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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Jul 22, 2021 4:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2021 10:18 am

So, I had a long time fantasy come true. As good as it was, there was something missing. Got me thinking. Do fantasies ever really play out as you imagine or are they a let down?
Awesome, Totally fulfilled, as planned
Great, but not perfect
Total let down, maybe best to leave in my mind in future
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Birthday surprises
Posted:Jul 17, 2021 5:46 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2021 10:57 am

He took me out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I wore a sexy light blue dress that he had bought me that showed off all my curves. Low neckline and mid thigh length, looked great with my thigh high boots. With sexy white lace panties and matching strapless bra set below I knew he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off me. We sat at a table near the back. We ordered wine and food and talked about our weeks as we waited for it to be brought out to us.

All of a sudden, he scooted over beside me, hand on my thigh and kissed my neck, which I adore before whispering, "You know I can't help myself when u wear this dress." He slid his hand up my thigh, pushing my dress up with it, and started rubbing my pussy though my panties. I grabbed his hand and gave him a look that said, "we shouldn't be doing this". He ignored it and slid my panties to the side. His fingers felt so good...I gave in and spread my legs a little wider for him.

I tried to keep a straight face. He teased me at first, lightly rubbed my clit and slowly ran his fingers across my pussy lips. I could barely contain myself. The fact that we were in public and anyone could see, turned me on a little. I leaned forward to hide what he was up to as I saw the waiter approaching our table with our food. Deciding to make this extra difficult for me he shoved two fingers in my pussy and roughly fingered me. I tried to act normal, but a slight moan slipped out. The waiter looked at me, I smiled, and he quickly looked away. He quickly put the food at our places and left without saying a word. I gave my guy the mother of all looks, telling him to behave!

We ate our food and carried on our conversation. I couldn't shake the need of wanting him as he had wound me up somewhat. I could tell he wanted me as well. He always was insatiable when we met. The waiter came back to clear the table and give us the dessert menu. We ordered a slice of chocolate cake to share. As we waited, I started rubbing at his cock through his jeans, and I smiled at him before I pulled out his cock before starting to stroke it slowly. The waiter brought the cake and I tightened my grip around his head , causing him to tense up as he tried to hide the pleasure rushing through his body. I scraped off some frosting with my finger and slowly licked it off as his cock twitched in my hand. Then I scooped up some more and wiped it onto the head of his cock.

'That was so mean!" He grinned at me
'I know, It's called payback"
He couldn't take the wait anymore; he needed and wanted to me. I could see in his eyes and obviously feel in my hand.
I'm sure if he had his way he would of happily had me over the table, but alas, not today!

"Time to go, I think"
Luckily his place was a quick walk away, so hand in hand we headed back. Once inside he quickly closed the door behind us, and in no time at all stripped me of my clothes and pinned me against the wall and started rubbing my clit in small circles. Instantly followed by a deep meaningful kiss. On my tiptoes, I tried to steady myself as he moved faster and faster. Then he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy, teasing me as I craved his cock instead of his fingers. My pussy juices were on his hand and helped lubricate his fingers as he fingered away at my tightness.

He grunted, "I've been aching to you all evening." I was too focused on his tone of voice that I didn't notice him pulling his cock out of his pants. By the time I realized, he had shoved his whole length deep into me with one thrust causing me to gasp out in surprise. He quickly covered my mouth and started fucking me slow and deep. My pussy was so tight and wet, dripping all over his cock and balls. As he slid his length in and out of me, my pussy's embrace and my moans that slipped out through his hand made him mad with lust and he started fucking me faster and harder with each thrust. He lifted me up from the ground, my legs wrapped around his body and my back against the wall. He started thrust harder into my pussy. I grabbed at his back as our bodies rocked. His cock slid in easily as my pussy welcomed him.

After a few minutes, he dropped me down and pushed me back against the wall face-first. He smacked my ass leaving a hand-print and slid his cock between my pussy lips. His cock was covered in my juices and he slid up between my ass cheeks. He teased me at first, swirling the tip of his cock around , rubbing against my swollen clit and back deep into my pussy until I begged him to carry on. He bent me over and impaled me with his cock causing me to scream which then tuned into a moan. He decided my moans were too and didn't even try keep me quiet. He decided add more stimulation and flick my clit and with my nipples.

My moans turned back into slight shreiks as the pleasure began to overwhelm me. My legs started to shake, and I spread my hands onto the wall to steady myself.
He was pounding me like an animal as my pussy squeezed around his cock tightly. He groaned in my ear, "Cum for me babe...cum with me." With a few more good hard thrusts deep enough for his balls to smack my clit, I screamed out as my pussy spasmed and tightened in orgasm. He held my hips tightly with his cock in me as I regained myself.

Then I turned around and got on my knees as he grabbed my hair and guided my head where he wanted it. I could tell by his face that he was so close to cumming. His cock was throbbing like crazy and he immediately shoved his cock all the way into my awaiting mouth and I took it "willingly". Then he fucked my pretty mouth as he held me by the hair. The sound of my slurping and moaning on his cock pushed him over the edge. I massaged his balls as he thrusted deeply but slowly. I felt warm ropes of cum shooting down the back of my throat as he gripped my hair and groaned. He released his grip as the ropes came to an end and I sucked the last drops from the tip of his cock. I swallowed every bit.

I stood up, and as our eyes met we both smiled, and shared a laugh at our quick and energetic exertions.
We made our way to the sofa and cuddled up together under a blanket, enjoying the warmth of each other's skin and company, we resumed our kissing and prepared our bodies for the next wave of excitement.
A Campus fling
Posted:Jul 20, 2019 3:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2019 6:32 am

This was it. Here in this moment, weeks of continuous flirting and sexy messages backwards and forwards are about to bear fruit. I nervously take off my clothes, stripping completely naked. I watch as his face is in pure heaven as my boobs easily slip out of my black lace bra that just happens to match my thong. I slowly slide the thong down my legs and climb into the bed.

"You coming? Or are you just gonna stand there in awe?"

He throws his clothes off and gets into bed next to me and I'm back in a daydream with his lips on mine. His hands are all over my body exploring me and I can feel his cock getting harder, pressing against my thigh.

He stops and looks at me. "You are just so... too perfect for words."

That's my cue. I get on top of him and kiss his neck. I lightly lick around his ear and whisper "Just wait..." and his hands clench my ass a little tighter than before. I'm already wet, so I let him watch as I sit up and finger myself. I lick and suck my finger as he watches in awe, mouth agog. He's running his fingers up and down my sides and stomach, stopping to caress my nipples.

"Did you want a taste?" Of course he does. Why ask

"Fuck. Yes please." He is like a in a toy shop!

I let him watch me finger myself again and slip my finger in his mouth, letting him taste me. He does a little growl and I know he's dying to feel me.

I slide down his body and before he can even get excited that I'm about to suck his dick, I slide the whole length in my mouth, letting it get past my throat and hearing him moan in pleasure. I start working up and down, letting my hand do small strokes as I circle my tongue around the tip. His dick is not big but not small either. I don't think I can wait much longer to feel him in me, since it's been weeks since my last session.

He must have read my mind and found some courage, because he is flipping me over, pinning my hands over my head. "I want to return the favour, but I need you right now." He pushes forward, allowing the bulging head to push past my wet lips and into my warm, awaiting and expectant pussy.

"Fuck. You're tight. And so wet."

All I can get out is an appreciative moan and as he forces into me. I feel the length of his dick pushing against me. It feels so good, I already need to cum and he only just started. He rears back and thrusts into me deeply with purpose and hard. I let out another moan as he rears back again. He carries on like this for a while and then he's off of me, suddenly.

