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Emma's necklace is now complete, but there is still more to the story to come before it is concluded.

I hope you that are reading this saga are enjoying it as much as I have writing it for you.
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E084: Meeting Donald’s aunt
Posted:Jun 1, 2019 9:04 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

In the morning, Donald and Emma awake wrapped in each other’s arms. Yesterday had been so fulfilling, and today will be something so different for them to experience together. But on waking, they both only want one thing at this moment. To feel each other deeply.
It starts with just gentle good morning kisses, then their sudden need to cling to each other, holding each other tight to show how much they each care for the other. They can hear their hearts beating as one as they do.
Then Donald rolls Emma on her back, where she immediately lifts her legs up over his shoulders, so he is positioned to drive into her wet and waiting vagina. She pants with anticipation as he guides himself over her slit to lubricate himself to enter her.
Then she feels his hard-throbbing cock up in her. She loves this best when the desire comes over him so much that his prick physically quivers. The vibrations from his tremors against the sides of her vag make her start to tremble too and clench against him.
There is time this morning, so Donald takes it slow to start until they both reach the state when an immediate resolution is needed. Pulling himself slowly almost all of the way out of Emma, only his glans at her entrance, then lightly thrusting back in as far as he can. Holding himself there as he trembles within her feeling her squeeze against his shaft like she is starting to milk him.
All is good with the world.
They stare into each other’s eyes as they pull and push together in this slow dance of lust. Leaning often, Donald repeatedly kisses Emma deeply. Running his tongue around her mouth, searching all of that cavity as his cock explores her lower cavern.
They are not exerting themselves that much yet, but a warm breeze is wafting in from the open window, making them both start to glow with perspiration. The day is going to be hot. The heat from outside adds to the heat rising between them and as their skins dampen the breeze blowing over them does bring goosebumps to both of them.
It is all feeling so good, but the tension increases. They mutually reach the point that satisfaction is needed. Now. Together they speed up the pace and soon are in a frenzy of motion to reach that pivotal point. Panting and gasping together, Emma’s arms tight around Donald’s neck now as they both cry out in uni as they cum.
It takes several minutes for their breathing to slow, Emma to be able to first loosen her hold on Donald’s neck and then finally lower her legs. They just stare at each other in wonder.
How can sex between them seem better and better each time? There is some magic between them to know each other’s needs so well, and how to respond to each other.
They snuggle for a bit, then Donald says that they probably should take a shower and get ready to leave. He had told his aunt they would be there by late morning.
The drive is only about an hour, but neither want to be tardy. Donald knows Dorothy and Maude will have a special lunch prepared for them, and they always do like to eat at noon, one o’clock at the latest.
After showering, Donald pampers over Emma to make her look just right to be presented, He dresses her in a light flowered dress, covering a pink lace bra and panties. Yes, today she must be wearing panties for their arrival, no matter how much he has enjoyed her being so open for his touch these last few days in the car.
Emma looks perfect and radiant.
Donald is dressed in light shorts and a pale-yellow polo shirt, with dockers on his feet. Yes, he is back on Cape Cod again. He has been away for several years, but his upbringing at the shore returns like he has never been gone.
They pack the car, Emma taking special care to place the present on the floor of the backseat, so it is not jostled too much. They are ready to leave.
As Donald helps Emma into her seat, he notices she is trembling some. He puts his arms around her, kisses her, and assures her his aunt and Maude are going to love her, so not to be scared or worried.
His concern is comforting to Emma. She weakly smiles at him, telling him she is okay. And they are off on the road to the tip of the cape.
As he drives, Donald kept glancing over at Emma, wallowing in her beauty today. He knows Dorothy and Maude will be enchanted by her, seeing all her charms that he has discovered. Neither woman offers baseless praise, but he knows they will be captivated by Emma.
He watches as Emma pulls at her pearl necklace similar to how he pulls it from time to time. Finally, he reaches over and does it for her, telling her quietly she will do fine. Emma sighs contently from his comforting words.
Never in her life has she ever been in this position before. To be introduced to strangers who are the loved ones of someone important to her. She so wants to make a good impression, and she worries in the back of her head about how much they know about her.
Do they know how she and Donald met? What they have done together? The meaning of the pearl necklace?
She squirms in her seat as she still worries some. The squirming, and thinking about Donald’s and her past, makes her feel herself getting wet between her legs.
Donald is thinking about things too. His aunt and Maude know little about the type of research he has conducted. They know he is working in sexual research, but to them, it is all just surveys and analyzing data. He never felt he should reveal the hands-on research he has done over the years. And definitely not what has gone on between Emma and him.
Never has he ever brought any woman to meet his aunt before. He knows Aunt Dorothy is excited about this visit. Donald talks with Dorothy, and Maude, about once a week on the phone for an hour. For the last four months during their conversations, he has blabbered on and on about Emma and how unique she is. So both Dorothy and Maude know she is something special.
When he told them they would come to visit over Labor Day weekend, both women were ecstatic about the prospect of meeting this woman who finally mesmerized Donald.
After a couple more pulls on Emma’s necklace, Donald takes her hand in his and holds it the rest of the drive.
Donald pulls into the seashell covered drive of a rather large house at almost the tip facing into the Cape Cod Bay. He explains to Emma, “Most of the ocean side is national forest land and is not built on. We are now almost directly across the bay from where we stayed last night in Sandwich, Massachusetts.”
Emma tries to take this all in, but she is in awe of how big this ‘cottage’ is. It is almost the size of the house she grew up in. And it has a lovely flower garden at the front, with a wide wrap-around porch.
As Donald drives up next to the house, she can see the back which has a wide yard with a vegetable and herb garden before leading down to a beach and a dock. Near the garden is a greenhouse by the path. Two women are leaning over the side porch. One tall with golden-grey hair braided, which hangs down to her mid-back. She is wearing a loose multicolored caftan. The other, shorter, with greying auburn hair in the same braided style. She is wearing a peasant blouse and a flowered flowing skirt. Her larger breasts are outlined by the thin cotton blouse pulled down over her shoulders.
They both hurry to the car as Donald and Emma get out. Before Emma knows it, while Dorothy is hugging her nephew, she feels herself being taken into the arms of the taller woman in a wonderful bear hug.
“Welcome Emma, I am Maude. We are so glad you have come to visit,” Maude tells her, pulling Emma away from her a bit to look her over. “Donald, she is even more lovely than what you described.”
Emma blushes as the women switch places for Dorothy to hug and kiss her cheek now. “Yes, Emma, we are so glad to finally get to meet you. We have heard so much about you. All in glowing terms I might add,” Dorothy says.
Donald blushes at this disclosure which Emma notices, but she does feel so welcomed and content at this moment. In a way, this is perhaps the happiness moment she has ever felt.
Luggage is taken into the house, and Dorothy gives Emma a tour of the house as she shows them to their room. It was Donald’s room from the summers when he was growing up. There is only a double bed, but that will be nice to be so close to him. The model planes and race cars, his books, and trophies – all a part of Donald’s life she knows so little about.
After they have unpacked, Emma picks up the present and they go back into the dining room which is set for their lunch. She places the gift on the table between what must be Dorothy and Maude’s chairs. They can hear Dorothy and Maude scurrying about in the kitchen finishing fixing things.
The table is set with fine china and crystal. The side dishes are already on the table waiting. Cottage cheese, bread and butter pickles, olives, green onions which can tell are from the garden, homemade cloverleaf rolls, and whipped fresh butter. Donald explains these are normal sides to see at lunch and dinner in the northeast.
Emma realizes that it is not all that different from the southern sides offered.
Dorothy and Maude come it to the room laden with plates and dishes of food.
There is an urn of rich cream lobster soup; a fresh greens salad - which entire contents have to been grown in their garden; a seafood and macaroni salad – filled with more lobster, crab, and shrimp; and a platter of sandwiches – egg salad, beef, and ham and cheese. There is enough food for ten times the four of them, but all look so delicious. Emma is glad they didn’t have any breakfast this morning – Donald must have known what would be waiting for them for lunch.
As Dorothy and Maude put the food on the table, Dorothy exclaims with glee, overseeing the gift. Donald quickly tells her that it is from Emma - so she will get all the glory for what she had so insisted on. And seeing his aunt’s pleasure from it, he suddenly understood why it was so important for his southern lady to do so.
Dorothy cannot wait. She sits and begins to open the gift telling Emma she shouldn’t have. When she sees the lovely platter and bowls, she is overjoyed. Maude just chuckles telling them, “Well, Emma, never meeting Dorothy you have found the way to her heart, she loves things like this, and I appreciate them too.”
Dorothy is overcome, jumps from her seat and hurries to Emma and kisses and hugs her as she thanks her for the most wonderful gift. Again Emma feels this so different sort of glow run through her.
It is not that her parents were mean or undemonstrative. They just kept their emotions in check. Never showing to the world who they really were or felt. They had expected the same of her. There were some weak hugs and pats on the back but nothing so full and loving as she is experiencing today. Now knowing so much more about the two of them, and experiencing this flow of love now, Emma wonders about this, but it is something to consider at another time.
Tears come to all three women’s eyes. Even Donald’s eyes are misted over from watching this outpouring of love between them.
Now the lunch is a sensual feast for Emma, and Donald, who had not had such a meal for a long time. Each bite of food sends waves of salivary delights to their tongue and through their whole bodies. The soup, so creamy and rich, each spoonful fills their mouths with lust for one more taste. Emma had not thought she would like lobster all that much, but this, so fresh and tender, with the trace of lemon juice, she cannot get enough of.
Then the salad, the greens, tomatoes, onions, and herb dressing sends sensations of fresh tanginess over their palates. Just the wonders of the food are making Emma begin to feel moist between her legs.
Never could she imagine that food could do something like that to you. But all your senses are rather tied to your sexual pleasure she realizes.
The seafood salad is to die for. Never has Emma really tasted such fresh seafood. She is almost drooling with each bite. When she comments about it, Maude explains that they had gone to the fish market in the morning for fresh off the boat catches. Sometimes she and Maude will dig clams up on the beach for a treat too.
The smells and tastes are like an aphrodisiac to Emma, and she so wants to run upstairs with Donald to satisfy this other yearning she has but knows as a proper houseguest she must control herself. But as she watches the glances passing between Dorothy and Maude, she wonders if the food is affecting them the same way?
They each barely eat half a sandwich as all are so sated in many ways from this interesting lunch. Emma realizes that Donald is feeling the same way as his hands run up and down her thigh under the table.
The whole conversation during the meal is filled with short questions and answers all delivered in rather bated breath. There will be time for really talking together in the future, but right now, it is like they are in this surreal world where their taste buds are directly connected to their sexual centers.
The temperature rising to almost ninety outside does not help. That and it feels like the room is heating up from all of their suppressed sexual energy even more. This is the first time Donald ever felt this sensation coming over him, but the flush on Dorothy and Maude’s faces as they eat tells him they have in the past and are feeling it now also. Is it the sea air mingling with the food? Being with someone you lust and desire?
To say the least, the clean up after lunch is quickly accomplished, all of them pitching in to get things put away and washed up quickly. Dorothy is the one who suggests that perhaps they all would appreciate lying down for a nap for a bit, it is so warm outside, and upstairs the sea breeze blowing in their rooms might be cooling.
Everyone quickly agrees.
Donald and Emma are in his room, the door closed, and bolted in record time. Donald strips Emma’s clothes from her, which are damp and sticking to her some from all that has transpired. He throws his clothes away from him also, and they fall on the bed clinging to each other as if for the first sexual coupling of two agers.
Their lips and tongues and fingers are all over each other, hitting every erogenous zone they know for each other. Their low moaning grows more and more. Luckily, Dorothy and Maude’s room is at the other end of the hall, but in the distance, they can hear similar sounds reaching their ears. The house is a palace of sexual pleasures this afternoon.
Donald presses Emma back across the bed and beginning at her neck begins to suck and lick down over here shoulders, in her armpits as he lifts her arms up over her head. She giggles as that tickles her. Then over to her breasts where he takes each in turn into his hands as he sucks at her nipples. She moans and shakes from the attention.
Then slowly down her stomach, stopping at her belly button to search in it with his tongue. What a different feeling Emma thinks as she feels his tongue prod her there.
His fingers caress her hips and sides as Donald lowers himself further, now kneel at the side of the bed with Emma’s spread legs falling over the side. He presses her thighs far apart and begins to lick, kiss and suck at her thighs leaving little red marks as breadcrumbs to show his way back out of the wonderful forest cave he is about to enter to explore.
Truth be told, Emma and Maude are both in this same position at the moment, both gasping for breath and moaning from the attention they are being given. It is interesting if they all knew how much aunt and nephew’s technique is so similar.
Donald moves on to Emma’s labia and begins to suck them one after the other making them red and swollen as Emma begins to whimper and squeal like a puppy with a new squeaky toy. She is becoming flushed all over.
Then on to her slit, up and down, Donald slides his tongue as he pulls Emma nearer the side of the bed. Her cunt is right in front of him now for easy access. Emma bends her legs and lifts them over Donald’s shoulders, entwining them to hug his back.
Over and over he goes up and down, just teasing her clit and then the opening of her vagina. It is such a wonder frustration Emma is feeling from his play.
When he knows she is at her peak, Donald stands, lifting her legs up with him, so she is bracing herself with her arms against the bed. He lowers her legs to wrap around his waist and rubs his hard cock against her dripping slit, making her whine even more.
He thrusts up in her from this angle, which makes his entrance different with her still being lifted some. It is all that Emma could ask for at this moment. She gasps with delight and moves as she is able to meet each of Donald’s inward thrusts.
During this trip, Emma realizes something different has come over Donald. He always has, since almost the start, began to throb in her after they have been engaging for a while, but now she feels his prick trembling so wonderfully from even before he enters her. His cock so wanting to be in her and feel her warm sides against him. Even before she starts clenching against it.
The twitching of his cock as he enters her feels so magnificent. How have they reached this level together? Her heart soars thinking about what is now overcoming him when they mate.
It is not really that long until they both are on the brink, but the buildup has taken a while, so not unexpected. Together, Emma pushing herself up more and more on her arms to take Donald fully into her, and him pressing in more and more with each stroke to reach her back wall.
As one, suddenly, they both cry out as Donald releases everything into Emma, and she clutches him forcefully as she arches and cums.
Both are sweaty from the heat as they collapse together on the bed, panting.
But let’s not forget about what is happening down the hall. Maude now having cum a couple of times from Dorothy’s lip service, pulls her to the bed and leans to suck her tits. Maude always loves to play with Dorothy’s massive breasts. And even after all these years there is not that much sagging.
Maude herself is not anywhere near as large, but Dorothy always tells her she loves to play and suck her little oranges.
Dorothy begins to moan from the sucking and Maude’s fingers now running up and down her slit. Dorothy is enjoying this attention from Maude. They do often engage this way, who says seniors aren’t interested in sex after a certain age? Okay, maybe men can’t get it up as well anymore at this age; but women together who know each other so well can over and over as the years go by, finding the special spots on each other.
And then, as Maude’s fingers buff her clit to climax, they hear the shout from down the hall from Emma and Donald, and that takes them both over the peak, and they echo the shouts.
All four in their separate two rooms laugh realizing what is happening at each end of the hall.
It takes almost another hour until all have composed themselves to gather in the parlor at around four o’clock. All of their faces are flushed, and there is a glow about all of them of well-satisfied people.
They all blush a little, but Dorothy herds them to the kitchen where together they fix an evening meal, all with sheepish grins on their faces. For some rea, they all are so famished.
This is going to be a wonderful holiday weekend for all.
E083: About Aunt Dorothy and Maude
Posted:May 31, 2019 8:25 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2019 1:43 pm

Over dinner, Donald begins to tell Emma the story of his Aunt Dorothy and Maude. Emma is so spellbound by the tale of these two women she will be meeting the next day. It is astonishing that she eats any of her dinner. But they both do finish all of their meal over a bottle of wine and the tale.
"Like I told you, my father and my aunt were twins. Born in 1943, while the war was going on. Their father was stationed with the Coast Guard at the time off of Cape Cod, so their mother was near him in the cottage where we will be staying.
When the war ended, they returned to their home in Boston, where Dorothy and my father grew up. In 1961 my father went off to Harvard to begin a law degree, and she to Wellesley College. It was there that Dorothy met Maude. They were roommates their freshman year, and every year following.
Dorothy told me she was in awe of Maude from first meeting her. A tall, sturdy woman with flowing blonde hair to her waist. While it was just the beginning of the era, Maude had been brought up by rather progressive parents who encouraged her to explore and expand her boundaries.
This was all something new to Dorothy who had gone through a more traditional youth with sock-hops, football games, proms and bridge games. She admitted herself that she was totally preppie material, the essence of one of the seven sister colleges. Her parents wanted her to have a good education for her to be able to be an asset to her future husband, but that was soon tossed to the wayside.
Maude claims she was fascinated by Dorothy from the start too. Such a contrast. Dorothy was barely five feet two inches tall, busty with nice curves, and flaming auburn hair. It was cut in the standard fifties flip, though not as ratted as many girls of the era.
The first night together, Dorothy did cry a little, being away from home for the first time. Maude tried to cheer her up, and they ended up talking well into the middle of the night, sharing all sorts of things about themselves.
As they both tell it, but their story will be better coming fully from them -- they do like to tell it and reminisce -- it took until the new year for them to draw nearer to each other. They were friends from the start, but never would it have entered Dorothy’s mind to think of Maude that way. And Maude, free spirit that she was, spent her first-semester dating and teasing a multitude of young college men. She would often include Dorothy in these adventures, them dating men who were roommates or friends.
The fall football sea was filled with attending games at all the universities near them. Sometimes attending Harvard games where Dorothy would meet up with her brother. But by then my father was so head over heels about my mother he paid scant attention to what his sister was getting up to.
After Christmas break, things changed. Being apart from each other for over three weeks, even with almost daily letters back and forth, both Dorothy and Maude were missing each other’s constant interaction so much.
When they got back to their room in January, what started as a hug and kiss in greeting turned into something more. Suddenly men were of no interest to them anymore. They took their time seeing where things would lead between them. This was the start of the feminist period. They found and attended several lectures which opened their eyes to possibilities between them.
At first, it was just rushing back to their room each afternoon to sit on one of their beds and kiss and caress each other before the dinner bell rang. Then blouses were being unbuttoned, bras unhooked, and the exploring of each other’s breasts took center stage.
Even then, they both hesitated to go further, though both so wanted to. But society at that time was not really that open to lesbian relationships, and Dorothy especially worried about what her family might think.
They continued to both date men together but evenings out would end with them back in their room hugging, kissing, and laughing over the men’s foolishness. They allowed some of the men to go at least to first or second base, they agreed between themselves that they should see how they felt having a man do this to them. Inevitably though it would end with them giggling about what had happened as they stroke each other how they were coming to love the best.
After the summer following their freshman year apart with only letters and a week visit with each other, come fall they knew they only really cared about each other. They both spent much of the summer secretly reading about how women sexually interacted together. The first night back in their dorm room, they began sharing a bed each night.
They would switch each night from one bed to the other so no one would notice one bed was left unslept in. It was the start of a heady time between them as they began to move to lower down their bodies. They tentatively touched and explored, gasping at each other’s tender strokes. Both realizing how wet they were getting from just this superficial investigation.
The journey of discovery for them, learning to please and make each other tremble continued through their sophomore year. Feeling each other’s fingers traveling down their stomach, over their mons, to both dampen themselves with the other’s juices, feeling the slipperiness as they ran up and down each other’s slits, making them sing out simultaneously as their clits were enlivened.
That perhaps was the first truly perfect moment between them. Many would follow over the next few years. When they began to investigate and pleasure each other with their lips and tongues, the pact between them was soldered.
They were inseparable through college and continued on together for two more years working on their masters. Maude got a degree in advertising and Dorothy in literature and publishing. Both were astute enough to take business courses so to know that side of any industry they would enter.
My grandparents were not really thrilled that Dorothy wanted to pursue a career, but after making her agree to stay in Boston, they relented. She got a job at a publishing company as an editor. Maude, not wanting to leave Dorothy for a more lucrative job in New York City, started working for an advertising firm in Boston also.
But neither started working until they spent almost a year on a tour of the European continent. They had agreed to this to appease their parents, who thought that they might both finally meet men to marry. In reality, it was a wonderful year of living a very bohemian lifestyle in youth hostels and the side streets of Paris.
During that time, they did not care if people saw them as a couple together, and they spent as much time in bed together as they did exploring the cities. They knew when they returned home, they would not be together like they have been for the last seven years and wanted to savor every moment together that they could.
My grandparents had made it clear to Dorothy that she was expected to live at home until she married and had already the last couple of years paraded all sorts of suitable husband material before her. They did understand with the unrest and changes of the late 1960s Dorothy wanted to try to have a career for a while, but that is all they thought it would be. Soon she would find the right man and settle down.
My father was already engaged to my mother with their wedding planned for as soon as Dorothy returned from Europe.
Back in Boston, the two made the best of the situation that they could. They both wrap themselves into their work. While Dorothy was at home, Maude had found a small efficiency apartment not that far away.
Many nights they shared dinner, and more, before Dorothy had to head home. They took all of their vacations together. Besides many weekends in New York. To see the latest Broadway shows they told their parents. They continued to do superficial dating to keep everyone happy. None of those relationships ever lasted very long, or go very far.
By 1970 when I was born, they had been adjusting themselves to the role they saw as their foreseeable future at twenty-seven. Wanting, needing to be together, but just circumstances not allowing it to happen.
From an early age, I remember Maude often being at family functions -- Dorothy’s good friend. She often bought me nice gifts and showed interest in me from the time I could properly converse.
Then when I was nine and then ten, my grandfather, then grandmother died. It was sad, but I really didn’t at that age know them all that well. After their house was Dorothy’s, and she told my parents that Maude was going to share it with her to economize on expenses.
I think my parents knew the truth, but they went along with the explanation given. Even then, as the 1980s began, it was still not something ‘good girls’ did. From stories they have told since it was a wonderful year for them together.
But when my parents died, and Dorothy accepted taking responsibility for me, Maude quietly moved out again so I would feel welcome at my new home. I am sure while I was at school, they were together, but it wasn’t until the summer, and at the cottage that Maude joined us.
It is funny, on the brink of puberty myself, it didn’t even enter my mind really when she arrived and began to share my aunt’s bedroom. Only as years went by did I fully comprehend what was going on. And by then it seemed the natural and correct order of things.
When fall came, Maude came home with us, and from then on it was the two of them attending school events and with me on holidays and in the summer. It just was so right. They constantly showed their love for each other making it so easy to accept."

