Indian yogi

Scott52NixAtGM 60M
278 posts
8/23/2018 6:12 am

They would be amazing on you and even better slowly taking them off of you!

Lustu2much 43M
11 posts
8/24/2018 9:32 pm

Very nice!

phil4001 46M
45 posts
8/27/2018 5:47 pm

you know i don't like them

feel like Old grandma tights . Old window curtons

of course most men or women that want to see you get them off will say they look good . but I don't feel like it honest answer .

Electricblues4u 46M
128 posts
9/3/2018 7:33 am

They look nice, but.... the rest of the picture would reveal alot more beauty I'm sure! XXX

sharky925 56M
18 posts
9/4/2018 3:43 am

very sexy xx

vince8689 33M
17 posts
9/4/2018 12:56 pm


Forster3927 41M

9/5/2018 12:00 pm

You just wear what you want. These are sexy, but only because of what they are decorating.

Please comment!

Jimxyxy 38M

9/5/2018 12:04 pm

Look gorgeous in them

Sthlakegent76092 49M

9/5/2018 1:26 pm

Very lovely and feminine.

PantyCurious865 46T
311 posts
9/8/2018 8:47 am

Yes, i love them. I would wear them myself.

Naples4u2018 40M

9/8/2018 5:53 pm

Gonna need to see more

1misoh 44M
1 post
9/9/2018 12:21 pm


Jmartin99008 42M

9/24/2018 8:39 am

I like them. They look sexy!

veryhornyfoyou 39M
22 posts
10/19/2018 12:13 pm

id have to see how the panties look undernieth too.

WazzaB0B 51M

5/29/2019 6:47 am

Hi. I am a fan of lingerie and hosiery.
Can’t beat the feel of stockinged legs ... smooth and silky.

Having read some of your stories I think you are sensuous and would like a slow strip-and-kiss followed by a sexy all over oily massage .....


4/17/2021 2:35 am

Very nice

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