Bless his precious wee heart.  

Droseraceae 49F
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6/15/2020 5:17 pm
Bless his precious wee heart.

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easy_going2014 55M
14366 posts
6/15/2020 6:56 pm

thanks for sharing

I'm only looking for women, so, I couldn't tell you what is common

what I can say is that like a "Hunger Games" book, the odds are ever in your favor with the vast number of men to the minute number of women

one bad apple ain't so bad

you can always use your "Block" option

good luck with your search

Keke Palmer & Max Schneider - "Things aren't always what they seem"

it's hard enough to find that time to sleep
its easier to find the time to dream
another night , spent too far from the stars
things aren't always what they seem

it's hard enough to find my place at home
its easier out here on my own
a father's love , is no such thing i know
things aren't always what they seem
ooh things aren't always what they seem~
woah things aren't always what they seem to be
oooh night just stole your memories out of me
i might cry myself to sleep
and imagine that you're here with me

it's hard enough to find someone to trust
it's easier to live life scared to love
a mother's touch, stolen way too soon
things aren't always what they seem
no, things aren't always what they seem~
things aren't always what they seem to be
I just hope your memories proud of me
I might cry myself to sleep
and imagine that you're here with me
you're not really that much different from me

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Good luck!!!

Brownie202 64F  
2591 posts
6/15/2020 7:31 pm

I get the fuck yourself, cunt bitch etc messages. Sometimes in a first message. From so called men who see I wouldn't be interested in talking with them. It can be because of their age or that I want kink. Others after a polite not interested. That is why I stopped answering all messages. Some males wrongly believe us women shouldn't have any preferences. That by being here we should all want the same thing and from anyone.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

redrockrascal 63M
23349 posts
6/15/2020 7:47 pm

FWIW, here is m 2-cents on how to view those kind of people. He did you a favor - he showed you who/what he really is - jerk, moron, whatever. He took himself out of contention without you having to meet him in person.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

thikhead 64M
3343 posts
6/15/2020 8:41 pm

some of us know that in "southern",

"bless his/your heart" means "what a fucking idiot".

i think you got it right.

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

lonlyforlove2 79M
23030 posts
6/15/2020 8:42 pm

    Quoting redrockrascal:
    FWIW, here is m 2-cents on how to view those kind of people. He did you a favor - he showed you who/what he really is - jerk, moron, whatever. He took himself out of contention without you having to meet him in person.
As Red said, he done himself in, before you had to.. Don' t let the words from a low life even bother you. As I have always said you should always think "Next" , as in there will always be another, listen a bit closer, ask a few more questions, think of it as a learning experience, "that one will not do me this way again". You came out on top, he just didn't know it. Good luck on the next, have a good day and be safe

Be sure to check in at "Lonly's Place" you may get a smile

be sure to check:
Problem solving made easy, the southern way
The Saga of the ol lonly man
Major companies are waking up

Only_one_14 52F
4137 posts
6/15/2020 9:23 pm

I’ll call bullshit! He wasn’t ever going to meet you. He threw himself under the bus so you would dump him and he could call you nasty names. Why? Because that’s his thing. He enjoys being on the asshole list. You blogged about him.... bad attention is still good attention from a Narcissist!

Btw- he will come back under another name to comment and try to be Prince Charming and console you! Yes, I’ve seen this blog post like this many times. Can ya tell, I’ve been here wayyyyy too long 😂😂

There are many liars around here and most of them are the same man! 🤦🏽‍♀️

A Man who knows how to use his tongue is extremely useful!

jolielaide 50F  
1710 posts
6/15/2020 9:56 pm

haven't gotten that type of nasty response in a very long time . .but sadly, there are more than a few like that on here. the unfunny thing about it is that these guys will put in their profile that they are decent, respectful, nice - NOT! if you ask me, sounds like you dodged a loser.

Wok2016 39M  
592 posts
6/16/2020 5:10 am

Stupid and dumb, that's rough. Sounds like you dodged a bullet either way, chin up!!

scoupe42 58M  
12851 posts
6/16/2020 5:17 am

You deserve something better, down settle for a loser.

rdy2try4 56F  
3304 posts
6/16/2020 7:10 am

REPORT HIM!! I think that this behavior should be stopped as so many men get away with it that they start believing this is how you treat people. Unfortunately we can't know they are jerks before they show themselves. I have four blogs on messages we get on the site, male and female, and I wrote them to help people see they are not alone and how and why people react the way they do. My blogs are at Rdy's Info Blogs if you wish to read them.

Sadly the site is rife with men like this and it ruins it for the good men. Men should put the blame where it belongs on women's behaviors... on the men ruining it for them.

Owatalife 65M
1688 posts
6/16/2020 9:17 pm

The only good to come out of that encounter was the cretin eventually showing his true despicable self. Is unfortunate when the curtain comes unglued & a person trying to be who they are not are finally revealed. As a man this site is obviously far less of a minefield to navigate yet there are still plenty of kind & decent folks here. Luck of the draw sometimes but sounds like you know your limits very well.

rdy2try4 56F  
3304 posts
6/17/2020 7:27 am

In fact I received this today. This man has NEVER talked to me before and he is over 4400 miles away and he sent me 3 photos of his dick and this note:

MSG: Is this enough for you? Is it enough big for you?
Because if it is not enough, it means that you have a wide pussy like that of a whore who has taken thousands of them in her life !!!
And if you want me to tell you all, in the photo you put on the site you stick just like a big slut and this is very horny and you give me a hard cock looking at you ... too bad ... you would be a good fuck ...
send me some other nice pictures that i masturbate watching your sexy slutty body
6/17/2020 3:06 am

YES.. he sent me ALL that. I promptly blocked him. That was about as rude as could be as being clothed in my photo doesn't make me look like a slut and that kind of talk, although some women may like it, there was no prior contact to find out if I did. He assumed I wanted to hear that crap and I do not. Again, this is one of the reasons women don't answer messages on here.

Dirtygrandp0p 67M

7/15/2020 7:54 am

WELL DONE, our Droseraceae.

On review it's very obvious;

Erection Rejection on careful inspection, the ultimate crap from a self serving chap. With his head held low from his foul mouthed blow, he's now on record ... and no where to go!

( Blimey, that took 2 minutes to think up. I think I was in the wrong job my whole damned life. I could be writing lyrics for Stormzy innit ... Fuck! I could have bought a ranch in Texas)

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Dirtygrandp0p 67M

7/15/2020 7:56 am

Oops, picture was a bit 'out there' don't you think. Computers never was my thing...

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