By the time Donald got to this part in the story, they are finished with their food and drinking the last of snifters of brandy.
Emma tells him that she cannot wait to meet Dorothy and Maude, they sound wonderful. Donald warns her that they may seem a little different in some ways as they are truly free spirits in many ways, especially since they retired years ago.
Emma assures him that makes her more eager to meet them.
They return to the hotel, and as the room has a large jacuzzi, they fill it and climb in together. Emma sits in front of Donald at first. After stroking and rubbing her back to cover her with the warm water, his fingers begin to fondle her breasts, squeezing her nipples just enough to be enjoyable.
He takes his time because after all they have been through today, not to mention in the last four short days, there is no need to hurry anything tonight.
Instead, they enjoy masturbating each other in a gentle, sweet, way. After Donald plays with her breasts enough to get Emma breathing deep and gutturally moaning, he moves his hands slowly down her stomach and hips. Caressing her so she feels the heat growing in her from his touch.
Only after playing her that way for a good bit, he fingers his way to rub over her mons almost tickling her, but just that side of it where it feels so ecstatic. He murmurs to her that her hair is starting to grow a little. By the time they get back home, Sasha will have plenty to clean up.
Emma giggles and moves her hand back behind her to rub his mons some and tells him, “You are going to need a haircut too.”
Donald takes her hand from him and tells her right now he just wants to please her, later can be her turn to reciprocate.
Emma leans back against his chest, more than willing to enjoy his touch going lower and lower while the jet sprays crash on them.
And Donald does not disappoint her. Soon his fingers are spreading her labia and squeezing them over and over. Then into her slit. She spreads her legs to receive him, with the jet spray also hitting her much of her dripping moisture is being washed away. But between Donald’s fingers and the spray, Emma is climbing higher and higher.
She feels three of his fingers press into her vag and begin their dance there. Finding her g-spot and pressing it to help her move toward the peak. And when the fingers of his other hand begin to squeeze and pinch her clit at the same time as he is rhythmically pressing her g-spot she arches, clutches his fingers in her vagina with her sides and cries out.
The flush covering her entire body is evidence enough that Emma is fully immersed in the moment.
Donald lets her pant and catch her breath as he slows his strokes and removes his fingers from within her. He wraps his arms around her stomach and pulls her close to him as she calms.
They just enjoy the warm water spraying and bubbling for several minutes.
Then Emma tells him to change positions with her. She is now behind him and him between her outstretched legs.
She kisses the back of his neck and licks up around his ears as she fondles his shoulders and arms. He leans back against her shoulder then, and suddenly he realizes that allowing himself to release and submit to Emma’s tender care is probably the best place in the world for him to be right now.
He lifts his legs over hers to be spread wide as Emma runs her hands over his chest. She pinches his nipples and kneads his small man breasts. Running back and forth over his upper chest, it feels wonderful to Donald as her fingers barely touch him. Her stroking him makes palpations run through his entire body.
Down she goes over his stomach, teasing at his short mons hairs under the bubbling water. Emma’s light touch is setting all the nerves in his body on fire. He wants so much more but knows he really doesn’t. This edging of him is perfect right now.
His prick is getting so hard, and when Emma runs her fingers up and down it and presses at his taint, he is in sexual heaven. All he can think is ‘don’t stop, please never stop.’
How Emma is cupping and caressing Donald’s balls so gently, making his cock shudder as he whimpers with pleasure. He presses back even more against her breasts now, feeling her arms over his chest as she reaches between his legs, making him feel so good.
At this moment, Donald would do anything Emma asked him to, he is so captured in the spell she is putting over him with her touch.
They both feel a little precum escape him. Donald internally; Emma as her fingers are circling his glans and running her nail softly in his slit. She kisses him on his face cheek and tells him they should probably get out of the jacuzzi now before they are both prunes.
He hates the idea, but it is how they should end this now. Him so primed but not wanting to tip over the point.
They dry each other and climb into bed. Tomorrow Emma will be meeting Donald’s family for this first time. As she falls asleep, she is giddy with the possibilities of what is ahead.
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E082: The rest of Wednesday’s drive
Posted:May 30, 2019 3:10 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

Back on Interstate 95, they head to Connecticut, their next state. They are getting closer and closer to their final destination. In less than minutes, they cross the state line. Emma is ecstatic; she is now in New England.
They continue to drive for about an hour more, being able to catch glimpses of the bay leading to the ocean. When they reach Bridgeport, Connecticut Emma tells Donald to pull off the freeway. She gives him the directions which wind them to the Discovery Museum and Planetarium.
Emma grins widely as they pull into this stop. “I thought we should see if we can do it the stars,” she tells Donald.
Now Donald knowing how the star show is presented wonders how they could do what Emma wants without being caught. He does not want to find themselves in jail for lewd and lecherous behavior, so close to their final destination. No, that is not how he wants to spend Labor weekend. Especially as he and Emma would be in separate cells.
But, he goes along with her wishes, at least to see the planetarium, realizing this is one more thing Emma has never experienced. They would see if what she really wants to happen is possible.
He pulls by the entrance with the times of the shows and sees they have about a half hour wait for the next one. He parks and tells Emma that while they both are still pretty full from their big breakfast, and then dessert, it is after one o’clock and they should at least have a snack.
He takes the two candy bars they had each made in Hershey, Pennsylvania from the cooler, along with some wine. He fills glasses for them and hands Emma her candy bar.
“No, Donald, I made this for you,” she tells him.
And he responses that he made his for her.
Sipping their wine, they both examine closely the artwork of the wrapper each made, laughing over the names they had come up with. ‘-oh’ and ‘Ohyes!’ They each take the bar they made back and break off a small bite to feed each other.
The taste of dark chocolate, peanut butter, toffee, and nuts fill Emma’s mouth. All things she so loves. She feels herself getting wet just from the sensation of flavor. Donald’s palate and more are aroused by the mixture of caramel, coconut, chocolate and chopped nuts Emma concocted for him.
Both are feeling a sensual rush through their bodies, tingling every fiber, all just from tasting something so agreeable, with the knowledge it was made specifically for their total pleasure. By their last bites both are visibly shaking, but something, some unvocalized agreement between them, keeps them from touching each other in any way. Rather, just the sensation of more or less cumming from their treats individually, together, is so nice.
After, Donald takes a cloth out and runs it up and down Emma’s slit before they leave the car to be sure she is dry again. He slips a new handkerchief in his pocket as he has a feeling it will be needed before they are finished viewing the solar system.
Inside, they do not waste much time at exhibits but hurry to the planetarium for the show. There is a rather large crowd this afternoon which does surprise Donald. They get seats in the back row, but as more and more people come in, Donald tells Emma to sit on his lap, so her seat is available. Donald on the aisle with Emma on his lap, with a couple in their late sixties sitting next to them.
As Emma lowers herself on his lap, Donald discretely lifts the back of her dress so her bare ass is against him. Emma wiggles in anticipation. He whispers in her ear that she better not give anything away, or they could be in a great deal of trouble.
The woman in the couple next to them thanks them for the seats, but asks if are they sure Emma will be comfortable on his lap? Emma just smiles at her and tells her she will be fine.
To herself, Emma thinks, well, I hope even better than fine.
The lights dim, and Emma leans back against Donald. She barely sees the woman next to her lean her head against her husband’s shoulder. Emma smiles, contently, thinking about how close this couple must be with each other.
The only light in the room is the sparkling of stars overhead.
Emma senses Donald reach her and his beginning to play with her clit and vag her dress. It is a lovely feeling as she feels herself getting wet from his touch. She nuzzles against his neck and purrs in his ear quietly.
The wonders of the universe are unfolding for them, but they are not paying that much attention.
Emma reaches behind her and unzips Donald’s fly. She is immediately rewarded with his hard cock popping forth into her hand.
Backhandedly she strokes his shaft up and down. Donald whispers into her ear, “Oh , don’t stop.”
She kisses his neck a little as she continues to stroke. She pauses only for a second when the lecturer walks down their aisle as he spiels facts and figures. Looking up the stars watching down on them as they mutually masturbate each other adds to the occasion.
her dress, Emma feels Donald buff and shine her joy button. She is very aware that she is releasing more and more of her love juices.
Donald shifts himself of her hand to lay his cock along Emma’s slit. His shaft is now marinating in Emma’s dripping wetness. He is soon lubricated with her cream of desire.
Donald lifts Emma enough so he can position himself to ram his throbbing cock up in her deeply. Emma gasps in surprise, but covers herself by saying, “Oh, those stars.”
Donald replies, “Oh, yes, this is an amazing experience, isn’t it?”
All Emma can respond is a quiet thank you to him.
She feels him up deep in her, she dares not bounce on him or their extracurricular activities would be known. But feeling him up in her as she clenches against his pulsating prick is enough. She glances towards the couple to see if they are noticing anything. Instead, she is surprised to see the man fondling his wife’s boobs in the dark. She looks away quickly so not to be caught watching but thinks to herself, ‘Well they are occupying themselves at the moment too.’
Donald and her sit like this for most of the presentation. Donald’s fingers are back caressing Emma’s clit as her vagina enjoys the vibrating of his penis up in her.
As the lecturer seems to be winding down, Donald again lifts Emma a little and slides of her. His cock is between her legs again, and he runs his handkerchief up and down her to dry her some, then with it covering his glans jerks himself to cumming.
Relieved, he tucks himself back into his pants and kisses the back of Emma’s neck. “Thank you,” he whispers to her.
When the lights come back up, besides being a little red in their faces, Donald and Emma respectable. And in reality, no redder than the couple sitting next to them. As they leave the auditorium, the older man pats Donald on his back and asks if Donald enjoyed the show as much as he did.
Donald, having also seen what was going on beside them, tells the man that yes he thinks they both probably got a great deal of the presentation.
Back on the road at three, Donald sticks to the Interstate until they enter Rhode Island. The Interstate starts to veer from the water, so Donald shifts to a route which runs along the bayside. They just listen to music as they drive and observe the terrain around them.
This route takes them over some of the small inlet islands and near Easton Bay Donald pulls off to a beach area. He grabs a blanket and leads Emma along the edge of a cliff over the beach. Checking his location, he helps her down to a narrow pathway then he steers her to a small enclosed cave. The entrance is no larger than four feet. Ducking, they enter the cave, and Donald spreads the blanket on the ground.
“When I was on a visit to this beach I found this cave and always remembered it,” he tells Emma.
He has her lay down on her stomach looking the expanding bay in front of them. The noise of people on the beach is muffled and seems far away. first, he lays down on his stomach the same next to her, and they watch the sun lower in the west, while sunset is still hours away, at five now it is the late afternoon sun.
After viewing the waves crash to shore for a bit, Donald moves between Emma’s legs and lifts her dress up over her back. Her lovely tan ass is there for his enjoyment to gaze upon and caress.
As he just rubs his fingers and hands over each of her cheeks, Emma mummers her enjoyment. His hands reach lower, and she feels him running up and down her slit, helping her moisten even more.
“Please Donald,” she mumbles. He knows she is at the point of wanting to feel him again up in her deeply.
No other words are needed. Donald undoes himself and lowers his pants to his knees. Lifting Emma’s ass just enough, he rubs his cock up and down her slit to gel it. She continues to moan her desire for more, though the feel of his glans brushing her clit is so inviting.
Donald plays her this way for a few minutes, making her want him in her more desperately. When he does thrust up in her from behind, she gives a squeal of delight. Oh, her elbows bracing herself for his on slaughter she watches the shoreline and even sees a couple of whales jumping it the bay far from shore.
She cries with each thrust he makes. She feels him throbbing against her so deliciously as she clenches him on each inner press. In moments both are panting hard and moving toward the inevitable.
Emma feels Donald’s breath on the back of her neck and takes one of his hands to guide his fingers to pleasure her clit as they reach the final plateau.
Being so enclosed in this small, dark, damp place, it is almost like they are both inside a vagina committing this act of indulgence. Such imagery adds to Emma’s state, and she loud and hard. Donald is close behind her as he shudders fiercely and also cums.
As he lays to her side and they collect their breaths, Emma tells him the fantasy which just ran through her head. He hugs her close and tells her yes, he could see how it could feel like that, and what a wonderful illusion to imagine.
They pull themselves together, pick up the blanket, and follow the trail back to the car. Both are rather spent, but Emma does add the eighth star next to Rhode Island and adds Massachusetts as the final entry for the list.
As they get back onto the road, Donald realizes he must tell Emma what awaits them tomorrow. He is not sure why he put it off. He should have explained it all to Emma when he first suggested this trip, but for some rea, he avoided doing so, and now there is not much time left.
Hesitantly he starts, “Emma, I told you some about my growing up and living with my aunt, but I don’t think I was totally clear. You see she, my Aunt Dorothy, and her soulmate Maude, are both still alive, and we will be staying with them at their cottage when we get to Provincetown.”
Emma looks at him in terror. Why did she not realize this possibility? While his parents both died when he was , they would have been close to her own parent's age. It is not unusual for someone to live well into their eighties or even nineties these days, and his aunt would now only be in her mid-seventies.
“Why didn’t you tell me Donald?” she asks before continuing, “This is horrible – no I do not mean about your aunt being alive, that is wonderful, but you should have let me know. I can’t meet her for the first time without an appropriate gift, especially if we are staying with them.”
Emma’s southern manners, which were so drilled into her growing up, are rising to the surface in full vengeance. How could she meet someone so important to Donald empty handed? The frustration she feels makes her start to tear up.
“Do they even know about me?” she asks as the tears run down her face. “Donald, we must stop somewhere immediately to get an appropriate gift for them.”
Donald pats her shoulders and pulls her close to him as he tries to assure her, “Yes Emma, they both know all about you – well maybe not ALL about us – and they are eager to meet you. Don’t worry about a gift, it is not necessary, they will think nothing of it.”
But Emma will not be dissuaded nor will her tears stop. Donald holds a tissue to her nose for her to blow as she is so stuffed up from crying she can hardly talk.
“Emma, we will be in Sandwich soon where we will spend the night. Once we check in to our room, we will find a shop before getting some dinner,” Donald tries to console her.
“Donald, I just wish you would have told me, I feel terrible now, and they will know, I am sure, it is a last-minute gift I got them,” she sniffles in reply.
Donald keeps his laughter to himself as he knows Emma would not be amused right now. But he tells her he is sure they can find the perfect hostess gift.
It is about seven when they reach Sandwich, Massachusetts. Donald quickly checks them into their room for the night and drives Emma to the main street in town. As it is the end of the summer sea, the shops are open later.
They visit several shops, Emma not finding anything which would be the right and proper gift. Donald is starting to get a little annoyed but feeling a bit guilty about putting them into such a dilemma as far as Emma is concerned, he tries not to show his impatience.
They stop outside the window of a small antique store and Emma twitters with delight. Yes, this would be perfect. She pulls Donald inside and asks to be shown the crystal relish tray and accompanying bowls. They are a style similar to what she could have bought at home. And very refined and graceful. She does not even barter over the price, and when the owner offers to wrap it in one of the store’s boxes, Emma declines.
It would never do for them to know she did not this for them until the night before.
Instead, she drags Donald to shop nearby and purchases a box, wrapping, and ribbon. She insists that before they can even consider eating, she must go back to their room so she can wrap the gift. Donald indulges her and takes them back to the hotel.
He watches, somewhat amazed as she deftly arranges the gifts in the box, being sure the price tags are gone, expertly wraps the gift and ties a bow on it. Finally, content that all will be correct tomorrow for her meeting of Donald’s family, she leans her head on his shoulder, nuzzles his neck, and thanks him for understanding.
“Now I am hungry,” she tells him. “And you do need to tell me more about your Aunt Dorothy and Maude.
They go to a nice seafood restaurant, though he warns Emma she will probably be sick of seafood before they leave, and after placing their order, Donald begins to tell Emma about the women.
E081: Back on the road Wednesday morning
Posted:May 28, 2019 10:20 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2019 12:58 am

As they had fallen asleep so early last night and had not eaten, Donald and Emma are up at dawn, ready to face a long day of driving ahead of them. They quickly shower and dress. Today, Donald does not put panties on Emma. She looks quizzically at him over this, but he just swats her ass cheeks and tells her he likes her easily accessible.
She jumps a little at the swat and giggles, today should be an interesting day. Since leaving home, she has been earning stars. When she gets into the car, she updates the notebook through last night. Alabama – one star (though all that has happened there it should have hundreds more); Georgia – the second star; Tennessee – three there, so now five stars; Virginia – once again three, now at eight stars in the notebook; West Virginia – one more, nine stars; Maryland – two, eleven stars; Pennsylvania – as Emma adds two, no three, for yesterday, they are now at stars. And there are five states ahead of them today before this game comes to an end.
Both of their stomachs grumble a bit, but it is only six o’clock in the morning when they start on the road. Donald tells her when they get into New Jersey, they will stop for a big breakfast. Emma adds New Jersey to her list to be ready. When they pass through the state line’s ‘Welcome’ Emma does take a picture of it. She is taking pictures of many things she sees as they pass along. Some of Donald driving, a couple long-armed selfies of them, and each of the locations of a newly earned star.
It is less than two hours when Donald gets off the expressway in Lebanon, New Jersey, and drives to a pancake house for breakfast. It is about eight a.m. when they arrive and are seated at a small round booth. They sit right next to each other, and before their beverages arrive, Donald’s hand is rubbing up higher and higher on Emma’s thigh. She giggles with excitement and places her hand on his thigh to squeeze in return.
They order breakfast - eggs, sausage, toast, and stacks of pancakes to follow, with plenty of butter and warm syrup Emma requests. She leans and kisses Donald on the cheek and tells him she will be right back; she needs something from the car.
Donald nods, but he is getting semi-hard now, and Emma is beginning to squirm, so he is not sure why she stops their finger play right now. But she is soon back with a Cheshire grin on her face. Now he is even more curious.
She slides in and is back right beside him, with her hand now directly stroking his cock through his khakis. It feels so good like it always does when Donald feels Emma’s touch. She starts out so timid and softly, and works her way to a stronger, faster stroking as he hardens.
Their eggs are served and intermittently as they eat their hands find their way back to finger and tease each other. Donald works his way up Emma’s thigh, past her labia, to stroke her wet slit. Fingers playing in her vag and buffing her clit.
Emma opens Donald’s pants, spreads them apart, and brings his cock and balls out to air. She strokes and plays with them as he hardens. Through bites of egg and sausage, Donald lets out low moans.
When their empty plates are removed, and they wait for their pancakes to arrive, Emma takes one of the extra cloth napkins from their table and places it below Donald’s balls, pulling it up over the base of his shaft. It is like a bib on his cock. Donald has no idea what Emma has in mind, but he is game.
Their stacks of pancakes arrive, and as Emma requested extra butter and warmed syrup. She grins when she sees this. She quickly butters her stack and pours some of the syrup on. Donald does the same. But what she does next blows Donald away.
She takes some of the soft butter and spreads it on her palm discreetly; lowers her hand to Donald’s cock and smooths it over his shaft. Her firm hands and the greasiness of the butter feels so good. Then Emma removes her hand and lifts the one small pitcher of warm syrup and pours it over his glans, down his shaft and a bit on his balls. The heat of it makes Donald shudder, and he feels ready to cum.
Emma whispers to him to not cum yet, and with sheer willpower, he controls himself. He looks down, and Emma is opening a condom in her lap – what she must have gone back to the car for. She takes it and places it on his buttery, sticky prick and rolls it down him. She lifts the triangle of the napkin up over his swollen prick and tucks him back into his khakis. He does have a bit of a bulge there now, but just feeling the sensation of Emma’s project he knows he will not soften soon.
Emma tells him to eat his pancakes before they get cold; she has already prepared a dessert for herself when they get back the Navigator.
Donald laughs at her antics, and they both quickly devour their stacks, enjoying the anticipation of what is ahead as much as the food itself. Finishing, Emma leans and kisses him deeply so they both can share the taste of the syrup and butter on each other’s lips.
Donald has Emma walk in front of him as they leave the table and head for their car. He tells her to get into the back seat, which she grins as she does. They had parked over to the side, under a tree to keep the car cool and there are no other vehicles near them.
Emma has Donald’s pants undone and down in seconds, just admiring his dripping, condom covered cock for a moment. Donald tells Emma to lift her dress high and to lean back. He puts another of the napkins from the table under her and brings forth one of the little pitchers of syrup with butter melting in it. He tells her to spread her legs some, and he drizzles the mixture up and down her slit. Then he turns, so her head is below his cock, and he can lean to lick her at the same time.
Emma rolls the condom off him and has him in her mouth immediately, Donald is not far behind as he licks and cleans up and down her slit. Both are moaning at the attention receiving and giving.
The flavor of Emma’s juices mixed with the buttery maple is so enticing. Emma is enjoying the sweetness of the stickiness on Donald’s cock and balls. And when she hears his deep moan as he licks her she takes his glans in her mouth, and then more of his cock in her to suck deeply as she feels him release himself of his sperm filled semen into her mouth. She now enjoys the erotic mixture of Donald’s cream and sweetness.
Between feeling him cum in her mouth and the attention Donald has been paying to her clit and vag, and even lifting her legs some so he could lick the syrup from her ass crack and hole, she cums hard too. Her whole body trembling as she lifts her cunt up in Donald's face to pleasure her more.
After both have simmered down from that climax, Donald rolls over and sits on the little bump on the floor of the back seat, smiling at Emma as she lays on the seat. He leans and kisses her together, sharing each other’s special treat; their tongues intermingle.
Emma sits up, so she is in front of where he is sitting, picks up the condom which has about a teaspoon or so of butter, syrup and Donald’s precum and puts it to her lips. She sucks and squeezes all of that treat out into her mouth, and leans once again to kiss Donald, their tongues running together, tasting the last of their breakfast dessert.
Donald moves the now sticky napkin from the seat, places the purloined syrup pitcher on it and wraps both in his cock bib napkin, tying them together. He puts his khakis back on, gets out of the car, and walks around the car to help Emma to the front seat.
As he does, Emma comments, “I do feel a bit bad about us stealing those things from the restaurant.”
Donald chuckles as he picks up the tied-up napkin and replies, “I left a twenty-dollar tip, and we will leave these here by the tree for them to find. Just a little laundering will be needed for the napkins.”
Donald can hear Emma’s soft laughter as he circles the car back to the driver’s seat. They are back on the road just after nine. Emma puts a star by New Jersey and adds New York to the list as directed by Donald. There are stars now.
They drive first on Interstate 78 into Interstate 95 when they reach Newark, New Jersey, over to Manhattan, then the Bronx before heading towards the northern suburbs of New York City. It is about an hour and a half later when Donald exits at New Rochelle, New York. He drives through the city a bit and pulls into the New York Aquaria, a small, out of the way, aquarium.
There are only a few cars in the parking lot, not unexpected on a Wednesday late morning at the end of August. Most everyone would want to be at the beach in the bay and seeing fish and more up close.
They pay the admission and go inside the darkened aquarium. Only the light from the exhibits and fish tanks light the walkway. Donald and Emma walk along the route looking at the different sea life, stopping now and then to admire different creatures of the deep. As they move further around the path of the museum, the few people around seem to have moved ahead of them.
At about the halfway point, they stand in front of the dolphin tank, watching them swim and frolic. Sometimes the dolphins coming right up to the window like they are checking Donald and Emma out.
Donald looks around and assures himself that there is no one anywhere near, and presses Emma up against the tank window. He lifts her dress up to her waist as he stands close behind her blocking her from the path view, but fully exposed to the dolphins who now are swimming around close in front of them.
Emma feels Donald unzip himself behind her and lets out a sigh. His prick pops forth hard and ready. He lifts his balls out to the air also.
Emma feels his cock rubbing up and down her slit, getting wetter and wetter from her drippings. And then she feels him push into her vag deep as his one hand comes around her to finger her clit.
“Oh!” is all that Emma can say at this moment. Which she continues repeating over and over, not loud, but intensely as Donald rams into her over and over.
The dolphins are now all facing them, it is like they are watching the human show going on in front of them. To Emma, it is like she has an audience watching her perform. Will they judge her for how well her show is? She imagines them all lifting scorecards giving their rating.
Just that silly though makes her arch her back against Donald and cry out as the orgasm sweeps through her. Her whole body is shuddering from the experience as the walls of her cunt clench against Donald. He lets out a low moan and cums deep up in her.
Donald holds her tight in this position and the dolphin tap against the glass as if first kissing them both, but then a couple dive down lower as if inspecting Emma’s cunt still holding Donald in her. Donald kisses and nuzzles her neck, asking in a whisper to her ear if she likes the dolphin sniffing her?
Emma giggles and Donald pulls from her and zips himself back in his pants again. He lowers Emma’s dress back down and steps back from her just in time as he hears people approaching. It is like the dolphins know they can’t be caught participating in what just happened and they swim off around the tank again. Emma would swear though that one that was down lower winked at her as he swam off.
Donald put his hand on Emma’s ass and leads her on through the aquarium. Emma feels their mingled cum starting to drip out of her vagina and hopes she does not drip on the ground before they get back to the car. She whispers this to Donald as they stand to look at an exhibit for a minute.
He pulls out a handkerchief and slides it up against Emma’s slit to catch the outflow. It stays there as she walks with her legs held tightly together to hold it in place. They do not linger long over the other exhibits and are leaving soon after.
Back at the Navigator, as Donald helps her into her seat, he slides his hand between Emma’s thighs, presses them apart, and wipes her thoroughly with the cloth before removing it. He lifts it to his nose to enjoy their scent and even licks a little of the creamy blended cum.
Emma places the sixth star against New York and adds their next state, Connecticut to the list. She begins to search on her phone for the right place for their stop in that state.
Somewhere discreet but still around others perhaps, this being viewed while they play is making her yearn to go just a bit further and further.
E080: Emma enters the Yankee north for the first time
Posted:May 17, 2019 9:52 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