Just as quick his hand is at my clit, slowly circling. His mouth is nibbling at my hard nipples. He puts his head between my legs and sends me into ecstasy, damn he makes me feel so good. He moves back up to my face and kisses me, letting me taste my own sweetness.

"Please keep fucking me. Please. I want to cum on your dick."

He does not disappoint. He fucks me. Hard. And so so good. My head, body and mind is numb with orgasmic sensations.

I don't know if it's the alcohol or if this sex is just that amazing. My legs are wrapped around his waist, his hands have my wrists pinned down above my head, he's keeping an even tempo of pounding into me hard and slowly drawing back. My body is hot and my legs and toes are starting to tingle.

"Ed, I..." It's hard to talk. I can't catch my breath. Every time a word is about to come out, his dick drives deep into me.

He slows down and kisses me. He's pushed as deep as he can go, my g-spot is tense and one touch on my clit and I'll be a goner.

"Everything about you is just perfect." His words make my insides flinch. "Cum for me, baby."

He sits back some, one hand working my clit, one hand over my stomach, his dick pounding into me over and over.

My back arches and my hips lift to meet him, sending him deeper. I'm grabbing at anything I can hold on to. My legs start shaking around him and the feeling of ecstacy from my stomach finally whirls into my pussy and I'm having a powerful orgasm. Just for him. All over his dick.

Just when I'm coming down from my orgasm, he presses his thumbs into my hard nipples and is fucking me harder. I'm moaning and screaming with every thrust and I'm so close to another orgasm and he barely gets the words out, "Fuck. Fuck. I'm gonna cum."

He pulls our bodies close together forcing his dick deep, filling me with his cum as I'm orgasming on his dick again at thr the same time.

He rests his elbows beside my face, gently kissing my lips. I reach around and run my fingers up and down his back. He lets out a soft moan before slowly pulling out of me. Our bodies glowing together from our mutual passion.

"Do you want to shower?" he asks me, unsure about my post-sex habits.

"Just a quick one. I'm so tired. And tipsy. Mostly tired."

He starts the water, finds 2 towels, and tells me when it's warm enough to get in. He's made himself at home real quick.

I pull up my hair into a bun. I don't feel like washing it right now. I just want to rinse off and get in bed with him. We wash each other playfully, laughing about how tipsy and goofy we're feeling, adding in some kisses between jokes.

Once we're out and dried off, I crawl into bed and wait for him to slide in beside me before pulling the covers over us.

"If I wasn't so tired, I would fuck you again. Your pussy is the best thing I have ever tasted and felt. I don't want this to be a one-time thing."

My heart is racing and if I wasn't so darn tired too, I would get on top of him and ride his dick all night. "This definitely won't be a one-time thing." I kiss him before flipping over so he can be the big spoon. My slightly tipsy mind is moving in slow motion, going over the events of the night as I drift to sleep.

I awake to the sound of some distant noise. He is still asleep, so I tie his wrists and ankles. I slip a little blindfold over his eyes and kiss his neck and shoulders. He stirs and I'm straddling him naked, with my wet pussy resting on his now hard dick. I know this is torture for him already.

I lean down and lick his lips before kissing him. Our tongues are tangled and I'm already getting wet. I kiss down his neck, chest, swirling my tongue around his nipples, and continue down his stomach. I don't touch his dick yet. Instead I run my hands up and down his legs, each time getting closer to his dick. I can see his body tense up every time I get close, and the disappointed breath he takes when I don't touch it.

I lean down and slide my tongue from his balls up to the tip of his hard dick.

"Oh fuuuck."

"Feel good?"

"Yes, please keep going."

I swirl my tongue around the tip, tasting the bit of pre cum that's built up. He lets out another sigh as I let his dick fill my mouth and then my throat. I slowly come back up for air then take him back down my throat. I continue this slow deep throat for a couple of minutes, listening to his moans and heavy breathing.
I speed up, letting my hand slide up and down his shaft with my mouth. His body is relaxed and I know he's just enjoying what I'm giving him. I take him down my throat one final time, letting it sit for as long as I can while I run my fingers up and down his torso and thighs.

I come back up to his mouth and kiss him. "Do you want to feel my tight pussy?"

"Yes. Yes please"

"Not yet..."

I'm straddling him on my knees and stroking the tip of his dick on my pussy lips. I let him feel my wetness keep teasing him. His body is starting to tense up. I know he wants me so bad.

I reach over and grab a vibrator. I turn it on and put it on my clit. The tingling sensations immediately send sparks through my body. I'm already wetter and now I'm dying to feel him inside me.

Holding the vibrator on my clit, I rub the tip of his dick in my pussy lips one more time before finally pushing his dick inside of me.

Fuck. He fills me up and just the mixture of the vibrator and his dick is going to make me cum soon.

I slowly grind down, pushing his dick deeper into me. His moans and heavy breaths tell me he's enjoying this. I reach down and take the blindfold off of him.

"I want you to watch me cum on your cock."

Just thinking about his eyes watching my tits bounce and my back arch has sent me over the edge. My pussy is clenching his dick as I cum for him.

"Fuck you're so tight. And wet. Fuck."

I toss the vibrator to the side, put my hands on either side of his face and kiss him before bouncing my pussy on his dick. I make my movements quick but purposeful. I'm enjoying feeling his dick deep inside me with every bounce. He's letting me control him and he is loving the show.

I lean down and kiss him again. "Next time you can tie me up and fuck me however you want to." and then I go hard and fast. I want to make him cum and I want him to feel my pussy as I cum for him.

I'm so close to cumming again and I can feel his body tense up. Then I bite down on his shoulder while I cum around his dick. I feel his dick throbbing inside of me, getting slower and slower.

After I lay on his chest for a minute, I untie his wrists and ankles. He still doesn't move. He's spread out all over my bed and looks glorious.
A great way to start the morning and just as good as the night before.
Posted:Apr 25, 2019 8:09 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 3:41 am

I would say I'm a pretty normal, sometimes shy girl. I never really put on much make up as never really felt the need to.
The one thing Isn't really average about me is probably my looks and one of the nicest bodies a young woman could have!
Not me bragging, just what I'm frequently told. I cannot disagree, but I am biased after all. I have to live with it whatever.

My boobs are an amazing sight, well for those lucky enough to see them, in the flesh; I would have to say they are spectacular! Again, so I'm told and all natural too.

Now, since I love running, working out, and general fitness I have really developed a nice strong and toned set of legs too.

So, this brings me to one of the most commonly asked questions of myself. What is someonelike me, with all my bonus features doing on a site like this? Surely you can have any guy you want, etc etc.

True, is a statement could ring true, but I choose not to jump into bed with every would be suitor. My reasoning runs deeper and has a selfless and somewhat selfish side to it.

I have a career is my focus, and wish to pursue this aggressively to reach my goals. I don't see the need to be tied down within a relationship hinders my goals. I am sexually active and very open to those I meet to both about my needs and satisfying the other party too.

I have plenty of feedback from those have been fortunate enough to of spent time with me, I just choose not to flaunt it. I am open and honest with everyone about what is and is not possible. I'm not here to mess people about. Life is too stressful for enough.

Therefore I focus on non complicated relationships, mean, I can have the flexibility to be the independent person I want to be. I know this may sound odd to some but it suits me at this moment in my life. I'm sure in time my priorities may change and at point I will bid you a fond farewell.

If this poses further questions, again I'm happy to answer these.
Part Two
Posted:Feb 8, 2019 10:43 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 3:44 am

Been a while, hope the wait is worth it. Enjoy.

We embraced and immediately his mouth went to work on my neck and his hands started climbing up underneath my dress, all of the earlier tentativeness was gone. He was taking control of me and of my body and I fucking loved it.

