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Out three times yesterday...  

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5883 posts
2/4/2022 1:50 am

Last Read:
2/5/2022 11:45 pm

Out three times yesterday...

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Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
2/4/2022 1:52 am

Shoveling out this place. After finishing each time it looked like we didn't even start doing anything. If it wasn't the snow that seem to keep falling and filling in the steps ( yet again ) it was the wind blowing it into drifts in front of them. To say I'm sore and achy is an understatement. The last time we went out was around eight PM. last night. The falling snow had tapered off but the wind had kicked in to full on storm mode. It took two of us three hours to get all the steps cleared. The boss running the snow blower never shut it off, well he did once when he ran out of gas. Other than that he just kept going over the same paths trying to keep them clear. Going to bed when I got home finally, I couldn't fall asleep right away. Every position I tried sleeping in something hurt and kept me awake. I eventually drifted off, but I think I'm running on only a couple of hours of shut eye this morning. I dread going outside today, knowing full well what is waiting for me out there, more shoveling.

We've got two move ins scheduled for today. yeah good luck with that new tenants. Even if we manage to keep the steps and walk ways clear our streets are impassable. While out last night I saw three cars get stuck, one of them was a car who stopped to help push another person out the dude got back into his own car and nope spinning his wheels going nowhere. The thing is I haven't seen a city plow since Monday either. Our plow guy had managed to clear our parking lots, yesterday, but as soon as he drove off they were filled in yet again. Given the conditions of the roads and our parking lots I'm sure our dumpsters didn't get emptied last night. Oh what fun winter is, yeah I could do without it thank you very much.

I could go on complaining, but you all know what it's like. Given this latest storm stretched from the heart of Texas all the way to Mane. So I'm sure you all have your own complaints and horror stories about the snow. But if I don't vent about it I'm going to go bonkers.

Any who, time for me to hop into my shower now. It'd be nice if I could crawl back into bed after I do, but snow days mean something else for the guys who have to shovel.

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
2/4/2022 1:53 am

Have a good one people....

author51 60F  
130010 posts
2/4/2022 3:11 am

I feel your pain my sexy friend as we got more here also and the high winds as well. Hope today is a better one for you, my hard working man.xoxo{=}

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/5/2022 1:15 am:
Yep, we get the same storms it seems. Working on a few hours of sleep only when the boss gave us extra time for lunch yesterday I came in sat down and drifted off. Late getting back to work after. Not that I felt like going back in...more shoveling and salting. Have a good one my sexy friend.

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
2/4/2022 5:01 am

I'll try and see if I can cokes our weather today and send it your way !!! Suppose to get too 35 today & increase over the weekend to a high on Monday of 47 😊 I'm guessing it's the cold weather but from time to time I feel more aching in my right shoulder and left thump joint next to the palm 😧 Been told by Dr. several years ago that I have signs of arthritis in both shoulders 🥺 Maybe I need to restart my taking of Osteo Bi-flex again !!! 🤠

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/5/2022 1:23 am:
I'll be looking for that good weather if you manage to send it along Cowboy. My Doc. has informed me that my arthritis is in every joint I have. I guess that's what happens when you tote barges and lift bales all your working life. The ache was so bad yesterday I took some over the counter arthritis meds ( Tylenol ) I felt a bit better, but I still could hear all my joints barking like a pack of dogs. I've looked into getting some of that bi-flex stuff, but it's so dear. Made me wonder if the price was worth getting it or not. Not knowing if it would help you see. Any who...have a good one!

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
2/5/2022 12:02 am

I bet you do hurt. I am so sorry hon! I can't sleep when my body is hurting. It's just miserable.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/5/2022 2:18 am:
If I can drift off when I ache I'm good. But after falling asleep laying in one position what ever joint I happen to be laying on gets real sore. I'm a side sleeper most of the time, so usually wake up with my shoulders and hips feeling like I've been in a knock down drag out. Hell getting old. Have a good one Pony!

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