As Donald resets the GPS for their continued route, he checks ahead and nods his head slightly at what he sees. They pass under the Welcome To Maryland banner, and Emma gives a small shout of joy that she is now in another state. And the “north” – Yankeeland. She has never been this far away from her home before.
Her elation about this makes her babble on and on to Donald about how wonderful this is, how she never got to go anywhere when , all the new sights and things she is seeing and experiencing.
This morning, Donald dressed her in a patterned sundress. The background is pale yellow with small pink and blue flowers covering it. While it is sloop necked, it has a Peter Pan collar. It is a lovely and innocent dress Emma is wearing today.
Donald drives the next ten of the twenty miles to cross the state, and on the north side of Hagerstown, there is a rest area. He pulls off the freeway into it, and drives to the back of the area, away from any other cars and backs in. The trunk of the car is facing the woods behind the lot, leaving just enough room to lift the trunk. Being Tuesday, there are not very many people in the rest area at a little before one o’clock.
He gets out of his door and opens the back seat and puts that down. Then goes to the trunk where he moves their suitcases a bit to make a nice area. Only then does he walk to Emma’s door and open it to let her out. Somehow, for whatever rea, the look on Emma’s face, which she probably does not even know she is expressing, changes all of Donald’s plans for this interlude.
He had planned to have Emma lie down on the trunk while he licked and enjoyed her, along with some finger play to bring her to climax. It would have played out so well, realizing he could not harden and cum within a half hour of their play at the for-sale house this would be a nice diversion, but something did happen.
But something in Emma’s look as he opens the door for her to get out changes it all. She looks so sweet and innocent, but with a glimmer of knowing she has been bad. And that takes Donald over the brink and into a fantasy for them both to play out.
As he helps her from the front seat, he says to her, “ lady, I am very disappointed in your behavior, and as your , I think we need to address it right away.”
Not at all what she is expecting at this stop in the rest area to 'star' the next state, Emma immediately gets the fantasy Donald wants to play and replies, “, I am sorry, I try to be good, but…”
Donald takes her by her wrist and leads her to the back of the Navigator. Playing the role he asks, “And where were you earlier today? And what were you doing? I know you have misbehaved, but you must tell me the details.”
“I was playing with a boy in the kitchen,” Emma meekly says.
“And how were you playing, what did you do?” Donald asks sternly.
“I let him put his willy in me. It was so much fun,” Emma replies.
Donald sits in the trunk part of the vehicle and pulls Emma to him to lie across his knees. Her head and chest are leaning into the SUV; one of her legs is up, bent in the truck, the other is hanging over the side.
Donald starts, “That is very bad behavior; you are going to need a thorough spanking from .” He lifts her dress to her waist and acts surprised that she has no panties on and continues, “What is this, you are not wearing panties? Now you are really in for it. I don’t have your hairbrush handy so I will start your punishment now; the rest will have to be done this evening before bed.”
This comment makes the drippings from Emma increase tenfold. She feels herself throbbing at the thought of not only being spanked here in the outdoors by a woods but also another one ahead tonight. And the fantasy of and his bad girl is rather enjoyable. Should they keep it up for the rest of the day?
Emma doesn’t have time to think of much else as her ‘’ lands the first spank on her bottom. She cries out a little. And then another swift spank on her other cheek.
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank.
Over and over, covering all inches of her ass cheeks and upper thighs. Emma squirms, wiggles, and her feet as she begins to cry that wonderful release as she feels herself moving towards a spectacular climax.
And it happens. She lifts her ass up to be spanked closer as she cries out and throbs as the climax overtakes her. She does feel so wicked that she enjoys cumming this way so much,
Donald continues spanking her a little more, minutes in total, before he slows some and ends with rubbing her reddened cheeks. The wetness of the tears spilling from her eyes nowhere compares with what is dripping freely from her vag now.
“Are you going to be my good little girl now?” Donald asks her
“Yes, , I will be good. Thank you, I needed that to see the errors of my ways,” Emma replies in a meek voice.
Donald helps her stand, straightens her skirt, and walks her back to her seat in the car. Sitting, she does feel the wonderful sting of her spanking and sighs as he clicks her seat belt in for her.
He walks back around the Navigator, closing the trunk with a wry smile thinking of what just happened there. He is rather hard from it all. Emma’s ability to fall into roles for fantasies now and then is so breathtaking.
As he climbs into the driver seat, Emma can see the pup tent in his pants.
“, should I help you with that?” she asks Donald.
‘Oh gracious, Emma is letting this play on and on,’ Donald thinks, and replies, “, if you can help your feel better, more relaxed before we continue on, that would be nice.”
In response, Emma undoes his zipper once again like yesterday and lowers her head to take his glans in her lips. Emma so knowing how to suck Donald to the zenith begins at his tip, and then she runs her tongue up and down his shaft as her fingers jerk him. Then more of him in her mouth. More and more, deeper and deeper does he enter her mouth and press against her throat. She does have to pull back every bit to gasp for air, but diligently she is back fully sucking him.
With such treatment, it does not take long for Donald to reach that peak. Feeling his balls, which Emma is squeezing, fill with his desire. And then, telling her, “, I am going to cum now,” he explodes in her. Emma sucks up all of his spurting cum, lapping up all that did not get into her mouth.
She lifts and kisses Donald so he can taste it too, then says in a girly voice, “, did I do a good job for you? Are you better now?”
Donald hugs her tight and tells her she did wonderfully, but she undid her seatbelt to do so. He leans and pulls it over her, brushing her tits and very hard nipples as he put it on her. He tucks and zips himself and then starts the car.
“Pennsylvania, here we come,” he exclaims as he pulls out.
Within minutes, they cross into the next state. Emma hardly has time to put the star against Maryland and add Pennsylvania before they do. She suddenly realizes that she should be taking phone pictures of every border she is crossing.
She is, truly now, for the first time in her life in the Northern United States – the Union states, the Yankees. All who her upbringing told her to be wary of, but the man sitting beside her, who is taking her to such heights and pleasure is ‘one of them.’ So Emma shakes off the shackles of her youth and encompasses what all is ahead.
And the game Donald has started, she so wants to play out to fruition. As he drives, Emma leans her head on his shoulder and in a small voice continues with the scenario. “ I am soo sorry I was bad. I should never have let that man put his thing in me. But it felt so good at the time, . But I know I needed that spanking, and the one I will get tonight before bed. I hope I learn to be your good girl,” she says as she clings to his arm and rubs her head against his neck and shoulder.
Donald laughs at her antics and puts his arm around her shoulder to hold her tight against him. “Yes, you were a very bad girl, and then me finding you with no panties on, you do need to learn how to be my good girl and behave properly,” he gently scolds her.
Emma sighs in contentment and stays against him hugging his waist for the last hour or so of today’s drive.
They arrive in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and as they drive to their destination for the night, they pass Chocolate World. Emma exclaims in the squeaky voice she is beginning to enjoy for today, “Oh, , , can we stop here and go on the tour? Please, please, please.”
Donald looks at her, and her excitement. While this started as only a roadside stop game, it is nice she is playing it out for the day. Then other thoughts enter his head. Emma never really got to do anything like this when she was , so perhaps allowing her while she is in the pretending role will give her a memory of like what it would have been.
It is about three o’clock, so Donald says to her, “Are you going to be a good, good lady for me if we do?”
“Oh, yes, , I will be an angel for you, please!” Emma swears to him.
Donald laughs and pulls into the parking lot. On a Tuesday afternoon, even in late summer, Chocolate World is not that busy. Emma wiggles with anticipation in her seat as he calls the bed and breakfast where he had made reservations to assure them they will be there, but it might be after six o’clock.
Then he undoes Emma’s seat belt and tells her to sit still. He takes her panties from his pocket where they have been since this morning's fun, and slips them over her feet, pulls them up to her calves and thighs as she shivers. Then he has her lift herself enough so he can pull them up on her. Then takes a moment to run his fingers on the outside of her panties, up and down her slit. Yes, she is very wet again.
“, I think you are going to need some more attention soon,” Donald whispers in her ear.
Emma replies in just as quiet a voice, “Yes, , I think I am going to.”
Donald laughs as he helps her from the Navigator and taking her hand firmly they walk to the entrance. They are lucky that the next tour will be starting in about ten minutes, and there are seats available for it. The whole tour with several stops will take about three and a half hours.
Emma is squealing quietly with excitement. The tour includes making your own chocolate bar, chocolate tasting, a 4-D movie, and a trolley tour about the history of Hershey and chocolate. Emma is shaking in anticipation. The trolley arrives to start the tour, and they can get seats up front to see things and hear the guide.
They are taken to the chocolate bar factory, where they are led to an area with all sorts of melting chocolate and items to use to create their chocolate bar. They are guided around to see all that they can use to make their bars. Then they are led to a large table where blank wrappers and all sorts of magic markers, crayons, and pens are available for them to make the wrapper for their candy and name it.
Donald can see Emma is concentrating, trying to think of a name for her candy. He knows exactly what his bar will be after seeing the available ingredients, and also the name for it. It will be for Emma, all her favorite things, and just for today’s fun; its name will be ‘-Oh.’ He begins to color and design his wrapper.
Emma continues to sit and think for a moment. She is in the ’s-girl space, so she is concentrating about it is as she would have done as a girl. What would she it?
Unconsciously, she is experiencing this as Donald wants her to, as a treat she missed when she was growing up. But she still is a lustful woman, and it comes to her so easily now. Her perfect candy bar, for Donald, would be called ‘Ohyes!’
Emma is so engrossed in drawing her wrapper she does not pay any attention to what Donald is doing, but Donald is checking on her, seeing her detailed wrapper drawing. She does Georgia O’Keeffe proud. Donald realizes that not only does she have a full art-history education, but her artistic skills are also remarkable.
Just as O’Keeffe could interlace labia into an iris, Emma is doing the same all over her wrapper. So subtly does she do this, that if not looking for it, it would not be noticed. But for Donald, he is starting to stir in his pants. The lines are blurred enough that he knows this is being done especially for him, and when Emma looks up at him her smile as she comprehends his understanding sends rushes of pleasure through Donald.
They create their concoctions for the bars, which are both dipped in the dark chocolate they choose; then they are shown how to wrap the bars, which are put into individual insulated bags so they will not melt. Donald is glad for this short diversion. It allows him to get himself back in hand before they move to the 4-D movie.
At the theater, in the dark, Emma squeezes his hand, still maintaining the role she is playing, to let him know her excitement. And for the first time, them being in a darkened theater together to watch a movie, it does not take long for Emma’s fingers to find their way to Donald’s upper thighs to caress them.
There is no one near them in the theater, so Donald decides to play back. His hand reaches up under Emma’s dress, tickling up her thigh to her wet awaiting panties. He leans close to her ear and whispers, “Someone is being a bad girl, how did you get so wet?”
Emma giggles quietly as she replies, “Oh , you can make me that way just with a look.”
Donald chuckles in response and slides his fingers inside the leg of her panties to get to her dripping slit uncovered. Emma moans softly at his touch.
It is the best movie Emma has ever sat through. Donald keeps up constant attention on her clit and vag, slowing to gentle strokes to keep the tingles running through her, then faster and more intense at other points to take her almost to that final plateau. Only once during the thirty-minute movie, towards the end, does Emma cum. She presses her face into Donald’s arm to muffle herself as gasps escape her. She is shaking in the final response as the lights come on.
Donald lifts his fingers to her lips, and she quickly licks them clean as they wait to leave the theater.
The chocolate tasting is even better; they get to choose ten different types of chocolate from white chocolate to dark Swiss chocolate to taste. Most are given in tiny cups of the chocolate liquid, others as tiny bars. Rather than using the small spoons provided, Donald and Emma take turns dipping their fingers in the cups and allow the other to lick and suck the chocolate off.
For Donald, he would be happy just letting Emma lick and suck all of the chocolate up. Each time as she takes one to three of his fingers in her mouth to clean it feels like she is lapping at his cock. He feels the same pull on his fingers as he does on his glans and shaft when she is in full-throttle cock-sucking. He is disappointed when that half-hour ends. And he needs to take Emma’s shawl from her to carry in front of him as they leave.
As they climb and sit in the trolley for the final part of the tour Emma whispers to him, “, did I do a good job? Are you happy?”
Donald lifts her shawl from his lap enough for her to see the large bulge in his pants and tells her, “Yes, , you have made very happy.”
Everyone on the trolley hears the light peal of Emma’s laughter. Somehow the glow over Emma since being spanked and starting on this silly little game with ‘’ has made Emma look so much younger. She always did look younger than her forty-two years, but now appears barely thirty to those observing the couple. Many think to themselves what a lovely young lady she is, and how devoted she must be to the man she is with.
A few of the older individuals on the tour have noticed the sexual play between Emma and Donald and from observing feel a throbbing themselves, some for the first time in years. By morning, there will be a lot of happy couples from today’s tour.
Emma and Donald behave themselves during the next hour of the chocolate history tour. Donald is able to calm himself, and Emma enjoys everything she sees and hears, often pulling at Donald’s arm to point some small detail out.
By the time they are back in the Navigator and ready to finally head to the bed and breakfast Emma is at a high level of excitement from it all. She babbles and babbles to Donald about all she saw, calling him ‘’ over and over and hugging him repeatedly and thanking him.
Her face is flushed with her excitement, and Donald is a little concerned. But when they check into the B&B, she acts refined and calm. Only when they are safe in their room alone does she go back to her role-playing, and now in a different way.
While Donald unpacks a few things for the night, Emma goes to the suitcase and takes the hairbrush from it, comes and stands in front of Donald and says, “, I know I was a very bad girl today and must have the rest of my punishment. Can we do it now so it is behind us and we can have a nice dinner?”
Donald’s heart melts at how innocent and contrite Emma is, her lower lip even quivering as she gazes down. He does not want to punish his anymore, but he knows she does love it so. And it is time to bring this silly role play to an end.
“Yes, lady, I think that would be a good idea,” he tells her as he takes the hairbrush in one hand, her hand in his other, and leads her to the bed. He sits on it and places her over his lap.
Her lovely ass even covered in her dress and panties is such a delight to him. Donald strokes her cheeks over and over as they both prepare themselves for what is ahead. Donald moves back into the ‘’ role and admonishes Emma for her bad behavior which has led to this moment.
Emma is already dripping as she listens to what a bad girl she has been earlier today. She whimpers a little and tells her ‘’ she is sorry and yes understands why she deserves to be further spanked now.
From all the different ways they have enjoyed each other today, and this final part of the fantasy that out of nowhere they created, both Emma and Donald are on pins and needles, all of their senses fully aroused, and so close to the edge anything could trigger an onslaught.
Donald lifts her dress over her back, the hem up to her shoulders. Emma’s gasps of delight accompany his deep sighs. And as he lowers her panties to her knees, they can feel each other throbbing. They both wonder how long they can play this out, hoping it lasts for a while.
Donald runs his hands over her ass cheeks, pinching and kneading each, helping them both to calm from the franticness they both are feeling. When he hears Emma sigh in contentment from the treatment, he raises his hand in the air and brings it down on her right cheek spanking it sharply — followed right behind with the same to her left cheek.
Emma is caught a little by surprise when he begins and cries out. He continues back and forth over both cheeks making them nice and rosy. Emma whimpers with each stroke, but Donald can feel her juices dripping out of her onto his thighs.
This adds to his cock getting harder and harder between Emma’s thighs. She can feel his rising excitement, which pushes her closer and closer to the edge.
After several minutes of hand spanking, Donald slows and stops, but just long enough to pick up the hairbrush.
He takes the bristle side and scratches at Emma’s reddened ass, making every nerve stand on end as he does. She moans and moans as he does. And before she is quite ready she feels the back side of the brush smack down on her tingling cheek, then the other. Back and forth, Donald goes.
He concentrates on one cheek for a bit, then down to a thigh, up to the other, and over and over on the other cheek. Tears are flowing down Emma’s face as she and squirms at each hit.
Donald grabs her legs to hold them from thrashing and tells her to be still, or the spanking will go on longer. Emma sobs she is sorry and will hold still. And she tries as best as she can.
She gives into this strange and delightful sensation of her ass being so abused causing her to reach and succumb to this full and soul-consuming orgasm. Her body thrashes around in another way as she does, and her deep moan as her body shakes lets Donald know her current state.
He stops spanking her and moves his fingers into her vag to feel it crush against them as the orgasm overtakes her. His thumb rubbing her clit now makes her cry out as an immediate second orgasm rushes over her. She cries and cries, tears dropping to the floor from the intensity of it all.
Donald starts to rub her back to calm her as she lies over his lap for several minutes coming down from the high she to which she rose. Donald is in a great need of release right now himself, but by a Herculean effort is holding himself back.
Emma is well aware of how hard Donald is under her right now and knows he needs to give in to his primal needs quickly too. He is no longer ‘.’ That game is done; now they are two highly charged individuals who need to surrender to the yearning gnawing at them.
Even though Emma just came so hard, knowing Donald’s needs send magnetic charges through her needing to feel it all again, with him.
She stands in front of him and her panties away as she lifts her dress over her head. Her bra is unhooked and off her in a nanosecond. Standing naked in front of him, as Donald gazes at her wonderful body before him, she lifts his shirt off him and quickly unzips his pants to have them and his boxers tossed away.
She bends to her knees between his legs, and his glans pops into her mouth where it longs to be. Donald feels her sucking on it like she does on his tits, and then she slides her tongue up and down and into his slit as far as she can. He moans with desire.
Her fingers are on his cock and balls. Squeezing his shaft with her thumb against the vein at the back as she jerks up and down on him; each time, the amount she is jerking decreases, only because she is taking more and more of him into her mouth. Donald’s body starts to shudder as she massages his balls and taint to encourage his semen to fill them.
Donald’s testicles are now so hard and full; it will not be long until he explodes. Emma wants that to happen deep up in her, so she stands, still holding his cock in her hand. She urges him to move back up on the bed more, and she climbs on top of him and guides his throbbing cock up into her waiting wet, vagina.
All Donald can do is to continue to moan with delight. To feel himself inside his wonderful, tight Emma again as she clenches and holds him fast every time she presses down to take him fully into her. It is the most wonderful dance Donald has ever had. She pulls up and almost out of him, just his glans in her entrance then thrusts down on him hard, gripping him to her and pressing him fully up in her.
Over and over.
Donald is amazed that he is holding back as long as he is. The feeling of him swelling and growing and the rushes running through him keeps him trying to keep this wonderful ride going a bit longer.
Donald can tell Emma is reaching her pinnacle; her face, neck, and chest are a glowing red, her breath is labored, and the low guttural moans coming through her let him know she is in the throes of lust.
Just as Donald does not think he can wait any longer, Emma arches her back. He feels her taut clench on his cock he explodes. He is shooting all that has built up in him up deep into her. Their overflowing juices mingling, they both give a final gasp as Emma falls to lie on his chest.
He is still deep inside her. She milks his prick of every last drop of cum before she slackens and allows him, now soft and satisfied, to slide from her. They roll on their sides facing each other, kissing and caressing each other’s necks and shoulders.
Both so fulfilled and now content, they move to under the covers. Who cares about dinner? They are not hungry. They can have a big breakfast in the morning before they hit the road again.
And as they fall asleep in each other’s arms, both are wondering what tomorrow will bring. Five states still to pass through before they get to their destination. So much they have done since leaving home Sunday morning, and it is only Tuesday night now.
E079: The beginning of Tuesday on the road
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Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

