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At the risk of sounding like an old guy....  

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5882 posts
1/25/2022 1:22 am

Last Read:
1/26/2022 12:17 am

At the risk of sounding like an old guy....

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Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
1/25/2022 1:26 am

I can feel the colder weather coming on in my bones. A dull ache in all my joints telling me I should be retired by now. Silly body joints... You got to eat to live and to eat you need to work. At least I do. But my joints never listen...their stubborn that way.

On a lark, I was reading the horror stories that are the side affects to the meds I take for my arthritis. Hey it was Sunday and I'd finished doing the crossword puzzles in the paper, and still had breakfast to finish. Any who, it seems a big side affect of the meds is that it raises your blood pressure.. oh very nice! As I'm also in medication for high blood pressure being on the medication for arthritis seems counter productive if you ask me? Now I'm wondering if my Doctor is clued in to this little factoid? As it is the stuff I take for the aches and pains never really seems to do much in the way of easing those aches and pains. That over the counter meds use to work better at the job of doing so before she put me on this new stuff and told me not to take the OTC stuff anymore. I'm really wondering if I should have her take me off of the stuff on my next visit and go back to the stuff that was working for me. Some thing to talk about with her I suppose?

Busy yesterday cleaning up that messy apartment where I bagged up all the trash in on Friday. Seems our PM wants to rent it.... Ah okay? She knows the place is a wreck, and we've got other units of the like that would be easier to get ready.. but this place has to be done first? What the scruff? I just sort of looked at the boss when he told me the plan. silly can you get? I mean it's still loaded down with junk the last tenant left in there, with no way aside from calling a disposal contractor to get that out. The carpets all smell like their cat was using them for it's litter box. ( It was, there is kitty sand in every room ) And more than likely the carpets will need to be pulled out along with the padding. The place still needs painting and it has maintenance issues that need fixing...but this one unit needs to get done first so she can rent it? Incredible.... I also was sent to shovel out all the corners on the small task, as the plows have been by filling them all in with large chunks of ice and snow. I say shoveling, but in reality it was more like me picking up and tossing aside these huge ice clumps and chunks by hand to clear out the pathways. Oh what fun I have doing my job sometimes. At least the boss didn't have me dig out the really big piles of snow pushed up on a couple of the corners. Then again to do that I would have had to use a back hoe or front loader to get the job done. Hell the pile by the cement paved parking lot has to top out at ten feet at the least. Seriously there is one of those highway style orange plastic fifty-five gallon drums they use to block off lanes set on top of the sewer drain marking the grate area so the plow drivers don't kick it up when they are doing the plowing it's completely buried in that much snow. I expect that pile will be thawed and gone sometime by June at the latest.

Any who, time for me to hop into my shower now....How was your day?

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
1/25/2022 1:26 am

Have a good one people....

author51 60F  
130010 posts
1/25/2022 2:23 am

I would hope your doctor knows about the side affects when mixing medications my friend...I hope your blood pressure stays normal Hun.Have a good one.xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/25/2022 9:29 am:
As far as I know my BP is good, was the last time she checked it. I'm sure she does as well, but then with doctors you never really know? mines a bit tight lipped about side affects and such. Have a good one my sexy friend!

staci_19702 52T  
3767 posts
1/25/2022 3:00 am

Talk to your doc!! And for Petes sake be careful when clearing the snow chunks!
We are getting older. It’s the sh*ts. But we have to face it. I don’t know how to get around it. Take care of yourself.

Have a great day! 💋

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/25/2022 9:27 am:
I plan on talking to her, next visit. Sometime in April that is.

Have a good one Staci.

NicoleNorth 72T  
17 posts
1/25/2022 3:02 am

You definitely need to fuck somebody

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/25/2022 9:26 am:
Yeah, why didn't I think of that? Have a good one.

wanttodoall2 64M

1/25/2022 4:46 am

I can relate to the aches and pains of men our age. I too take BP med and arthritis med. I spoke to my Dr. about it and he told me that what he has me taking is perfectly fine to mix. BP stays good, but the aches and pains don't completely go away. I feel your pain my friend as I am in the same boat.

Wanttodoall2 postbox

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/25/2022 9:26 am:
Same here, my BP stays fine..and the aches and pains never really go away. I think my Doc and yours must have gone to the same school. Have a good one!

Piper3654K 52M
141 posts
1/25/2022 9:42 am

Medications have side effects, and often more meds are prescribed for the side effects of the first.

It's a viciou$ cycle.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/25/2022 9:50 am:
Isn't it just? Can't win for loosing sometimes. Then again considering the alterative of not taking the stuff and one problem getting worse...well I'll take the chance. Have a good one Piper

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