"Put your arms up" he said and I did so. He worked my dress up and over my head, me shaking my hair out as he did so. Exposing my bra and knickers to him for his approval. He lifted and squeezed my breasts.
"Very sexy , they're gorgeous", and about to make an appearance out of the sexy bra I was wearing, or so I thought. He gave my nipples a gentle squeeze through my bra.

He stared down my matching panties, they were a very sexy v-string thong. He gazed at me all over, taking in the view.

"Lookin good ," he said, his words sending more gushing wetness to my pussy. He reached behind and unhooked my bra, letting free my breasts. His hands cupped each one and started massaging them softly with his hands. His mouth kept sucking and nibbling on my neck as he took each of my nipples into his hands and rolled them in his fingers.

"Oh my god, that feels so good," I said in a low moan and he responded by pulling on my nipples harder and biting down on my neck gently.

"Is your pussy wet yet?" He asked, still driving me to the brink of insanity with his fingers on my rock hard nipples, twisting them and using his fingertips lightly on my ultra sensitive nipple tips.

"Mmmhmm..." I said feeling myself building up to an orgasm already and wanting to ride it out.

"Do you want to ?" He asked, moving his fingers faster.

I nodded. "No! Tell me!" He said, stopping and removing his hands as he waited for my response

"Pleeeeeaaasse don't stop. Yes I really want to , please..." I almost begged, desperately needing his hands back on my body. He rewarded me by putting one hand back on my left nipple and the other on my thigh. He ran his hand along slowly and started running his fingers along the string of my thong.

"Very sexy . Now, stay there, but sit back and spread your legs. I wanna see this pussy. I want to see how wet you are and return you some pleasure..."

I did as he asked and spread my legs and allowed him to move a hand up my leg. With his middle finger he began rubbing over my lips gently, which sure he could feel were freshly shaved. I saw his cock begin to come to life again. He pushed my v-string to one side, as he did so, revealing my already- dripping pussy, he eagerly worked a finger between my lips, moving up and down my slit, stopping every so often to play with my clit.

"Are you going to fuck my cock if I let you ?" He whispered authoritatively as his fingers crept inside my knickers and into my wet pussy.
"Fuck your pussy is so wet! He said, finding my clit and rubbing it before I could answer.

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want! Just don't stop it feels so good..." I replied, barely able to formulate the sentence as he worked my clit and continued playing with my nipples.

He pushed my legs together and pulled down my thong, throwing it away caasually over his shoulder. He worked his fingers to my opening, sliding two fingers inside me.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! Yes, oh my god..." I cried out as he began to finger fuck my pussy, bringing his other hand down to massage my clit. His mouth returned to my neck, his tongue moving back and forth quickly, his lips sucking in and taking me higher and higher.

"You're gonna make me so hard, don't stop! gonna all over your hand. Oh fuck!" I was lost, his complete mercy, and on the brink of a mind blowing orgasm.

"Chloe, , for me, you know you want my cock!" His words in my ear just before his tongue came to lick my earlobe was all it took. My body started shaking and I pushed harder into him for stability as the orgasm overtook me. He kept moving his hands as I came and my pelvis thrusted out, as the aftershocks kept me cumming and pulsating.

When I was done, he pulled his fingers from me, shoved them into my mouth and I sucked on them as I faced him. "You're so sexy Chloe!" He said as he pulled his fingers from my mouth and pushed me onto my back. "I can't wait till your pussy lips are around my cock!"

His mouth trailed slowly down my body, hands mercilessly pushing my thighs apart again.

He spread me wide, mouth working toward my painfully erect clit. Licking the inside of one leg, he stopped just inches from my pussy. Then my tormentor did the same with my other leg, but this time as he grew near my entrance, he blew softly. I practically jumped from the sensation of his warm breath.

Spreading me wider still, his tongue swept from my bottom up to my clit, where he stopped, to suckle softly. I whimpered as he stretched opened my pussy lips and began to stroke the length of my clit with his thumb. Slowly at first then a bit faster, his mouth never leaving. The rhythm built as he sucked. Thumb moving up and down.

"Oh God, I am going to cum again," I cried.

My breathing was short, I was shaking all over, fireworks exploded in my brain, his mouth never leaving my clit. When the world regained its axis, I looked down at him, busily working his magic between my thighs.

We exchanded a brief look, a look of desire in his eyes told me everything I needed to know. He was far from finished.

He wrapped his arms around my legs, holding me against him, and he then started to lick and suck my pussy but with a renewed purpose. The feel of his tongue running up and down my pussy lips was exquisite. The slight thrusts of his tongue made me desire something bigger, and I knew he had that and plenty to spare.

Then he started focusing on my clit, I let out a loud moan, and I truly realized the pleasure ahead of me. Despite those feelings I may have had a moment ago to be filled, the sensation of his lips and tongue sucking and licking at my clit made them vanish. I was literally frozen in place and unable to move, the pleasure outweighed everything else.

I bucked my hips against his face, moaning and screaming as the pleasure rolled though me in waves at every flick and lick his tongue produced. I desperately wanted to run my hands through his hair and pull his head into my crotch, but I didn't dare for fear of him stopping.

The feelings kept getting better as he flicked his tongue faster and faster over my clit, and I couldn't hold back any longer. My hands clenched the sheets so hard. I let out an emphatic cry and thrust forward against his face, as another orgasm erupted though me. He kept licking me as I came again and again. He didnt stop, and neither did I.

Finally, a short eternity later, I finished. He moved his attention down to my slit, licking and sucking slowly and gently as I came down off my orgasm. not sure how long it was before I finally caught my breath. "Oh my God, that was so good," I somehow panted. "Thank you."

He took one last lick of my pussy, gave a final kiss to my clit, and then I heard him get up.

He stood before me, monster erection prodruding forwards.
" I think you're ready now"

The nervousness and trepidation must of somehow been etched all over my face.

"Dont worry, i wont hurt you." He said reassuringly.

His hands went around to my bum, he firmly squeezed, and holding me tightly, he pulled me towards him.

He stared down at me with his oh so impressive cock rubbing at my pussy and stomach. He kneeled between my outstretched thighs, took his cock in one hand and started to rub it up and down my pussy, onto my hard sensitive clit. I reponded almost immediately, the electric feeling fizzing through me.

I put my arms around his hips, wanting him to penetrate me with it. I could feel my juices flooding me.

"You ready for me to put my cock in you," he asked

I looked up at him smiling, as he took that monster, once again rubbing its head in my juices, placing it at the opening, "Ok then, nice and easy."

Then, I felt a gentle push, feeling the head try to force its way into me. I felt my opening, trying to accommodate this monster.
I took hold of it, rubbing it in my juices, "Ok, try again," I said putting the huge head into me, feeling myself opening up to take it. He held it there, letting me get used to his monstrous intruder. I wiggled my hips, pushing, it felt so big, so thick,' as my pussy started to open to it.

He pulled back a small bit, then pushed back into me. I felt my pussy lips stretch around his monster, I felt it in my stomach, for even though he was not fully in, I imagined I could feel it in my stomach.

He started to push and pull slowly in a gentle rhythm, as more and more of his huge cock penetrated into me. I bit my bottom lip as my eyes rolled around my head in complete bewilderment.

Oh My God! I was nearly cumming yet again!
He had only penetrated me a few inches, but yet I felt full, and with me starting to relax, I just could not stop my orgasm from overwhelming my body.

This feeling was intense, I had not felt like this before. He pulled out, then he once again pushed in, I could feel the heat, the hardness, the width of this huge cock, as he invaded my tightness.

"Oh God , you are so tight,"
As I felt that monster once again opening me as he slid more of his cock into me.