The next morning Emma wakes relaxed, but with this underlying horniness. She remembers last night completely and understands this very desperate need she is having. Donald awakes with a morning boner, and Emma takes full advantage of it.
She straddles him, pressing herself down on him to feel his morning cock full up in her. He is surprised at the suddenness of her action but is far from wanting to complain.
“Emma, you know my current condition is from a need to relieve myself for the most part,” he tells her.
Emma, in a frenzy to feel him hard up in her, hitting the perfect spots to set her off does not care. Suddenly the idea of Donald urinating up in her vag is adding to her increasing arousal.
She fucks him to climax, and when just finished he tries to pull away to go pee, Emma tells Donald to please do it up in her. They roll over, so she is beneath him and not knowing why he is agreeing to this he lets out the build-up from the night.
Emma moan and cums from feeling his pee up in her vag. Often, while she knows he is cumming, she only feels the after effects, the dripping out of her which fills her with delight. But as she feels the blast of his piss, it is so different and fulfilling; feeling it actually squirt into her.
Now she would not want this to happen often, it is something new and different for them.
Donald pulls out of her after finishing and rushes to get a towel to put under Emma to catch all is drippings from her. She is just sighing in the afterglow of such an unusual climax.
As she lays there catching her breath from it all, Donald can only gaze on her with adoration over how she can keep surprising him with adventures he could never imagine. Releasing himself like in her is stirring, and while losing his load right before, the peeing in her does make this wonderful after-rush to run through him. Such an idea to take to fruition.
Donald had asked to have their breakfast ready for them early morning so they could get back on the road. After a thorough shower where he makes sure Emma is fully cleaned, they are down in the dining room before seven. Emma’s waking in lust got them up before six.
After a filling and delicious breakfast, they are packed and on the road before eight. Emma adds two stars to Virginia’s entry and looks to Donald for what to add next. He tells her to add West Virginia and Maryland as they will pass through them both quickly.
sets both their minds whirling about how. Shortly after they start, Emma first looks at the GPS on the dash to see where they are headed. It will be about three hours until they get to West Virginia. Her phone in her hand she begins searching and typing. Donald wonders what she is up to, but as she is occupied for now, he lets her be.
As he hears her typing furiously, and then pings of someone text with her his curiosity does pea, but he knows she will tell him when she is ready. Occasionally she reaches over and squeezes his inner thigh with her fingers, so he knows she is still very aware of him beside her.
Around ten-thirty Emma giggles and turns again to the GPS. She types in an address and reset it to route to it. Donald now looks at her wanting to know what is going on. Emma tells him this is where they are going to stop for a short while.
Donald follows the directions and gets off the freeway in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. He turns as told and finds himself in the historical part of the town and guided to this old stone-built house. It had to have been built in the eigh-hundreds. There is a for-sale sign in front, and a car pulled up in the drive.
Emma laughs with glee and tells him to along. She explains she had messaged the realtor saying they would like to view the house as they are getting ready to move to the area after finding a house she likes online.
Donald is confused about why Emma would want to do this in West Virginia but follows her lead. They greet the realtor, and she begins to show them the features of the house. Many of the walls in the living room, some bedrooms, and the kitchen are of stone or brick. It is a rather lovely home. After being shown around and seeing the large backyard and garage, Emma says to the realtor, “Could you give us about a half-hour or so to look around the house some more on our own?”
The realtor understands buyers do want to discuss features privately as they look so tells them she will run back to her office and be back in about a half hour.
As soon as she is gone, Emma pulls Donald to the kitchen undoes his pants and pulls them off him. She is down on her knees in front of him sucking him hard quickly. Donald now knows Emma’s game.
The floor is a stone slab, so Emma’s knees are a little chilled in this position, but it feels nice as she sucks away. Soon Donald is kneeling in front of her, kissing her, then lifting her dress to her waist and pressing her back against the floor. A chill runs through Emma and not just from the stone floor. Donald pulls her panties from her and tosses them by his pants. This is getting to be a habit with them when they enter a new state; Emma’s panties are quickly gone.
He rubs his fingers up and down her slit feeling it get wetter and wetter; she is so ready so quickly. He is aware they do not have much time, but both are pumped for this already.
He leans over Emma, lifting her legs to press against her armpits spread apart and guides his cock into her awaiting damp cave. She cries with delight feeling him enter her. Oh yes, this is how to enter West Virginia. She is so glad the idea came over her. A private place, which really is publicat present, with the knowledge someone will be back and possibly find them in the act in a short time.
This heady thought runs through both of their minds and they thrust and throb and clenches against each other. Emma’s ass is against the cold floor cooling her there as her cunt gets hotter and hotter.
They are in sync now with their thrust and parry back and forth as they climb up higher on their cliff to crash from in moments. It does not take long for this bout between them to come to a satisfying conclusion for both fencers. Emma does want to cry out touché as she feels the final hard tremble of Donald’s sword as it empties into her.
They hug and kiss, and Donald licks her to clean their juices from her. He gets back into his pants and is getting ready to hand Emma her panties as she stands when they hear the front door open. Donald shoves the panties in his pocket and smooths Emma’s dress as she tries to straighten her hair.
The realtor walks in with a large salesman-like smile on her face asking what they think. Emma replies, “This is very nice, but I think I want to go through the website again to see if there are any others we might like to look at the next day or so. I will let you know. Thank you so much for your time.” She hurries Donald and herself to the door.
Quick goodbyes and they are back in the Navigator. As Donald turns back to the Freeway he tells Emma, “ might not have been a good idea as the woman will be emailing and calling all the time now.”
Emma laughs and says, “No she won’t. I set up a fake email account in another name before I started contacting her. And I hid my phone number from showing before I sent anything, she has no way of finding Carol and Bill.”
Donald joins her laughing and says maybe they should keep ‘Carol and Bill’ around for when they might need them in the future.
Emma takes the notebook and puts a star now by West Virginia. And Maryland is only a few minutes away. What shall they do there?
E078: The next stop on the way
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Needless to say, after dinner, Donald and Emma have a lot of fun in the train car bedroom. The bed is big and soft, so after rolling over and over, and in every position to try things again, it is rather late when they fall to slumber.
The next morning though, they are up by seven, repacked, and after a nice breakfast in the dining car are on the road by nine.
Donald tells Emma to put a star next to Tennessee and add ‘Virginia’ to the list. Emma smiles as she adds a second star to the list. Mission accomplished.
She does shyly ask Donald if Alabama shouldn't be added to the top of the list with a star as it is where so much has happened. Donald chuckles and tells her if there is room at the top of the list to go ahead so she can already have three stars.
Donald is coming to understand Emma's inner desire for acknowledgment of her accomplishments. Unknowing at the time, Donald could not have picked better than giving her pearls for each new skill she's learned. He now knows she lusted after each pearl waiting to earn it, and the total feeling of accomplishment that filled her each time he gave her a new one. So this state bingo game will keep her fully satisfied in many ways as they make their way north.
The drive through Tennessee is tedious, to say the least; the mountain scenery is wonderful, but it just seems like they are driving and driving. Just before the state border with Virginia, Donald pulls off the road for lunch. They find a classic drive-in restaurant to have lunch. They eat in the car but then get out to walk around for a bit.
Emma loves taking walks with Donald, with him sometimes holding her hand or her arm, but most often his hand is on her ass as he steers her in the direction to go. There is something about feeling his warm hand on her ass through her dress and panties which does make her start to drip in anticipation of what might come.
They find this wooden train engine for people--well, mainly s--to play in. It is a Monday afternoon, and no one is around this small park area. Alone, and remembering last night in the train car, and now in a train engine car, Donald lifts Emma onto a wooden box in the center of the compartment. Her panties are quickly gone again, now tucked in Donald’s pocket. He opens his shorts and pulls his hard member out to see the light of day.
Emma puts her arms around his shoulders in expectation. Donald lifts her off the box just enough to enter her wet warm awaiting pussy, then sits her back on the box for them to fuck.
Emma, still hanging on to his neck leans back enough so each of Donald's throbbing thrusts presses up deep within her. Her body shakes with each thrust as she adjusts to his pace. Over and over Donald bangs into her; her walls start to respond and press against his cock with each thrust.
Juices are dripping out of her, down to cover her asshole and on to Donald’s balls. They are in that sublime sexual peak where fluids and juices flow from them. Donald feels the precum drip from him at the last thrust and knows he will need to release soon.
Emma is feeling the joys of his thrusts, and when he realizes how close he is now, he moves the fingers of one hand to caress and polish Emma’s clit to help her reach that high plateau too.
He asks her, “Am I the best engineer running the train for you still?”
Emma laughs with joy realizing that yes, this is a continuation of the train from yesterday. Now they are up front driving the train, and Donald is her ‘Captain.” She giggles and tells him he can ride her rails whenever he wants to and grabs his cock harder with the sides of her vag.
In moments, Donald squirts his load up into Emma and about the same time with the help of his fingers, Emma cums herself.
Panting for a few minutes, they pull themselves together. Donald tries to straighten Emma’s hair with his hands, but she does have the glow of just-fucked about her. He knows his coloring is a bit high too. But they manage to compose themselves enough to walk back to the car.
The whole walk, Emma is so afraid that between Donald’s cum and her drippings she will be leaving a trail behind them as they do.
Settled in the car, once again Emma with no panties on--this does seem to be getting to be a habit on this road trip--she wipes all the spillage away with a rag. Then they are back on the road.
It is only minutes until they cross into Virginia. Emma impishly asks Donald if she should add an extra star to Tennessee. No, wait, she grins; Tennessee should have three stars altogether.
Donald laughs and says if that is how she wants to play the game, yes, she can add stars. And as he says this he wonders how many stars Virginia will have.
Donald drives into Virginia. About fifty miles in, they run into construction. Traffic is backed up for miles, and then he learns there is also an accident blocking most of the freeway five miles ahead. It is going to be a slow move forward, and no way to leave the freeway to find an alternate route.
As they sit in the jam, slowly moving ahead an inch or two at a time, Emma, bored, thinks of how to make the most of these moments.
The Navigator’s windows are tinted so no one can see in that well, which makes an opportune moment to do this.
Emma moves her hands over Donald’s shorts and unzips them. She coaches his penis out. Donald gasps a little at this and does begin to harden. But they both came so fully less than an hour ago it is not completely hard.
She lowers her head to his lap and takes the soft prick into her mouth, first just the glans to suck in welcome, then all in. It is nice starting this way with Donald not being so hard. She can fit him all comfortably in her mouth and can enjoy the sensation of feeling him grow and harden at her attention.
She licks and sucks up and down his shaft, jerking him some as she does. But as it seems like they are going to be in this traffic for a while, there is no rush about anything.
Emma lifts Donald’s balls from his pants and tenderly sucks them, helping them fill. When she feels them hard as oversized walnuts, she knows Donald’s need to release will be soon.
In the half hour that she has been doing this, the car has inched ahead perhaps a mile. Donald can now barely see the flashing lights of the accident a couple of miles ahead on the road. They should have enough time for them to play this out.
Donald does feel his cock start to throb so from Emma’s sucking and licking. He has gotten rather large again too. But Emma seems to take him all in over and over, rotating between sucking his glans, licking his shaft and balls, sucking and filling his balls, and then taking his cock fully into her mouth, down her throat to suck him to culmination.
Emma knows what she is doing and takes it so slowly that while he is at the apex, she is keeping him from tipping over yet. He is finding it a little hard to concentrate on driving, but luckily they are just breaking most the time with occasional inching forward.
“Emma,” he tells her about fif minutes of pure joy later, “I think the traffic is soon going to break up and I am going to need to drive.”
Emma takes him fully in her mouth, and he feels her lips, throat, and tongue suck him so hard and long he cannot resist and spurts fully up in her with a loud sigh of total contentment. She laps up all his cum, cleaning him as she milks him with her mouth to empty him entirely.
Donald's balls shrink as finally fully released, as does his cock. He can’t believe this just happened. Emma barely sits up and zips him back up when the car backlog breaks through, and traffic begins to speed up again.
Everything is timed to a perfect waltz. They are back on the road again.
Emma, grinning, asks if she should add a star to Virginia now. And as she does, adds, “So they say Virginia is for lovers, do you think that is true?”
Donald, so satisfied with what just happened, he laughs and laughs and says, “Well, we will have to see how that works both ways before we leave the state, I think.”

It is another hour or so until they make it to Roanoke, VA. It took longer today than expected from the stoppages. It is almost five when they arrive. Donald drives them to the historic part of town and a cute bed and breakfast there. Emma is enchanted as they pull up in front of a five-car garage, or was it a stable? The house does emit total Southern charm, and inside is even better.
When they are shown to their room for the night, the large room with sunlight still beaming in is wonderful, but the large brass bed in the center of the room even more so.
Alone, Donald suggests a bath first, and the large claw foot tub, even bigger than the one at her parents' house, offers them room to frolic and play some as they wash each other.
Soon dried and pampered, they dress and head out for something quick to eat. Back in the room in less than a couple of hours, Donald undresses Emma and tells her to lie on her back in the center of the bed.
Wondering what delights are ahead, Emma does as ask.
Donald brings out the chains for her bracelet again, and this time clips it to one wrist and then through the center bars of the brass bed before clipping on to the other.
“Hold on to the brass bars for support,” Donald tells her.
Then he spreads her legs to the corners of the bed and ties her ankles to the base of the bed. Not knowing what is ahead, but understanding she is totally under Donald’s control now, Emma shivers with anticipation.
“Emma, we haven’t done this since you earned your fifth pearl, but I think it will be fun in a different way tonight,” Donald tells her as she hears him turn a vibrator on to its full volume.
She now remembers that pearl.
He sits beside her on the bed, this time naked himself, and takes his fingers and gently spreads her labia. He fingers her a little to see how dripping wet she is, and he spreads the lips wide again to press the vibrator against her clit.
Emma cries out.
Donald plays her like a fine-tuned violin, lifting the vibrator away when he sees her almost reaching the cusp, and running it around her and on her thighs, only to come back and taunt her again. On and on he goes, tormenting her with this pleasure which never culminates.
What sweet torture. Emma is taken so high up, her body shaking in anticipation, only for the pleasure to be taken away. She realizes that she likes this agony more than she can imagine. She remembers the first time back when she earned the pearl and how this searing radiance rushed through her, and as she remembers, it comes over her again.
There is frustration that she is so on the brink, but cannot cum, but this other feeling combines with it somehow telling her that it is okay. She is being taken to a place where every fiber is totally alive, wanting, needing just a brush or touch to set her over the brink.
Donald is watching her whole body redden in excitement and an expectation. He does so enjoy watching Emma submit to all he takes her through. And always with such willingness and acceptance. He knows she is in agony right now, needing to, but not being taken there. But then he perceives something else. The shudders running through Emma and her lifting herself to try to get the vibrator to touch her more fully is not as forceful; rather, she is just moaning with delight over her being denied the total pleasure.
Being tethered as she is, adds to her brink of abandonment. But this--so on the cusp but not being taken over it--is filling and satisfying her so. Donald does expertly tease her for several more minutes, wondering how he should end this. He takes the vibrator away as she continues to shudder.
“Emma, do you want to cum now, or are you in a different place?” he asks with concern.
It takes her a minute to reply but her answer, when she does, surprises Donald some, “No, I think I am good, it is such a different feeling that if you touched me now, I would explode, so let me just bask in this for a while.”
Donald leans and kisses her gently asking if that made her explode. Emma laughs in return and says, “Maybe you should leave me like this for just a short while. Go get a drink, and then come back and see how I am.”
Donald looks at her in wonder. Does she want to remain tethered to the bed while he leaves her? But he does as she asks, after making sure her head is comforted by pillows.
An hour later he returns in the fading light to see Emma sleeping in the position he left her. He unties her legs and then unhooks her arms as she sleeps through it all. He undresses and climbs into bed next to her, adjusting her on her side so he can tenderly hold her and pulls the covers over them.
The second day of their trip has proved to be as wonderful as the first. Donald kisses her head as he pulls her tight up to him.
E077: The start of a road trip
Posted:Apr 11, 2019 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

