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Random Thoughts and Questions for Friday.  

Daytimer09B 54M
460 posts
10/22/2021 10:09 am
Random Thoughts and Questions for Friday.

I use to write posts that I called Potpouri because they were all over the board. Kind of felt like doing something similar as I have many things running through my head.

Feel free to play along and give me your answers to a few of life's questions running through my head.

1 - Does a persons desire to be attractive change as one gets older? This is probably more for women than men in my thoughts. I have "heard" not really women on here but in every day life that women do not want to be considered sex symbols. They want to be be seen as strong and confident and not eye candy. I wonder if these same women change their minds about being eye candy when the candy store grows less sweet and less men looking at them?

2 - I'm an artist and would love to do a large painting of a naked female, the only problem is it would be frowned upon in the area I live as a lot would view it as PORN. I do not get excited about seeing paintings of naked women in that way. I get excited to see how the artist was able to pull off an emotion, certain skin tones, and a dramatic setting as well as a great pose. If you want to see some examples check out Omar Ortiz and Serge Marshennikov. How do you view naked paintings and what types of paintings do you prefer?

3 - The weather here is turning much cooler and for some reason I have a strong desire to go for a walk naked so that I can feel the cool air streaming through all my cracks and crannies. However, I am sure the people in my neighborhood would be very quick to pick up the phone and call security. lol Do you ever feel the dire to just go naked, even if it is just inside your own home?

4 - Am I imagining things or is time going by much faster these days? I swear it just seems like we entered a new month and a few days later it is about to end. Is that a sign I am getting old?

5 - And lastly, since this is an adult site I will ask a very adult question... I have been having an extreme desire to have a blow job given to me. It has been so strongly on my mind that I can't get it off my mind. I think I need a huge release. What sexual act do you have the strongest desire for?

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for playing along!

Daytimer09B 54M
901 posts
10/22/2021 10:10 am

Enquiree minds want to know.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
10/22/2021 12:22 pm

1: Mature women, if they are like me care even less in mid life years about being considered eye candy as we are at that intrinsic." I do not care what others think" stage of our lives. That stage is for the young on caring about looks over anything else..
2: I wrote a blog a long time ago on Living Models as a friend here is an artist and wanted me to post nude for the class in my small town. I declined as I knew most of the people in the class..
3: I just got home from work and the first thing to come off was my bra. I am wearing a sundress now without panties. If warm enough in my house, I have gone naked and danced like no one was watching
4: Time flies when you are having fun and waits for no one Hun..
5:Giving blow Imagine that eh! xoxo

Daytimer09B replies on 10/25/2021 7:46 am:
Thanks for your thoughtful contribution Joy. And I do believe we may be in trouble if we lived closer, sounds like number 5 could be a regular scheduled and unscheduled event. lol

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
10/22/2021 6:15 pm

1. My desire to be attractive has never waned. I see older women let themselves go so to speak. Hard to be a size 6 with age, but I do feel it is not hard to dress and make up, age appropriately. And know your limitations but remain confident. Acting pretty is paramount to looking pretty.
2. I like tasteful nudes. I cant stand those gyno shots here and those gross dick/anus shots.
3. I do go naked at home and when warm, I sit on the deck at night, lights off, no one can see.
4. Time flies for sure. I just semi retired so time is a littlle slower.
5. Kissing and intercouse is my desire.

Daytimer09B replies on 10/25/2021 8:03 am:
Thanks for your thoughts on my little random questions. I love learning about others and seeing how much we actually have in common. I have met a couple of bloggers from here as I have traveled through the years and have always been so pleasantly surprised as how nice of people they have been. Maybe we can have lunch one day when I am down in your area. Would love to see where our conversations would go. I have found hearing of others stories in different places around the globe have taken me off course a time or two in my travels.

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
10/22/2021 6:18 pm

And, I love that moon over miami pic

lust4life59 63F  
2552 posts
10/23/2021 3:45 am

1, I think my desire to be "attractive" to the world at large has been reduced to being being attractive to ones I am attracted to.

2 I had my daughter's portait painted when she was 5. It was important that it captured her personality as well as her likeness. She was face down on a blanket with her bare feet up in the air laughing. I remember the artist remarking she had more trouble with the likeness of her feet than her facial expression. So I get what you are saying. Most of my artwork are by local artists, not of people but of places.

3. yeah, all the time, and I can act on it also where I live.

4. SOmeonw explained it to me once this way... when you're twelve, a month takes a much smaller slice of your life than when you are 60. The older we get, the smaller that slice of time month takes out of our lives. Hence the faster it appears to go by.


Daytimer09B replies on 10/25/2021 8:09 am:
I like your answers L4L59. As an artist I know exactly what the artist is saying about your daughters feet and I have only recently been able to solve that problem. Feet and hands always seem to be too small in paintings so you really have to pay attention to "Depth" and "tone" as they are the only things that will allow for you to capture them correctly. Most artist seem to hid feet and hands because they take as long to do as someones head, and sometimes longer. It takes multiple layers to pull that off and most artist like to work towards the final immediately instead of building to the final. I need to visit your area, sounds like a great place. Thanks for stopping by!

staci_19702 52T  
3767 posts
10/23/2021 3:49 am

It’s hard to answer the first one. As a male, I desire to not be unattractive. But definitely less time is spent getting ready for date night.
I think artistic nudes are wonderful. From Greek sculptures, renaissance paintings and more. An artist poured it in to make it as real as possible. Hats off to those that do this.
We go naked at home whenever we can. Backyard is wonderful in summer. It just feels good. Nothing sexual, just being comfortable.
Yesterday we were getting little ones ready for school. Today they have jobs and are away at school. Wow. When did that happen?
Umm…I want anal. 😮

Have a great day! 💋

Daytimer09B replies on 10/25/2021 8:12 am:
I find it very interesting that nudes were more accepted longer ago than they are now. Some of my favorite paintings and works of art are from Greek Mythology. Thanks for playing along!

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
10/26/2021 7:35 pm

Lunch sounds good, whenever😁

Daytimer09B replies on 10/29/2021 6:28 am:
I was just through Atlanta earlier this week. Should be back down next week. Message me your area in my private message box on here.

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