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What dream is this.................................
Posted:Sep 2, 2006 10:16 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2007 12:49 pm

I have a recurring dream..that progresses..I know strange...and it's in color no less.

For starters I woke up at four am this morning, not something too make my weekend to say the least, as I prefer to sleep in. Anywho, after playing on line for a bit and getting my freak on..or should that be getting my freak off, I went back to bed.

The dream started innocently enough..me visiting ex relatives I don't have, that is to say in my alternate dream existence I'm in a new town, doing things with new friends, and living a what seems to be a normal life all of which seems very real to me as I'm dreaming.

So I'm visiting these "new" relatives and the purpose of my visit is to return a set of car keys to an ex wife..here it gets a little fuzzy..in my dream the ex wife is a different woman then my "real" ex wife, but she looks the same? go figure that out ( probably my dream gods way of keeping me unawares of what she really looks like, the new ex wife that is) Ok as I arrive, I walk into the house and the family her relatives are all sitting around the dining room table, and i'm told that she is downstairs doing laundry and will be up when she's done changing over the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Cool I'm thinking, while I wait I engage in conversation with her grandmother (doesn't look like the real ex's grandmother) While I'm waiting I glance into the living room. Nice place I think to myself..big, expensive looking. I notice on the mantle over a fireplace a huge crucifix, done totally in Jade no less..and it's life sized. At this point I'm lead out of the house by the grandmother and her cat to her car, a caddy, two toned and had seen better days. I remark to grand-ma that it looked nice, and I bet it must have been hot in it's day. Thinking I meant the cat she replies that yes it was,but cats get old and there was nothing anyone could do about that. We get in to go out for ice cream..following that same highway I've been down in all the dreams that lead up to this one. Seeing the ice cream place to my astonishment Grand ma does a one eighty into the parking lot doing what appears to be ninety, coming to a full circle stop in a parking place. At that point I notice that grand ma has by passed the ice cream parlor and pulled in behind it to what appears to be a truck stop.
A guy walks up, and from his uniform I know he works at the stop, asks grand ma if it's the usual and she says yes..gets out her side and he starts helping her take her dress off....She say's to me I need a shower first and then we can have some fun.......I'm thinking OK..this is weird, I've been with grandmothers before..but this woman doesn't do it for me, just not my type as this is running through my head..she says "hey!, get real guy I'm just pulling your leg" Nude now, she tells me she'll be right back.... That's when I woke up. Thinking to myself
this has got to be the strangest of these dreams yet.......Not so.......I must have fell back asleep cause the next thing I knew I was explaining the dream to some friends..the new friends I haven't met yet that live in this new town where I've been living this alternate life in my dreams, so I'm explaining it to them and when I get to the part where grand ma is getting her dress pulled over her head by the truck stop attendant, I realize dude..your in a dream telling dream people about a dream you just had...and wake up. I think I need to see a shrink.
Six hundred sixtysix
Posted:Aug 16, 2006 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2006 4:44 pm

The devil you say?!?

Nope, it's true. According to the Get Local Page for the Erie area, that's the number of women looking for men in this town.

Now, with all those women who are looking in the area you'd think my mail box would be bursting, and the number of new winks sent to me would be astronomical. But no....silly me I've forgotten that nice guys finish last.

Ah well, it's not all as bad as it seems. I did manage to spark the interest of one fair lady. Seems she loved reading about my crazy dreams.
Told me so when she invited me to join her network! I guess Karma really does work sometimes, though I'm not bad enough to start making a list to cross things off. Hey don't let the Evil handle fool you, I got that because a group of friends I use to hang out with had another Tim in it...they called him "Sweet Tim", so that naturally left "Evil Tim" for me. Nicknames..gotta love em....better then the one I had in school though. No, I'm not going to dredge that out in the open for you guys..Forget I mentioned it....hey..just forget it..no...I'm not telling...
Anywho....Wanted to say Hi, and thanks to the lady in a post...courage like hers for inviting me to become a member in her network deserves a round of applause!
Posted:Aug 13, 2006 8:10 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

Another week in the vault. Same old things happening in the day to day world. No outlandish dreams of late..chalk that up to sleeping well.

