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That Sexual Drive
Veröffentlicht:20. Oktober 2021, 2:19 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:21. Oktober 2021, 23:42 Uhr
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Forgive me might be necessary upfront because my eyes are tired tonight.

How was your day? I hope you had a good one and a better night.

Why is it that sex is so important to so many of us? I wish sometimes I could be one of these people who could really care less about sex or ever wanting it.

But that will never be me, and I am embracing the highly sexual woman I am. Letting myself not feel ashamed to be all that I am.

I love sex in a variety of ways. Spontaneous, adventurous, silly, crazy, romantic and primal. It's all good, and finger licken good too.

Anyway just a short one tonight, feeling too sleepy.

Sweet Dreams My Pervs

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Fucking Machine - Eh Not Too Sure
Veröffentlicht:19. Oktober 2021, 1:41 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:20. Oktober 2021, 21:25 Uhr
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Well fellow Perverts , good evening to y'all.

Winding down my uneventful day, day 3 of such. Starting to miss having anyone to really talk too, but since I have no transportation I am making the best of it. I do now know just how horrible my singing is, and I have even started to have meaningful conversations with my dogs.

So onto what the title of this blog suggests - The Fucking Machine. I have one that is attached to something that looks like a reciprocal saw arm. It is just your base model for around $100. I was not ready to invest even that much into a sex toy but I thought maybe it would give me the pleasure and similar feel of have a man fucking me.

Not at all. It came with many assorted attachments, some very flesh like of all different sizes. I picked the very smallest one because at that time I had not had intercourse in over 7 years and I knew I was tight. I still bogged down the machine.

But the machine scares me. I wanted to try it in my ass because I used to love anal sex. But jesus, what if I cant get the thing to stop while it is jack hammering my poor puckered hole! And one would have a heck of a time getting the positioning just right and slowly insert the toy, praying you got enough lube. I would suggest that you not try it aloen for safety reasons back there.

I have only used it that one time. One of these days I may get brave enough to unbury where it lives in the back of a closet. First I need to go buy a gallon of lube, and drop cloths.


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Rejoice In The Mental Clarity
Veröffentlicht:18. Oktober 2021, 12:16 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:18. Oktober 2021, 18:24 Uhr
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Well I am feeling much better all around today. Getting used to a routine with just me and the creatures. This time to myself is proving to be very good. Some mental clarity, and redefining who I am as a person, and woman.

Today I have to take out some trash, do dishes, and gut the watermelon. I ordered a few groceries that will be delivered since I have no vehicle currently. I had wanted and planned on getting a car here soon but with the prices right now, I will make do and keep sharing the Jeep.

Back to the groceries, I sorting through the fridge and we don't have much fresh produce. That is something I am really craving anymore, hence why I ordered some groceries. My body is healing nd needs good fuel. The leg is so much better today with no signs of infection outward. So going to keep doing what I am doing.

Update on spouses trip is he has been having a great time with his brother. They are almost to the birth fathers house, and he is very excited to meet him at long last. This so important for him, he needs it to have some questions answered and for closure. It my gift to him, to go by himself and have the time to just sort himself out too. No more being emotionally abusive to me, I have my own demons that I contend with.

Later tonight when I have a bit more time I will tell you all about the fuckingmachine I have but never used but just one time. I do think about getting it out and attaching what ever toy to it, but the thing of scares me.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

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How Horny Are You?
Veröffentlicht:18. Oktober 2021, 1:48 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:18. Oktober 2021, 12:06 Uhr
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Oh my, I am beyond horny, good thing there is no man in this house becaue I would have to jump him. It is one of those nights where all you can do is think about sex. Even masturbated, but got no relief. Sigh

What to do when you are so honry, trying to think of anything else. Pacing, watching the most boring shows on tv, think about reorganizing your closet.

Good thing my FWB plans on being here thursday. I fear there will be no hello, just grabbing him by the hand and dragging his ass to the bedroom. Mmmmm I blane to dreve him insane with desire.

Today when better, I was not blye at all. The leg is still very iffy, but I an handling it. Hurts lke,
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Ooooozes Baby
Veröffentlicht:17. Oktober 2021, 4:26 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:19. Oktober 2021, 1:16 Uhr
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Today, well yesterday technically now was a mixture of happiness and sadness. My husband did make it to where his brother lives, but was in alot of pain last night. So was I so we hung out the phone and I needed talk him down from that high pain and manageable one. Just getting him reposition and also mind over matter much possible.

