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Have you ever asked why?
Posted:Nov 7, 2018 6:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 6:05 am

Why are people who are not on this site so prudish about their bodies and sexual activities?

Why do so many of today's fashions, both for men and women suck? Sorry, but you will never see me in tight, high water dress pants.

Why do so many people feel they need to troll people they do not agree with? or go on another college teams sports blog and say, "you guys suck... Roll Tide." Well, okay, I totally get that one because those people are called band wagoners and they never even made it to college. It happens all the time in the state of Alabama.

Why is the switch on your car called a dimmer switch when it totally brightens your lights when you use it?

Why do the things that taste the best have so many freaking calories... and I would not care at all about the calories if they would just not hang around... around my waste, around my stomach, etc.

Why do I never catch my own typos in comments I leave until after everyone else has seen them first. Dang it, I hate it when that happens. And also why can spell check never figure out what I am trying to spell. I am normally only off one or two letters?

And most importantly, why the heck does Toyota make such a bad voice recognition module for your vehicle. That woman(voice) can never get a name right and I hate it when she calls someone else other than the person I asked while I am driving.

Happy Wednesday Sexy Bloggers!!!
Thought for the day...
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 5:34 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2018 6:14 am

What you say about someone says more about you than them. Same is true for comments in social media.
The month of giving thanks.
Posted:Nov 1, 2018 11:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2018 9:20 am

Thanksgiving is celebrated this month here in the U.S., and as in the past when I was on here, I will be surprising a person or two with a special unsolicited treat. It will not be erotic but it will be something that I believe they will like. This past month I did two of these special treats for a couple of different reasons and one was for a post that people responded to. I would venture to say that most people enjoy thoughtful surprises so I look forward to and hope that it comes across the way I intend. I put a lot of time and thought into these gifts and some people are actually surprised by the effort I go to. Did learn however that sending something to Canada from here can be a bit tricky. It took several trips to the post office but I think I finally figured it out.

When I give gifts there is never an intent to get anything back in return other than an acknowledgement that they received it and maybe a thanks. I have always been a generous soul and I get as much from giving as they do from receiving. As a matter of fact, I am probably a terrible receiver of gifts. I never know what to say and truly do not feel like I need anything. Christmas is always hard, especially when people ask what I would like. For my loved ones I just ask for an activity that we can do together. As I have grown older I appreciate time spent with loved ones much more. I have lost two family members this year and I have a really close family member knocking on deaths door. They are a fighter and I give them support as much as possible.

So do you have any traditions during this time of year? and how are you at receiving gifts?
Pictures..... can we be fair?
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 12:42 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2019 9:10 am

Most people on this site have at least one picture. We all know that a profile with only one picture or no picture at all is most likely a fake. Not saying they are all that way but you really don't contribute much when you only have one or less images.

Here in the blogs the selfies or even HNW pictures are something that help you connect with your blog audience. Now I know that there are probably 30x more men on this site than women and if a woman posts a picture on this site they will get lots of compliments. Lets face it, it is not to hard to get a man to compliment a picture. However, I do notice that a lot of women on this site will compliment another woman on the site but rarely a guy. I am a straight male and I get more compliments from gay guys than women... just saying. I am not insecure so it does not bother me but it is nice on occasion to get a compliment, after all, we are all human and want to feel a little bit desired, even if we will never actually meet in the real world.

Couple of questions for the ladies and then one challenge:

1) When you take and post pictures, are you fishing for compliments or are you just wanting to express your current feeling through a visual? I spent most of my day today doing a Fall outdoor shoot that will be used in a publication. Beautiful day here today. Did not shoot any shareable images as in the past it has appeared to be a waste of time.

2) What kind of pictures would you like to see of guys? We have all been told no dick pics so I am fine with that, but what do you want to see?

Challenge: Sometime before this weekend, compliment a GUY on this site for one of his images... but ONLY if you REALLY mean it. Trust me when I say, you will make him feel super tall and you will have done a great deed. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or off base with this post. Thank you!!!
Have you ever... (Tuesday Fun)
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 6:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2018 12:13 pm

Today is basically Monday extended so I thought I would play a little game to get to know the people who visit my blog and to share a little about myself through 10 random questions. If you enjoyed answering the questions and want to do it on your own blog go ahead. You can use some of these questions or make some new ones. I am an inquisitive person who loves to learn about others. Feel free to expand upon any answers you might wish to describe a little further.

