Bad girl...  

Crazyfairy42574 47F
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6/14/2020 10:46 am
Bad girl...

I was a bad girl this weekend. My roomies have been fighting. The homeowner is kicking two of them out. I went to drink with one the other night. Bout 2 a.m. homeowner came beating on the door accusing me of fucking the one I was with... so I did... sorry accuse me of shit, I'll do it...
I dont regret it. It was very nice.

I'm not this guys girlfriend, I have no sexual interest in him at all and he knows that. He only got pissed off because he doesn't like that I can be friends with people hes mad at. Yeah, not sorry.

Problem is, it just made me more horny...

I may have to get in more trouble soon.... lol

Crazyfairy42574 47F
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6/15/2020 8:29 am

Lol.... he told me last night, it's not me fucking a roomie that pissed him off. Its which roomie I chose to fuck. He'd have been fine with it if i picked the other one.... omg!! I'm gonna die laughing.

pal334 67M  
45055 posts
6/15/2020 5:38 am

Wow, I forgot about those kinda days, very alluring

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Crazyfairy42574 replies on 6/15/2020 8:30 am:
Glad I could make you think of those memories hun.

older4young2020 53M  
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6/14/2020 1:25 pm

Sounds like a post college situation with a bunch of adolescent drama with...oh wait, she is 46 yo, so never mind.

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 6/14/2020 6:55 pm:
Yeah. I'm 46.... the roomie causing the shis is 55....

rick315875 63M

6/14/2020 1:21 pm

I hear it's best to use really big hard wood to keep that fire going!

Laxgeek36 51M
618 posts
6/14/2020 12:35 pm

Definitely sounds like you need to find more trouble!

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 6/14/2020 6:55 pm:
Yeah. I do. Lol

Leegs2012 48M
87158 posts
6/14/2020 11:55 am

Nice!! Good for you!!

oral4bothU 58M  
926 posts
6/14/2020 11:28 am

I am accusing you of 'sitting on my face', so now you have to do it !

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 6/15/2020 8:31 am:
.... really????

author51 58F  
126327 posts
6/14/2020 11:22 am

Well at least you had fun in the process my friend....xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


merlot5555 65M  
1442 posts
6/14/2020 10:55 am

....once that fire is lit.... it can be a bitch to put out.... particularly when you keep adding wood to the fire..... might as well just enjoy it.... lol....

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 6/15/2020 8:32 am:
Oh... I plan on it....

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