The leg, the %*^( leg. I hurt off and day, more than off. Tonight while checking it started draining copious amounts of the yellow. I wont go into any more description, but it was sizeable volume. I almost told my spouse that he needs to come home, but I am wanting to wait and see if this will turn the corner with some antibiotics I had left over. It is what it is, and I am dealing with it. Of course my friends and elsewhere really help.

Besides that, just been doing a bit of cleaning, and watched tv, and played with the dogs. I know pretty boring, but since I have no transportation currently.

Hang in there peeps, Once I get feeling better I will tantalizing erotic stories.

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Amusing Day
Veröffentlicht:16. Oktober 2021, 2:28 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:17. Oktober 2021, 4:16 Uhr
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What a day it has been, lord help me.

Started out okay but had a million things to do . Pay bills, shop for the week. Help my husband finish packing for his trip. Oh and cleaned out too.

It was alot, and in the midst of all this we were going back in forth on what to do. See I have some anxiety about driving in bigger cities. I avoid if possible. Still I was willing to drive him to the airport. He didnt want me driving back here in the dark. We decided on trying to get a ride from Lyft. What a joke, the driver never showed. Now i had a feeling that might happen, so plan B was for him to take the Jeep after all.

That is what ended up happening, and tonight I discovered that my right leg is very infected. I will see if I can do a video appointment. I have taken all the necessary steos to helo the wound. And we agreed that if it is getting bad, he can change his flight to a much earlier.

I'm tired! And FWB can't make it this weekend. He had some things come up that I encouraged his to go spend time with his family instead. I will see him later in teh week. It is fine, thought a little bummed.

Pretty comical really the whole situation.,

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Don't Text and Fuck
Veröffentlicht:14. Oktober 2021, 23:28 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:6. Dezember 2021, 9:55 Uhr
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I waa thinking about this lover I used to have. He came all the way to New Mexico to see me from Wyoming. He was a little smitten with me. And I tried like hell to make it work though I had no idea what i was getting into.

But we had some good times and I really adored his mother. I ended up taking his dachshund that was very old and having him live out the rest of his life with me. We had sex quite a few times up in the mountains, after riding 4 wheelers all over the place. I even wrecked on one and really messed up my leg for awhile.

But this one time we were in a motel room, going at it. And his phone keeps chiming with text messages. Honest to God he grabs his phone and tries to reply while fucking me. Then he starts answering his phone with a very pissed off wife ont he other end. After about the 4th time, I had had enough. I sent him, and his phone out the door and told him to go back to his wife.

We laughed about it years later, it was a crazy time. I really cared for him, but he was just too messed up and couldnt stop lying to everyone about everythings.

Sadly he passed away a few years ago from complications for diabetes.

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My Selfish Me Time
Veröffentlicht:14. Oktober 2021, 23:21 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:16. Oktober 2021, 2:32 Uhr
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I am taking a week off of all of this medical crap, because it is just a bit overwhelming.

Not that I am currently sick, I am not. I am free of infections at this point, nothing contagious at all. But they all want to test me to death for no real reason. That really wears on your overall mental health after awhile. So since I had no urgent appointments next week and I will have some time to myself, I am taking it.

My FWB will be coming to see me, and since I will be alone he can spend the night here. I know it will likely be twice this coming week that I will see him, unless things change.

And I plan on doing alot of me time. Creating in many different ways and just relaxing.

I think sometiems we all need sometime to recenter ourselves and decide on what we ant out of life instead of doing for everyone else. This will be my selfish week.

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Don't PICC On Me
Veröffentlicht:13. Oktober 2021, 22:34 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:14. Oktober 2021, 23:12 Uhr
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I'm free!

Running rampant out in the streets without a leash now!

That's right, the PICC line was removed today and I shed not a tear at it's depature.

This home infusion journey went so much better then the time before that I had to do the .

Still so many doctor visits, beginning to think that I might a specialist for the specialists - lol. But then I remind myself that I am very grateful live in a country where we can get medical help.

I am getting a bit stronger each day. My FWB will be coming see me a couple times this coming weekend and week. WE are both very much looking forward , been almost a month and I miss his kisses and scent very much. I am still amazed because we this incredible chemistry, we feed off of each other naturally. Just happens, in sync. We havent even ever had a disagreement, and just flows.

