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Sensual Dreamscape
My thoughts, dreams, stories and just general day to day .
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Oh To Smell YOU
Posted:Jan 8, 2021 3:29 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 7:36 am
There is something about the scent of a great smelling man. It really turns me on so very much.

I am a very scent driven person. I love good smelling things. My home, my car, myself most importantly. And any man I am with. If you are wearing a great smelling cologne, you can't keep off of you. I must have you now.

I love the smell of men's cologne, body wash etc. Now here my house, my husband does like some of my body washes, and I like his. So we will use each others things and I see nothing wrong with that at all. They are making mroe and more unisex bathing and body sprays all the time.

So my happy place sometimes when I am alone is in the shower. The scent of Nivea Bath Salt body wash, and the shower head that flexes, Because yes even in masturbation I like to change things up. Nothing wrong with that at all.

What about you, what smell drives you wild?

Right now I am wearing Jovan White Musk

Yes those are my eyes...........

No More Sex For You
Posted:Jan 8, 2021 12:45 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2022 10:2 am
So you get married, or partnered . Living together and at first everything is blissful. Plenty of sex, even exploring a bit. You think the future is looking so bright. You might even be a bit sore from of the sex you are having but you are not about complain about that.

Slowly it starts happen. He or she no longer wants have sex. Night after night there is a new excuse. Of you are told they are too tired, too whatever. No effort is made by them to be seductive, or acting excited to have sex with you.

You check your breath, your pits, and your down under bits. Everything is nice and keep fresh ready for action. You wear the sexiest clothes you have. You go out, clean house, are tended too, and he or she doesn't even notice. They did and tell you about their day, never asking about yours. You could sit naked, spread eagle masturbating and they still would not notice.

Years go by, and it is less and less. No real reason ever given. But somewhere along they line they decided that have a sexless marriage, or partner ship was fine. Never have we been asked if we were comfortable about this. Being one half of a relations, dont you think we should have some say on the matter. Are we to sit idle by and just accept this decision. the sudden they act like sex is bad.

I think we should do a protest with giant vulva's and penises as our signs. We arent gonna take, no one asked us how we feel.

What say you,

When A Man Wants A Woman
Posted:Jan 7, 2021 3:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 8:53 pm
Been kind of a quiet day. My doctor has on a new medication which requires me be in the bed for a few days, and that's okay. Been working on a diamond painting, chatting a bit and watching Hulu.

But came my thoughts that when a man really wants a woman, gernerally they will let nothing much stop them.

If they want to be in touch with her they will. They will find a way.

If they want her to know that they are thinking about her, they will make certain of it.

And if they need to see her, be with her, touch her, they will go to great lengths to make that happen.
They will chase her.
They will flatter her.
They will romance her.
And they will express just how they feel about her.
And they will make certain that she knows all of this, so she is turn can decide if she wants to be with him.

Such a beautiful traditions that has gone on forever. From the earliest recalculation these modern days. Way before cell phones, on line dating and masks.

The strutting, poofing out his chest. Showing his beautiful colors, vigor and might. Hoping catch-the eye of the filly of his choice. Will she notice? Or will she turn her head and walk right on by?

Ravouness Recital
Posted:Jan 7, 2021 3:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2021 10:59 am
You know how you sit and daydream about a lover, how you wish things would be. /things they would say, and certainly things they would do. Of course this is not a real event but just allow me the pleasure of daydreaming and sharing with you. ''

We both are overly sexually frustrated, needing to see each other. Drink each others essence once again. Life and all its chaos have been getting in the way. But I need you, I want you, I tell you this. When it comes to a sexual relationship combined with a special friendship, I tend to be at my age pretty upfront with what I need. I feel that is the best way for us to be.

So at last we have been able to both arrive at a secluded location to spend at least 4 hours together. You checked in early wanting to set the room. You thought of everything. Our favorite drinks chilling on ice. Tealight candles flickering in the slight breeze. Soft yet subtly sexy jazz playing in the background. As you open the door for me, I go right into your arms for a long deep kiss. Oh how I have dreamed of just this moment.

