Chloe4Fun 28F
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4/25/2019 8:09 am

I would say I'm a pretty normal, sometimes shy girl. I never really put on much make up as never really felt the need to.
The one thing Isn't really average about me is probably my looks and one of the nicest bodies a young woman could have!
Not me bragging, just what I'm frequently told. I cannot disagree, but I am biased after all. I have to live with it whatever.

My boobs are an amazing sight, well for those lucky enough to see them, in the flesh; I would have to say they are spectacular! Again, so I'm told and all natural too.

Now, since I love running, working out, and general fitness I have really developed a nice strong and toned set of legs too.

So, this brings me to one of the most commonly asked questions of myself. What is someonelike me, with all my bonus features doing on a site like this? Surely you can have any guy you want, etc etc.

True, is a statement could ring true, but I choose not to jump into bed with every would be suitor. My reasoning runs deeper and has a selfless and somewhat selfish side to it.

I have a career is my focus, and wish to pursue this aggressively to reach my goals. I don't see the need to be tied down within a relationship hinders my goals. I am sexually active and very open to those I meet to both about my needs and satisfying the other party too.

I have plenty of feedback from those have been fortunate enough to of spent time with me, I just choose not to flaunt it. I am open and honest with everyone about what is and is not possible. I'm not here to mess people about. Life is too stressful for enough.

Therefore I focus on non complicated relationships, mean, I can have the flexibility to be the independent person I want to be. I know this may sound odd to some but it suits me at this moment in my life. I'm sure in time my priorities may change and at point I will bid you a fond farewell.

If this poses further questions, again I'm happy to answer these.

ManyT1mes 29M
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4/29/2019 7:36 am

Chloe, genuinely you are one of the kindest and down to earth girls I have met off this site. You don't need to justify your actions, reasoning or anything else for that matter.
Just keep being you cos your lovely in every aspect.

CherryHeadTC 57M
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5/28/2019 2:44 pm

You breasts are quite spectacular!
Glad you finally got confidence in your body, and decided "no" on fake ones.

bl0wj0bl0ver 49M
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8/5/2019 5:24 am

Just joined here Chloe and looking through local profiles. I can honestly say you're stunning in every way and the guys in your vids are very lucky lol. No need to justify anything at all.

CherryHeadTC 57M
20 posts
4/2/2020 6:08 am

You do have an incredibly beautiful body!
Hope you find everything you want on here.

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