Cutehouguy 41M
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4/1/2020 7:31 am

Since we're all being socially distant in the real're all doing that right? I'm sure no one here would break the guidelines our governments are so carefully laying out just to get a little sexual healing, would they? I'm shocked. Anyway, since most (maybe) are keeping a safe distance, for now, it may be a good time to work on some of the 'ole profiles and messages we're sending in order to make ourselves stand out in the crowd. I'm not talking like a sick zebra trying to keep up with the herd stands out to the lioness as she licks her chops.

I'm obviously speaking to my fellow dudes here because, we all know, the ladies just need to put that they're female on their profile and, like the pack of hyenas swarming in to chew on the remaining bones of that poor sick zebra, the fellas around here will send various, sometimes unsavory, messages including the infamous dick pics in mass. So, my question for the ladies is, what has stood out to you in profiles or messages you're most likely to respond to? And, for the guys, what do you feel works best when you're sending messages or what has been noticed about your profile, you think?

I've had positive comments on mine but, tbh, my brand of humor has probably gotten me in trouble more times than it has gotten me into someone' graces. Maybe we can help some of these sick zebras that always seem to get swallowed whole here. Okay, maybe swallowing is a bad analogy to use on a sex site but you get my point.[\SIZE]

NSA_14692 37M

4/4/2020 10:57 pm

On this site you cant do much without points. It used to be a fun site.

rdy2try4 56F  
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7/29/2020 9:35 am

I am sorry to be so late, I just saw this. What I preferred when I was looking was a guy that could talk about something other than sex. I mean I am still so sick of guys thinking "nice tits" is the way to talk. I have said it before and will say it again that if you had a sister or daughter would you introduce her to people saying "look at her tits?" I am thinking not. Man sex and women sex is totally different for most people. Man sex (using gay men as the example here as it is the best example) - they see another guy, they say ya wanna? Then they go to a place, have sex, leave and all is good and no one cares about what happens tomorrow. Women do NOT have sex like that for the most part, not even the horny ones. Woman need a reason to have sex, men need only a place to have sex. You are right, we are flooded with sex talk constantly and although the guy sending it thinks he is being cool and all and telling her something she hasn't heard we have actually heard it probably 25 times that day alone on here. Dick size, how you have sex i.e. doggie or reverse cowboy, are all irrelevant if you ARE a dick. So for me guys with a brain and that can actually hold an intelligent conversation always got my attention more than the 'wanna f*ck' guys. If I was frisky I lost it the second I got that message.

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