Renee's mid 40s, she was a sexual powder keg smoldering  

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8/10/2021 5:06 am
Renee's mid 40s, she was a sexual powder keg smoldering

Brian had returned home.  Renee wanted more DP with Chris and I, she talked about as she masturbated.  We found ourselves inviting Chris over.  Renee was pretty slutty for sure when Chris arrived.
She was skinny dipping in our pool, in a floating lounger with a big vodka.  I answered the door in a towel.  I asked Chris what he was drinking and told him to jump into the pool with Renee.  
I farted around making the drinks for an xtra long time.  Renee had the party going when I arrived with Chris' and Renee's drinks.  Chris was sitting on the edge of the pool, Renee in the water was sucking his cock.  We soon moved into our bedroom
This time I had Chris put his cock into Renee's ass first.  Then I fucklicked her before DP with me in her pussy.  We played games with Chris until the wee hours.
We invited Chris over many a Saturday evening that spring into summer.
Now when I had met Renee she was a month shy of 19.  Within 6 months I had her masturbating with my cock in her ass, fucking my gal pal Diana, she invited me over for a threesome with her gal pal.  We sort of played it cool, although I hinted more than once with another couple or two.  then there was the blast from nowhere and Brian joined us for several Bi MMF times in the early 80's,
Other than porn and fun anal sex with lots of fantasy it wasn't until that Spring Training Game.  Now Renee was a wild 40s MILF.   She made my cock hard just to watch her walk.   But I still wasn't getting that chance to see her fuck a woman.

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