I was holding onto the bed sheets, crying with this 'pleasure' that I was receiving, as inch after inch pushed into my body. My stomach felt as if it would burst, 'He must be inside it,' I thought, as my head thrashed around, with my legs open as wide as I could, offering him my whole body. I was his to do what he wanted to me, I had surrendered to his impressively awesome cock. I let out wimpish shreiks and wails as he continued his exploration.

Once again I raised my hips, as he pushed back into me, I felt that it seemed to hit something inside me. I looked down, 'Oh my God, there was at least 3-4 inches to go,' but I wanted to try every inch he had. I could see my bodily fluids on his cock, smeared along his length, helping him enter me more, invade me, like I have never been invaded before. This was the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen or had.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see the pleasure in his eyes, as he pulled back out, feeling my pussy gripping at him. Feeling the heat, the throbbing of his cock, till just the head was in me. Todd took my legs, lifting them to his shoulders, as I felt him once again slide his enormous appendage into me. It felt so nice, and I was starting to feel so full with his cock. He was reaching areas that hadn't been probed before.

He pushed into me, thrusting gently, impaling me. He held it there, letting my opening get used to more of this intrusion. I wriggled around from side to side, feeling him enter me bit by bit.

I hooked my legs around his neck, as I gripped the sheets on the bed, I had never felt so full, so stretched, so open. I could not believe that I was starting to feel another orgasm coming, as he probed around with that cock, feeling him enter me more.

I could not stop it, an orgasm was coming, again, even though I wanted Todd to with me. But I just could not stop myself, as I thrashed around, crying, moaning, screaming, "Oh, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk," I screamed out as I felt another orgasm hit. I felt as if my eyes had gone from my head, they rolled back into my head, with the pleasure that was coming from the 'fucking' he was giving me. He began to fuck me faster, leaving me feeling like my clit was on fire, I was like a limp doll, the sensations were unreal.

I just held onto anything, whimpering, sreaming, groaning from this huge hard cock, "Ooh, oh, oh God, oh God," I screamed, "shit, I am cuminggggggggg, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk." I reached up and clung onto Todd for dear life, the pleasure, the sensations, I could barely stand, as orgasm after orgasm swept through my body, "Oh, oh fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk, oh Goddddddddddd." I just clung onto him as he slowly stopped running that magnificent, hard cock between my legs.

I just lay there, absorbing the feelings of him totally 'FUCKING ME' with his nice big, thick cock. He was just fucking me ... I felt as if he was lifting me, with this big cock so far inside me, as with the power of his cock, he was pushing me to the head board. I gripped the sheets, tossing my head from side to side, "Oh God, oh My God," I cried, "oh My fucking God, fuck, fuck," as he pushed so deep into me.

I screamed, moaned, howled and shouted out as I felt it slide all the way into me. That sent me more over the edge, the sudden feel of pain was quickly replaced with the tremendous feeling of prowess, then pleasure. Sending me wild, with one orgasm into another, as he held that cock so far inside me, letting me feel the complete fullness

He just kept 'fucking' me as I cried, "Oh, oh God, oh God, Fuck, FUCK, FUUUUCK!, oh FUUUUUCK, Cumming" then I felt his cock seem to grow thicker. I knew what was going to happen, I knew this feeling. It sent me over again, into yet another orgasm, I screamed, "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck, fuck me, FUCK, OH FUCK, OOOOOOOHHH GOD, FUCK."

He withdrew from me and I looked in amazement at the size of it, thinking that had actually been inside me, how did I manage it? Thinking of all the pleasure it had just given me, pleasure I had never had like that before.

Todd motioned for me to get up and turn around, which I did, acceptingly if not without difficulty as my legs were like jelly. I was on the bed on all fours, open to him and his will. He began stroking my back, sending shivers all through my body, as he took hold of that monster, rubbing it into both our juices, as I felt him starting to enter me, yet again.

I felt so open, as he pushed into me, seeming to slide up into my stomach, I could not believe I had taken it all, as he held onto my hips, pushing all the way into me.

With that, he got onto the bed, still so very deep inside me, with my head on the pillow, and his legs each side of my hips, and he started to 'FUCK ME' once more.

'Oh God, he was deeper than before,' I thought, as he 'FUCKED ME.' That's all it was, 'FUCKING!' I was screaming again as he pounded me, 'Oh God,' I thought, 'I can't hold on much longer.' I could not believe it, for it seemed that I was going to cum again.

I flopped down onto the bed, on my stomach, I did not have the strength to hold myself up, with Todd's weight on me. He just knelt down with his knees each side of me, hands over my shoulders, on the bed, as he pushed that huge cock into me, fucked me, pounded me.

I was crying! I could hear someone screaming, knowing it was me, I grabbed a pillow, and I cried into it and bit it, as he 'FUCKED ME,' stopping to hold that huge cock so deep inside me. I screamed with the pain, and with the pleasure, as my orgasm hit me, 'Oh God, how it hit me.'

Then I felt Todd's cock getting thicker, throbbing so hard, pulsating in me, I knew what was going to happen. His cock was getting ready to burst,

I felt his hot burst of sperm hit, all the way, deep into me, as he pushed it so deep into me, as I felt hot sperm hitting so deep, inside me. I continued crying out, barking, screaming, with the mix of pain and pleasure. My orgasm was so intense, as with cumming, my orgasm went on from one to another. I just cried out, blacking out for a few seconds certain as I felt Todd slowly continue fucking me, crying into my neck, holding it in me, as I felt that cock spraying all my insides.

We just lay there, Todd holding his weight on his arms, as his cock slowly dripped out the last of his juice.

I felt so empty, but well and truly 'FUCKED.' Like nothing before, as I just lay there, looking into space, vacant and delerious.
I wearily uttered a "thank you" followed by "No more!", as he kissed my back, my neck, my hair.
My body spent, my mind blown into pieces in a euphoric state.

not ashamed to say I wimped out, he did a good job on me!! Lol. Or that I enjoyed it, but as for a regular thing, no thanks!
Have admiration for those size Queens out there, but just as they like BIG, I prefer more normal. Eye opening indeed.

Any questions or comments are appreciated and will be answered as I am able.
A BIG adventure. Part 1
Posted:Oct 25, 2018 6:30 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2018 1:52 am

So this is the start of my BIG cock adventure, have broken the story/event into more bitesize chapters for better reading, also my time is not allowing me to complete as quickly as id like.
Hope you enjoy. Part 2 to follow as soon as I can. C.

So my losing bet had come to this, waiting in a hotel bar with Nick, my gloating companion who was to film, waiting for my play thing to arrive. Or was I the play thing?
A sense of nervousness and excitement at the same time, waiting to see who would walk through the door. The chosen one, all I knew was a name.
A helplessness in the situatilon but utter confidence that this would be a safe environment.
I had dressed in a mid thigh all in one, thin strap summer dress, with a red lingerie set of bra and knickers underneath. My hair was fully down and laying over my shoulders, covering the straps of my dress.
He arrived and walked into the bar with an air of confidence and caught my eye, flashing a genuine but sincere smile. Masculine to a tee.
"Simply divine, gorgeous!"
I smiled, jumped up and we embraced, saying our hello's. I inadvertently put my hand on his crotch and felt the outline of his cock through his jeans, I could feel it was BIG, firm and everything Nick said it was.
Todd laughed and said " Your not wasting any time are you sweetie, and I thought your were going to be nervous from what I was told"
"Sorry, Oh, I am." I replied bashfully.

Having acquainted ourselves and chatted away we made our way upstairs.
Once inside the room, Todd wasted no time, catching my arm and spinning me round and into his arms. He was straight in for a cuddle and kisses.