Emma’s gift of the Navigator to Donald for his birthday starts his mind churning and plotting. He came with an idea and more or less planned it the week or two before their birthdays. He isn’t exactly sure they should do it, but he thinks about it in terms of renting an SUV to make it happen.
Emma’s gift of the Navigator seems to be a sign yes, this should happen.
So, Donald scours maps, calculates things, and a couple of days after their birthdays presents his plan to Emma at breakfast.
“Emma, I would like you to see Cape Cod, where I spent so many summers, and now at the end of summer I think would be a perfect time to do so,” Donald begins. “We could drive there so you can see up close parts of the country on the way. We can make the trip in three days not pushing ourselves, but going I worked out for four days, stay there five or six days over Labor Day, and then three or four days back. Or more, if we want to stop and see things.”
Emma jumps from her seat to hug him for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Two weeks exploring the country and getting to see where Donald spent some of his happiest times. Who could ask for anything more? And she knows, once returned, their time will be wrapped up in teaching at the college, the Institute studies, organizational and board meetings. The carefree days of summer will be over. For a while at least, a trip to end the sea sounds so perfect.
They talk some about the trip, but for the most part, Donald wants it all to be a surprise for Emma. They will leave the next Sunday morning, August 25th; it would give them plenty of time to make it to Cape Cod by Labor Day weekend.
Donald packs their bags, makes arrangements with Karen and Julie for while they are gone. The two women put together hampers and coolers full of drinks and snacks for them to enjoy as they drive along. Donald informed the Institute he would be away. Emma does the same with her obligations. She is giddy doing this; it is the first time she has ever informed them ‘she will be unavailable because she is on vacation.’
She also juggles a with the bank president who is unnecessarily and overly concerned with the amount Emma just spent on the cars. She did have such glee when she pulled to the bank in her new Mustang and walked in with a swing of her hips in a revealing sundress. She meets with him to assure him she knows she has more now than she could , and it is hers to do with as she likes. And she likes buying these new vehicles.
He stands his window with a heavy heart watching her drive away with the top down, her hair streaming out behind her. It is more than he can take; he tells Grace he does not want to be disturbed for the next hour. At his desk, he opens his pants, takes out a handkerchief to be prepared and begins to jerk himself to climax as he closes his eyes to visions of Emma before him.
Grace, at her desk, can hear his last moan as he comes and just gives a wry smile, knowing what it is all about.
Everything is in place by late Saturday afternoon for their departure in the morning. Including being closely trimmed and pampered by Sasha on Friday, when Donald explains they will be away again for a couple of weeks. Sasha keeps it to herself but is sad she will not see her two special friends for so long. She is starting to depend on and look forward to their Fridays together.
The next morning they are up, ready, and out the door by nine. Emma’s excitement about the trip is intoxicating. The trip is almost fif hundred miles one way. When they Montgomery, Alabama and enter onto I-59 about a hundred miles into the trip, a massive rush runs through Emma’s body making her quiver. She really is taking this trip across the country. How many states will she now visit to get there?
Montgomery is as far north as she ever went. And was only a high school day field trip to the state capital. As they leave Montgomery behind and head farther north, she is enchanted with everything she sees. Even simple farm fields make her cry out about the panorama around her.
Donald pats her thigh and tells her to pace herself; there is so much of the journey ahead.
They pass into Georgia, which will only be about twenty miles until Tennessee, but Donald sees a sign for a state park near Trenton, Georgia. Suddenly the idea of playing a different type of car bingo game comes over him.
“Emma, get the pad of paper out of the glove box and write where we left from this morning,” he tells her.
Emma, curious, follows his directions.
“Now below it, write 'Georgia'. When we get back to the car you can put a star beside it and then on the next line write 'Tennessee',” Donald directs her.
She follows his orders, wondering.
He takes the exit off the freeway and heads to the state park not far away. He drives through it as Emma enjoys the side trip. When he finds a nice deserted area, he pulls the car between some trees.
The back-seat floor of the Navigator has the hamper and cooler, but the seat is empty and wide. Donald comes around and opens Emma’s door and directs her to lie on the back seat, her calves and feet hanging out the door. Now Emma is wondering, but she feels herself dripping hard as she realizes what is about to happen.
Donald opens his pants and pulls out his hard cock and balls to let them swing free. He lifts under Emma’s dress and pulls her panties down off her and throws them into the front seat.
Emma is so ready for him. This morning in their hurry to get on the road, they had not had their usual morning sex time, so she is revved to go right now.
Donald thrusts his cock into her wet, lubricated, hole back and forth. As he does, he pants to Emma, “Welcome to Georgia.”
Emma laughs with delight at what he is saying. She now is starting to comprehend the sheet he is having her fill. Oh yes, if they do make sure they fuck in every state they drive through, Emma should be well tended by the time they get to Cape Cod.
She turns her attention back to what is happening at the moment to enjoy it fully. She wiggles and squirms with each of Donald’s thrusts. His prick feels so good in her. She feels herself begin to throb and starts clenching him with each of his thrusts.
Both are red-faced from the pleasure and grunting in such an earthy manner. Emma cries out “Oh, oh, oh” as she feels Donald press against her cervix.
They hear a car drive by on the road not far away, but they are on the side of the car away from the road, and Donald is leaning into the seat over her, so no one can really see anything but a car parked, though the internal light is on. Somehow this heightens the sexual tension they are both so trying to shake off.
To think of someone seeing them fucking this way, out in the open. Ever since Emma’s walk to the beach when on vacation over the Fourth of July, she has more and more desire to ‘show off’ to people for them to see the 'new her' fully.
Donald can sense her arousal when the car drives by, and it excites him thinking about the possibility of being ‘caught’ in the act. He would never try to take a chance they would be caught, but the fantasy of it is now running through his brain.
Thrusting and clenching and crying out in excitement which is lost to the forests, Donald and Emma soon reach wonderful peak together as Donald dumps his load deep inside Emma. She arches, shudders, clenches him so hard milking it all out of him as she succumbs to an orgasm running through her whole body.
Donald leans down and kisses her deeply, and on her neck and ears; he can not get enough of her scent and the taste of sweet and salty glistening perspiration. They slowly back to the reality, and Donald stands, grabs a towel and wipes Emma a bit before she stands. He adjusts himself back into his pants and laughingly asks Emma how she likes Georgia.
Emma laughs so hard as she climbs back into the front seat it is not until they are back on the expressway she can reply. “Well, Donald, I think Georgia is just peachy,” she laughs her bad joke, as does Donald.
Donald continues to drive on, Emma now with her hand on his thigh as he does; the radio is playing some soft, enjoyable gs to which they sort of hum along. Emma does ask Donald if he would like her to drive for a bit, but he tells her he has things planned so it is not more than six hours or so driving each day, which he can handle.
Emma leans her head back against the headrest and closes her eyes for just a few minutes as she stokes Donald's thigh, an after-effect she seems to have after amazing sex with him.
Donald brings her to her senses only minutes later as he tells her to look. Ahead is the road banner saying, ‘Welcome to Tennessee.' All she can think is, they will soon pass the Ma-Dixon line and enter ‘Yankee’ territory, somewhere she has never ventured before. She laughs at her silliness.
Both still calm themselves from the fun in the state park. They pass into Tennessee and within minutes they are in Chattanooga. It is now a little after three p.m., and Donald plans this to be their first-night stop; he booked a very special room for them for tonight.
They drive along the curve in the Tennessee River and into more of the downtown district. Donald pulls the Navigator into the front of the MacArthur Train Station Hotel. He indicates which bags will be needed, and with his hand on Emma’s ass, which is now without panties, they walk in to register. The panties are now hidden in the center console of the car.
As they register, Emma receives a great surprise. They are not staying in the hotel, which is so elegant and charming. Rather, Donald booked them a Pullman car room on the train sitting at the back of the station.
Emma always dreamed about spending a night in a train car with someone, totally submitting herself while the train gently rolled along the tracks. Now she knows the movement won’t be happening, but the idea of sleeping on a train has her trembling and dripping. Her eyes tell Donald everything. He made the right and perfect choice for Emma’s first night on the road.
The bellboy leads them to their car for the night. After Donald stores their suitcases in some of the overhead baggage racks, they take a shower to wash the dust from the road off them. It is a rather small shower, requiring them to stand so close together as they soap and wash each other,
Cleaned, they dry themselves in the small bathroom space and return to the bedroom naked.
“Emma, we haven’t had a chance to try out your bracelets yet, would you like to?” Donald says to her with a bit of a wicked gleam in his eyes.
With lust in her eyes, so to know how it will work with these lovely bracelets/cuffs, she nods in return.
Donald brings out a length of golden chain. each end are smaller links getting larger until a nice sturdy size of links for most of the length until it tapers off again the other end. He clips one of the smaller ends to Emma’s right cuff; he takes the chain and over the bar of the upper baggage rack facing the station. He runs the chain through Emma’s pearl necklace loop, over the metal rack bar again. There are windows all along this side, but upward-turned blinds are somewhat hiding the view in the car.
He clips the other end to Emma’s bracelet on her left arm. This lifts her almost six inches off the ground.
“Emma, put your hands onto the heavy part of the chain to hold your weight, so it doesn’t let loose,” Donald instructs her.
Emma grabs both sides of the chain to hold by the thicker links, which lifts her a little more off the ground.
Here she is, hanging from a baggage rack on a Pullman train, naked, and facing out to the train platform where people are walking up and down. She knows the blinds somewhat hide her, but how much so? Suddenly it is like the first time in the kitchen at Donald’s house when he was pressing the plug up in her, and she thought people from the street walking by could see in at her.
Goodness, is she an exhibitionist? Does she want people to see her in such compromising positions? Just the thought makes fluids drip freely from her.
Donald leaves her dangling like this for a bit. It isn’t bad; as long as she holds the chains at the larger part she is balanced and unencumbered. She swings in place in a sort of circle feeling the air drift over her wet pussy making her shiver a bit. All is good.
And then it gets better.
Donald stands behind her as she faces the window and places his fingers in her slit and checks her wetness. Then he begins to finger- with her labia, vag, and clit, running his fingers and down her, entering her with multiple fingers, searching and finding her G-spot so she dances as lightning rods of lust run through her body.
Later his other hand’s fingers find their way to her ass as he brings her to climax. She can see the people walking by, but can they see her? They don’t often look her way, but the thrill of the possibility sends spasms through her whole body. What is coming over her?
She moans deeply with pleasure as she comes. Donald continues, not letting on the , making her again as her body shakes and shimmers as she feels the waves of the greatest satisfaction wash over her.
Donald slows then and takes his fingers from her, holding her by her hips as she calms. He tells her to grab the overhead baggage rack’s metal bar as he undoes her chain. Then holding her by her waist, he helps her to release and stand on the ground again.
Emma turns to Donald and kisses him with passion. He has taken her to another height.
Donald sits her on the desk chair and gets a warm rag to clean her juices away. He would like to enjoy treat himself, but both are now hungry, and it is getting late to get something to eat.
Dressed and ready, they leave the Pullman car and walk along the station platform past their car, Emma can see the lights on in the room behind the shades, but the way they are closed, she can’t see in at all. But then she realizes, looking a little closer, everyone would have seen her silhouette hanging there, and a man behind her with his arms around her.
Besides the blush comes to her face with this realization, Emma also feels shivers running through her with delight. She will always remember Chattanooga and its Choo-Choo so fondly.
E076: Birthdays
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Last Updated:Apr 10, 2019 6:42 pm

The last couple of days of their vacation pass as wonderfully as the vacation started. Back home Emma and Donald fall into a routine. The pool is finished, and it is all they could want. They spend many afternoons in it for an hour or so playing and swimming to relieve the tension both sometimes feel from their days. They spend their evenings playing at touching, licking, sucking and entering each other.
Regularly they visit the basement room for some exercise for Emma. She notices that while she is staying toned from the pool and this, Donald is getting just the slightest bit pudgy around his stomach from all the good food they are now enjoying, both at home and away.
Most Fridays they visit Sasha at the spa together for polishing, trimming, and after delights which the three are thrilled to play. When Donald and Emma returned from vacation and presented Sasha with the gift they had gotten her during their shopping trip, she loved it, and the next half hour was spent trying the lingerie on and modeling it for them.
All is good, and the summer is flashing by. It is now early August, and Emma is on pins and needles. Her birthday is just days away.
Now nothing much was ever really done for her birthday growing up, or as an adult, but Emma always had a glow about her on that day. To herself, she acknowledged she had completed another annual cycle of her life. When she was older, she would buy herself something special, if only just a pastry, to privately celebrate.
But this year she is even more excited. While on vacation, one day he is required to show his driver’s license to prove his identity. He turns his attention away as it is checked, and when the clerk goes to return it to him, Donald is not paying attention, so they hand it to Emma.
She glances at it, and a small gasp escapes her lips. She and Donald share the same birthday, August 18th! Butterflies fill her at this knowledge. She has never shared her birthday with anyone before, and for it now to be Donald! Her mind begins whirling thinking of all the things she wants to do to make the day special for him, for all he does for her.
Now it should be known, Donald knows when Emma’s birthday is, and that while not the same year, the same day as his, and it does make him happy knowing they share the date too. He did not even think ever to mention their shared birthdays to Emma but is busy planning things for the day also. While his parents and aunt had always made a big deal of the day for him when younger, nowadays the day often passed unnoticed to him. This year though will be so different. He has already started working on what he will give her as what he hopes is a perfect gift to her.
Luckily for both of them, they keep consulting Karen and Julie as they each strategize details. The women realize what is going on, make sure that neither Emma or Donald plan anything which will interfere with the other’s surprises. They laugh together over Emma’s and Donald’s excitement as the two scheme to provide each other with the greatest joy.
So the beginning of August is also busy with each of their secret plotting and scheming to come up with the best possible surprise for each other.
A few days before her birthday Donald does say to her about going out to dinner on the eighth to celebrate her birthday. It floors Emma a little to realize he does know the date of her birthday, but then he is reading her mother’s diary with her, so he must remember from it. Emma kisses him on the cheek and says, “That would be wonderful.” Silently thinking how surprised he will be when he learns she knows it is his birthday too.
The two are like young ren so excited about what they want to happen. They almost spill everything to each other in their hard to contain anticipation.
The morning of the eighth finally arrives. They stir from sleep and kiss each other good morning. Donald reaches for his nightstand and comes back with a package for Emma. “Happy birthday dear,” he tells her.
Emma is ecstatic for her birthday to start this way, and carefully opens the package, a trait Emma carries over from her ‘earlier’ life. Emma reveals a box from the jeweler that her father bought most of her mother’s gifts from, which is rather heartwarming to Emma that Donald would include that touch.
Inside is a set of two matching gold bracelets. While not heavy, they are each about one inch wide. Donald shows her how to open them and put them on each wrist. When on she realizes that they are like beautiful gold cuffs, and notices to small rings on each of them which can be used to clamp to a chain as a restraint. It like Donald can read her mind, and he nods a little at her which brings tears to her eyes.
They are so beautiful to wear in their own right, but the tingles are running through her right now contemplating the fun they will enjoy with these also. She giggles with delight as she kisses and thanks, Donald.
Then it is her turn to bend to her nightstand and comes back with a box for Donald. “Happy birthday to you too Donald,” she tells him. “Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday today too? I am so glad I found out so we can truly celebrate together.”
Donald looks at her with some surprise. He had wanted to make today so special, just for Emma, that he did not want her to know it was his also to intrude on her day. But his heart surges knowing she has learned about it and wants him to celebrate too.
He looks at the package laying in his lap and opens it to find a wooden box. He lifts the lid and gasps as he sees a first edition copy of the Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, the first book he had Emma read. Tears are forming in his eyes. Realizing how she must have searched to find this, and when he opens it and sees that it is an autographed copy his heart flips. His kisses of passion in return are deep and heart-filled.
The book falls between them as they do, but he recovers it quickly and puts it out of harm's way as they begin to grope at each other with unheralded need to provide each other with the most possible pleasure right now.
Starting with kisses of passionate lust, as their fingers explore each other, finding as many of each’s erogenous zones they have discovered. Emma’s light touch on the tip of his glans, running her fingernail back and forth over his slit sends tingles of electricity through his cock right to his testicles, and then up through his body from his core to his every limb. He feels himself shaking from her touch.
His fingers trying to so lightly caress her slit and clitoris to begin her dance to the hilltop bring sighs from her. Lately, both from her mother’s diary of descriptions of Cte’s and Susan’s play together and watching how Emma and Sasha interact, Donald is trying at times to soften his touch for Emma so she can get the same feeling from him.
He knows most time she does need to feel him in his manly ways pleasure her. But to be able to give a gentler touch for Emma to enjoy that expanded, slower build-up of pleasure women seem to enjoy with each other at times would be so rewarding to him if he could master such.
Emma responds to this light, soothing touch as she feels every nerve in her body become alive with desire. Together the build-up they are creating feels like a combustion about to explode.
Everywhere their fingers and hands caress send waves of desire crashing through them both. It does not take long this morning for the desperate need for Donald to be deep inside Emma builds to require immediate attention. The heat coming from them both has them sweating and dripping on each other.
Donald rolls Emma on her back lifts her legs over his shoulders and plunges into her as deeply as he can. Her wetness welcomes him home immediately. They both shudder and moan as the tip of his cock hits her cervix over and over. Panting and gasping they both are riding this wave so completely. His ass tightens as he feels her tighten her vag so securely around his shaft with each inward thrust. They are in perfect rhythm together right now as this erotic coupling continues.
Soon, too soon, but not soon enough as they both are getting spent, together they cum in a great crashing finale of this wild dance they have just engaged in.
Emma’s legs lower, but she keeps Donald in her as her sides milk every drop from him. He lays on her, lifted a little so not to crush her, and to be able to start staring into her eyes. Both of their eyes are a little glazed from what just transpired, but they both see the red glow on each other’s faces and just goofily smile at each other until they both break out into spontaneous laughter.
What a wonderful way to start to their shared birthdays.
Before they can consider going to bathe, there is a knock at the bedroom door, and Karen and Julie come in carrying a large tray filled with an enormous birthday breakfast and a pitcher of mimosas. They sing happy birthday to them both, a little off-key as they place the birthday spread before them.
“Enjoy!” they tell Emma and Donald as they turn to leave, but not before Julie winks secretly at Emma. The breakfast had been Emma’s idea for a wonderful birthday breakfast in bed where they could take their time, feeding each other.
Almost in uni Emma and Donald ask each other, “You don’t have any plans for today or anywhere you need to be?” They laugh realizing they both are so worried they might not be able to spend every minute of today together that they hug and assure each other their only plans for the day is for them to be together.
That all settled, they dig into the enormous birthday breakfast prepared for them. As the share bites, feed each other, and sip on the mimosas all is so pleasant to start the day. Then they lift the napkin off the plate at the back of the tray thinking it is some new tasty treat to find a gift-wrapped box sitting there.
They giggle with delight to find another present for both of them. Together they open it to find laying side-by-side a blue and a pink inflatable anal plugs. Emma realizes they are plugs but looks questioningly at Donald when she sees the tubing running from it to a bulb at the end and then another wire with a small box at the end.
Donald knew about these but had not thought about getting ones for him and Emma, so he is touched by Karen’s and Julie’s perception of what would be a perfect gift for them.
He takes one and shows Emma how it will enlarge once in you at the discretion of the one holding the pump. And explains to her how to pump it larger and larger, and how to either slowly or quickly release the air pressure. He explains that this is very important as the plug can’t be removed comfortably until deflated.
He also shows her how you can press the button on the remote to start the plug vibrating and the different setting you can run through.
Emma watches in awe as he shows her how large it can grow and how it can vibrate. She feels wet between her legs just thinking about it.
What a delightful and naughty gift Karen and Julie found to give them. They did know about the plugs on the kitchen chair, and are aware of much of the play Donald and Emma gets up to. So to find something they feel Donald and her would enjoy is so kind. And she cannot wait to try them.
Donald sees the desire in her eyes, but he suggests they take a bath and clean up first and then try them out. Emma agrees, and as they finish the last bites and sips of their breakfast she quickly writes a kind thank you note to Karen and Julie, not only for the gift but all they do for her and Donald.
She leaves the note on the tray as they go to the bathroom. Emma knows Donald is buzzing them to let them know to clean the room and change the sheets while they are gone.
In the bathroom they settle in for a nice warm bath together, washing each other as they now expertly know how to do, touch all the right spots on each other, not only to clean them but to give them full enjoyment of this pastime.
Clean now they rub each other with towels to dry, then today, Donald sits Emma on his lap as he rubs lotion all over her to keep her skin soft and glowing. She mews at his touch on her.
Her hair dried, and styled simply, as for now they are only going to be playing more between themselves, they return to the bedroom to find the tray gone, the bed freshly made, with a small piece of paper on the pillows saying, ‘you’re welcome, we hope you enjoy.’ The plugs are lying beside the note.
Donald and Emma laugh together as they jump into bed.
Donald grabs some lube and applies it to the head of each plug. He hands Emma the blue one and lays on his stomach legs tucked up and spread beneath him so she can insert it in him. He feels the head against his sphincter as she slowly presses it up in him. As it passes over that gateway and settles up in his rectum, he lets out a sigh of pure contentment.
When it is in place, he sits and has Emma assume the same position so he can put hers up in her. She feels the wetness of the lube as it edges around her back hole and then presses into her. Since the first time, feeling a plug being placed up in her, or lower herself on to one, sends such quivers through her whole body. She feels it settling inside her nicely and shudders a little.
Donald helps her move her legs back, so she is lying on her stomach, head on a pillow. Donald assumes the same position, and as they look and smile at each other, he hands her the pump for his and takes the pump in his hand for hers. The remotes are laying close at hand for both of them.
Together, watching each other’s reaction, they slowly begin to pump the plugs. Squeeze by squeeze the plugs enlarge within them. The phenomenon they are both experiencing as they do is amazing. They pump them both to the fullest and then start the vibrating. First on the lowest setting then increasing it to the highest constant setting. The two of them just lay for a few minutes sighing and enjoying the feeling of something full up in them squirming.
Emma is dripping, and Donald is hard as a rock from this. They both turn on their sides to face each other and display the impact the plugs are having on them. Emma takes her other hand and begins to jerk Donald’s prick and squeeze his balls. Donald’s fingers are right behind finding his way into Emma’s glory cave and with the wetness found there caresses and pleasures her.
Emma lifts her one leg on his thigh to be more open to his touch. Moving so shifts the plug in her ass to a different angle over which she groans with decadence. Donald fingers up her vag are wiggling away, and his thumb strumming her clit is sublime.
From Emma’s hand and finger play on his cock, squeezing his glans, running her finger in the slit, squeezing up and down his shaft, pressing against the vein at the back - bring her thumb up against it as her hand clamps around him jerking him, it is more than he can take.
In a hoarse voice, he tells Emma to let out a little on the plug as he does hers. Emma follows his lead to reduce the intensity some. Then he has her lower the vibration to the lowest level.
He rolls her on her stomach and helps her lift her legs to get back in the position she was when he placed the plug in her. But now, she feels his rock-hard cock rubbing up and down her slit lubricating himself before he thrusts up in her vag. OHH, the feeling of a cock filling her as her ass is also is so powerful. She realizes why Donald had them lower the pressure. As full as the plugs had been the experience she is enjoying now if still to their max, would have moved more to the point of pain than the lustful pleasure she is enjoying right now.
Donald thrusts in and out of her, and she is soon clenching his prick as he does. She feels her ass throbbing against the plug too. She almost blacks out from the powerful feelings crashing all through her body. She is panting and gasping for air between her whimpers and whines.
Donald is in a similar position. The feel of the vibrating plug full up in him as he thrusts in Emma, feeling her grasp his cock with the side of her vagina is sending him into a frenzy. He growls and groans with each thrust.
He holds Emma tight around her waist with one hand and the other searches for and finds her clitoris. Even his first brush of it sends spirals twisting through Emma’s body. And with his rubbing now the spirals spin faster and faster making her yelp out as the first orgasm rushes through her body.
Donald holds tight as he feels he is getting to point too, but he tries his best to hold off so Emma can come at this level at least one more time before they finish. While he slows and pauses after she arches and cums, after hearing her panting slow, his fingers are back on her clit and he is thrusting into her again, deeper and deeper.
He can feel the vibrations of the plug against the side of her vagina as it clutches against his prink. The marvel of this feeling is addictive, never has he felt such a stirring of such proportions. The multiple commotions coming at his cock and feel his ass vibrating sends addition stimulation to his balls.
He feels all these electrical jolts run straight to his testicles filling them fully to the point of almost hurting. He will have to cum soon.
But first, he speeds up the rubbing and pinching of Emma’s clit, thrusts faster into her, and move the fingers of the hand holding her to squeeze, pinch, then to caress each nipple. Emma shouts out in total surrender to a second overpowering orgasm. Juices spew forth from her, dripping down her thighs and over the base of Donald’s cock down to cover his balls with her cream.
Donald slows only for a minute again and then takes Emma and him home to the best orgasm they have ever had together. It is all encompassing for both of them. If they could reach to kiss at this moment, every hole of their bodies would be tended too.
The amount of cum squirting from Donald, pulse after pulse is amazing. He feels his testicles drained. Never has he ever come as hard as this, and as they collapse after climax, the plugs still vibrate against them. Together they clumsily search for the pumps and remotes, first turn them off, then deflate them. They this is enough fun that way for today.
Donald careful removes the plug from Emma’s throbbing ass, and then reaches around and pulls his out. Placing them on the nightstand, they both crumble on the bed spent. They cling and kiss each other to show their total joy in what they just experienced.
It is only mid-morning now, but they do fall asleep in each other’s arms exhausted for almost an hour.
When they awake, they both are feeling a little stretched and sore in several areas. They need to dial things down a few notches for a while. Which makes Donald remember something Emma had mentioned in passing once.
“Emma, you said you would love to learn to drive a clutch sometime. How about today? Something new to learn for your birthday,” Donald suggested.
Emma squealed with delight at the idea and readily agreed to the idea.
“Which would you like to learn to drive? The jeep or the VW wagon?” he asks her.
Emma ponders this for a minute and then picks the jeep.
As the dress and get ready, they both start to ponder the choice made. More bumps would be felt riding in the jeep. Would that be a good idea in their present condition? But when they are ready, both are feeling a little more back in normal condition, so realize, with the remaining rushes now and then flowing through them both, the bumps might add a nice sexual stirring as they ride along.
In the jeep, Donald takes the driver’s seat to get them to a safe, isolated area for Emma’s first attempt. He explains each gear to her and how she must step on the clutch as she shifts each time. Emma watches intently as Donald backs out of the drive and starts on their way.
She will not be able to say where they drove to as her eyes are on Donald’s hands and feet watching how and when he shifts, slows or stops. After a little while, Donald takes her left hand, and places it over the knob of the gear and hold it as he shifts so she can learn what it feels like.
“It’s not quite the same as when you will be using your right hand, but it gives you an idea of how to move from one gear to the next,” he tells Emma.
She smiles in return, so giddy that this is happening.
It is such a little thing, but to Emma, it feels like the opening of freedom to her. There are so many things she did not experience when she was younger. Things she only read and dreamed about. Now Donald is opening so many of them and more to her. To be able to drive a clutch to her is a symbol that she could buy any car, not the sturdy, reliable model her father always led her to buy. And always in such drab colors.
Donald’s present of this les today confirms more of what she plans to do before the afternoon is over if she does learn to drive a clutch.
Donald drives to a rural area, where there are several winding roads circling the district. He first stops in an empty parking lot of a weekend farmers market. No one is around today, so the lot is free for Emma’s first attempt.
He stops and turns off the car and climbs out. Emma is so eager now to start climbs over the clutch to the driver’s seat. Donald is laughing at her antics as he sits in the passage seat.
Donald tells her to press down on the clutch which puts the jeep in neutral and turn the key. She does as he tells her. Then he takes her through the steps to start moving into first gear, then shift to second as she speeds up a little, and then to third. The lot is large enough that she can get up to third before she has to slow and lower to turn.
Emma stalls a few times at first, but within a half hour, she has the motions and feel of the clutch down pat. Donald suggests she goes out on the road and turn right for a while. They spend the next hour driving around the area as Emma becomes more and more confident. She feels like she does have wings and she is flying free.
Emma glances at Donald and suggests they head home as there is something else she would like to do this afternoon before they go to dinner. He looks at her in wonder trying to imagine what she has in mind. But he just directs her through the turns to get back to the main road back to town.
She pulls in the garage and parks perfectly.
“So Emma, what do you want to do now?” Donald asks her.
“Just a minute, I’ll be right back,” she replies as she rushes into the house. In moments she returns and motions for him to get into her car. Now Donald is totally confused but captivated.
Emma drives to a nearby Ford Dealership. She parks and pulls him to come inside. Her usual dealer sees her enter and hurries to welcome her.
“Emma, what are you doing here, you have about a year to go until you are ready for a new model of your car,” he tells her.
“John, I am not looking for another Taurus, I have had my fill of them,” Emma replies. “I want to have a Mustang convertible built to my specifications.”
The dealer and Donald are flabbergasted at her reply and the forcefulness behind it. Donald can only inwardly chuckle as he realizes what he has unleashed.
The dealer tries to steer them to some of the floor models, but Emma stops him cold. She tells him, “John I know just what I want, and you are not going to have it on the lot in this town. Nor possibly will there even be one built with the specs I want. Let’s sit down, and I can give you the details. Meanwhile, have my car appraised as we talk so I know what I will get from that.”
Emma is in her full director’s mode, and there is no chance of offering alternate suggestions. John takes them to his office, calls to have her car valued, and turns to her. Donald just takes a seat beside her to watch this show unwind.
From memory, Emma lists all the features she wants. The exterior a deep racing green - which is available; black leather interior with all the bells and whistles; manual transmission (Donald grins at this now understanding where this is all going); special wheel rims, and tires; and just about every high-end feature available.
John’s mind is whirling with the cost of this car; this is so unlike Emma. While he will love the commission this would bring him, the thought of what her father would have said makes him wonder if he should suggest something more sensible to her. But the determined look on her face, suddenly bringing visions of her father, stops him from speaking.
Instead, he tallies the costs, does a search for if this model with such features is available anywhere, and discovers a dealership just counties away does have the exact model in stock. He quickly tags it as sold to be delivered to his dealership.
Emma is ecstatic, she doesn’t care about the cost, she has the money now, and the dealer does not even question her ability to pay. It is now only about three-thirty, and the dealer is opened later tonight. She asks John, “Would it be possible to have it delivered today?” She so wants the car as her first major birthday present to herself.
Emma’s excitement is so overflowing that Donald is even wrapped up in her ecstasy. He has no idea why this is so important to her right now, but he will drive her to the other dealership and buy it there if need be. Donald tells the dealer as much to give him the incentive to get the car here ASAP. John tells her to give him a minute and leaves.
Emma beams at Donald for his comment. Her hand reaches over and caresses his thigh, higher and higher as they wait. They look over the suggested retail price of the car. Donald knows the price can be lower a good deal, but he will not speak up unless she needs him to.
And the feel of Emma caressing his thigh makes his limp cock begin to perk up. After this morning he has been afraid it would be a good while until it was up to be put in the game again anytime soon, but Emma’s touch always does arouse something in him.
John comes back and tells her with some wheeling and dealing, supposedly, he had them agree to have it ready and on the road in an hour. Then Emma asks how much she will get on her trade in. It is an acceptable amount, but she now goes into full negotiator mode and barters down the price, telling him exactly what the price would be for an employee or family buying, so in the end, she saves several thousand dollars.
She tells Donald why doesn’t he look at some of the models on display for a few minutes. He meekly does as she suggests as he has been blown away by her abilities in the last few minutes.
She hands John an envelope. Inside is the specs and price for a Black Label Lincoln Navigator in dark blue. Included is the PIN for one on the lot of the same dealership along with the price she is willing to pay. It is acceptable, and John’s commission for the day will cover him for the next three months. Emma tells him to get it ordered, with plates and all that is needed, and have it delivered today too.
She gives him all the necessary information to pay directly from her bank account fully for both, and with great satisfaction, she walks to join Donald. He asks her what that was all about? She just brushed it off as setting up the payment for the vehicle so as not to have to fuss with that when they picked it up.
They now have about three hours to pass until they are to pick up Emma’s new car on the way to dinner. It will only take them a short while to get ready for their dinner reservation and get back to the dealership to close the deal before going.
They head home.
Now understand, Emma was busy these last weeks since she learned Donald and she shared a birthday. She had picked out that perfect car for him to complement his present collection of vehicles. She wanted to give him something so special in return for all he has done for her. It was while selecting the car for Donald that she came across the Mustang of her dreams since hood. She had memorized those specs as she searched for the availability of the vehicle for Donald.
She hadn’t thought to search for what she wanted, as she had no idea how to drive a clutch then, nor expected to learn how to so soon. She is a bit woozy realizing it was available from the same dealership. This evening is going to start off with the best birthday presents she could ever have dreamed. Oh, she so loves her bracelets from Donald and is wearing them since he gave them to her. But to do something independently for herself, how she wants to, is heady stuff for her. Would she ever have imaged this on her birthday last year? What changes she has gone through since then.
At home, Donald helps her undress and suggests they lay down for a short nap to rest before dinner. Naked together in each other’s arms there is not much rest. They are soon groping at each other needing to touch every special spot to bring the lovely sound of excitement which such strokes can bring. Donald is quickly hardening and Emma is dripping within minutes of their explorations.
It is a distinct itch which must be dealt with immediately, so Donald pulls Emma’s back to his stomach, lifts her top leg over his thigh, and direct his penis up into her waiting wet sweet hole.
Emma exhales with delight as she feels Donald up in her deeply again. She could live this way with him fully inside her all the time. He pumps against her over and over as she begins to throb against him as he does.
The coupling goes on for a bit as they enjoy the tension which is building between them. Both are needing to release themselves fully, but so wanting to extend the pleasure for the other. A wonderful tango begins between them as they dip and pause in their dance to make sure the other is moving closer and closer to their total potential.
Donald’s cock begins to feel numb from the pounding as his balls fill with his seed begging to be released. The numbness brings tingles running through him with each thrust. He tries to hold back again but knows it will be soon when everything come cascading out of him.
Emma herself is feeling so close to the edge as Donald bangs and bangs against her. The climax they reached earlier today was so exquisite and probably will never be recreated again, but right now is just as precious. The wonderful feeling whenever she has Donald in her overcomes her again, and she freezes mid-thrust as she cums feeling the tremors crash through her.
As Donald realizes the place she now in, he cannot contain himself anymore and his seed bursts from him, deep up into Emma. Emma shudders feeling him throb against her as he does.
Both finished, they fall together and kiss. Then Donald moves down to Emma’s pussy to help clean her some. As his tongue and lips suck all her juices, and then his dripping from her, mixed with hers, it is the best appetizer he could ever have. Emma purrs with satisfaction as he does. She is like a well-pleasured cat right now as she stretches and arches.
They come out of the revelry and notice the time. They quickly shower and get ready. Emma in an elegant deep cut cream dress which shows off her summer tan to the zenith. Donald in a light summer suit with pale blue shirt and darker tie which in the same way accentuates his tan. They look like a picture book couple about to leave. They have a few minutes until they need to leave, and Donald suggests they have a cocktail in the living room first.
Donald fixes them both a drink, and as they begin to take the first sip, they hear a noise, and suddenly Karen and Julie are standing there holding a large cake, blazing with candles. They carry it singing to the dining room table where they place it for Donald and Emma to see.
Happy birthday is written in the center, and on one side says ‘Emma’ with forty-three candles surrounding it; on the other, it says ‘Donald’ with forty-nine around his name. Their ages as of today. In total ninety-two candles are glowing from the cake. Standing on each side of it, Emma’s and Donald’s faces are also glowing.
Together they bend and blow and blow until all of the candles are out. Both think I have already got my wish for the coming year. Karen cuts them just a bitesize piece each from this wonderful walnut cake with cream frosting. She tells them it will be there later for them or to enjoy over the next few days.
Donald and Emma thank them both sincerely for their thoughtfulness, and again for the wonderful present, they have already enjoyed today. They all laugh at that as Donald and Emma finish their drinks and hurry to the car to get to the dealership.
As it is Emma’s car, they are taking to turn in she drives. They pull up to the front of the dealership; Emma’s new Mustang in all its glory is parked in front. But facing it is a Lincoln Navigator with a huge light blue bow on it.
“Someone is getting a wonderful surprise it appears,” Donald comments to Emma.
Emma has to contain herself and just murmurs, “ah huh.”
The dealer seeing them arrive, hurries out with keys in hand. He presents Emma with the keys to the Mustang and then hesitates unsure about the others. Emma smiles, takes them and hands them to Donald telling him, “Happy birthday, I hope you like this.” As she indicates to the vehicle in front of him.
Donald’s jaw drops. Whatever has Emma done? This is wonderful, and so much more than she should ever have done. It is a perfect vehicle for him, and her, to travel around in and have fun. All he can imagine at the moment is the wide front seats, the back seat, the seats lowered, all the place he and Emma could fuck and enjoy each other in this SUV.
He pulls Emma to him and hugs and kisses her and thanks her so much. Emma laughs with enjoyment realizing her gift, in so many ways not adequate to show how she feels, is so well received.
Emma needs to go inside to complete the final paperwork for both cars. Donald examines both car and truck in awe over all their features. A little later, Emma does call to him to come in to sign for his name and registration on his present. All is completed soon.
Emma stogy car is gone from her life forever; her Mustang awaits her. But now there are two vehicles they need to take with them. Looking at the clock, Emma realizes there is just enough time to take them home before having to leave for their reservations.
They hurry home, and while Donald parks his new present, Emma drops the convertible roof on the Mustang, and she drives them to dinner. Donald does enjoy the ride, watching Emma foot rise and fall as she shifts gear expertly after only one les.
Over a leisurely and delicious dinner, Donald does ask Emma about today’s purchases and why?
She blushes a little before she begins, “I wanted to buy the Navigator for you to show you how much I appreciate all that you have done for me, I knew what I wanted for you but could not find the exact one until late yesterday afternoon. I had all the information needed to order it and was going to call it into the dealer today for it to arrive.”
And she continues, “But then you offered to teach me to drive a clutch, and I realized that the dream of what I wanted for a car could become a reality. As soon as I knew I could drive a manual I wanted to go and order it as my birthday present to myself. I wanted to finish throwing off all the stodginess of my life from before and have the car I always desired. It would also be an opportunity to get yours purchased and delivered.”
“I was overjoyed when we found that the car I wanted was available for delivery today too, and so we both got the presents I so wanted for us each today, on our birthday,” Emma concludes. She had burst forth with this explanation that some of her words tumbling over one another, but Donald understood, and took her hand and squeezed it.
“You have given me a birthday gift I will cherish; I wish I could have been the one to give you your dream car in return, but I do realize you needed to do this for yourself. What I have for you seems rather meager in return,” he tells her.
With that, he hands her an envelope with a ribbon on it. She opens it and finds first the deed to his house, which now has her name on it as coowner. Emma begins to cry over this major offering Donald is giving her. She can’t stop herself from the joy flowing through her.
Then she pulls the second document out. It is Donald’s will which he names her as his sole heir. Now nothing will stop her tears, even Donald with a handkerchief trying to dry her eyes.
“How can you same this is meager in return?” Emma sobs to him, the swelling of her heart at this extreme gesture on his part is beyond her comprehension.
“Emma, you are a part of my life now, and I hope always will be. I want you to feel that it is your home equally now. And that I will always care for you no matter what,” Donald tells her.
Luckily, by then they had finished eating, or the wonderful meal would have been lost from Emma overcome with emotions. And Donald is not much better.
Somehow each found the perfect gift for each other to make this year’s birthday the best ever for both of them.
E075: Bad Emma
Posted:Apr 8, 2019 8:06 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2019 7:49 pm

