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Preference Poll - Just to test a couple of theories.  

Daytimer09B 54M
459 posts
11/13/2018 4:36 am
Preference Poll - Just to test a couple of theories.

Well we have all the heard the terms, more than a mouthful is a waste and size does not matter it is how you use it, so I thought I would put together a poll that would not take any brainpower on this Tuesday but would show the preferences of the people who visit my blog. I know that there are other things important like girth and perkiness so don't take this to seriously but do share your preference with me. Thanks!

Women: You will be given a list of sizes to choose for what size penis you prefer on your lover.

Men: You will be given a cup size to see what size breasts you prefer on your lover.

Happy Tuesday Everybody! ...and be sure to check back to see how many people have chosen what size you were blessed with. And yes, smaller can be a blessing as well.
Women: 2 inches or less
Women: 3 to 4 inches
Women: 5 to 6 inches
Women: 7 to 8 inches
Women: 9 inches or more
Men: A cup
Men: B cup
Men: C cup
Men: D cup
Men: The bigger the better.

Daytimer09B 54M
901 posts
11/13/2018 4:37 am

Again, don't over think this, but I am looking forward to seeing the results to see if a certain size really matters.

author51 60F  
130010 posts
11/13/2018 4:50 am

I take 6 inches quite comfortably, 7 too but 8 is pushing it for

Daytimer09B replies on 11/13/2018 6:05 am:
I know us guys all wish we had more, but like you said, it is what fits comfortably. So I am very happy with that answer since I am not 7+. lol

Freeonereturns 62F

11/13/2018 5:30 am

Like the other Lady, a 6-7 choice would of been perfect.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/13/2018 6:06 am:
I am feeling like perfection already. I like these answers. Thanks for stopping by!

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
11/13/2018 5:34 am

What woman would say 2-4 and why, I wonder.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/13/2018 6:07 am:
Maybe she is a really small woman. Of course both parties would have to be extremely flat bellied or you would never make it in.

banjo6660 56M
615 posts
11/13/2018 7:38 am

I like b cups but nice c's are right behind them. When I say nice I am thinking of a lady that really don't need a bra to support them

Daytimer09B replies on 11/13/2018 11:21 am:
That is a good reason. For women with smaller breasts they can go without a bra and still have good shape. Plus we all know what no bra under clothes does to men.

lyavu 49F
1538 posts
11/13/2018 10:20 am

Dick size is not an issue . U can have small size and perform wonders. It depends on the owner how he uses his equipment.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/13/2018 11:22 am:
And that is why I spelled that out in the intro. This is more about the persons preference if everything else was up to par.

allnitelong2063 59M
233 posts
11/13/2018 11:27 am

love big tits!

Daytimer09B replies on 11/14/2018 5:43 am:
... and you can not lie. ( Reminds me of the Love Big Butts song)

boone56 65M

11/13/2018 1:05 pm

B cup to me is just perfect! Although A cup is very nice too.. I prefer smaller tits that larger..

Daytimer09B replies on 11/14/2018 5:47 am:
I am seeing a trend on here that follows more of my thinking. So if so many guys like the smaller, more manageable boobs, why do so many women go and get boob jobs that make them less attractive? And it would appear that most women prefer a regular 6" - 7" penis but most guys all wish theirs was bigger. I think it has more to do with self esteem than what the opposite sex wants. Wouldn't you agree?

missthee 56F  
4511 posts
11/13/2018 1:16 pm

"What woman would say 2-4 and why, I wonder."

Four is good enough. The g-spot is not that deep, and in my case the a-spot apparently isn't too far in either, so 4 to 5 is just right.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/14/2018 5:49 am:
That is a good reason and I am sure a lot of guys on here will be happy to hear your explanation. If the average guy is 6" then he is sliding right past the spot.

Superman4695 37M
168 posts
11/14/2018 8:11 pm

I said B cup but some A's might be enough and some D's are too big for my preference. The middle is where it's at for me.

Don't really get how they are paired but answered. Small boobs won't impair performance though big ones might get in the way lol.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/15/2018 5:21 am:
Big ones can be fun to play with but I find the smaller ones more arousing and like you said, they don't get in the way regardless of the position. And puffy nibbles really ad to the excitement.

clamdigger6669 55M
60 posts
11/15/2018 7:19 am

All boobs are great .

subson4dadd 37M

11/18/2018 5:58 pm

c cup is perfect...

Popblffguy06 53M
4 posts
1/5/2019 3:58 pm

To me this clearly states that we people as a whole won't to be a step above the average Joe but don't feel the need to have best

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