I have been told I have a terrible personality  

Devils3plaything 39F
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5/8/2021 6:34 pm
I have been told I have a terrible personality

I have been told I have a terrible personality, well no I don’t, I have a sweet personality that I don’t let many people see. And while I am a self proclaimed bitch sometimes, I don’t dish it unwarranted. My profile is specific Bc that’s what I’m wanting. I don’t want guys who have to an hour to fuck my ass, in it and leave, and there are reasons for that. I don’t get much time, I can’t host and don’t do hotels unless I for it for myself, and I’m not wanting to spend real time with anyone. I won’t apologize for it, Bc that’s who I am right now. And it gets so old when ALL the guys think they are the exception to my boundaries, and I don’t understand the boys who start insulting and calling me names when 3 minutes before you were trying awful hard to get in my ass.....🤷‍♀️
And if I say no thanks I don’t want to and you proceed to keep on going, why is it you think that’s ok? And get upset when I tell you to fuck off after the 3rd time of saying no..... so yes I’m a bitch when I feel I need to be and no I don’t feel like I have to answer to anyone on here about what I’m wanting and what I’m looking for.
And for fucks sake, if you read my profile and see where it says I don’t like anyone’s mouth on me anywhere and proceed to tell me you want to lick my pussy or suck my ass on my pics, or in a message to me then I assume you’re either a dick head who has zero respect for anything, or a degen who can’t read. So the butthurt people can just go right along and look elsewhere.

Daytimer09B 53M
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6/2/2021 12:53 pm

Well I can't read profiles but I like your "Spicy" attitude. Glad to see someone say what they want instead of jerking people around. Bravo!

sweetime523 63M

7/14/2021 4:07 pm

I'm not interested in your personality,just your pussy!

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