Their vacation continues wonderfully, Donald and Emma have fun on the beach, by and in the pool at the beach house, and exploring the area. Two days later, in the early afternoon, after playing in the pool for a while Donald and Emma are just lying soaking in the sun. Of course, they are both naked here where no one can see them.
Emma begins to feel rather warm and gets up and goes into the house to get something cool to drink. And then this imp in her takes over to change the course of the whole afternoon.
When she opens the freezer for some ice, she sees some ice packs used for the cooler laying there. Each is flat and about six- or eight inches square. She is so warm right now, and this new desire overtakes her. She takes two of the pack to the bathroom with her, forgetting about anything to drink.
She searches and finds the premade enemas Donald bought for them to use one night together for some anal fun, and she realizes that she wants that now, but more.
She shakes two of the bottles and presses them up in her to fill her. Then placing the ice packs on the seat of the toilet she sits on them. They are so cold. Her ass wiggles from them, but they are giving this sensation which is ricocheting through every nerve in her body. As she feels the contents of her intestines churning as the enema does its magic, the cold she can tell is reddening her ass.
It is such a derelict arousal she is feeling run through her. She sits like this for over twenty minutes just moaning with the exquisite pain and pleasure running through her.
Meanwhile, Donald is beginning to wonder where Emma has gone. He gets up and goes into the beach house searching for her.
Suddenly, Emma sees him standing in the bathroom door looking at her as he hears her loud sighs and whimpers. She hangs her head some, and he realizes what game she is now entering. And as he does, he takes in the whole picture.
The empty enema bottles, the ice packs under her. Where did she come up with this idea for a sensual delight for herself?
Taking the role he knows she wants him to play, Donald speaks sternly, “Emma what are you doing? You know you are not to use the enemas unless we agree together, and now you have wasted two of them.”
Emma loves this response, as it is playing into the naughty girl fantasy which started when she looked into the freezer. But at the same time, she needs to lift the toilet seat very soon and release herself.
She looks at Donald mischiefly and stammers, “I…I…just felt I needed to empty myself, which is going to happen very soon.” She stands, drops the ice packs to the floor as she lifts the seat.
Donald, seeing how red her bottom is from the ice, feels his cock twitching and starting to rise some. This is so intriguing and something he never would have thought of. He watches as Emma quickly plops on to the toilet and all is released from her. Her sighs of relief as all empties from her tells Donald she is feeling this in a very sensual way.
Donald wants to take her to the peak for this game she has started. When he can tell she has emptied all that she can now, he walks to the toilet and flushes it.
Again, in a fake stern voice, Donald tells her, “Young lady, this bad behavior will be dealt with shortly, but I think right now since you wasted two of the four, we might as well use them all up and make sure you are fully internally rinsed. Bend over the counter and wait, I will be right back to continue this.”
Emma with a sly smile on her lips quickly does as he says. Donald picks up the ice packs and leaves for a minute. Emma moans to herself as she bends and waits over the counter; she was enjoying the sensation of the cold packs on her ass. Them making her cheeks red, chilled and a bit damp.
She hears Donald moving around and wonders what he is doing. She can tell he is putting things down in the bedroom just outside the bathroom and then he comes through the door. Donald walks to the toilet and puts the seat down again, and places two new ice packs on it.
Emma can feel her stomach flipping thinking that he does understand this and what is ahead for her.
Donald comes and stands beside her, opening and shaking one of the enema bottles. Sitting on the stool there, he puts a little lube on the head and tells Emma to lay over his lap. She does as told.
“Laying this way for a few minutes first as we put this in you will help it move up deeper in you,” he tells her. He begins to squeeze the bottle to let all the fluid enter her. Then he does the same with the last bottle. After he does, he rubs her red ass cheek as he has her stay in this position for ten minutes.
When the time is up, he tells her to sit on the toilet seat but smacks both cheeks a few times before she does.
The sting of the spanks heating her bottom makes sitting on the icy packs even more intense. It feels like the fireworks they watched the other night are exploding inside her, sending their fiery streams through her whole body. Though it is so cold on her ass, there is a heat burning inside her.
And then Donald does something almost to take her over the edge to sublime ecstasy.
He tells Emma to spread her legs, he reaches and spreads her labia wide open, and places a smaller ice pack against her slit. Feelings of her freezing slit rush through Emma and she shouts out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. But it is all pleasure really as she cums for the first time, her body shaking and shuttering. The fireworks are doing a first finale in her.
Donald tells her to close her legs, and she feels the iciness of the new back in such a delicate place also. He continues explaining she has to sit this way for the next thirty minutes. This is going to be hard, as Emma feels the fluids in her working their magic making her feel so close to needing to release.
Donald leaves her again, and she can hear him moving around the bedroom, humming softly to himself. Him finding her and picking up on this so quickly is better than she could have expected.
Emma is not sure what the devil came over her when she saw the ice bags, but immediately knew today she needed a good spanking and then ass fuck, and she knows Donald understands fully and is going to make sure this happens as much as she needs it.
The ice part, she hopes as she feels the packs numbing her cheeks and now cunt, will add to the sensation of her being spanked. It feels like a couple of hours, but it is only the thirty minutes when Donald comes back into the bathroom, tells Emma to spread her legs again and he takes that ice pack away.
He has her stand as he removes the other packs from the seat and lifts it. Emma sits on it, and though she does need to release all the fluids in her, being so cold from the ice, it takes a minute to relax to let it all out fully.
When all is fully out of her, Donald has her lean over the counter as he washes her ass, crack and hole thoroughly. Only then does he speak, again with the sternness in his voice, “Young lady, for your behavior, and sneaking off to do so, you need a good spanking, come along, let’s get started.” As he takes her by the wrist, and leads her into the bedroom.
Emma sees a straight back chair sitting in front of the dresser which has a hairbrush and leather paddle laying on it. Donald had never spanked her like this before, always on a couch or bed where she laid across his lap her head and legs supported. This is going to be good, and she feels her cunt warming so as fluids begin to drip from her glistening her pussy. Donald notices as she stands waiting for him to direct her.
Now Donald, and Emma, both together and separately have been reading a lot of erotica off their tablets lately. Especially now on vacation. Donald, just this morning, read a story which suggested such a wonderful idea for a full and complete spanking. Perhaps it is a common practice in the spanking world, but it is a new idea to him. It is too bad with all the stories he has read lately he can’t remember which one suggested it. But from it, the idea, next to the hairbrush and paddle is a water squirt bottle.
Emma wonders what that is doing there but does not think much about it.
Donald sits on the chair and tells Emma to come to his right side and bend over. They are both still naked. Emma does as commanded. She is a little wobblily get settled on his lap, her head hanging down on one side, with her hands holding on to the floor for support, her feet barely reaching the ground, actually only on tiptoes, on the other side.
Donald moves her some on his lap to get her in a good position with her ass raised a bit. “Now Emma, you know why you are getting this spanking don’t you?”
Emma in the position she is in, with blood rushing to her head, just meekly replies that she does.
After rubbing her cheeks some like Donald always does before he begins, the feeling of his warm hands over her frozen ass is rather nice, and she feels herself begin to drip again.
But then a difference comes into play.
She feels the water being sprayed over her ass cheeks, not a lot, more of just a mist. She wonders what is going on, but then suddenly understands. Her ass is now so tender from the ice packs, the spritz of water on her cheeks will make each spank sting even more — what an idea.
Emma waits to see if this adds to or takes away from being spanked. She does not have long to wait.
SPANK! The first of the hand spanks lands on her left cheek. Followed by a SPANK on her right cheek.
Between the numbness from the ice, and the sprinkle of water to sensitize her ass the sting of each spank is electrifying. It adds to the sting of the spank but does send rushes running through her.
Donald continues to spank her a number of times.
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank.
Back and forth over and around each cheek, hitting and warming all of the redness from the ice packs.
He stops, rubs her ass a little, squeezing each cheek as he does, and then spritzes her again and begins afresh. Emma finds herself lifting her feet off the ground kicking and flailing them in response to each spank. Bracing herself with her hands and arms, she does suddenly realize that Donald has such a firm hold with his left arm and hand around her waist holding her tightly in place as he spanks.
Understanding his need to care for her even while he is spanking and punishing her is so endearing to Emma that she begins to let her tears flow. He is so into the role of him needing to discipline his bad girl right now. Emma realizes though she has been bad. Using the enemas today when they were to be saved for a day from now, she did deserve this spanking. And that opened the floodgates.
Crying and thrashing Emma endures the continued hand spanking, knowing there are still two more rounds to go.
Donald slows and again rubs her ass, the spray bottle is brought into play again, and she feels the back of the hairbrush running gently around her cheeks until in spanks her for the first time. Then more and more relentlessly back and forth over her cheeks, and upper thighs.
Emma can feel moving from freezing, to now burning, her ass cheeks are getting a full and complete workout. She continues to cry and kick her legs. She can’t explain the feeling of liberation that comes over her as her tears wash away years of confinement and containment. Each spank awakens her more and more. The tears are in part from joy, and from release from all she has felt guilty over for so long.
And the sexual arousal she gets from it all, she feels the sting of each spank, but it sends this charge starting at her ass and spreading through her body with each stroke she receives. She is so into this revelation to herself that she does not notice that Donald is again slowing and rubbing her cheeks. And then another mist over her so stinging, hot ass, and then she feels the leather paddle against her cheeks.
She cries out as she awakes from her pondering realizing what is about to commence.
As the first strike of the paddle hits her, shudders run through Emma’s body, she feels herself throbbing in her vag, and her back arches as she feels a gigantic orgasm thrash through her. Donald does not let up on the measured spankings with the paddle come down on her, and in quick secession.
Emma is panting hard between her sobs, and Donald delivers a final ten, places the paddle on the dresser, and lifts and turns Emma, so she is on his lap, her arms around his neck as she sobs and sobs into his shoulder.
He allows her to for a few minutes, and when she calms enough, Donald tells her to kneel on the bed with her legs spread wide. As Emma assumes her place and position, she sees some condoms and lube laying on the bed next to where she squats.
Donald is going to play out this fantasy of hers fully.
He comes up behind Emma, and she feels the coolness of the lube dripping around her asshole. She shudders at the feel of it and what is to come. Donald’s fingers massage the lube around her hole and up in it a bit.
Emma appreciates the finger action first to ready her for what is about to come.
She can hear Donald open a condom pack and the quiet smack as he places one on his tip. Emma feels like her hearing has amplified in the last few minutes. Her nerves are raw, and it seems everything is moving in such slow motion when she needs this right now.
She listens as Donald spreading lube all up and down the condom and especially on the glans.
And then it begins.
She feels the glans against her back hole pressing gently but firmly against her anus. She feels Donald enter her an inch or so and shudders run through her once again. Deeper and deeper he thrusts into her. She moans with delight at this decadent pleasure.
She can hear Donald’s heavy breathing, and from the hardon, she felt under her as he spanked her over the chair makes her realize how much he too has been enjoying this two or three-act play.
Deeper and deeper Donald presses up in her. His fingers find a way to her vag and spreading her outer lips to get to Emma’s cave to press into it with his fingers, and his thumb against Emma’s clit to rub and wiggle as he slams into her ass over and over.
Donald is panting and breathing as hard as is Emma; both have a red glow over their faces and necks, almost as deep as Emma’s freshly spanked ass. It isn’t that long before they both can’t contain themselves anymore and each explode into their own climax. Donald’s seed spews up into Emma’s ass, and she withers into a puddle after screaming out, arching her back, throbbing both her cunt and ass against Donald as she cums spectacularly.
Donald falls on Emma’s back as she collapses him kissing her neck and shoulders murmuring over and over, “Thank you Emma for a wonderful, surprising afternoon.”
When they recover enough, Donald gets wet cloths to clean themselves, and as he does he admires Emma’s still rosy ass. The combination of the ice packs, water spritzes, and diligent spanking makes her fading away take longer.
And then wickedness comes over him now.
He goes to the dresser and pulls out a swimsuit – if you could call it that - a skimpy-two-piece bathing suit. He also grabs a swimsuit for himself. “Emma put this suit on, we are going to the beach for the last of the sun this afternoon,” he tells her as he steps into his suit.
Emma looks at him quizzically, but steps into the suit. While not a thong, it is very high cut in the back, showing off a lot of ass. When Emma glances at her back in the mirror, she sees her rosy ass on almost full display.
‘NO! Donald would not make her do that would he?’ is all that she can think. But when he comes back into the room and tells her with a smirking grin on his face it is time to go, he has everything packed; she realizes he is going to make her take the walk of shame.
All the people on the beach will see her ass on display and realize what discipline she just needed. Her asshole is sore and tender from the onslaught she just went through, and the thought of having to walk her spanked ass through a beach crowd blows her away.
But then, those electric currents run through her once again, and the idea of people watching her walk by and noticing seems like the hottest thing she can do today. She knows none of these people, nor will she ever see them again.
This extension of her fantasy that Donald has come up with is the wonderful final act of today’s play. She nods to Donald and walks in front of him out the door and down the path to the beach.
He carries their beach bag in one hand, and his other is on the small of her back, though occasionally he drops it to squeeze one or the other of her cheeks.
Emma is somewhat disappointed as they reach the beach that there are not that many people there in the late afternoon. But as she walks by the ones there she wiggles her ass a little to bring attention to herself.
Donald watchs amused by her antics and the realization that this act of humiliation is rather turning her on.
When they get to a spot, and he lays down their towels, he pulls her close to her and whispers in her ear, “Someone has been a little exhibitionist just now. Does she need to have her bottom spanked again, and follow-up again when we go back to the beach house?”
Emma’s eyes glistening, smiles at him in an impish way any replies, “Perhaps I do.”
Donald laughs and pulls her onto the towels to kiss and fondle her some behind the big umbrella shading them a little.
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E074: Emma’s mother’s story continues: Emma is born
Posted:Apr 6, 2019 11:11 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

