New Experiences  

DawnAdv3nture62 59F  
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11/30/2021 2:26 am
New Experiences

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Thanks for reading my blog! I'm truly interested in what your opinion is. Leave me a message! Thanks, Dawn

DawnAdv3nture62 59F  
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11/30/2021 3:44 am

How do you handle new experiences? I mean, most of us get nervous, so that really isn't a fair answer, is it? My answer would be, it depends, which also, is an unfair answer.

Some new situations like talking in public for example? If I'm prepared for it, I do ok. My heart will race a little, my leg will be moving from the nervous energy, but I'm ok with talking in public.

Moving to a new country? I'm ok with that too, believe it or not. I try to learn the language and culture and enjoy my time there. I know I will make a few disastrous mistakes with the language, this is normal when learning.
But I just look at this type of new experience as an adventure since I love to travel and learn new cultures and languages. And something to laugh about later.

Sexual and dating situations? That's something I have to work up to. I'm very open and want to learn new things, but I haven't been able to properly educate myself like I do for other experiences. When I last dated, the internet was just picking up speed. We still met people the old way, not thru an app.

So when you meet someone for the first time you found thru an app, how do meet; shake hands, hug, kiss, nod? Is it appropriate to decide (at least to yourself) that the meet is ending up with a roll in the hay?

What if you find yourself in a situation that you've decided is not for you? Do you say something to let them know that this is not what you expected and politely say goodbye, then secretly judge them for the situation you put yourself in? Do you do like I'd do, leave gracefully without judging, wishing them well? Do you cause a scene, get angry?

And UNICORNS? What exactly are they? I have a vague idea. What is the protocol if you are the Unicorn?

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm truly interested in what your opinion is. Leave me a message! Thanks, Dawn

Fun4u3276 58M
107 posts
11/30/2021 6:04 am

When I meet anyone from an online site, which would be this one, I never kiss. I will hug if she initiates it. I will be cordial regardless of whether the initial impression is favorable or not. I also will only meet for a drink or coffee for the first date--no meals. This is due to many not resembling what I expected. I am not in the business of treating people as a charitable gesture. Regardless of what anyone says, we all spend money with an expected ROI. That said, though, I do not expect to roll in the hay on a first date--ever. I would not agree to it. I like to reflect on the meeting and determine if this is someone I might want to meet again and get "involved" with. Very few women will sleep with a man and not want something committed. If I am to commit, I need to be sure she is the one I wish to do that with.
Now about finding myself in a situation I find not for me: I continue with the drink, I'll chat for a few, and then not buy a second drink, but graciously leave. There is no reason to make a scene. I don't get angry as I half expect it. Most on here do not accurately represent themselves. How far off they are is what determines my course of action.
Unicorns: Hmm that is another fabricated term that has no real meaning. I suppose those that use it like to think they are very unique. Being unique isn't necessarily good, though. I think of a unicorn as a man that let's another man join them when he is truly not interested in the man, himself, and is totally straight. I find that doesn't seem to exist. Then again, I am not really much into couples, anyway! LOL

DawnAdv3nture62 replies on 12/2/2021 3:04 am:
Thank you so much for your input. And thanks for reading my blog.

Blueyedguy823 55M  
1020 posts
11/30/2021 6:58 am

When its time for the first meet and greet, I suppose the greeting depends on how the online banter went. If its a dating situation, I'm a hugger if the banter went well. Maybe a hug and a cheek smooch. If the online conversation didn't go well, I might not be there in the first place.

I can't imagine being angry with a first date. "Yeah... I don't think this is going to work out. Have a good evening," would probably be my response. But, again, I would probably have gotten beyond this point in my mind if we are meeting... Unless someone completely misrepresented themselves. Even then, frustration would be more appropriate than anger.

Of course this is from a guy's perspective. Women probably have a whole different take. And I'm sure different people react differently to any situation.

DawnAdv3nture62 replies on 12/16/2021 12:29 am:
Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. You are right, each person does, in fact, react differently.

packageman57 64M
1090 posts
11/30/2021 9:39 pm

Usually the first in person meeting is somewhat casual...I wouldn't call it a date, more like a meet and greet. You can sense from there if more will happen or not. I go into those with no preconceived notions. Unless of course we have been chatting prior to and the expectations are of sex. Yes, nervous, yes excited, but discovery has a way of taming all that. If t doesn't work out, that's okay, you move on from there. If it does, hopefully it will be loads of fun and continue on.

DawnAdv3nture62 replies on 12/16/2021 12:27 am:
Thanks so much for your answer and reading my blog. It sounds like a good way to do things.

midhard1 65M
283 posts
12/2/2021 5:23 am

Pre pandemic I viewed New Experiences with cautious optimism. The thrill of the unknown and hopes for the best without great expectations. No undue pressures when meeting someone for the frst time. If it worked out great, if not, part on good terms. In today times, just in the wait mode to see how things progress on the covid front.

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

DawnAdv3nture62 replies on 12/13/2021 3:29 am:
Thanks for your response. As I've mentioned previously, last time I dated was over 25 years ago and everything has changed since then! lol Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment. I appreciate it.

Willoilu 57M
8 posts
12/9/2021 10:07 am

It's certainly daunting to find that perfect sexual situation on adult sites...I've enjoyed the lifestyle for many years and have never been in an awkward situation because I (we) lay out all of the rukes of engagement and if broken or a red flag cums up before play it all gets shut down. A few times during the before play (coffee) I've ssud it looks like we might not be a great fit...yhanks and good luck in your search! Upfront in everything sexually will lead to better partners!

DawnAdv3nture62 replies on 12/13/2021 3:27 am:
I agree with you perfectly! Nicely put! Thanks

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