Got an IM from Kim, chastizing me for not talking to her while I'm on line. Trouble is I never know if it's her or her . Last time I Im'ed her it was her ...my opening salvo..well lets just say it refured to a fun time between us..and the didn't get the reference..more so, was taken aback by it. Kim's doing well, The chemo, and radiation is going along as expected, Her is in the land of 90210 and will be back Monday night. Her had a scare...spinal Meningitis..was in hospital for some time and Kim being treated for cancer couldn't go to see him...no immunity to buffer the virus he had.
My has a new G/f...you know what's really weird? Greeting your 's overnight guest after he's left for the day..I didn't know what to do..like should I offer her breakfast or what?
Number two was over this weekend as well...stopped by to use the phone. My was here as well, using the computer to argue with her mother long distance via e-mail. ( the cat issue again...for what it's worth..I'd keep the cat, doen't make messes or cause disturbances), but I just like to twist the screws on the ex..make her sweat some, lord knows she did it to me enough.
Boss at work wants me to put in more hours..fixing equipment for her..hell, all I need to do now is start doing the time cards and I'm doing her job for her. But then the secretary wouldn't have anything to do but answer the phone, so I'll let her keep doing the time cards. Anywho..it's more hours, and I could use the overtime, and it's not like I spend too much time there now...olny 42.5 hours a week is all..lol Been warned I can't go over 45 hours though...still, what can they do if I do...nada..but pay me. If they beef..I'll say "hey, if you sent the work out I would cost you more." (and it would) So it's either pay me or pay more, their choice. As it is I'd leave in a nano second if the right job offer came around.
Ah well, guess that's about it folks..not earth shattering I know..but what do you want for sunday?
Strange dreams...............Again.........................
Posted:Aug 9, 2006 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

Ok, I had oatmeal for dinner so that wasn't it. I sort of remember switching the TV over to catch Leno's monolog and not too much after that.

Fade in:: Seems I was in that very same town I got lost in the last time I had the strange dreams. I was out and about with a friend, God knows who the guy was never seen him before, but we were having a grand time bar hopping, walking up and down the avenue, stopping at all the towns hot spots, walking past a local supermarket, and accross the street a high class resturant, I begain expouting to any one near at hand never to eat there as the over priced steaks they sell as certified black angus, is nothing more than the bargan beef they sell at the store next door. (As if anyone in this place would care? Or if I'd ever eaten or shoped at either place at all) Then the guy I'm with tells me he has to take a piss, As he walks behing the next bar to do so, he shouts out "Hey! Tim come here I want to show you something." Ok...I've been down this road a few times in my life, and it suddenly struck me that the guy I was with....well I knew he was gay, not that it mattered or anything, and having never seen this person in my waking life I knew this to be a fact. Anywho..I yell back " I've seen one dude, got my own if I wanted to see yours I would have asked." By that time I'm rounding the building and he points to the back parking lot...comming across the lot are the greatest looking women I've seen in a long time(?) So it seems like a long time..dreamland can be tricky like that. Anywho......turns out there are about five or six of them, I walk over and start up a conversation with the cute blonde, she stops, sits down on the curb and the others gather around, she starts by opening her purse and pulling out the makings for a joint, and as she's rolling one asks me why I never called her like I said I was going too? Ok...now I'm not Don Juan, never in my entire life has a woman of this stature ever given me the time of day, let alone been dejected because I failed to call her (like that would ever happen) I open my mouth to answer her.......and at that moment I woke up!!!!
Ok, here's the strange part..just waking up I thought I had to get ready for work, ya know..jump in the shower..etc..I felt great, rested like I slept for eight hours... calm ready to start another dull day. I look at the clock and it's only one thirty am..I'd been asleep for maybe an hour or so!!!!!
I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but it seems I've moved someplace new and I'm making friends..more so I'm making love connections. First the ladies in the thrift store ( last dream) and now this bevy of cuties, who from the looks and general demeanor of them seem to know me very well indeed. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, nor has anything like this ever been even remotely a fantasy of mine. But, it's weird, that I know these people...and, I know that life, almost as I know my own. It can't be a past life regression..as all the suroundings seem up to date, and the only other thing I can think of is it's a parallel universe I slip into when I close my eyes at night...If so, how do I get a ticket to this place for a vacation?
It seems I have a cat..............Oh Joy..................................
Posted:Aug 3, 2006 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

As I sit her writing this my one and only is picking up her things to move them over to her cousins place. She's staying with her to watch the for her, and to earn some money.
Well the cat is hers, seems the cousin has three already and can't take any more. So, the cat is here now.and I'm filled with joy..not. It's not that I hate cats, I don't really, just that I'm a person. Cats and I don't get along...thing is I don't trust them. Their too....well independent.