Back to the beach house, after having something to eat, Emma sitting at Donald’s feet, he opens her mother’s diary to read more. Both are naked, and Emma switches from caressing his cock to sucking it a little as he reads to her. After this wonderful vacation, he is giving her, being his complete sub for the day, and now this evening seems so right.
They had read more day-to-day entries about Cte and Edward, but there had been no mention of Susan again until an entry in 1978.
June 30, 1978
I have left so much out of here, a lot is so important. When we returned from our honeymoon in 1974, I did not see Susan for over a month. Both our lives were so busy, and I think we were unsure where things would lead if we did see each other. Now I realize what silliness we went through, both longing to touch and caress each other again, but our marriages and the time kept us from exploring more.
Things had been going very well with Edward; we had sex at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. He did spank me now and then, but each time I knew I deserved it, and his hand, paddle or brush swatting my ass cheeks did get me so wet and throbbing. Afterward, we always had marvelous sex, and I could depend on having a hundred-dollar bill on my pillow in the morning.
And he gave me a few more pieces of jewelry as I learned to pleasure him fully.
In late June that year, I could not contain myself anymore, and while things were so perfect with Edward, I needed to see and be with Susan I realized. Her touch sent rockets through me in such a different way, and I realized that I did love and want sex constantly.
I called her and invited her to lunch at my house on Wednesday. She quickly accepted.
When she arrived there was an awkward moment at the door, but as soon as I shut it, we just gazed into each other’s eyes, and in seconds we were in each other’s arms kissing with such abandon passion.
For the time we forgot about lunch, and I led her upstairs and to the extra bedroom. Edward never came in here, to him it was just an empty space in the house, unneeded but nice to have. From that moment on, it was Susan’s and my room.
We struggled to get each out of their clothes as quickly as possible as we kissed and fondled each other. We fell, both nude, on the bed and we picked up right where we left off the night before my wedding.
Our hands and fingers were all over each other. Susan leaned and sucked my tits fully for so long. They hurt a little from such wonderful attention, but it was this good sexually charged hurt. I then did the same to her in return. It felt like her boobs were a bit bigger than the last time we were together, but that just added to the enjoyment. We slid around in our positions, and we were at each other’s pussy just taking in the scent of each other again.
Then with our fingers and tongues began to bring each other to that climax which we can only get to together. It was much different than when I do with Edward. With Susan it is a slow rising of heat from me, shivers start running through me and only when have been fully sated with her fingers in me, knowing just where to press, her tongue teasing my clit rotation with her lips sucking on my labia. We both were bringing each other to the tipping point. It was together as we both reached that peak and came.
Moaning together, we turned some, and I laid my head on her stomach, just softly playing with her mons hair, as she stroked my head. It was a wonderful and tender moment between us.
I told her I did not want to be apart like that ever again, and Susan agreed. Chatting softly we came up with the idea of our Wednesday ‘lunches’ here. We agreed that she would come at eleven every Wednesday and stay until three or so. She would be well gone by the time Edward came home, and I could be cleaned up. As it soon became a habit, we would clean up together in the clawfoot bath after our fun and games.
We played a little more later, just finger fucking each other until we came as deeply kissing each other as we did. It was a wonderful reunion.
And so it began. Every Wednesday she was here, we played and talked, and came and came. We chatted about our husbands, how much we enjoyed being with them, but this was something different which gave a different satisfaction. Sometimes one or the other of us had a sore bottom from being spanked the night before, but taking the time to kiss, and caress the stinging cheeks just added another dimension to our fun. We would compare how hard we came and wet we got when spanked, and the release each gave us.
About two weeks later, Susan’s news was something unexpected. She was pregnant! I congratulated her and asked when it was due. My heart was breaking some thinking that our play together would be halted with this news. But Susan assured me we could continue to have fun and enjoy the changes her body was going through.
And we did.
As Susan’s stomach and breast grew, I had great delight rubbing lotion on her and then dipping down between her legs to pleasure her. She could not see me, so it was fun to surprise her with different tricks and treats. She came over and over. Then me on my side, as she could not manage on her stomach now, one leg over her shoulders, she would take me to that special place with her fingers and tongue on me.
One time we tried me sitting on her face as she laid on her back, but in such a position I was so afraid I would smother her. She did not like it either. That was more something men like to fantasize about, but in reality, it isn’t the most satisfying way for either party.
When Susan was about six months along, and I was sucking long and hard on her tit, suddenly something squirted out of the nipple. It was sweet and warm, and we realized Susan had started lactating. I pulled away immediately though the taste was so delightful. I smiled at Susan, and she told me not to stop, it felt so good to release it. So I bent down again and began nursing from her as she stroked my hair. A good twenty minutes on each breast my stomach just craved more.
That is all we did that day beside a little finger play. Susan said it felt so wonderful me sucking her, and it was good that she is getting ready for motherhood now. This became how we played at the end of her pregnancy. She confided that when Tom found out about her full breasts, he was nursing from her most nights also.
Toward the last month and a half before Susan was due, she told me that while Tom still nursed most nights, he had stopped all sex. Afraid it would hurt the pregnancy. I could tell this was taking her to an extreme level of horniness, being so heavy with , but needing a release to absorb some of the pain she was feeling.
So from then until the week before she delivered, I would suck her to empty her breast for alleviation, and then dip down between her legs to suck, lick, kiss, finger – do anything I could to bring her to climax at least once, but usually two or three times. Afterward she was so grateful for the stimulation which took the feeling of being a beast of burden way.
During this time, I did not mind I was on the giving and not receiving end, I cared for Susan so much I just wanted her to be happy in the state she was in.
When she gave birth to her , Anna, in February of 1975, I hurried to the hospital afterward to see her and the baby. While we kissed in greeting as we do now, all was just focused on the baby. She was cute, small and a bundle of joy.
For a couple of weeks after, Susan stayed confined to home, but then she began visiting on Wednesday’s again. But now with baby Anna, during the next two months, it was that we just adored and fussed over the baby and had some lunch. She did have me suck her tits as Anna was sleeping in the other room to relief them. She said while Anna did nurse well, her breasts were always filled more than needed.
Tom was doing his part with this too.
It was not until almost May that Susan came to call alone. Tom had hired a nanny for Anna during the day to help and keep Susan from being overwhelmed. By then Susan was so in need of attention from me again. Tom had began enjoying her again, but she so yearned for our time together and needed again.
I had no problem with that, and we started up with our Wednesday play, which did now include me sucking her tits at least once during our time together. We were all over each other, fingers, tongues, lips, pleasuring each other and making us each come individually and together over and over.
It was amazing how much, how often, we could pleasure each other in such a short amount of time. And as we laid in each other’s arms as we bathed afterwards, gently stroking and kissing always brought our Wednesday’s to a wonderful close.
It is funny that Edward and Tom never caught on, we bother we were in such a mellow place on Wednesday nights, and if they instigated any sexual play we jumped at it as both our bodies were still highly electrified from the afternoon.
Things went on this way until early January the next year when I realized I was pregnant this time. Edward was ecstatic and Susan so close behind him. Suddenly, our roles were reversed, and Susan was who tended me as I began to grow. Her tenderness to me was endearing, and when my milk began to flow in the sixth month as hers had, I allowed her to taste my nectar first before I let Edward know.
Edward and Tom were such great friends, I knew Tom had told him about nursing Susan and he was waiting in anticipation since we found I was pregnant. So the night after Susan enjoyed first, I told him to try to suck some and see what happened.
His response was overwhelming. You would think he had reached nirvana. There was no stopping him from then on until I gave birth. He made sure my breasts were full and ready all the time. When Susan was not there, I would have to pump my breasts most afternoon due to how much I was producing.
Edward bought me several rather sexy nursing bras to wear, and I received a number of lovely pieces of jewelry. All spankings stopped the moment he knew I was pregnant, and his tender care was enthralling to me.
Emma entered the world in August of 1976, and we were all mesmerized by her. She was such a good baby and so adaptable. Again, a couple of months went by with Susan and I just having lunch with our babies on Wednesdays, us each sucking each other a bit while the babies napped in the other room. Then, in the same way, our mutual lust, feeling recuperated and frisky again the nanny was brought back into play.
For the next year or two, she would come and collect Emma and take her to Susan’s house where she would watch them until Susan came home, and then bring Emma back home. The wonders of those afternoons, our sexual play, fingering and lip fucking each other, along with regular nursing kept us both so happy and gave us a day away from worrying about our babies,
It was during this time that Susan surprised me with the first vibrator which we used on each other to bring us over the peak time and time again. And then a strapon for us to really enjoy fucking each other, which similar to what happened with our husbands, so different when a woman is focusing a cock on you.
Anna was weaned by the time she was one, and Emma at about nine months. But between our husband's enjoyment and ours too, we both did not stop our milk from flowing until 1978.
We both explained to Edward and Tom it was time to bring this to an end, and while both disappointed, accepted our decision. I do have to say that for the two years when Edward did lay next to me each morning and evening sucking at my tits, taking in so much milk, I did receive many gifts of jewelry to show his appreciation. And neither Susan or I were spanked during this whole period.
And so, these last few months, Susan and I have done what was necessary to stop our flow of mother’s nectar and while we are both disappointed to end it, we know with our girls getting older it is not practical to continue. We have our other, now expanded fun, finding new ways, either learned from our husbands, or things we found to pleasure each other for substitutions.
So, like all things, this too has now ended. What will the future hold for all of us?
As Donald reads this entry, Emma, at his feet, is fondling and sucking his cock to full arousal. Every time he reads any part about her mother and Susan nursing she is on his glans sucking it like a nipple, trying and trying he realizes to suck the cream from him. And several times as this goes on he was so close to. Precum dripped out of him over and over, and Emma just licked it up unsated.
When he finishes, he leans back and lets her nurse his cock, just the glans in her mouth, as she sucks him. It is not long before he does start to cum. He tries to hold back some so to allow her to enjoy his cream dripping from him like he is sucking a nipple. He can see she is in another place, enjoying sucking him dry. And to him, it feels wonderful.
When she finishes, Donald wants to return the pleasure to Emma, but something about her demeanor holds him back. Instead, he helps her stand and heads her to the bed where they fall together. They lay with Emma’s head on his chest as he strokes her hair and back until he hears her deep breathing and occasional quiet snore to let him know she is asleep.
Donald stays awake a little longer thinking about the day, this whole vacation, and even back over the last two months since he beheld Emma at his door for the first time. How his life has so changed in such a short time. And how wonderful this ride is being. He finally falls asleep too with a smile on his lips.
E073: A shopping trip together
Posted:Apr 4, 2019 7:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 4:10 am

fter the fireworks end, Donald and Emma return to the beach house and finish the bottle of wine they had taken to enjoy while watching the rockets' red blaze. Due to the nice ocean breeze, the fresh air wafting through the open windows, and just all the sun and fun from the day, they both fall asleep rather quickly.
To back up for a moment:
While Emma calls him ‘Donald’ now, and they seem to be playing on level ground, though it hasn’t been mentioned since its completion, Emma’s pearl necklace is still a central part of their lives together.
She was upset two days after it was completed when Donald took it off her. She whimpered a little and in tears asked, “Why?”
Donald explained she would soon have it back; he just needed to get it restrung and knotted so it would be secure for her always. Through her tears, Emma nodded her acceptance. It was only a couple of days when one afternoon Donald brought it , newly strung, just a tad bit longer due to the knots, and placed it on her. The glow running through her as he did was overwhelming. The necklace now lay more in the nape of her neck, with the misshaped heart loop just hitting her collarbone.
That evening he placed her leash on her, and they spent the evening with her being his special pet again. She found she did rather enjoy, occasionally, being this for him, especially when she got to lick and lap at his cock as she sat at his feet.
Now, in the morning, a few times during the day, and as they lay starting to fall asleep, Donald will pull on the loop, just a little. This sends an electrical rush through Emma each time, and she just murmurs, “Yes, sir” to him to let him know. Yes, he is still her dominant master, and she, his submissive slave. He might be treating her equally a lot now, but she still knows her place with him.

The next morning, as they wake and have their now-usual morning about what the day will hold, Donald again tugs at her loop and Emma replies, “Good morning, sir. What do you wish to do today?”
Donald smiles fondly at her; to know she can so easily assume this role when required is enthralling to him. He hugs Emma to him and says, “Let’s go exploring this morning and see what we come across. Now to the shower so we can get going soon.” He swats her ass affectionately to get them started on the day.
Soon they're dressed, Emma in a simple sleeveless shift, he in shorts and a polo shirt. Both are nice and golden tan now. Due to this, he keeps Emma’s makeup minimal to show off her natural beauty, which is coming to the surface so much now.
Donald does love showing her off to the world, with it firmly known she is his unless he wants to share her a little in special ways, like with Sasha.
While he tells Emma that they are going ‘exploring’ today, he knows where exactly they are going. His fetish for liking to clothes and lingerie for women is still strong in him, but since he created such a large wardrobe for Emma when they started, this will be the first opportunity to add to it.
Today, they are going to do it in per, not online. Donald starts to harden as he thinks about what he has planned: Emma trying on bras, and dresses, and all sorts of things as he watches and helps her put them on. Him, picking which ones for her to try on for him. It is going to be a lust-filled morning, perhaps extending into the afternoon for him.
He hasn’t told Emma about this little kink of his, but she probably does suspect some, considering the extent of what he presented to her early on. He hopes she will find enjoyment in today too.
So, they drive down the coast about twenty miles to another seaside town. Along the way, they do admire the views of the ocean and the lovely areas and towns along the way. It is all picturesque.
Donald has done his research on the area when choosing it for their vacation. In the town to which he is heading is an exclusive, rather expensive, women’s clothing store. While Emma, from time to time, cries out about “oh that.” While he knows she wants to stop and explore more, he continues to his pre-decided destination.
When they pull in near the store in the town Emma is a little confused about why they are stopping here of all places.
Donald helps her from the car, and as he likes, with his hand on her ass, directs her to the store.
Now Emma has never been big on shopping, due to the drab things she always wore in her ‘old life,’ but right now, seeing the lovely outfits in the window she does feel twitches through her body imagining wearing any of them. So she follows Donald’s lead willingly.
Donald turns toward the lingerie section first. He wants to do this fashion-show buying completely with Emma today.
They walk around the section looking at different bras, panties, garters, teddies, and camisoles – so much silk and lace surround them. Donald is in heaven, and Emma, admiring them all too, is just a cloud .
Donald inspects several items carefully; he wants the best quality and the perfect fabric and cut. Emma watches as he chooses. From time to time he will lift an item to hold it against Emma to imagine how it will on her or to see if the color complements her coloring. There are so many colors, shades and hues for him to choose from.
Emma from time to time will pick up an item which looks interesting to her, but Donald usually tells her the flaws in the style or manufacturing. Each time after he does, he pulls gently on her loop, and she falls silent, quickly learning that her role today is to be the good subservient, doing as she is told.
After Donald has set aside several items, all the perfect size as he does know Emma’s dimensions so well, he picks a pretty shelf bra and skimpy panty set which do appear a little small for her. He asks the saleswoman hovering around to please place this set aside to be bought when they are done.
Emma looks quizzically him when he does this, but now in her role for the day does not dare to ask. Donald sees her and explains, “I thought it would be nice to get Sasha a little something from our vacation. Don’t you think she will like that set? I feel bad we had to leave before play Friday, and we will be missing this week too. So, a little something to make up for it from us both.”
Emma grins widely and nods her head in agreement with him. Sasha will love the set; the color and style are perfect for her, and Emma will love seeing her in them. Donald does know how to select the perfect items for women to wear.
Finally, with several bras and a few garters, teddies and camisoles - the panties will stay on the counter as they can’t really be tried on – Donald asks the saleswoman to show them to a dressing room.
The saleswoman hesitates at the request that Donald accompany Emma into the room, and Donald, seeing her hesitation says, “It is important for me to see which will the best on her, and to help her try them on – if you don’t mind.”
The saleswoman twitters a bit but shows them to a dressing room with a large three-sided mirror in the corner, a bench, and a chair, and a little platform in front of the mirrors to stand on to see yourself better. She places the items on one side of the bench and asks if they need anything else.
“Give us about a half an hour and then check back, please,” Donald tells her, dismissing her as he locks the dressing room door. Donald turns to a giggling Emma grinning at his reply.
Donald goes over by the bench and tells Emma to come to him. She is now completely in the role of his love slave and feels herself dripping – it is a good thing they are not trying on any of the panties or they would have to them all for the stains she would leave on them.
Holding Emma close to him, he reaches behind her and unzips her dress. This simple act when done to her sends an electric wave through her, followed by more dripping between her legs. Donald slowly lets it drop down her shoulders and fall to the ground.
Emma, a good slave that she is, quickly steps of it and picks it up to hang it on one of the available hooks. Then she turns back to her master.
Donald pulls her close and kisses her deeply with great passion. This is starting so nicely. Emma can feel him harden against her. He again reaches behind her, and after rubbing her shoulders, down her back some, he unclips her bra and brings it forward to take off her. Again she takes it from him and hangs it before returning to stand in front of him.
Instinctively, now in this role, she raises her arms and places her hands behind her neck, feet apart the correct width. Donald sighs deeply at what she is doing for him. He lifts his hands and cups each of her breasts and fondles them, teasing the nipples a little. He removes one hand and runs his fingers over her slit from outside her panties. “Oh my, someone is a little wet,” Donald tells her.
Emma blushes as he lowers his head and takes one nipple into his mouth to suck until it is hard and large. Then the same treatment to the other. Emma is moaning with pleasure. He tells her just to be cocky, “That’s so that we can see how well the bras will on you. Now, up on the platform as you are now but turn slowly around and around for to admire you.”
Emma does as Donald tells her immediately as he pulls the chair into the best position and sits on it. Emma turns a few times for him, Donald enjoying the show of her tits and ass. Especially with the three-way mirror allowing all sides of her to be shown off at once.
He leans and picks up one of the bras and comes and stands in front of her. Emma lifts her arms to allow Donald to drop the bra down on her. He takes his time cupping each of her breasts to settle them in the bra, before reaching around her and hooking it on her. She leans into his chest as he does, just smelling his scent and wanting him so.
Donald is getting harder and harder now with this game, and he does give off this somewhat primal, lustful scent when he reaches this point. Just as Emma’s scent her perfume, which he has especially picked for her adds to the aroma. Many people do not pick up on the change in the fragrance individuals give off when aroused, but Donald and Emma are coming to know each other’s and know where things will lead from that.
The bra hooked, Donald does fuss over Emma to get her breasts perfectly situated in it. In the end, he shakes his head and takes it off her, only to try again with the next. He is looking for perfection in both the quality and fit of the bras. The ones he bought online for her do fit well, but from now on, everything bought for her to wear must be flawless for his pet.
They go on with this for several minutes, going through about bras. Donald carefully puts them on Emma, then lifts and squeezes her breasts to position them perfectly and often takes a moment to pinch her tits to keep them attention. He sighs, but for a few, he steps back, off the stand and has her turn around as he watches with a smile on his . Those go to a special pile.
By the time they get to the fifth and final bra, Donald is poking of his shorts; he is so hard. Never could he imagine he would be in the position that he is actually shopping with a woman, in a dressing room choosing the perfect things for her. And to start with the lingerie is perhaps a mistake, but a worthwhile mistake.
Emma can see his dilemma now. His is so red, he is breathing heavy, but he has such a glow of happiness on his .
“Donald, sir, sit in the chair, please,” she tells him. He does as she asks, and she comes, with the last bra in perfect place, and kneels between his legs. She undoes his shorts and pulls them down to his knees and leans in and takes his glans in her mouth.
The deep sigh of so-needed release escapes Donald’s lips. He puts his hand over his mouth as he realizes if anyone is outside the room, they could hear. Sitting like this Emma sucks and sucks him, taking more and more of him in her mouth. He looks up and sees Emma’s ass wiggling in the three-sided mirror; he can almost see her sucking his cock too. Oh, this is even further than any shopping fantasy he's had has ever taken him. He is quickly reaching the point of cumming.
And then there is a knock the door: the saleswoman, the half-hour-later check on them. She asks if they need anything else.
Knowing at this moment Donald would not be able to reply, Emma lifts her head from him and says, “We have a couple more to try, and then there are three we would like to see in a little larger size. If you could come back in say, five minutes?”
The saleswoman confirms and walks away as Emma’s lips dip back to Donald’s throbbing cock. His hands stroke her hair as she does. All he can think is, how does this woman do this? Emma, who was a lump of clay when she first came to him such a short time ago, now can stop mid-fellatio and sound normal, then go right back at it. Just the thought of her amazing new skills takes him so close to climax.
And when Emma presses against his perineum, it is too much; he needs to release such a wad right now. Could Emma handle it? Then the moment takes over, and he does spurt up in her so much, so hard. Emma is gagging a little but takes most of it in. A little drips down her chest and a drop or two fall onto the bra she is trying on.
I guess we will have to that one for sure, Donald thinks, as he pants to compose himself.
Composed once again, Donald takes the bra off Emma and puts it in the to- pile. He has her stand in her proper position on the stand as he tucks himself back into his pants. And the saleswoman is back, right on time.
This time Donald opens the door widely and has her come in. She sees Emma on the stand with only her skimpy panties on, her hand behind her neck. She does a bit of a double take this but keeps her self-control as Donald hands her the bras they will be buying, with the matching panties, he tells her. Then the three which need a larger size, and the ones they are not interested in.
Donald tells her he will come with her right now to select some outfits to try on. They both leave, and Emma is left standing in the position in the dressing room.
All sorts of thoughts and feelings rush over Emma now. Being on display this way for the saleswoman to see is first. What must she think of me? And with my hands behind my neck is such a subservient position – did she know that or think I am just stretching? And Donald, so nonchalant about it all. As if my standing almost nude like this is normal. Where has he gone, leaving me like this? Is he saying anything to her?

