Where do u prefer it  

Deepnwide76 45M  
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3/30/2021 7:13 am
Where do u prefer it

I'm just a nympho so I like all but my favorite is when I'm getting my man pussy stretched is be fire u cum pull out an shove into my mouth blow to he load an then back to stretching it out so where does of the we rs like
Or in the ass

Deepnwide76 45M  
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3/30/2021 7:15 am

I like to have all jokes filled w cream but love to swalloiw

PantyCurious865 46T
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3/31/2021 5:31 am


BiSussi 61F
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3/31/2021 2:45 pm

I guess this one is for the boys only or do I see it wrong?
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All I wish for are men I can fall in love with and who like Making Babies and not just want Sex

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Yesforservice 64M
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4/11/2021 2:06 pm

All of the above

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