Public Masturbation  

DannyDangerous54 32
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11/10/2019 11:46 am
Public Masturbation

Ladies and gentlemen, where is the riskiest place you’ve masturbated? Did you finish?

anotherguy1800 65  
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11/24/2019 11:49 am

I am probably going to hell for this--but I was an alter boy when I was young and would masturbate during mass while kneeling at side of alter in front of the whole church--I never was caught as the robe we wore was pretty loose and I did it by rubbing my cock against my thigh which was not as noticeable as it would have been doing normal

kentuckiana 65  
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2/5/2020 5:16 pm

Not necessarily jerking myself off, often with the help of a partner, but here goes:

1) The egg type capsule going to the top of the St. Louis arch
2) At the top of a forest fire lookout tower in a public forest
3) A private Amtrak cabin with window, as we passed highway crossings
4) At a poorly frequented gay bar bathroom with occupied, open stalls
5) In a department store dressing room, as my inseam was measured
6) Underneath a couple as he took her doggy style
7) A remote, state park trail as others watched
For a small (3-4) group of a "female garden club" after fixing them drinks
9) The backseat of a limousine, as the driver joined in, pulling into a rest stop
10) In front of several couples at a local swingers club...Plenty of alcohol involved!
11) Humiliating myself in front of a private house party of female dykes
12) On cam...see my profile video...
13) With 5 guys, standing around a naked women as we all blew loads on her tits
14) In front of a high rise hotel window as others watched through binoculars
15) On a city beltway, while a semi-driver watched...and pleasured himself...
16) An "arranged" meeting with a farmer in the field, on his combine
17) With 3 couples in a hot top, each guy (we lost a bet) had to jerk off...
1 All over the face & mouths of a gay couple...they had several participants
19) Scared to death, with a state police officer behind an abandoned gas station
20) At a security, guard shack at the entrance to a major industrial facility
21) In a luxury hotel room, in front of the room housekeeper
22) At a small town barber, last one for his meaning for a shave...
23) The late night bartender, in a small town tavern...then it got fun

And yes, I always ejaculated...usually my partners (male/female/couples) climaxed as well...

Have any other suggestions....

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