I'm blushing and smiling and so nervous and so excited all at once...

His hands are on my waist and his lips are on my neck, lightly kissing a line up to my ear. He nips my earlobe, and I feel his warm breath on my neck.

I wrap my hands around the back of his neck and can't help but moaning a little. Finally he grabs my face and kisses me. His tongue is playing with mine, his lips are the perfect mix of soft but forceful. His scent is masculine but fresh. He lightly bites my bottom lip, sucking just enough to make me need more.

He stops. His hypnotic eyes are looking deep into my soul. Then he restarts the exploration of my mouth.

I broke off our kiss after a few minutes and asked, "can I?"
He nodded and I squatted down onto my knees, unzipped him, and reached inside and after briefly fumbling around, I pulled out his huge cock. Or more like, it came out to meet me.

"OH...MY...GOD!" was my shocked gasping reaction when I saw it flop out. It was HUGE! It was so big. It was uncircumcised with a perfect thick mushroom helmet. He was only slightly hard, and hung down past his mid-thigh.
"Haha, enjoy!!" Nick sarcastically joked
"How big is it?" I asked like a little girl excited at Christmas.

Todd laughed, "You thought I was lyin didn't ya? It's as big as you make it, and its all yours for tonight sweetie"

I am telling you. It was seriously as long and as big as my forearm. He literally had a third leg. I was down on my knees and took hold of the shaft with both hands, and there was still leftovers to spare. I started stroking it and kissing the head as he sighed in anticipation. I started tasting his precum as I licked the underside of his bulbous head. I was looking him in the eyes as I sucked away and his dick was growing by the second and sticking straight out from his body. I actually had to scoot back a little to adjust to the added length as he grew.

I took him out of my mouth and continued to lick his cock while we continued to make eye contact but when he was fully hard, I had to raise up higher on my knees to reach it. I opened my mouth wide and slid it down as far as I could. There was NO way I was getting all of this monster in my mouth.

Todd was loving my moist lips around his huge erection. He was sighing and whispering, "Yea baby, just like that. That feels great. Don't stop. Keep suckin."
I took Todd's monster cock in both hands and started jerking it while I sucked. I motioned him to lie on the bed, which he did willingly.

A big drop of clear juice emerged at the tip of his cock, glistening in the light like a diamond. I reached a finger towards the head of his cock, touching the drop with a fingertip. I then slowly smeared it over the swollen head, leaving it shiny. A long trail of sticky juice followed my finger as I removed my hand from his swollen purple head. I licked his juice suggestively from my finger.

“ Oooh! That’s so tasty, is there plenty more where that came from?! “

Holding his cock around the base, I gently felt around behind his balls until I located a slightly protruding lump just at the very root of his mighty shaft. Then, I began to massage this lump, rubbing it in small, slow, circles with a moderate amount of pressure. Immediately Todd started to feel a rich warmth spreading through his entire groin, his giant dick swelled even more, and I could feel my juices building. With my other hand, I stroked and gently scraped its immense surface with my fingernails. Up one side in a soft sensous way and down the other side dragging my nails, this technique seemed to bring new heights of ecstasy for Todd. A slow stream of fluid began to emerge from the tip of his super-hard cock, which I would lick off at intervals. I continued this for many minutes, drawing unprecedent quantities of spermy liquid from his cocks overexcited glans. He remained in a perpetual state of pre-orgasmic bliss, lieing back numbly, watching this fondling of his giant prong like he never wanted it to end. To be fair, what man does??

I took long strokes with my tongue all the way from his balls to his tip before flickering my tongue over his head. I cradled his balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a gentle kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my flickering tongue.

By the time I had reached the top, it was oozing over with more precum. I darted out my tongue and tasted a little. Closing my eyes as I savored his flavour.

I wanted more.

I focused my attention on the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a combination of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. My tongue darting in and out of his cum slit, dipping my tongue in, and letting my lips embrace all the rest, not ceasing in their quest to stimulate the massive cock-top.

When I broke from the sloppy kiss, a score of tendrils connected my lips to his giant obelisk. Rather then letting them break, I whipped out my tongue and snapped up each little cum-cable, relishing the result.

The time had come to finish the job. I reluctantly released his heavy nutsac, and wrapped both of my hands around the shaft. I placed them at least a wrist-length apart, and still plenty of cock emerged from both ends. I was looking at perhaps 8 inches still exposed at the top of my higher hand. This was going take a little work.

I began to pump. I jerked, jacked, and beat off this monster, and brought my head low to lap heavily at the head. I sat back and stared at the head. Now fully hard it looked big, swollen and flush, it looked impossible that I could fit it in my mouth

Well, I opened my mouth, and pressed it to the cockhead. I swabbed my tongue on it and caught another juicy dollop of precum. The taste inspired me, and I did something I didn't know I could. My mouth stretched to take him in, my lips pushing in on themselves to make way for the huge ram entering.

My cheeks burned slightly as they hollowed around the big club in suction, my lips stretched and my jaw aching. I slid down inch after inch of massive shaft, until I had a good five inches in, the colossal head sitting in my throat.

I held like this only a moment to let myself get used to it, and then I started to bob my head.

I sucked on his cock like I was trying to melt an ice lolly with my mouth. I sucked on his cock like I was trying to swallow the top end of a baseball bat.

It wasn't long before my hands were back in the action, pulling on the dangerous dong for all they were worth.

I pumped, bobbed, jacked, sucked, slurped and moaned on that dick until I saw those massive balls shift as they tightened a little.

I then took his helmet in one hand and the base of his shaft in the other and began to simultaneously massage him. My soft warm hands sliding up and down his length in swift continuous motions. I began building up the pressure with my hands, squeezing a little firmer with every stroke and also the speed of my movement. An occasional lick of his pulsating, throbbing purple helmet caused appreciating moans. I watched again, the pleasure on his face, before suddenly he gripped the bed sheets firmly with both hands and roared like a wild animal, whilst his hips lurched forward and he unleashed a monster creamy gelatinous wad that smacked into the side of my face, completely unaware. As I pulled my head back instinctively another wad coursed its way past my face and flew into my hair.

The excitement of my stimulation, which I was continuing, had forced his cum to fly in all directions, despite being taken by surprise by this sudden burst of his seed I managed to cap the flow with my eagerly awaiting mouth, as further volleys flooded into my awaiting mouth. My lips remained firmly planted on his ultra stiff geysering rod as it delivered his man cream. When he had finished I removed my lips slowly, licking the escaping juice with my tongue as best I could but due to the copious amounts, some naturally escaped, dripping down more cum over his already messy cock.

I sat up and I cleaned my face with my fingers, collecting a pool in my mouth before swallowing it in a loud gulp. This made both guys smile, which I returned whilst licking my lips.
"Well that was fun" I said, still with a grin eminating from my face.

My pussy felt like it was soaking wet. I was surprised there wasn't a huge wet spot. All this action had me horny in anticipation of What was yet still to come...
New tights. Help me choose.
Posted:Jul 23, 2018 8:20 am
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2018 12:52 pm

New tights.
Yes. Love em
No. Not sexy
78 Comments , 1031 votes
Hotel meet #1
Posted:Jun 19, 2018 2:35 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2018 12:53 pm

So this is my first attempt at writing a story of my own, all based upon an actual experience. Feedback appreciated. Let me know what you think and if you'd like more.

We had been messaging off and on for a few weeks. Exchanging thoughts and at times discussing things that make my mind intruiged somewhat. We had similar likes and dislikes, therefore It was finally decided that we had to see if there was anything between us in person as there certainly was in our messaging. The innuendos had grown less and less subtle as the ice had been broken.

We agreed to meet centrally from either of our homes in a nice country hotel.