We both are very honest, and not committed each other. We are both free see other people if we choose too. Sadly he is no longer on this site, and I do miss just seeing his profile. I would love to a FWB that lived closer, but just havent found a good match of a man would want be friends first and build on that with the understanding that we are just FWB, hopefully ltr. Not wanting the filed, just feel is not safe for anyone do anymore. Especially me with a low immune system.

All in due time, if it is meant happen will. If not, that is fine too. I am very realistic about this whole thing, where at one time I was more or a romantic then now. Dont get me wrong, romance, being treated like a lady is always a huge plus. I be respected, and treated like a lady. Kissed, held, cuddled, caressed, all of the wonderful things we ladies melt over.

I do hope my friends on here are doing well. I another day full of doctor visits, and then no more until next monday.

Keep those lips puckered and those hands softly caressing

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Veröffentlicht:12. Oktober 2021, 22:35 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:13. Oktober 2021, 22:21 Uhr
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Well fancy meeting you here.

As you can see I am doing much better. In fact tomorrow my PICC line will be removed, so excited. My doctor even is surprised on how fast my numbers improved.

Feeling so much better, more energy than I hd in over a year. And best yet soon I will get see my FWB. Been almost a month and both of us are going a bit crzy.

I had a delightful post all planned out, but now I am too tired to remember.

Tomorrow night my friends

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Friends Value
Veröffentlicht:11. Oktober 2021, 0:07 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:12. Oktober 2021, 22:23 Uhr
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Today was a much better day. My energy is starting to return though I still tire easily. I did tear apart my bedroom and start to redo . I alarge L shaped desk in my room. Underneath was all this wasted space, so I put some low shelves underneath. Plenty of room hold a lot of my art supplies, canvases, drawing pads, etc.

Felt good get some movement in. My leg is looking much better, so cross your finger. The home health nurse will be out in the morning and she will too.

I was thinking about the value of true friends. You know the type that you can be your tre self around. know you better then you know yourself. That you watched each other grow up. Not Too many of them anymore, but I a few.

Well I am dead tired, so going say gnight now. Thank you all my friends,

You mean so much me

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Beautiful Bouquet of Colors
Veröffentlicht:10. Oktober 2021, 12:20 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:6. Dezember 2021, 9:55 Uhr
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I'm sitting here in my bedroom, with the sunshine coming through my privacy window clings. Cascading a rainbow effect of the most elegant colors. If you know anything about me, you will know that I love color. I love to just look at the array of colors, makes my heart happy.

Getting enough sunlight as winter approaches is so important for all of us. It really can help with depression, any of depression. How can anyone be too burdened if you simply close your eyes and turn your face up towards the suns and its warming rays. While your eyes are closed you are going to see all kinds of colors filter across your inside eyes focus. To me that is life in itself and the cornucopia of people that will come in and out of our lives.

I never regret anyone that was in my life. Whether or not it worked out, if they hurt me, I hurt them, we hurt each other. There is always a valuable lesson to learn from each person. Maybe it is how to never be. Or standing up for yourself because you like who you are. Standing tall no matter what is going on in your life.

I am feeling much better today. In fact I am working on rearranging my room so I have better work spaces. Since I do so many art projects and crafts, this room is quite full. I bought a container set and then more shelves so everything will have a proper place and stop being chaos in my room. I want my room to reflect creativity and peace.

Never stop being the awesome person you are.

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The Tender Touches
Veröffentlicht:10. Oktober 2021, 0:43 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:10. Oktober 2021, 12:08 Uhr
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So I am changing my dog's diaper, trust - it is a thing. I rescued this poor poodle who had been used a breeder, and she lived her life in a cage. So of course at 6 years old we are working house breaking her. Going well, except for a night, so I do diaper her so we dont wake messes.

Anyway, I would give anything right now for some good tender cuddling. Prolonged kissing, you know the type that takes your breath away. Mmmmm gentle caring touches, slowing things way down needed. Since my body is more fragile then before that is necessary along with a few other precautions.

But doens't everything happen for a reason. Going slower envokes a bit more emotions just for the right then and there. And I do not think there is anything wrong with that at even in a FWB situation.

Tonight I am in some pain, pretty good amount fo pain. The leg infection is getting worse again. I am hoping to be able to wait until Tuesday to have this looked at, but not sure. Cross your fingers for me please, I really do not want to be admitted again in the hopsital.

But still smiling, and wishing for a set of nice strong arms to hold me.

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