1) Have you ever flashed a stranger?
2) Have you ever flashed a crowd of people?
3) Have you ever had physical sex on the beach? (Not the drink)
4) Have you ever ran down a road naked?
5) Have you ever gone skinny dipping with others?
6) Have you ever had sex on a hotel room balcony?
7) Have you ever met someone from this site for lunch or diner?
Have you ever gone to a Bloggers Bash? Where?
9) Have you ever had sex with someone you met on this site?
10) Have you ever had sex with someone because you didn't want to hurt their feelings or you wanted to cheer them up?

My answers will be in the comment section. Now answer and let's have some fun!
When you give oral...
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 7:10 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2019 9:11 am

When you give oral do you do it to pleasure your partner or do you do it more for yourself. I have heard there is a rare breed of men who do not like getting or giving oral and that is so hard for me to grasp because my desires are so strong and my enjoyment level is through the roof. Below are a few questions to see how others view the subject. Several answers might describe you so pick the one that most fits your personality. Thanks in advance for your poll selection.
Men: I am not fond of giving oral.
Men: I give oral for her pleasure only.
Men: I give oral because I really enjoy it.
Men: I give oral because my partner and I really enjoy it.
Men: I crave giving oral.
Women: I don't give oral because I don't enjoy doing it.
Women: I give oral because he likes it but does nothing for me.
Women: I give oral because I really enjoy it and love to watch him squirm!
Women: I give oral because I like the taste. :))
Women: I crave giving oral.
10 Comments , 160 votes
Naked Pictures... A different take today.
Posted:Oct 26, 2018 7:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 6:00 am

Just read a fellow bloggers post about The Naked Truth. Even though this has nothing to do with what she wrote it did make me think of something and peaked my interest in knowing how others feel about the subject.

When I was young and all I had to look at were pictures in Playboy magazines, that a buddy's dad kept in the bathroom, I thought all women had to look a certain way naked. But as I got a little older and saw some amatuer photos in some magazine that had a section call "Beaver Hunt" I think it was called I got to see naked pictures of non model type women. And for some reason I found it to be more arousing than the made up barbie dolls. Now with the internet you get to see a very wide variety of naked people. I have noticed one thing about myself... there is one cam site that I enjoy looking in on from time to time. These are all non-professional models who are trying to make an easy buck through on-line tips. One home-model in particular that I use to love seeing when she was on has changed. She had done exceedingly well and did some "so-called" upgrades. Now she no longer looks like that innocent girl next door but more like a barbie . The thing that use to arouse me about her is gone and even her attitude on-line changed. I think that is why I like it here so much because most people seem to keep it real. Real is sexy.

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy professional models or amatuer better?
How would you rate yourself the first time you had sex? 1-10
Posted:Oct 25, 2018 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2018 1:20 pm

It's Thursday and I have had a really rough week. I an optimistic type person so I looking to do something fun in order to break the chill of this week. Play along with me and be honest. Feel free to give details as to how you come up with your rating. Rate yourself with 1 being "not very good" to 10 being "Outstanding."

Just how "good" were you the very first time you had sex?

My answer in the comments.
Sexual Frustrations with Partners
Posted:Oct 18, 2018 6:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2018 5:28 am

I am sure we have all been there. That place where what would or could have been a great moment got ruined by something your partner said, did, or is doing. It is those times that you just want to do it yourself because you know how you like it and at this point you just want to get it done and move on. Any of that sound familiar?

I can imagine a lady being a little up tight when a sex toy is in the hands of an amateur, or someone who doesn't know their own strength or is a little to hyper at that moment in time. I know I would not want some hard toy like a glass dildo or one of the non-bendy types being in someones hands who thinks because it is 12 inches long that you should be able to take all 12 inches within 5 seconds flat. Ouch!