He was over 6', well toned all over - from what I had seen, thus far!!
Short brown hair, charming smile, great sense of humour and an ability to talk the socks off a donkey. Seemed like a perfect gentleman. Truth be told, I couldn't wait to meet

As he entered the bar and looked at me from afar. He was everything he had said he was, and the pictures did him justice too. At just over 6' his presence was noticed immediately, as was the charisma he oozed.
I motioned him over to join me with an engaging smile. His eyes lit up in pleasure, that look I have seen so many times before. The one where the guy half doesn't expect me to show or disbelief that I'm here for him.
He joined me and we exchanged a brief hug and kiss - I'm a huggy person.

My black dress obviously mesmerized him, as he couldn't keep his eyes off my bare shoulders, and maybe my less than ample cleavage.

"Sorry to stare, you just look so beautiful, it took my breath away for a minute, really like your hair up by the way" he said.

I blushed a little, which surely must of been accentuated by my blonde hair.

"You're not so bad looking yourself, in the flesh" I added

We laughed easily. Ice broken!

We finished our drinks and moved to the restaurant for something to eat. The wine flowed and my assumption that his plying me with wine to soften me up was met with a warm if not guilty smile. Not that it was needed as I couldn't wait to get this guy alone.

He kept fidgeting a little bit and looking down my dress, wondering if I was wearing a bra I assumed.

"You like?
"Oh Yes, whats not to like!!?
"And I'm not," I say, reading his mind. "you like to see for yourself?"

He nodded his head in agreement. A glint in his eyes.
"Who wouldn't?" He laughed

"Well I'm not bloody showing everyone, so order a bottle of something nice and meet me up in my room. 529. I'll be waiting, and we can continue the evening in privacy".

Not much later, he is knocking on the door, a bottle of rose wine in hand. He remembered. I open the door and his eyes go wide in genuine warmth as he now sees my cascading hair flowing down my back. "Come in" I say.

The second the door closes and he is upon me, his mouth is on mine, our tongues becoming familiar with each other and our hands moving up and down each others backsides. He squeezes my bottom playfully.
I push him away and start unbuttoning to take off his shirt, revealing his nice, sculpted body. I put playful kisses along his collarbone and he get more handsy. He reaches for my smooth butt again, both hands come around and under, grasping, rubbing and squeezing both cheeks, making love to them with his hands, me rewarding him with an audible moan.

We kissed more and my hands work their way over his bare chest, feeling the contours of his pec muscles and his defined stomach. I find a ticklish place, causing us to break apart albeit briefly. This allows me to tug on his belt. He gets the idea and takes off his trousers. He stands there before me in his underwear with an obvious big tent poking through. I snicker and bend down and give his crotch a little kiss and hold his cock through the fabric. I can feel it pulsating in my hand, ready for playtime, ready to escape. I slide down the last remaining garment and his monster breaks free, standing proudly to attention inches from my face. An impressive specimen, uncut, thick and trimmed pubes. He slowly thrusts it forward and pokes it towards me. Aiming for my expectant mouth, but totally misses and pokes me on my nose. We both explode into laughter, as I stand up he helps me out of my black dress, revealing my completely nude body, my pert breasts, sexy belly, smooth crotch region and long, slender legs.

"Wow", he says and we kiss again and I can feel his flinching penis pushing up against my body. The warmth against my thigh, maybe the feeling of my boobs, one against his chest, the other in his hand a factor.

I slide down his body, leaving kisses along the way until I'm level with his member again. I take the shaft into my hand and I give the underside of his head a few licks savouring the taste of his precum. I begin teasing him by licking his shaft up and down, but avoid the head. I lick under the ridge of the head, but do not take the head in my mouth, not yet.
Then I lick all the way down to the base of his shaft and take his balls in my mouth, one at a time and suck on them softly. Then I lick the entire underside of his cock and circle his swelling head with my tongue.

I wrap one hand around his shaft, give him a quick glance of eye contact, smile and then dive in and it's in my mouth. I bob back and forth a few times allowing him to feel the wetness and warmth of my mouth. He moaned, I'm sure, I think it is the sheer ecstasy of being buried to the hilt in my mouth. I slowly start to lick the head while it is still in my mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering my tongue. Then I start to move towards the top and suck gently until I let almost all of him out of my mouth.
I slowly move his thick cock in and out of my mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots guys like it best. I combine this with stroking his shaft with my cupped hand, simultaneously alternating between my mouth and my hand. I build him up towards his climax, making him wanting for release. But I stop.

I start to lick the head again, probing his pee hole with my tongue in a sensual way that really turns him on, licking his shaft, cupping his balls in my free hand. I take all of him in my mouth again and concentrate on the top of his dick. I move slowly at first then quicken the speed, using my hand at the base of his shaft. It is wet with all the saliva that has dripped down his cock from my constant licking and sucking, making him good and wet. I start to move my hand up and down in pace with my mouth, giving a hand job and blow job at the same time, exciting him even more. The sounds he exhales turn me on and I continue my attention to his dick. His breathing gets more ragged and he placed his hands behind my head, threading his fingers between my golden locks, pushing me to go deeper, which I do. My tongue weaves around his head and over his sensitive parts some more. My other hand now massaging his balls, causing a multitude of sensations in his groin area. I stop for a mouthful of chilled wine before reinserting his member into my mouth.
"Holy fuck!!"
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh fuck thats good!!" He cries out, as the warm to cold to warm again sensation sends his pleasure into overdrive.

The feeling of my tongue and the pressure is a lot to handle and I can sense he is close from his noises. I stop and stand back up. He looks a little upset that I stopped but it was fun. We embrace and kiss some more, but only briefly before we climb onto the bed and I climb over his legs.

We kiss more - I love kissing!!! and he begins to fondle my boobs, pinching my nipples and licking them. This is a huge turn on for me, I begin grinding on his penis, my wet pussy gliding over and making his cock wet.

He pulls me close and turns us over so I'm on the bottom and he turns himself around so his dick is back in my face. The moment I felt his tongue on my pussy I moan immediately,
It feels so good, then I resume my blowjob from earlier.

He is very good with his tongue, putting it against my clit and giving it gentle licks while gently probing my pussy with two fingers, slowly at first but as I suck harder he increases his speed. It feels so good and I let him know so with my audible moans.

I can feel a climax building, but my moan is now muffled by his cock cumming into my mouth, quickly followed by mine. I achieve orgasm, and another as he continues his pleasure assault on my clitoris. I swallow his remaining substance and he moves away to rejoin me. We cuddle into each other and we catch our breath for a moment before we begin touching each other. I reach into the bedside cabinet and pull out a condom and slide it onto his re-hardened dick.

I lay him down and straddle over him again, this time lining up his rod and gently I guide myself on him. His dick is suddenly engulfed in my heat as I push all the way down to the hilt. It practically glides in, from me being so wet, even if he is a tight fit. I begin the motions and moaning as he humps me back, my breasts bouncing with each thrust. I begin to go faster and faster and he grabs my boobs again, playing with my nipples. It's too much for me and I continue to grind on him as I cum again. I love this position and continue my rythmic riding of his engorged member. It sending pure waves of exhilaration through me again and again. My face glowing and contorting as my orgasms continue to flow through my body. I decreace to a stop as a final tremor rumbles over me.

He is not done though. He picks me up and lays me over the edge of the bed and rolls me over onto my front. He lines up his cock with my soaking wet pussy, teases me by circling his head over and around my clitoris, then over my lips. Then inch by inch he feeds himself into me from behind. I close my eyes in bliss, as my pussy clenches at his cock. He pulls himself out, then thrusts in again. In, out, in out - his head popping like a sucked lollipop everytime he pulls it out.
He plunges back in again, pulling my hips toward him. He thrusts into my tightness, skin slapping against skin, my moans of pleasure increase as again I quickly approach orgasm. I lost count of how many times I came in the last few minutes, one thing for certain is my appreciation is heard. Loudly!!