You shut the door and we both kind of collapse on the bed together still kissing. I notice all the work you put into setting the room, which really means to so much. You even bought me a potted flowering plant. One I could take home and would not cause an issue. But i will think of you every time I water it. That bit of romance that often in today's society seems dead. You hand me a nice cup of coffee, you know that I like mine with cream and alot of sweetener. Sitting on the bed we keep kissing and touching each others legs.

The tension is so high, almost boiling over. How long can we last...........Fuck it, I begin to undress you. I asked you to leave your clothes on just because I love to unrobe you. You of course are trying to take mine off. We both start laughing because we feel like fumbling teenagers trying to figure our wardrobe. Oh sweet joy for moments and times like that.

But I must have you, I know when you touch me I will already be on the brink of cumming. You look at my lips, you always notice when I have lip gloss on. You imagine those lips around your throbbing cock once again. This time you will not hold beck, you will be more aggressive taking hold of my head and fucking my moth while being verbal because you know that turns me on so much.

Kissing , licking, sucking and fucking are all about to go down. Hard and raw, just like we should.
Are you ready?
Are you hungry?
Are you horny for me?

1 comment
Crazy 3
Posted:Jan 7, 2021 3:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2022 10:2 am
I promise with all sincerity that I will reply to all comments by Saturday. I am very sorry that I haven't already. Been a little crazy around here.

Started this week with our new doctor canceled both of you appointments. Now we had waited over 2 months for these and they could have been given to another doctor. This was just our primary doctor. Being that we both have some health issues that need to be addressed and life saving medications scripted out. But I handled it, found a new primary doctor that we will see at the end of the month instead of waiting another 3 months likes the other clinic wanted.

So this left a huge problem because we both had just enough medications and insulin thru the end of this week. Luckily our old primary care doctor in Florida was able to fill our medications. Thank goodness.

So I basically am now my husband chauffeur as well. But I enjoy driving so an fine with that. So three days of driving mister here and there. Finally picking up the scripts this evening.

I am hope today to get to play with my wood burner kits. Think I could make some very cool table top with wood and resins

Sigh,anyone have any fun plans for the weekend. ?

Yes You Right There T
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 9:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2022 10:2 am
I see you............

Yes you, right there. With your sexy eyes looking at that way...........And those sexy lips.........Mmmmmm don't get started about what they can do.......And those fingers, booooooy if the general public had any idea of what they did and will do in the darkened room, lord help us !!!!!! And the rest of that body sir, mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm. The secret weapon you possess in your pants, heaven on a stick and tastes so good......

Please do the things you do so well , over and over again. Last time, just the beginning, just taking a little off the top. Remember hearing me moan your name, you had me warthing in ectasy over that bed. A current of cum cascading down my legs, and you. That beautiful grin you gave, and the sound of you moaning as you were cuming again so hard.

this is the finest coupling, just sweet enough without being overly sweet. Two consenting adults understanding each other.

Adventure between, on, and even without ...............

Delicious Eye Candy
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 12:07 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2022 10:2 am
And now we come to the high point of my night which is to listen to music and write some more. I did have some cuddle time with my husband and our giant schnauzer. Always enjoy that. Even having some body heat next to me is great.

So eye candy, um over on TikTok. Sweet Jesus, some of those men. I wouldn't mind licking them from head to toe. I will have a order of hotness, with a side of even more. Do they have any idea what they do to us women. I will admit that I prefer the older men, but some of the younger guys are quite tempting. Yes their bodies are very nice but it is that sexual energy they exude out of their pores that just set my heart to racing.

I love any kind of dance too. And rollerskating. Now when I was younger, I danced all the time at the local bars with my husband, or friends. I used to really be able to to jiggy with it. Such wonderful memories, and usually I would nurse 2 drinks all night long. I have never been one to let myself lose control out in public.

Now at home, once in awhile I used to let myself feel a stronger buzz. But I have only been puky drunk 3 times in my life. One time my husband and I were celebrating a promotion he got at work. So we were trying many different types of wine, Getting frisky in the bedroom, I was bent over a stool and from behind he was using a dildo in my ass per my request. All the sudden I knew I was going to be sick. I almost puked on his cock ROFL!

Have you ever almost puked on your partner while having sex?

Lonely Evades
Posted:Jan 4, 2021 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2022 10:2 am
Sometimes at night like tonight I have to admit the loneliness hits. I long to have my husband want to hold me. Hold me close, kiss the top of my head.

