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When you give oral...  

Daytimer09B 54M
460 posts
10/29/2018 7:10 am
When you give oral...

When you give oral do you do it to pleasure your partner or do you do it more for yourself. I have heard there is a rare breed of men who do not like getting or giving oral and that is so hard for me to grasp because my desires are so strong and my enjoyment level is through the roof. Below are a few questions to see how others view the subject. Several answers might describe you so pick the one that most fits your personality. Thanks in advance for your poll selection.
Men: I am not fond of giving oral.
Men: I give oral for her pleasure only.
Men: I give oral because I really enjoy it.
Men: I give oral because my partner and I really enjoy it.
Men: I crave giving oral.
Women: I don't give oral because I don't enjoy doing it.
Women: I give oral because he likes it but does nothing for me.
Women: I give oral because I really enjoy it and love to watch him squirm!
Women: I give oral because I like the taste. :))
Women: I crave giving oral.

Daytimer09B 54M
901 posts
10/29/2018 7:12 am

I wonder how this poll would come out on a regular dating site. And how would this poll turn out on a public forum away from a sex site.

lovethestick 77M
564 posts
10/29/2018 7:36 am

I just enjoy giving oral to men because it something I always did. And the taste and feel os a throbbing cock in my mouth is very hot

Daytimer09B replies on 10/29/2018 8:55 am:
Being a straight male I would not know about that, but finding what makes you happy important to ones self and their partner.

pocogato12 70F  
37236 posts
10/29/2018 7:59 am

Sometimes giving doesnt work because you do not get the response that YOU were looking for- dampens the pleasure

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Daytimer09B replies on 10/29/2018 8:33 am:
I can see how that could lead to being disappointed. I guess you need to know enough about the other person to know it is something they really enjoy or have a good enough relationship that if it is just not working at the time you can do something else without being to disappointed.

snafu6672 52M

10/29/2018 11:33 pm

I really enjoy giving her oral and I also get pleasure by seeing her having pleasure.

Daytimer09B replies on 10/30/2018 5:58 am:
I find that to be extra stimulating when you can see her really enjoying herself from what you are doing.

zeke53028 63M  
1135 posts
10/30/2018 4:01 am

Love oral. Especially giving. For me there is nothing like going down on a clean pussy. Fortunately, my girlfriend and our play partner enjoy it as well. That doesn't mean I'll turn down a blow job though.

Daytimer09B replies on 10/30/2018 5:59 am:
Sounds like you got the perfect situation. Double the pleasure.

sphxdiver 72M
21063 posts
10/30/2018 4:57 pm

Love wrapping my lips around a nice clit !!!

Daytimer09B replies on 10/31/2018 12:20 pm:
Don't we all. Especially when it is surrounded by meaty lips. YUM!

TheDuudeMan 34M

10/31/2018 3:37 am

Lol, only real men eat pussy and enjoy it BJ and kissin. I think your thinking of boys or asshats 😉

AZBiGuy480 59M
27 posts
10/31/2018 2:08 pm

I'm one who loves to give oral, and have been know to cum, from just giving oral.
Butt I not a fan of getting oral, all that happens is I get hard, butt can never cum from having oral done to me. Odd I know, and many have try, with no luck.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/1/2018 5:59 am:
But surely you enjoyed the act of them trying? I know I believe I could sit there and receive it all day long it feels so good.

Superman4695 37M
168 posts
11/1/2018 9:28 pm

Like to give more than receive. Love the various things you can do to play with a pussy. Only care for a little head to get me hard for sex or get me off after.

Daytimer09B replies on 11/2/2018 6:08 am:
When you can give and receive it is awesome but also takes away from the sole enjoyment. But I can say that there have been a few that have given a bj so well that I would rather have it than sex. But like you said, you can do a lot with what they have and is pure pleasure.

boatin1682 53M
21 posts
11/4/2018 10:20 am

love giving oral and having her squirt

Daytimer09B replies on 11/7/2018 6:16 am:
I have not met a squirter yet but would love to encounter one someday.

FoCoSex69 46M

11/5/2018 11:45 am

LOVE orally pleasing women. 20+ minutes easily

Daytimer09B replies on 11/7/2018 6:17 am:
I see so many women on here talking about how guys want do that and all I can think is... why don't you move closer to me. Like you, I can go at it for as long as they can handle the pleasure.

texasbottom4 59M
38 posts
11/10/2018 10:09 pm

i love sucking cock and swallowing his cum

readyforgoodnite 55M/55F

11/15/2018 12:19 am

All it takes is a vagina that smells to kill it. Women, come on, make sure it doesnt smell or make a persons eyes water. There is an isle in every grocery store in the country for taking care of it. There is no excuse for a smell at all.

kb202 67M

11/23/2018 3:26 pm

i really like giving a man a good blow job. i like the big reward i get

italianbottom69 41M
45 posts
12/2/2018 10:36 pm

Oral is amazing, both giving and receiving it..

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