He moves his hands from my hips and grabs a handfull of my hair. Pulling my head up from the bed, whilst continuing to thrust himself into me. Our breathing is both shallow and mixed with various sounds of moans and groans.
"Oh fuck, Chloe, Your so tight this is heaven!" He pants out of the blue.
I am unable to respond as I am cumming hard, my pussy clamping onto his cock like a silk covered vice, fluttering and oozing my delicious juices all over his cock. We continue in this wonderous way for I don't know how long but my legs are turned to a near like jelly state.

He stops, tenses, pulling himself out of my pussy, removing his condom and aiming his cock at my back. He cums, hard, shooting wave after wave of his glorious warm semen up my lower back into little pools and onto my butt cheeks. The warmth of his seed is soon gone as he collapses onto me, smothering me, and we catch our breath after the exertions.

He kisses me, "It was so damn nice inside your pussy, God, it felt so - damn - good."
I smile, as he wraps his arms around me, holding me tightly, our bodies morphed as one. We relax and savour the warmth from each others bodies.

I head to the bathroom to clean up, leaving him behind. I get into the shower and let the warm water cascade down onto and over my chest and breasts.
I notice him in the bathroom doorway standing against the door frame, admiring me. Perfectly content just to be a voyeur.
He watches as I lean my head back, while the water pounds against my chest, then through my hair as i lean forward.

"Are you going to join me?? Or just watch?" I ask
He pauses briefly, not needing a second invite, quietly slipping in behind me. He puts his arms around me and rests his chin on my shoulder. I can feel his warm breath on my ear. He begins to lick and suck my ear lobes. I lean into him, his chest against my back.

I breathe in deeply and sigh. My body is relaxed from the hot water but also becoming aroused again by his presence.

He lifts my wet hair and kisses the back of my neck, taking his time, knowing that I love this, that it turns me on.

"Kissing the back of my neck," I told him in a message not that long ago, "And I will melt, literally".

His hands move to my breasts. He cups one hand under each. He pours some liquid soap into his palm and massages my breast with a smooth lather. I move my body toward his and feel his semi hard cock press right against my bottom. Soon I can feel it is a full blown erection.

His hands move to stimulate my nipples. They are semi-erect. At his touch, they tighten up, becoming harder still. I love the way my body is responding to him.

I turn around and our mouths connect again and his tongue parts my lips.I kiss him deeply, my tongue once again exploring his mouth. My nipples graze his chest, hard, tingling, absolutely electric. Like every chest hair has turned into an electric whip. I put one hand on his back and the other reaches down between his legs to cup his balls. I pull myself up onto my toes, my hands slick and easily sliding up his arms to his neck. Our tongues circle each other, his lips so hot and delicious.

"As good as that feels babe, I want to please you at the moment. There will be time for more later."

He turns me back around gently and I comply. His arms are around me again, pulling me hard onto his body. The water from the shower pales in comparison to how hard and wet his very existence makes me.
He creates a lather with the soap, washing my shoulders. My back. My arms. My botton, removing all remaining signs of our earlier exhertions. Then he returns to pay some soapy attention to my breasts, he slides his hands down. Over my belly and down to my inner thigh where his hands linger. He obviouisly has it in his mind to tease and seduce, he won't be rushed. He knows what I want but is making me wait for it. So close and yet so far.

He puts one hand gently onto my bottom, indicating, wordlessly, it is time. He finally finds my slit, the wait seems like hours, and probes with a finger, then a second. I moan. I am so wet, both literally and metaphorically. Yes, we are in the shower and hot water continues to spill out onto us both. But he knows that my dampness is because of him and has nothing to do with the water. He's inordinately pleased by this knowledge.

He makes knowledgeable circles on my clit. My moans are louder now and closer together. I moan again and my body stiffens. He puts two fingers back into my soaking pussy as I climax and muscles clench around them. My face is calm, eyes shut like I'm asleep but with a smirk that says otherwise.

"You are the most amazing person Chloe, I just love every inch of your body"

I feel his hardness pressing up against me, begging to be let in and in a whirl of motion, his hands attach to my hips. Such a shockingly male and firm grip. He lifts me up like I am a feather, turning me around and putting me down, my back against the wall.

My hands wrap around his back and I feel all the tension in his muscles. I press my nails in and scratch down his sides. I place one hand on his left shoulder, while his teeth are nibbling on my right ear. I feel his breath in my ear, his hot tongue slides down my neck, while I use my left hand to slide down his chest to that erection. I wrap my fingers around and hear him inhale; not sharp or fast but taking in air.

With my right hand on his member, I feel can feel him throbbing with pleasure and need.

The hot water lets me glide his penis around my thigh skin, guiding his tip around in small circles. I kiss his shoulder and sweetly scrape my teeth over flesh. Everything is so hard and wet and tasty.
I stop rubbing his penis against skin and guide it into me. It enters me smoothly, like a shark gliding through the ocean in search of blood. Our foreheads press against each other. Heads together, but there is no thinking needed for this part. Zero thoughts are required as our bodies begin this beautiful thrusting dance.

He moves both of his hands down to my hips, pinning us together. My trembling thighs wrap around him, never wanting to let go. His mouth finds mine again and our tongues begin their electric dance.

Our bodies throb and thrust to a steady rhythm. Slowing heading towards climax. No need to rush the inevitable. My head spins with all the steam, electricity and passion.
Our passions rise, I start to feel the quake coming and know that he will be sure to follow. I watch his face to see him smile, body rocking and getting closer to the edge. We are so close, so hot. So ready. I clench my body deep down inside and hear him groan. We lock eyes. He increaces the speed of his actions, increacing the intensity, increacing the inevitable.....
We climax together. It is such a pure simple release of energy. Heaven. We let it levitate us to a higher plain. This is perfection.

We finish with kisses and it all leaves me wondering what comes next.
We return to our bed for the night and in each others arms enter a blissful state. Satisfied.

This experience was a wonderful first, the first of many. I believe the location excited us, meeting and trying new things with a new partner.

So the suggested car ride to a new place tomorrow should be fun. And if we should find a quiet spot somewhere along the way, that would be perfect!
E.mail recap
Posted:May 21, 2018 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2019 10:45 am

Recently got sent this by a guy I met through, unfortunately we no longer see each other but this is his account of one of our play dates.
Chloe. x

We had mailed each other and arranged to meet at a small hotel in the country where we could have some quiet time together. We were to meet there after work on Friday and look forward to a full weekend of being together.

I'm happy to see you when you drive up and even more so when I see you getting out of the car. My God, you are beautiful. That smile, gets me every time. You must have changed clothes just for me after leaving work. You couldn't have gone to work looking like that. You have on a very micro mini dress that is low cut and shows the tops of your breasts. I can see that your nipples are hard and seem to want to burst out into the warm sunshine. But the best of all is that the dress shows almost all of your gorgeous legs. The dress is bright red that goes well with your flowing long blonde hair. You walk toward me with your hips swaying in a sensuous rhythm that is accentuated by the medium height heels of your shoes. A perfectly constructed vision.

I can't wait for you to get to me and I start toward you. I can almost feel you in my arms already. When I reach for you, you dodge and elude me. You always tease me! I don't have time for that. Before you can say "hello" I grab you and pull you to me. I take a handful of your soft hair and pull your head back so I can kiss you. I hold you there as my face slowly descends to yours and our lips touch. Now it's my turn to tease. You want to press your mouth to mine, but I'm holding your hair and you can't. You groan and whimper. I press my lips harder against yours and your sweet little tongue reaches out to greet me. I suck it into my mouth where we try to entwine our tongues together. Soon I am thrusting my tongue into your mouth as if I were fucking it. You envelop me and you begin to grind your hips into my groin. It's time to go inside. The rest of the world doesn't deserve to see what we do from here.