Emma is near tears at these thoughts; she knows she is being silly, but to be on display like that in front of a stranger. She wants to step down, put her clothes on and leave this place, but she knows she won’t as Donald would be so displeased.
It seems like hours, but less than twenty minutes later, when Donald and the saleswoman return, both carrying a of outfits which they put on the hooks on the wall. The woman turns and really looks Emma standing there and tells Donald, “Yes, I see what you mean about those three bras being a bit too small. She does have very nice breasts, and it is important to fit so they can be shown off at their finest. I will get you a size up in each of them to see if that works.” She winks at Emma as she leaves, making the tears start to flow.
Donald, seeing this, takes a handkerchief from his pocket and comes to Emma and dries her eyes. He implores her, “Emma, what is wrong? What has upset you? Do you want to leave? I thought we are having a nice time shopping.”
Emma shakes her head, puts her arms around his neck and assures him she is alright; she just got taken in the moment of someone seeing her like this.
Donald chuckles and tells her not to be upset, everything is fine, and he is sure the saleswoman enjoyed looking at her gorgeous body.
Emma smiles weakly and then looks at all the clothes he has brought in for her to try on. Donald sits on the chair and pulls her on his lap telling her they have all the time in the world to try them on, but now, they will wait for the new bras to try first.
Emma hugs and kisses him. She does so like it when he holds her on his lap. She knows she is still in the subservient role for now. But his fondling and pampering her for a few minutes is so nice, letting her know he does appreciate his pet. She whimpers in his ear at the attention he is showing her.
Her legs begin to separate, desperate for his touch, but Donald spanks her thighs and tells her to behave, that will be dealt with later.
The saleswoman’s knock at the door makes Emma jump back into her proper position on the stand as Donald answers the door. He takes the new bras from her and sets two on the bench. The third, he comes and in the same way as before puts it on Emma and reaches behind her to hook it. He cups each of her breasts to get them to settle properly in it, then stands back to see how it looks. He has her turn around twice to be sure it is properly in place. Emma enjoys the view of herself three-sided as she does.
He does the same with the other two. Though the second, he is not pleased with at all. The third fits her the best, and he leaves it on her now as he turns to the dresses hanging on the hooks.
There are so many, and he takes his time over each putting it on Emma, straightening, fixing it to hang just right, then has her turn as he sits on the chair to consider if it is a worthy offering.
Most, he tosses aside, more or less. He has brought so many to try on to play this out with Emma for a good while. A few, he does really like how she looks in them and sets them in a special pile to purchase.
After Emma models most of the dresses, Donald pulls out a very different style dress than he usually has her wear. It is a little longer, to her knees, but it is the rather fully flared- bottom of the dress that is interesting. He never has her wear anything like this. The top is rather low as is the back; the collar of the dress just hides the bra. Rather tight at the waist, but then the full skirt – she could see herself wearing a big slip it to make it flare .
As she stands on the platform and turns for Donald, Emma can see it is a nice and flattering dress. But then she finds the real rea for it.
Donald sits on the platform and moves back some to be right in the middle of it. He dips his head the skirt. Emma feels her panties being lowered. She lifts her right foot as he slips it off her and then her left.
Now the fun begins.
First, Donald’s fingers are caressing her thighs and moving toward her cunt. As his fingers pinch and pull her outer labia to make them swell and redden, Emma feels his lips kissing her inner thighs up and down.
The feeling of Donald being her full skirt doing this adds to Emma’s excitement. His tongue moves to her slit, being held wide by his fingers. Once he can lick her up and down her slit over and over, his fingers move to her vagina and anus. They are so wet from all that Emma has been dripping; they lubricate his fingers so much that it is easy to enter both holes with a couple of fingers. Concentrating on her clit with his tongue, he moves his fingers in and , all around and pressing farther up in her.
She can feel them pressing against the wall separating her two entrances and moans in pleasure, and she works her way to an orgasm. She has to press her hands on Donald’s covered shoulders to keep her balance. The whole experience of him hidden from her her dress, pleasuring her so is overwhelming, and she cries as she cums.
When she has, Donald slows his attention and then moves from her dress. “Yes, I think we will get this dress; it does so seem like it will be enjoyable when you wear it,” Donald tells her.
Emma smiles him, as he lifts the dress off her. He then takes her panties and wipes all the from her slit and lifts the panties to sniff her erotic scent. He then puts the panties in his pocket. Emma is going to be commando from here on today, it seems.
He takes the bra off her, puts her own on back on, lifts her dress on her and smooths it down. He picks up the two bras and about new dresses he likes and has Emma lead the way to the counter to add them to their day’s shopping.
The saleswoman is overjoyed when she sees how much they are buying. And when Donald tells her that now they want to see some shoes, she scuttles to take them to that department.
Donald looks around, finds three heels that will match the dresses chosen and tells the saleswoman Emma’s shoe size. She is back in a flash with the three pairs.
Donald has Emma sit in a chair, he right beside her. The saleswoman is sitting on a small stool between Emma’s legs. She lifts Emma right foot and removes her shoe. Seeing Emma is not wearing stockings, she takes a nylon knee- and after putting it over her toes, slowly pulls it up to her knees. Emma squirms a little feeling this rather nice caressing attention.
The same happens with her left foot and calf. Emma turns wide-eyed to Donald for him to know how this is affecting her. He smiles and lifts his hand and spreads his index and middle finger into a “V.” Emma blushes as she understands what he is commanding his subservient to do. Emma spreads her legs apart some, so the saleswoman has a view of her dripping pussy.
All the saleswoman can do is give a deep sigh.
She slides the first pair of shoes on Emma, fingering the soles of her feet as she does. Another wave of lust rushes through Emma.
This is crazy, I have no idea who this woman is, nor her who I am, but her touch right now is sending electric currents through my body, Emma thinks.
She stands and walks around to see how the shoes fit, and for Donald to decide if he likes them. They go through this two more times. Each time she feels the saleswoman’s soft fingers on her foot and ankle, she shudders a little. She keeps her legs spread, and she knows the woman is truly enjoying the view she has as she places the shoes on her.
After Donald agrees to the three pairs, he walks over and picks up a pair of thigh-high leather boots with laces all the way up. He asks the saleswoman to get a pair of them to try on Emma.
Oh my gah, she is going to be lacing boots all the way up to inches from my crotch, Emma laments to herself.
The saleswoman returns with the boots. Emma has never worn anything like this before, and it seems like a bit of an ordeal to get into them.
They are unlaced now; the shoelaces, thin leather, are hanging from the boots. The saleswoman lifts Emma's right foot and places it on her knee as she slides the boot base on her. The heels of the boot are three inches high and rather spiked. That is now pressing against the saleswoman’s knee. She begins to lace the boot, rubbing her fingers up Emma’s calf through the leather.
Emma in this position does have her legs rather spread and with one on the woman’s knee is leaning back a little for full exposure.
When the saleswoman has laced up to Emma’s knee, she lowers Emma’s foot to the floor again. Now slowly, pulling the leather up, her fingers touching Emma’s bare thigh as she does. Lacing the boot more and more, going back to tighten the shoelace some to fit Emma correctly.
Emma grabs Donald’s hand as she starts to feel a strong wave, taking her to a climax, rush over her. She squeezes his hand hard as she suppresses crying , but her and neck are bright red.
Donald squeezes her hand in return and chuckles a little, and the saleswoman tightens the last loop and ties on the lace. Emma feels like getting this one boot on has taken over an hour, but in reality, less than five minutes. And there is still the left leg to go.
Getting it on is like the right leg, and once again, as she feels the saleswoman’s fingers work up her leg lacing and tying it on her, as she reaches the top and Emma feels her fingers so close to her pussy, she drips and drips and is reaching a second climax.
The saleswoman realizes what is happening to Emma now, she quickly ties this boot up, and then runs her fingers up the exposed portion of Emma’s thigh and swiftly runs her finger up and down Emma’s sopping slit. Just a few moments pass as she does this, but when she rubs Emma’s clit for a few seconds, that is when the second explosion comes over Emma.
Emma is biting her lips so hard to keep quiet as this happens and squeezing Donald’s hand so hard; it is lucky there is no one near them in the store, or they would easily know what is happening.
Donald tells her to stand and walk around some. Emma is wobbly on her feet at first from all she has just gone through. When she comes back to Donald, as the saleswoman sits on the stool looking on, Donald raises the front of her dress to see the boots to their top. This does expose some of Emma’s still-soaked slit. She blushes deeply going through this with another watching.
“Do you like them, Emma? Should we get the boots too?” Donald asks her.
“They are different and feel so nice on my legs and thighs,” Emma replies.
She sits down, and the saleswoman reverses the process untying the laces down to her foot. She only runs her fingers over the top of each of Emma’s thighs before she begins, making Emma remember what happened to her twice with these boots. Emma sighs a bit as they are undone.
Donald tells the saleswoman to ring up their bill, including the shoes and boots. Donald goes to the checkout counter and picks two dresses and two sets of lingerie. “We will take these with us, but the others I want to be shipped to our home. They are too much to pack for our return,” Donald says.
He gives her the after she rings everything up. He gives her his and picks up the bag of what they are taking with them. The whole time Emma stands next to him, her arms around her back to show him she is still in the role he wants her in now.
As they leave the store, Donald’s hand is on her ass caressing her as they walk to their car.
As they drive home Donald’s head is filled with the euphoria of finally having such a divine shopping experience. They will do this regularly now. Emma, still blushing from all that has happened, wonders why she can be so aroused from anyone's touch at this time. Even the thought of that makes her drip again, knowing by the time they get home, as she has no panties on, the back of her dress will be wet.
E072: Fourth of July
Posted:Apr 2, 2019 9:34 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 8:12 am

The next month or so flies by for Donald and Emma. Plans for their pool are developing, and the building of it will soon begin. All the work needed to be done on Emma’s house is finished, and a realtor has placed in on the market. The asking price amazes Emma some as she did not realize the value of the property.
The furniture auction is complete, there are still a couple more things to sell, but her bank account is rising substantially. The one-hundred-dollar bills are saved for future sale. They will bring in more then and are safe and sound in the bank for now.
Her mother’s jewelry is valued after a few more afternoons Emma and Donald continuing to the game they began. Some pieces Emma is keeping as she likes them; but the others are finding their way to buyers and sellers. Yes, her old life is drifting away as Emma relishes in this new life she has now.
Understand, during this time a somewhat regular routine for Donald and Emma develops. The pearl less vary, but during a week or two, all played before they begin again. She is tanning a bit now and then, daily massages, and they bathe or shower together all the time. Donald continues to dress and prepare her for the day. Once a week they spent the afternoon in the basement for exercise and other delights, keeping Emma fit and flexible.
Every couple of weeks Donald lets Emma know, and she prepares herself, and that evening they have anal sex. In the same way, but not quite as often, she puts on a strapon for Donald’s pleasure.
She is spanked when needed. Emma likes sometimes to be disobedient enough to earn one. Either not meeting the time schedule given, or other misdemeanors to earn time over Donald’s lap and the use in both ways of the paddle. Donald is aware of what she is doing, but enjoys these encounters too,
Life is moving along wonderfully. And most Fridays they spend with Sasha. All learning more and more about the three-way play.
And before they know it a month is over. Donald, remembering Emma’s tears and comments about never going on vacation in her life decide that this is one thing they need to do more. Especially, since the days of his college summers, Donald never goes on vacations now either; only some conferences now and then. Donald hasn’t as not having someone to share a vacation with; now with Emma, it is something which they can enjoy together.
He searches around and finds a beach house for rent, with both a pool and jacuzzi. And it is available for the week of Fourth of July. He quickly books it and makes plane reservations. He decides not to tell Emma until just before as a surprise.
So after a Friday morning session with Sasha, he tells Sasha that they can’t stay today. This makes Emma very confused. He whisks her to the car and begins to drive. Emma asks him where they are going?
He smiles at her and tells her to the airport. Now she is puzzled. She has never been on a plane; it is not like they are picking someone up. And luggage, she hasn’t packed anything. But then she looks on the back seat and sees two suitcases, the one she carries back and forth to her house and another sitting on the seat.
She realizes that just as Donald selects and dresses her every day, he knows what he wants to be packed for her.
“So are you going to tell me where we are going? How long will we be gone? Or is it all a big surprise?” Emma quizzes Donald.
“You will shortly see which plane we are getting on and where we are going,” he assures her.
Emma leans back and sighs. But then another feeling overtakes her. She has never flown!
“Donald, I might be scared on the plane, I have never been on one before,” she tells him.
“Don’t worry; I will make sure you are calm and relaxes on the trip. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy flying and want to again and again,” Donald promises her.
At the airport gate, Emma sees where they are going and is delighted. Somewhere a few hours on the plane away, but a place by the water. She hugs Donald in her excitement.
Then, when they board the plane, and she realizes they are flying first class, her enthusiasm mounts. Donald tells her to take the window seat so she can look out, but also so she will be to the right of him.
He quickly gets her a pillow and a blanket from the overhead; raises the armrest between them and put the blanket over their laps.
“Donald, I am not cold,” Emma tells him.
“Just wait, you will see why,” he answers her.
The drink cart comes around; they each get one. Emma hears the engine start and the attendant begin the safety instructions. As she listens, she feels Donald hand moving up her thigh spreading her legs enough so his fingers can run over her pussy. First on the outside of her panties which are soon dripping, and then sliding his fingers in to play and pleasure her directly.
Emma leans her head back against the pillow and enjoys the relaxing attention, which is taking her mind off the impending departure. As the plane moves from the gate and onto the runway, Emma grabs Donald’s left hand to hold tight. Then his wonderful attention makes her close her eyes and enjoys what is rushing over her.
By the time the plane is in the sky, Emma has cum quietly, pressing her face against Donald’s shoulders to muffle her cries. Donald removes his hand and brings it dripping up to Emma’s lips where she takes them in her mouth and licks them dry.
“Are you going to need that attention when we are ready to land or are you over your uneasiness about flying now?” Donald asks her. “Not that I would not like to help you along again,” he grins at her.
They both laugh a little, and then Emma spends most her time staring out the window seeing the country going by below her. She has seen programs which show what the view from a plane is, but to see it herself sends tingles through her.
And Donald is gently caressing and rubbing her back as she looks adds to the tingles.
Once at their destination Donald hurries them through to the car rental, gets them settled and turning on his GPS starting them to their final destination.
Driving along the shore is a wonderful view for Emma, but when they arrive at the beach house and see that it is all and more than what they expect, she is in seventh heaven. Her joy and excitement of being here warms Donald’s heart knowing he is doing the right thing.
It takes them no time to get undressed and into the pool – it is not that deep at any part, but enclosed so no one can see them.
They swim a few laps, then play the diving game, and finally him leaning against the side of the pool, Donald lifts Emma up and on his now hard cock. She moans with delight as she feels him enter her. She starts throbbing immediately. Something that so delights Donald when it happens. At times it takes a while for Emma to get to the throbbing place as they are fucking, but times like this when she is wet, willing, and totally ready are such a joy.
They take their time, they’re on vacation, and the pleasure of Emma clenching him on each stroke makes it call for a slow interval to a conclusion.
Emma clings to Donald’s neck as he slowly moves her back and forth in this lustful water dance they are performing. She sucks at his neck and ears making him shudder from her touch. The water is just the right temperature to make this pool waltz perfect.
They go on this way for over a half hour until the final rush begins to take over them both. Donald turns her, so Emma is against the pool wall, then he speeds up each thrust up in her until they both cry out cumming together.
What a wonderful start for a holiday week at the beach. And it only gets better.
They leave the pool and climb to the bedroom. After everything already today, a bit of a time change being here, and all the excitement, Donald and Emma both fall into a deep sleep for a couple of hours.
Awake now, and very hungry, they quickly shower and get ready. Donald drives them to a wonderful seafood restaurant. A perfect beginning meal. They both are having shrimp and scallops; it is so easy sitting side by side to feed each other bits of the meal, bring their sensory reactions to the highest.
By the time the meal finishes, now sated - for food at least - they hurried back to the beach house to take care of other issues which are in desperate need of being also being sated.
They are undressed, in bed and both are sucking the other to get them fully aroused and ready. It is amazing to both of them how easily they each fall into the positions, the roles, that they need to be for each other every time they comingle.
When Donald is rock hard, and Emma now dripping wet, they turn enough so Donald can take her from behind. It feels so good feeling him ram against her; his balls flapping on her thighs as he is up deep in her. The coupling does not last long as both after the sexual dinner have been rising to the peak for a while.
Finishing, both so satisfied now, they cling to each other as they fall to sleep.
The whole week is like this, each day better than the one before. Swimming and playing in the pool and ocean; laying on the beach feeling the warm sun on them; out exploring the town and nearby areas; eating at the best restaurants. It is a wonderful week.
They didn’t get to the jacuzzi until the third night. Then in it, Emma sitting on Donald’s lap as the warm bubbles rushed over them, it takes no time to have him inside of her. Donald is happily laying up so deeply in her, being held so tight by the walls of her vag. The bubbles are lapping over them, as they kiss and caress each other. It is one more magical moment for them. They chat about perhaps getting one for by the pool.
All the time they are spending in the water makes them realize how much they need it. Their baths and showers allow a little, but this freedom of being weightless in the pool or ocean does offer so much more to them.
They dislike that their ventures to the beach and in the water they must have suits on, but their creativity of finding ways to pleasure each other without others on the shore or in the water knowing is amazing.
Donald wonders how long this craziness between them will last. They come so often in a day together. He is back at the Institute now most days, and Emma has her meetings and commitments, but the moment they are back together again, it all starts up again. And now this week together, just them, is sublime.
The night of the Fourth of July they take their blanket to the beach to watch the fireworks. They will catch them this time if they can control themselves. Others are rather near to them on the beach, so they sit, and then lay, Emma in his arms, watching the rockets red glare.
Emma’s enjoyment of this simple thing, as she squeezes his hand as each firework goes off, fills him with wonder and happiness. All the things he is now opening up to her. And not necessarily sexual. Just these run of the mill things that it seems in her rather mixed up life she never got to experience.
Each time she responses to things this way, letting him know with her touch, her hugs, her kisses, send such sensual rushes through him. And the glow on her cheeks when she does makes him realize she is having the same tremors running through her.
He is so glad he can give her this opportunity.

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