It's like they KNOW you can't order them around as you would a dog, their attitude is I do what I want when I want..and screw you if you don't like it. It should be an interesting few weeks, Yes the kitty isn't staying long..she's to be shipped to Texas to my ex wife home..or I should say camper home ( Now, don't ask me why...but some times I find myself wishing for another huricane to hit) But I digress...so for the next few weeks little kitty is boarding here not the type of pussy I was hopeing for..but hey we can't always have what we want.
Captins log stardate 072306
Posted:Jul 23, 2006 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

There is no hope left on this ship, we sit here marooned in space deep with a gas nebula cloud, all our atemps at comunication have failed....ok, I lost you using the stardate right? Seems I've been losing most of my readers lately. I guess I just don't get my main point across. As with the last blog entry...seems one person thought I was asking for advice on what to do when your hand got numb..no dear, on the contrary I was being funny, just grabbing the attention of the masses.
Sorry if I missled you that was not my intent. Then there is L&H, no guys I wasn't being depresed about being such a burden..I was trying to be funny is all. Guess I shouldn't try to be funny..never was my strong suit anywho. But's that's me...I know a great deal about a lot of things..My ex wife got to the point where she refused to play trivial pursuit with me any more as I'd always win. Not that I'm saying I'm smart..nooooooooooo. Just that I have a head for useless facts. Jeopardy can be a challange sometimes when they get into the final round..but then I'm not there writing down the answer for a cash prize so it really doesn't affect me so much.
Yesterday while waiting for some friends to get home from work, I made the time pass by doing the crossword puzzles in the newspaper I brought along. (in pen) I also do the criptoquips...after gettibg done with that, I sat down to watch TV, Ok so it was a video game their was playing..sue me. When their came over with the paper and asked how I had solved the quips, I tried explaining how I did it to her, but it was sort of like trying to explain the color blue. That it is..you know it's blue. You see it and it's blue. It's like that for me..I see things as they are, I can look at something and know how to do it.
I dun know, I guess the old addage is true..those who can, do..those who can't do, teach..and those who can't do either wind up confusing the rest of us.
That's me..I confuse the hell out of a lot of people. Sorry folks but that's just me.
What to do when your hand goes numb..................
Posted:Jul 16, 2006 9:15 pm
Last Updated:May 13, 2007 12:49 pm

Ok, now that I have your attention. Can anyone explain to me why most of my blog viewers happen to come from the other side of the world?

Not that I'm complaining mind you..just that it would be nice to see some folks from my neck of the woods is all. And, it is nice to know that that couple from the Uk is interested in what I have to write about, or say that fellow from Spain..but in that case I must admit he did also send a wink..that was nice of him. Just that it seems pointless to me...even and I do want to stress this point, even if they could read english..Why do they look? I'm not that witty..far from it. Aside from doing a wickid imitation of Cartman from South Park, I'm not that funny, nor are my musings earth shattering. I don't write poems, I'll leave that to my brother..his blog is always featured at the top of the blog page...me I'm lucky if I get into the who's written last list.

Now there are some that are from around here as well..a couple I know seems they won't start their day without checking in to see what I've written. Nice to have friends..even if they do have to pick me up all the time and take me home afterwards. (I'm such a bother) And a few women who I'd love to get to know better..seems they drop by every so often as well ( Aside; you know ladies..I'm a standard..can't write you, but I do wink if I like what I see..and yes I like what I see!) But, I guess the biggest thing is that most will drop by and not post a reply..even a your way too weird and should stop writing such drivel evil would be something.

I don't know..guess we all just need a little feed back once and a while..too keep us on our toes.

Ah well..guess I'll let you go now. Besides..my hand is going numb.
Phew.......It's HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Jul 14, 2006 4:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

Just got back from wailking to the credit union, pay day don't cha know? The tellers always seemed suprised when I go in there and deposit my whole check in my account and never ask for any WAM ( walking around money ) Figured with ATMs so plentyful now a days why carry money if you don't have too? Most places will take the card now if you want to buy something..so WAM isn't really needed anymore.

Pretty soon Folding money will be a thing of the past..really no need for it, hell they have cards now where you don't even enter a pin number, just scan it and your off. A cashless society that's what were headed for, credits will be added to your account, and soon all you'll need is a thumb print to access your "money", or maybe a retna scan...that'd be better..no masking a retna scan.

Still it seems a bit sad to think what we are comming too, and a little scary as well. Sad, that we have come so far in technology that we are swiftly becoming a nation that rely's more on a non thinking machine rather then people, and scary to think that we might be one step closer to Orwell's 1984..I don't know. Maybe my brain is fried because of this heat..think I'll take a shower and try to cool off.
Later peeps!
Wish it would rain...........................
Posted:Jul 11, 2006 4:45 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2007 2:12 pm

Sky's have been over cast all day, well at least the part of the day I've gotten to see. The heat is unbearable. All day long all I've wanted to do was to get nude and run through the rain, do some puddle jumping, and just be a again.