That physical closeness is a hard one to not wish you had any longer. I actually feel like crying, just because I would love to sit and even talk with a friend. I think with this pandemic and having moved states makes it very hard. I wish I had friends, to talk with, to share with. To even go do anything with. And I will, eventually.

Things will get better for us all. We will all find the right friends, and for some of you lovers to help you with your journey. I hope to create more, and at some decent variety of forms. In many different ways.

See this even helps, writing you guys. Reminds me that I have a brand new wood burner kit, that I am eager to with. And I think I will go crawl over in hubbies bed and hold him for awhile. I just need be soothed and soothe for a bit.
Mental Health and Doing No Harm
Posted:Jan 4, 2021 2:08 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2021 12:46 am
I am watching my husband who is outside trying do a few things that used be so easy for him. These days he is very disabled and is progressively becoming more and more unable do things physically. I m not just talking sexually, but even simple things like dress and walk. But that is just our journey in life.

Took a long time come terms that this is just our life now. My once very strong, capable and fast husband now struggles even stand. That things like bathing, dressing, etc I must help him with. I was angry, so angry. Not at him, though at times I m sure it came out that way. But angry because he had always been my rock, the person I counted on make things right. The man who everyone was afraid of because of his size and strength.

So let's talk about the mental health side of things, even with sexual problems. We want sex, wish we had sex or more of it. But we can exist without it, even though at times ................. We long for those raw sexual freeing times once again. When we were discovering ourselves, sex and our own sex proneness even. So recently my husband and I had the talk. You know the one. It has been years since we have been intimate. He simply cannot and has been too proud to even talk to a doctor about perhaps being prescribed something to help.

Now he gave me permission. Permission to have a discreet lover. Certain terms were set and I thought it might be okay. But the hurt and agony when eh came to me and said he could not bare to think of me laying with another man. I knew right then and there that I had to not fulfill my own sexual needs at the risk of his mental health. What if it were to drive him to a break down or worse? What If I were the one with the disability?

So for me, as much as I long to be even kissed deeply, I will do without. It is what is best overall or is it? Do I dare even think about myself? ................

The Chase
Posted:Jan 3, 2021 7:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2021 12:37 pm
All of us ladies have experienced it, the chase. That delicious fun chase that men do when they are trying get your attention.

Oh they have plenty of time email, message, and call. They seem so interested in everything about us, even fascinated by our mere breathing. Never too busy, darling you are so important.

Little by little you let them in, lowering your guard just a little. You start to feel a bit flustered, even breathless at the thought of them. The lips, the tips, and oh those hips. So many promises, so much affection, so much time.

Go ahead, trust him, you hear yourself saying. They aren't like the others. They are not here just for one thing. They might even be the REAL thing. So you dare to let them in even more, because otherwise you will always wonder.

Then it happens.................

The ole wham bam, thank you maam.

Over and out, and oh so gone. You might even get promises of wanting to see you again. Of wanting so much more with you. But then all the sudden, they are so busy. Too busy to write, too busy to phone, let alone see you. And you didn't even get dinner or flowers first.

Ladies beware..............

Not all men are dogs, but if you see their tail waggin, you might want to keep your guard up.

Interested In Friendship Only.
Posted:Jan 2, 2021 6:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 8:56 pm

So there it is, probably what every man dreads right? The friends only zone. But I am putting it right on there. I am looking just for friendship. I am happily married for the most part, though I could do with alot more sexual activities. Couldn't we all.

But I have gone down the road of seeing other men for sex. It leaves me feeling rather empty because what I want with it, is affection and perhaps eventually even a bit of love. That really is never going to happen with anyone other then my husband and I am smart enough to know this now. Took me a very long time of going down a very lonely road to understand.

Sex is wonderful, especially if you have a deep friendship. Or perhaps you like the anonymous stranger, hey whatever gets you off. Who am I to judge? I just know in my case I need a level of caring and affection to go along with it. I want the naughty and nice all rolled into one experience.

So this arena, blog as we all want to it will serve as a outlet for . I will tell you about experiences I have with my husband when he is able, as well of past stories about him, and past lovers even. I have had some fun, and I am glad that I did.

Please comment and enjoy!


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