The same goes for getting a bj from someone whose mouth might be a little on the small side or their teeth keeps scrapping some super sensitive skin.

So here is what I want to know... how forgiving or how much lead way do you allow before saying... just stop and let me finish.

Do you have a funny/horror story to share and was that the end for that person?
Bold usernames and a Bust!
Posted:Oct 17, 2018 7:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 6:02 am

I have noticed that there are some really bold user names by women in my region. Funny thing is that NONE of them reply when you contact them. It is not surprising as it would seem most people on here are just here for curiosity purposes. I know it has been asked many times on here about what your username means but I want to know how do others perceive your user name. For those with bold names (at least in my area), I think it means... lacking in substance so I have to convey a more catchy cover.

And speaking of which... just got through sending a twitter friend an email of an image someone is using of theirs. Again, it is one of those SINGLE image profiles. Really wish I knew why people think they can do this and not get caught. Just what are they trying to get out of it?

Well the sun is out and it looks to be a great day down south. Hope each of you have a wonderful hump day!
Blog Potpourri
Posted:Oct 16, 2018 1:06 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2018 8:00 am

This is something I did on occasion in the past when I had a lot of random thoughts but none worthy of making a post by itself. So here goes my thoughts for the day.

Yesterday and today I was annoyed by the following acts from people who were to wrapped up in themselves or just simply need to hang it up:

1) I opened the door for a young lady, as I do for everyone when someone is immediately behind me. It just so happened that this was one of those double doors like at Panera. Well she went through, with no thanks and then let the second door close in my face. Yes, thanks you self serving... (I'll keep it nice)
2) To the person who was coming towards me on the road but did not put on their turn signal because I had mine on and then proceeded to turn in, in front of me making me have to wait through another red light cycle.
3) To the individual who pulled out in front of me on a two-lane road causing me to hit the brakes and then going 10 miles slower than the speed limit for the next several miles where you were not allowed to pass.

But on a positive note... I feel I am in good health and can still do many athletic things that I really enjoy. Can't help but notice how many people from high school are in really bad shape. It pays to take care of yourself. I may have been the average guy back in school but I am in the tops of my class now. I also find it funny how some of the girls who would not give me the time of day back then now want to be my FB friend. Has this ever happened to you?

Remember, it takes the same amount of time to be nice as it does to be mean, so choose the high road and enjoy life.
When was the last time you treated yourself to something good?
Posted:Oct 11, 2018 6:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2018 5:29 pm

Yesterday I had to drive about an hour and a half to a business meeting. The meeting lasted for several hours and was followed up by lunch at one of their local flavor restaurants. Everything was good but I was just tired, stiff and feeling a little stressed for some odd reason.
While heading back I happened to notice a sign for a spa or and decided to make a quick stop. Like most spas that are not on resorts, it was ran by ladies of asian decent. I went in and signed up for a one-hour massage. A nice young lady in her early 30's took me back to a dimly lit room and had me lay face down on the table butt naked. Needless to say, laying butt naked with some young pretty thing rubbing her hands all over me made my day. lol
However, that was not what she was there for and went on to give a painful in the beginning rub down. I thought I was relaxed but she told me to please relax. I guess I was more stressed and up tight than I would have imagined. By the end of my massage I felt like a spaghetti noodle and I did not want to get up from that table. And whatever oil she used left my skin super soft. OMG, why had it taken so long for me to get one of these. My return drive home was a blur because I felt so good.

When was the last time you got a really, REALLY good massage? Only one other thing would have made that massage better.
Those dang sex body noises...
Posted:Oct 10, 2018 5:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2018 2:50 pm

I love it when you are in a good enough relationship that you can get tickled by noises your body makes during sex. Sometimes it can be caused by having to much to drink and trying so hard to stay excited that you accidentally toot or maybe it is just the air that squeezes out between two bodies. Never the less, when you are with someone who can laugh at the situation and not be offended, it can really make the sensation and experience all that better. When a woman laughs while having sex her internal organs squeeze tightly with each laugh, and that is an amazing feeling when you are inside of her. I have had one of those type scenarios where we could not stop laughing and the sex just got better and better.

I know you have had this happen, so please share your experience with me.

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