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How would things have been different if the internet had been around when we were young?  

Daytimer09B 54M
459 posts
9/18/2018 6:15 am
How would things have been different if the internet had been around when we were young?

For me I think I would have probably dated more, had sex more, learned what I wanted earlier in a partner and possibly even would be living somewhere closer to the beach. Besides the obvious of more ways to meet others, I would have seen how beautiful some Caribbean areas are. I love the color of the water there and the year around warm weather. I HATE the cold and luckily we do not have long cold spells.

I also wonder if the reason why people are not getting married earlier in life is because they have a much larger view than we did when we were much younger. For us, it was school, the bar scene or a blind date and not much other than that. Now, there are loads of different types of dating sites, social clubs, outdoor social groups and so on.

So how do you think your life might have been different?

Daytimer09B 54M
901 posts
9/18/2018 6:18 am

I have seen one of my friends here go from having a boring life to and exciting one. She took the steps to let her hair down and it has been fun watching her grow and experience new things. Would love to meet her in person and just listen to the stories she has to tell.

Jimxyxy 39M

9/18/2018 6:48 am

Interesting thought.

MrGraham5555 44M

9/18/2018 6:56 am

I totally agree with you that things would have been a lot different if the internet was what it is now back then. It allows people to broaden their horizons and step out of their comfort zones and be more open. A friend and we’re talking about this just the other day.

Daytimer09B replies on 9/18/2018 8:03 am:
Just the search engines alone would have added so much to our ever day life. The millennials have no clue how good they have it and what it used to be like before the internet.

Brike77 45M

9/18/2018 7:00 am

Great blog. Luv it

bitchkitty2017 70F

9/18/2018 7:28 am

We did have a type of internet it was called social interaction we got our asses out the door met people face to face had sex did all sorts of crazy shit some regretfully ..went to dances went to other places to visit etc..that was my social internet when I was growing its an internet highway with people going nowhere fast..even with all the technology we meet less and less face to face because people sit on their asses and type ..pretty much like me now....Fuck!

Daytimer09B replies on 9/18/2018 7:59 am:
lol... yep, we have this wonderful superhighway of interaction but it seems people would rather sit and spew and tease but never actually interact with meaning. I do agree getting out is better for us all. To many people have morphed into trolls.

JanetP5 64T
7 posts
9/18/2018 7:35 am

As a CD I would say things would have been a lot different. First I would have earned I was not alone and not felt like a freak. Second I would have improved the way I looked a lot easier. Unlike a natural woman I had no one to teach me the proper way to put on makeup or style my hair. Through the internet I have been able to improve all of that. Look at my pictures now, I look better as an older girl than I did when I was younger. I also don't feel alone and am more accepting of what I am, so much so I am comfortable being Janet most of the time, Still enjoy my male time but into being Janet and loving it

Daytimer09B replies on 9/18/2018 8:01 am:
It is true, everyone has more opportunities to learn more quickly. If only people would use if for the better and not to put down others.

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
9/18/2018 2:27 pm

The good news today is, we have the internet. The bad news today is, we have the internet.

Daytimer09B replies on 9/19/2018 5:38 am:
Probably the best way to describe what is happening in the world today.

lyavu 49F
1538 posts
9/19/2018 2:55 am

Less marriages more infidelity like today .

Daytimer09B replies on 9/19/2018 5:39 am:
I would agree with that. But less marriages would also mean less infidelity... right? However, I am not knocking marriage because I do feel a healthy marriage is the best thing for kids.

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