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My Dick Literally Drives Them Crazy
Posted:Jan 14, 2020 10:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2020 12:41 pm
About a year ago or so I was having a conversation with an ex-girlfriend. We had been involved a long time ago and I also was her first, so I was interested in knowing how her life had been all of these years. I was shocked hear how many bad lovers she had back back. I asked her what she thought they were doing wrong, she told she didn't know. The weird part about this was she kept fucking them. I asked why, she repeated that she didn't know.

I knew.

I am not sure what motivated do this, but I started researching the web for better ways please a woman sexually. I was gifted? with a 7 1/2 - 8 inch slightly curved cock depends on how aroused I get. When I was younger I thought it was a deformity of some sort because the pictures I saw in books and magazines never looked like mine. They were all straight. I have met a few women have had men with curves but they were mostly all severely curved and this is not the case with me.

I found that women had way more erogenous zones than the clitoris and g-spot. I found that there were up to 5 and more depending on the woman but no less than 5. These are the A, U, G, O spots and something called the perineum this is the spot where if you insert your thumb and index finger in both the vagina and her anus and pinch slightly you can feel these nerve endings.

All these different nerve endings gives her a more powerful Orgasm than clitoris stimulation. I found that most of the women I asked had no idea these were there. I started to make it mission search for all of the spots I could find with either tongue and fingers, memorize where they were and them all with coc That's when everything broke bad.

The first I went town with exploded with a scream and an orgasm so violent that I thought the muscles in her pussy was going to dick in half it was that strong and I was just warming up. She eventually had an anxiety attack, tapped and started hyperventilating. I had take her outside get air and bring her heart down. I never had with her again.

I had a rare hookup with a very sexy black woman in age range and I was super attracted her. I went work down there with tongue and fingers and when we made I she had this on her that I can't describe. I memorized the zones and I started hitting them one after the other. She screamed Oh God You Are Hitting everything!!! After 6 or 7 orgasms she immediately passed which she had told was a problem she was having with men after they came. She started acting strange after that and I never hooked up with her again. She was in an open marriage and I think it was making her re-think some things and she was started catch feelings and this was not an option so our sexual relationship had go.

I stopped Latinas because they just could not handle AT ALL. I haven't slept with a black since either as they avoid as if they know or someone tipped them off as what they were in store for and they were not having it. Asian women are not an option for me anymore as they have strictly gravitated to white men, leaving white women as consistent/viable lovers and they started act strange and lose their shit, acting of character and starting arguments that made no sense, in an effort break it off.

dick was driving them all crazy.

I noticed something watching pon day, most men if not all just stick it in and poke away but they aren't trying spots they are just using their length or width their advantage but they aren't trying please her more so than pleasing themselves.

Then it occurred . Neither had any idea that there is more but men with straight cocks cannot these spots even if they wanted . Now it all made sense. I was potentially ruining for them by being better and that meant I had a control over them that they didn't want me have. So the logical thing for them do was go back what they were and that's what women primarily stick . They prefer LESS over more because less is more abundant while MORE () was rare of air deal with even if it felt better and was better. I hear every time from her how I rank in the top 1 or 2 spots as a lover all time and soon after the relationship nosedives and I am single again.

To this day I cannot find any woman that can last more than a week or with before totally flipping and bolting for a dick they are which equals that isn't good but preferring that over orgasmic bombs that they aren't . It's sad but it also makes sense, I guess. Either way this 8 inch curve is a problem, and that no I have met yet can rise the challenge.

Thank later regular dicks.


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