I take your hand and lead you into the room. You follow me in anticipation. Your exuberance fuels my desire to have you. As I shut the door, we are back into each other's arms with our mouths glued together. I massage your neck, your back and down to the wonderful upswelling curve at the top of your ass cheeks. I love how those fantastic round and firm globes look and feel. They respond to my touch by wiggling and pushing back into my hand. I rub them in circles and gradually cause your dress to rise up over the top of your hips. You really are a vision of perfection in every sense of the word.

Now I can feel the warmth and softness as in no other way. My flesh against yours is the best way to experience you. I slide my finger into the cleft between those lovely cheeks and feel for your sweet ass hole. It is puckered and tight like a new formed flower bud, but it begins to relax as I press against it with my finger. I want to see you naked. We go into the bedroom where I raise the dress over your head and marvel at your sweet form. I love the slight rise of your belly above your pussy. You have shaved it smooth, and that's the way I like it. You must have just shaved it this afternoon since it is as smooth as silk.

I slide my hands up from your hips to your armpits. Gently touching your sides on the way up and then stroke my fingertips along the outside of your breasts almost to the nipple, not quite. Your breathing is shallow now. You are trying hard not to move in hopes that I will touch those delightful little nubs that make you feel so good when they are stimulated. I circle my fingers all around and over your breasts, but don't touch the nipples. You are almost begging now. They are standing up straight and pointing toward the ceiling, demanding attention. I ease my hands up until your nipples are between my thumbs and index fingers. Then I squeeze them sharply, not enough to cause severe pain, just enough to make sure you are paying attention. You are. You love it. Your face contorts in pleasure.

You reach down and rub my cock through my jeans which are wet with the moisture that has oozed from it. You grasp it in your hand and begin to stroke its length through the jeans. You whisper in my ear and we explode into laughter before you drop to your knees, take out my manhood where you can see it and feel it without any hindrance. You lick your lips in anticipation and move your head forward so your tongue can reach out and lick the moistness from the tip. Gentle little butterfly kisses to get a taste of what's to come. You take the shaft in your little hand and rub the head all over your tongue. The wry smile on your face is returned by me. There is a trail of shining liquid everywhere it touches. Then you begin to take me into your throat.

You take it all the way in because you know I love to feel it touching the back of your throat. For some reason, I like it when it is so far in you have to gag a little before you pull it out. Then I take your head in my hands and begin to thrust into your mouth. Soon, I am thrusting slowly and rhythmically as if it were your pussy. You are such a sweet little girl. Always trying to please me. I don't want to come this way yet, so I pull my cock out of your mouth and it makes a popping sound as you are still sucking on it as it exits your sweet lips.

I raise you up from the floor and back you toward the bed where I lay you down with your hips on the edge of the bed. I remove my clothes now and drop to my knees, spreading your legs wide for easier access. I lower my head to your gorgeous pussy and inhale that sweet fragrance. It is sweet and still sour. It has elements of sugar and salt. I like a woman who tastes like a woman and not like a bar of soap. I blow my hot breath all along your lovely slit and your hips rise up to meet me. I extend my tongue and lightly lick the outer lips of your pussy and taste the wonderful thing I have just smelled. It is as good to the taste as to the smell. I gently flick my tongue tip all around without penetrating it. You are melting now. You want me.

I press my tongue against that tender spot between your pussy and ass hole. It has a musky flavor that is amazing. I then lick from the bottom of your slit all the way to the top where your little clit has come out to play. When my tongue touches your clit, your hips give an involuntary thrust upward which presses my lip against my teeth. It just adds to the flavor of the moment. I reach up and grasp your small yet beautiful breasts in my hands and begin to pinch the nipples in time with the strokes of my tongue on your clit. You are almost delirious now, rolling your head from side to side and speaking in some unknown tongue that only you understand. I know what you are saying. You want more and more. Can there ever be enough?

I am now concentrating on your clit with every fiber of my being. I lick it with a fury and a pace I have never before equaled. I can feel the muscles in your thighs tighten and you try to squeeze my head between them. I push them back. I won't have you controlling this event. You moan and beg me to let you come. I am sure now that you are ready. Your head rocking from side to side and your luscious golden locks straggle over your beautiful face. I lick even harder and ram three fingers into you as hard as I can. One stroke is all it takes and you are transported to that place that only you can go. I've heard of it, but will never know it first hand. I love to take you there. You scream out in ecstasy along with all manner of curses and other unintelligible things. Your body is racked with uncontrollable spasms of joy and lust. Nothing can hold you back and only the passage of time returns you to the world the rest of us inhabit.

Just as you are settling down and starting to breath a little easier, I push you further onto the bed and shove my cock as deep into you as I can. You are so tight around my cock but you are so wet it glides in effortlessly. I fuck you hard and fast and, unbelievably, you are almost there again. I am amazed at your capacity to orgasm. I fuck you as hard as I can and use small circular motions as if to stir the soup that is boiling in your groin. It is only a couple of minutes until I explode within your heavenly pussy and wonder of wonders, as soon as I do, you are there with me.

I lift you up from your dreamland and embrace you tightly before I spin you around and push you forward over the side of the bed. Your pert bottom presents itself to me, and I position my cock which has quickly regained it's hardness, at the gates of heaven, the view is simply spectacular. I slowly enter you not stopping until the full length is buried inside you. I hold it there, feeling your pussy pulse and tighten around it as you groaned in pleasure. With one hand holding your body against my cock, the other was free. I spank your perfect bottom and you let out little yelps as your ass turned a deep red. Your pussy tightened, milking my cock.

With both hands on your hips I began the final push over the top, increacing the ferocity of my thrusts, now as hard and as fast as I can. Your whole body shifted with every thrust, the sounds louder and louder, desperate and animalistic as you scream out your appreciation for the fucking.

Your face is now buried in the pillows, your hands firmly gripping the sheets as you let the intensity wash over you.

The room is filled with your screams and the sound of my cock slapping deeper and deeper.

This was it. I grabbed your hair as I felt the familiar surge within. My cock swelled. I heard my voice roar as my cum began it's final journey.

We come together and I can almost see your special place. Almost, not quite. It is enough. I am honored to be so close. We both spasm uncontrollably and I fall on you with all my weight. I have forgotten how small you are and how much larger I am. You don't complain and when I remember and raise up to ease the burden, you pull me back down. You want to feel me imprisoning you. Finally, I roll off of you and you curl up on my shoulder, you smile contently as I gaze deeply into your eyes, where you fall asleep. I watch you sleeping and marvel at this woman who I would love to call mine. Our time is precious and I appreciate every moment I spend with you.

All this in the first hours of the first day of our special weekend. What can there be to follow this? Can we expect to equal this? We'll see.
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Anal Fascination
Posted:May 13, 2017 12:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2019 10:45 am

Once and once only have I ventured and explored this region.

The guy concerned at the time was my boyfriend, and although on the larger size of my preference was very respectful of me. We did our research, so being green can count towards the experience.


I just don't see the fascination in it if I am totally honest. I have spoken to a few guys and its an ass thing. but I love doggystyle. is that not enough??

Thoughts please guys
Q and A
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 5:13 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 3:45 am

Going to open this up for all you inquisitive folk. Ask away and I will answer when I can. Nothing off limits.
Just saves answering same questions over and over.
many thanks. x x

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