It's July 12th and summer is passing me by. Haven't been to any cook - outs, the beach (only a mile away from where I live) might as well be in another time zone. Last time I went to the beach is when I was dating Paula..and that little trip cost me over 150. bucks. She lost her glasses in the rough surf and being the nice guy I am I paid for her new pair.

I remember as a , I'd wait all school year for summer to come..free days and warm nights staying up late to catch fireflies, or to play hide and seek till your friends told you they had to leave cause the street lights were coming on.
Anyone remeber the game of freeze tag? We had a blast playing that one, you never were quite able to tag everybody out. But it didn't really mater to us if we did or not what mattered was the fact that we were having fun.

That's the trouble with being an adult..you never really get time to play.
Silver or gold????????????????????????????????
Posted:Jul 9, 2006 9:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2006 4:49 pm

What are you? Being on this site for a while, it suddenly struck me..that you don't see many silver or gold female members? Least not in my neck of the woods. Seems most of them are stands, like me now...was gold, then went to silver, now just a standard. But back to my point, there are many women who I'd love to get in contact with, but most like I said are standards..makes me a bit leery, you never know when one of them could turn out to be a bot. Bot's gotta eat as well, and I don't begrudge them their trade. But seriously come on now..that hot lady who suddenly pops up in your area that seems to be the perfect match..like I said makes one a bit leery as to if they are real or not? I don't know, just makes me wonder if there are any real women out there at all sometimes. Not like I'm asking for the moon here..just someone reasonably sane and still has all of her motor skills. Anywho.....I think I'll go watch some TV..Maybe I'll get lucky and find a good movie on?
Later Peeps!
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Ok, so I did go out last night after all.......................
Posted:Jul 9, 2006 7:09 am
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2006 8:13 pm

Went over to the "Club" Had a lovely time watching a movie while sitting at the bar. The sound was off but it didn't matter I'd seen it before and they had the captioning on as well.

A couple of looks from the ladies.. one who insisted on getting off her stool, which was three away from where I was sitting, only to come over and stand close to me to order her drink. Think that was an overt pass? I dun know? I'm a closet dullard. She never said anything..apart from ordering her drink, so I assumed her ass was tired from sitting? Maybe she was waiting for me to break the ice? Pay for her drink? Well, a friendly hello would have been a clue if she was waiting for me to start a conversation. As for paying for a ladies drink..I have no problems doing that..but like I said..a hello would have been nice if she expected that..and with drinks at club prices..not like she couldn't afford to pay for her own. The second woman was a bit more forward..asking if I minded if she squeezed in next to me...No my dear...by all means! We chatted a bit..but being late and crowded from the late night bar hoppers, it never got from the hi's and nice to meet you stage. Next thing I knew a line backer type was chatting her up. Ah well..back to watching the movie for me.

Hard to meet someone at a bar, the noise..the crowds..bit of a gamble just to see if there's anyone in the place that you'd think would be interested in you as well. Then there is the problem of..well is she with someone? If it's a girlfriend, are they there for a girls night out? Never was one to divide and conquer, or if she's with a male date, horn in on a guy ..seems too snake like.

I don't know, how do you go about being with some one when you can't meet her in the first place? Where do you start?
Survey..Asked and answered..........
Posted:Jul 9, 2006 6:20 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 9:22 am

Feel free to answer cause it would be great to know more about the people that pass by !

1. What, if any, significance does your TSdates.com ID name have?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What size bed do you sleep in?
4. The majority of the time, do you sleep alone or with someone?
5. Do you shower at night before bed or in the morning?
6. What all parts of your body do you shave?
7. What is one thing about you that people find the most interesting?
8. Do you have any ? How many? Boys, girls, or some of each?
9. Do you have any grandchildren?
10. Are your parents still living?
11. What is your birth order? Oldest? Youngest? Somewhere in the middle?
12. What is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to you?
13. What is the BEST thing that has ever happened to you?
14. Do you like public displays of affection or are you too shy or “macho” for that?
15. What is your favorite food? Drink?
16. Do we know each other, other than online?
17. If not, would you like to?
18. Would you ever go on a date with me, knowing that we would NOT have sex?
19. What are you most interested in and hoping to accomplish by being a member here?
20. Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it?
21. If you could own any vehicle you wanted, what vehicle would it be?
22. What is your favorite indoor activity?
23. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
24. What Country, State, City were you born? Do you still live there?
25. What year did you graduate high school?
26. What were you voted as “most likely to be” your Senior yr in High School? Did it hold true?
27. Did you go to college? Did you graduate? What’s your degree in, if you have one?
28. If we went out on a date, where would you take me?
29. Would you pay? Would I pay? Or would we go dutch?
30. Do you have any goals or dreams? Would you care to tell what they are?
31. Will you post this on your blog so I can fill it out for you? If you don’t have a blog, will you start one, so I can fill it out for you?
Report this for abuse

