Life's little disappointments.  

Daytimer09B 53M
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3/8/2020 6:05 pm
Life's little disappointments.

I have been dropping by here every now and then just seeing if there is anything new. Sorry to the nice ladies who visit my blog and comment. I do promise to drop by your alls soon. Today was a day that reflected on one thing good... the freaking sun finally showed back up. Makes for a most pleasant Daytimer. But, as I sit here in a hotel miles from home I am dissapointed that there is nothing near me and noone to spend time with. Mostly because I think a lot of women are scared or afraid to take a chance with someone from here. I will give them the benefit of the doubt as I know meeting someone who you do not know can be a scary thing. That is why I like to make friends in the blogs first so if I am in their area they will know more about me and feel more comfortable about meeting.

Recently I met someone while traveling for business, from another site, who was not exactly the person they portraid themselves to be. She sent pictures of a much thinner person. Did she not think when I saw her in real life that I would notice the difference? Needless to say, I was a total gentleman because I do not believe in hurting anyones feelings, even if they have lied. I want to be the better person. Anyways, I spent about 30 minutes talking with her and then delicately moved on so not to upset her. Even though I was very angry inside. I ended up at a strip club talking to a dance in her early 40's and was able to make her day. I gave her something that I had made for the other lady and left her with many words of encouragement in hopes that she could better her situation. I think I should be getting paid for all my counciling... what do you think? Anyways, here I sit alone and am thinking about my next work trip in two weeks wondering if I could actually meet someone, without tipping ones, who would love the companionship of very caring gentlemen. Hope all of you have a wonderful week and that the sun will shine brightly in your area!

Daytimer09B 53M
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3/8/2020 6:06 pm

Next trip... South Carolina. Anybody live there?

author51 58F  
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3/8/2020 11:20 pm

I have written many a post about people not being who they portray to be here.Showing photos when they were 50 pounds lighter and a lot younger.I can not fathom why they do especially when knowing they will be meeting someone as it will come out then.Good to see you again and safe travels to you...

Daytimer09B replies on 3/9/2020 2:10 am:

superbjversion2 66F
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3/9/2020 6:08 am

I'm not sure the issue is that women are afraid to meet men from here. I, for one, am looking for a steady partner and I can't have that with someone who is only in town for a brief time. So I avoid travelers and I would guess so do a lot of other women.

Of course, I've made exceptions.

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation bangs on the door forever!

Daytimer09B replies on 3/10/2020 6:22 am:
I tolally get and understand that. However, I travel so much that I enjoy meeting people. It does not have to be sexual either but it does need to be honest. When you are on the road it is always better to have diner with someone than by yourself. If I know the person is not my desired type that is fine, I know that going into the meeting and have done that as well. I am a people person first and have made some great friends that way. But they were also very honest so there was NO misconceptions. I also travel with little gifts as a token of friendship and something for them to remember me by. That is one great thing about a certain talent I have that I love to share with others. Thanks for dropping by!

BiggLala 49F  
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3/10/2020 3:15 am

What Miss BJ said. While I take appropriate safety precautions, I am not afraid to meet anyone from here in the least. This is why I joined. I think most women who are here to meet are the same. I recommend you let go of the notion that women are afraid of meeting men. Perhaps they're just not interested...yes, of course there are some women just here for online attention (and some men too).

I'm also not interested in travelers, as I seek regular, ongoing situations.

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Daytimer09B replies on 3/10/2020 6:25 am:
See my reply to Superbjversion. If I were traveling to your town I would contact you and offer dinner. Nothing more, just a blogging friendship meet and greet. I know you are who you say you are because you do not hold back. That is real and genuine and is very much appreciated by all. I still think we could have great conversation and a wonderful time. Just friends with a common interest. Now go have a wonderful week Lala!

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