First Blog Post  

Ellenisback 66F  
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6/20/2021 6:09 am
First Blog Post

I masterbate almost daily, sometimes just for pleasure and calm and other times until orgsam.

My fantasies are the same

I meet an old friend at an open air bar and we have a few drinks and I say to him, lets get out of here and go somewhere more quiet.

We walk hand in hand to a small private spot I know and he whispers to me is it ok to pee at that tree, the mens room was crowded and a couple of guy were getting Blow Jobs not me scene.

I say to him sure you can use that tree, wow I am so surprised when I see his cock, it is beautiful and he lets out the beautiful stream of golden liquid, I am so turned on.

I hand him my panties and let my own golden stream flow.

I sit next to him on the bench and he unzips and pulls me on top of him, we are both in heaven, it is not long before he fills me with his cum.

He sits me next to him and opens my legs and licks me dry.

By this time I usually cum

1bighammer1000 56M
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6/20/2021 9:54 am

Sounds like a relaxing, easy going time.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Allinfun571 64M  
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6/22/2021 6:08 am

Very nice story. Dreams can cum true!!
Hope all is well

Daytimer09B 53M
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7/7/2021 5:09 am

So if you were not walking by a tree but were in Lower Manhattan instead, where would you go for that great conversation?

licouple4sexyfun 61M/59F  
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9/30/2021 9:51 am

Thank you for sharing... I enjoy hearing women's fantasies...
I think it would be fun to play the role of the man in your fantasy and masterbate myself... Denis

bbbb1760 65M
2 posts
10/5/2021 6:05 am

very hot...... i luv filling a pussy with cum and then taking my time eating it and feeling the spasms of that wet pussy as i please it and taste the pleasure of our cum in my mouth my tongue works it magic as my fingers penetrate deep inside your pussy with one in your ass to tease u i work sucking and licking your clit and taking your pussy lips in my mouth for a massage i want to taste you as u hump my face with pleasure

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