1. My TSdates.com screen name is significant in that it defines me. I'm an
outlaw, as in not being an in-law anymore, as for the evil part
well, people told me I'm too nice of a guy, so I added the "evil".

2. I like teal..or light blue if you prefur.

3. Queen sized bed.

4. Most of the time I sleep alone.

5. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after I get
home from work.

6. Face, balls.

7. Hard to say...but it could be that I'm a great conversationlist?

8. Yes, three, two boys one girl.

9. Well, I thought I didn't..but found out last fathers day that my
oldest was a father.

10. No, both parents are no longer living.

11. Second from the last in a brood of seven.

12. Tragic...well was in a head on car crash. Does that count?

13. Best thing, was knowing the stood by me when my ex-wife
walked out. Knowing that I had their respect and love..she

14. Yes, I like public displays of affection.

15. Food...well I like pie. Drink..coffee, or coke..rum with that if
I'm out drinking.

16. Nope, do not know each other.

17. Yes.. I'd love to get to know you.

18. Yes, dating and sex are two different things. I never assume that
the women I date will automaticly have sex with me.

19. I'm most intrested in finding a woman who'll understand me
someone I can really connect with, perhaps build a life

20. No hobbies, I like to do many things though, in to just about

21. Sort of like the P.T. Crusers..I think their neat..sort of like
antique vans, but smaller and mor up to date.

22. In door activity..well there is the obvious..but I like to read,
or watch TV.

23. Outdoor activity...again there is the obvious..but walking, or
just getting out to enjoy nature is fun as well.

24. USA, Penna., Erie, Do I still live there, yes. Probibly die here
as well. As for the after life..I do have a pointy rock reserved
in hell, it's right by the lake of fire, next to the sulfer

25. 1980

26. Don't think they did that "Most likely" voting thing in our year
book. Had a very large class, two schools were combined in my
senior year, so barely had enough room for photos.

27. Nope...had planed on it, had the application all set. Then the ex
told me the rabbit had died. Got married..the 9-5 and family life
for the next 18 years.

28. Where would you like to go? Some place fun, quiet, or some place
we could dance? The choice is always up to the lady.

29. Yes, I'd pay if I'd have asked first. If you had, it'd be you
who would pay..only fair. If we go dutch, well that's not a date.
More like two friends spending time together.

30. Yes, I have dreams and goals. Most involve obtaining that perfect
life for me and my family. Nothing in this world is perfect
though, so I aim for the best I can.

31. Yeah sure...might look silly just being my answers. But please
let me know your answers as well.
Ok..I'm lonely................
Posted:Jul 8, 2006 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2006 10:06 pm

Got up too early today. 5:00 on a a saturday is just not cool. So, after some play time and the usual morning cartoons..I did what came naturaly..I fell asleep.

Now, you say that must be nice..being able to go back to bed and travel the land of Nod all day, but it fuks with your mind. Waking up your not sure what day it is, or if you've missed the alarm for work, then there's the fact that you've wasted the day by sleeping.

I'd go out but, I'm really not in the mood to get drunk, and to be truthful most of the ladies at the "Club" don't hold any intrest for me, they being too young for me. Always the 20 something crowd there on a saturday. Hell, I have underwear older than they are. Ok, the pair with the ripps in them are my favoriate so deal with it
I never wear them out of the house and their not stained in any way. They're just comfortable is all.

Guess that's what I need, someone to be comfortable with. That 40 something - empty nester who's still alive and kicking. A woman who, wouldn't mind being held after the love making... I'm sorta tired of the drive by encounters as of late. Need something more steady..something to ground me and give my life meaning.

That's hard to find, like a needle in a hay stack.. we search for the one person in our lives to make us whole. But often we are too caught up in our day - to - day to find them. Who knows what the future will bring, if it were me I'd have the Power Ball numbers twice a week. One thing I do know, searching is half the fun, and honey if your out there..I'm still looking! So, keep a light in the window..send up a flare....or if you see me in the bar..just give me a smile and a wink, ask me what I'm doing for the rest of my life...My answer may suprise you.

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